Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Showcase Showdown

Bob Barker has done his final show on the Price is Right.
This the first time anyone has cared about the Price is Right in at least 13 years.

If you are over the age of 25 and watch the Price is Right everyday.
Get a job.

The big question surrounding the show now, is who will replace Barker.
We found this on Wikipedia:

Around the NHL

If someone could photoshop some type of plane or car traveling around this logo so we could use it all offseason that would be money.
If not, whatev

We still have not recovered from this news:
Dave Lewis is gone from the Bruins.
Every game involving the Bruins, the Hitler joke was always there incase we needed it.
You have to believe that his refusal to not change his apperance cost Dave Lewis his job

Hopefully the Bruins hire some type of mass murder look-a-like next.

Speaking of hiring, Columbus finally introduced there new GM.

Two of the 14 Blue Jacket fans are happy.

....The Pens are talking to All American Alex Goligoski to see if he wants to turn pro.

....And finally a lot of talk about Evgeni Malkin not attending the awards ceremony last night circulating 'round the internet.
All we can say is do not worry about it.
Yes it would have been nice to see him, but really who cares.
And at the end of the day it is a ceremony.
That is it.
Do not get sucked into that "it show flaws in his character," bullshit.
We are all better than that.
It shows that he didn't want to take a way too long plane trip, for a piece of hardware.
The only thing we care about is that when the season starts #71 is putting pucks in the net.

These types of things are why the off season eats at your soul.

Commentorblog news

Thank you to everyone for the postivie feeback on the Musicblog issues.
We also agree it needs to be cut back.

Ideas like favorite Pens hightlighs, hockeyfights, and someone even mentioned Gary Robert videos from any era.
All those suggestions are pure gold.
We can even have a day where we will make fun of Kenny Melvin's mom.

We are going to set up sometype of schedule this weekend.

Also do not forget your assignment.
We are coming up with a huge list of best places to watch a Pens game when your in a different city/state, or out and about around Pittsburgh.
We hardly leave our houses for Pens games, but we are losers, so you know how that goes.

In the mean time, check this funny commerical out

A Winter in Sun
Game # 24
Worst game/ recap of the year
Devils Run Out The Clock. PENS LOSE


Fluke goals for both teams.
Devils were up 5-2 and proceeded to do the hockey equivalent of running the clock out.
Boring as hell.

Worst. Recap. Ever



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PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:05 pm Post subject: Orpik is good tradebait Reply with quote

Orpik in my opinion is at best a WBS player, not NHL caliber. I always thought that, but after last nights game I'am 150% certain that he is nothing more than a liability to our team. His puckhandling, passing, and responsibility on D, is F+ , AT BEST.

I would downgrade him or trade him as soon as possible and give Micky D. a chance with Alan N. on the same line. Who would you choose to replace him until Eaton comes back? I think he could be good trade bait for a left winger...your thoughts
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jamesFALLEN said...

Offseason fun debate:

Who would win in a fist fight?

Talbot vs. Armstrong?
Oullette vs. Crosby's Mom?
Steigerwald vs. Lange?
Stall vs. Crosby?
Ruutu vs. Thorburn?

Roberts vs. the world?

Dwayne said...

Yeah, you guys are probably right about Malkin. I'm really not going to super judge until after I see it. For right now, I'll just watch and wait and hope for the best. I don't want to pronounce him unhappy and a cancer just yet, but I guess I just see it *could* happen a little more likely than some of the other players.

But still, until I see more concrete evidence than what I've seen so far, it seems inordinately silly to worry overly much. FFS, maybe he had a date with a slammin' hottie and her sister AND her mom and he was going to do all at the same exact time AND they were going to make him like, 8 pizzas in a row. I wouldn't leave if that were the case either.

I'm just saying I was, and am, a bit worried. But I'm not ready to write him off just yet :]

Kenny Melvin said...

Your obsession with me is absolutely pathetic. Get a life you fucking homos.

Kenny Melvin said...

Jamesfallen, your an unfunny douchebag. And hey pensblog staff can you actually learn how to spell? Everyday there are at least ten misspellings in your shitty blog. Ever heard of spellcheck? Ever heard of the different meanings of their and there? I don't think so fags.

wilsmith said...

"Jamesfallen, your an unfunny douchebag. And hey pensblog staff can you actually learn how to spell? "

wilsmith - 1
kenny - 0

snoopyjode said...


here's where i'd place my bets:
1. armstrong - they'd both fight until they were dead tired. but just then, talbot would make the fatal mistake of dropping his head to rest for one second and army would level him.
2. i'm going with crosby's mom. (i just have a feeling...)
3. lange all day.
4. crosby - but i may be biased here. i'd probably lose, though, because if you get nicknamed gronk, there's a reason.
5. ruutu - thorburn only has one U in his name.
6. i sincerely hope this one is rhetorical...

i still don't know about malkin, but i will concede that at the end of the day, all that matters is how he plays while he still wears the black and gold uniform.

Loser Chris said...

Hey Kenny, ever heard of the difference between your and you're?

Tim said...

for what it's worth...

now, everytime i look at darieth chisolm, i laugh. can't help it.

Jesse Marshall said...

Kenny gets owned again. Pathetic. I can't believe you guys are arguing with this 16 year old. Dude hasn't even hit puberty yet.

And who are you to judge spelling? That article you wrote you wrote for your school that you posted on looked like an ape smeared shit all over a piece of paper.

Maverick said...

Jesse it's not really an arguement when pensblog has just been dominating him. He must be an undercover disgruntled Flyers's evident he is 16 (altho yest. he tried saying he was 25) because he is trying to take jabs at grammar over the internet...what a Jobber go watch The price is right re-runs and cry because your precious is gone, what a fucking homo

wilsmith said...

This kid's getting crushed.
Call us about grammar mistakes once you master the possessive, d-bag.

Anonymous said...

Imagine that, Kenny's in a "special program" propaganda competition. that explains a lot. You all don't need to see the name's of the other people, so they're X'd.

WHHS also hosted the 2007 Eastern Suburbs Special Program Association's Propaganda Competition and scored the First and Second Places out of 34 teams that competed. Members of the First Place team were Raimon XXXXXX, Ryan XXXXXX, Frannie XXXXXX, Andrae XXXXXX and Aaron XXXXXX. The Second Place team consisted of: Ryan XXXXXX, Rich XXXXXX, Kristina XXXXXX, Ken Melvin and Hannah XXXXXX.

Kenny Melvin said...

I'm in the gifted program (something you people would never be involved with) and was involved with the propaganda tournament, what's your fucking point? Are that obsessed with me that you went into our school newspaper and found that out? Get a life asshole.

Maverick said...

Yeah kenny the gifted program..that is what they call the program for kids who need a little extra help reading so they don't hurt their feelings also you are clearly a liar because yesterday you said you were 25 and you are clearly still in highschool so get off the big boys blog and figure out what that dangling thing between your legs is then learn to use it and stop being such a huge pussy.

Kenny Melvin said...

Look who the Bruins might what to fill their head coaching vacancy.

snoopyjode said...

i found this video of what MAF might be doing this offseason... (i think the pirates could use this guy.)

Spencemo said... office sounds like that commercial now...without the swear jar.

Chelsea said...

snoopyjode--that link is solid gold

Staff said...

read some other posts.

there is grammar perfection in most of them.

why would we sway between good grammar and bad grammar? to piss people off who care.

there is nothing better than pissing someone off.
kenny melvin, if we saw you in a bar, we'd buy you a drink and talk penguins.
none of this is personal.
we wish someone would make a site that totally rips on everything we do.

Anonymous said...

except you wouldn't see kenny in a bar, because he's 10.


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