Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nothing To Write About

First of all, who didn't see this coming?

Keith Tkachuk is dealt back to the Blues, after spending like 14 minutes with Atlanta.

Atlanta sent everything in the kitchen sink to St. Louis for him at the trading deadline.
Atlanta gets back one of their first-round draft picks they sent.


................................... decides to show some Canadian bias (and rightfully so) by featuring Mark Messier in their preview of Hockey Hall of Fame inductions decisions that will be made on Thursday.

Messier was able to make out with Gretzky and Kurri in Edmonton throughout the '80s, bolstering his stats with five 100-point seasons.
After leaving Edmonton, he managed one 100-point season.

Messier's career:

694 G
1,193 A
1,887 P



The committee usually picks four players to be inducted.

Here's who eligible:

Scott Stevens
Al MacInnis
Adam Oates
Igor Larionov
Claude Lemieux

And Ronnie Francis.

What a player.


I wish we could just make stories up because there is nothing to discuss.

Michel Ouellet skated at the Iceoplex today.


You don't marvel that such a picture exists...
But you stop and realize that at some place and time, three men had to pose for this picture.
Click that picture and read that fine print.


A Winter in the Sun
Game #33
Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Emotional Times.

Tomorrow's The Big Day. By the way, PENS LOSE.

If you didn't watch the third period, it's easy to re-create those 20 minutes: Go stare at a wall and have someone crap on your bed.

Crosby assisted on a Malkin goal semi-early in the third to pump everyone up. Right there, you know the Pens possessed the firepower to come back. You felt good until the Blues came into the zone with the puck and you realized the Pens couldn't give up any more goals.
Billy Guerin scored a little more than a minute after Malkin did to make it 4-1.
That was it.

Crap We Said:

  • That Isle of Capri chant with 5 minutes left in the third was glorious.
  • There's really nothing to mention about this game...other than it seems like it took place in an alternate universe.
  • If we're 1 or 2 points out of a playoff spot this year, it's gonna be torture to look back on this game.
  • We hate to lose, but the Blues have been the Western Conference version of the Pens. I'm not saying we should be happy that they won tonight, but we know what it feels like.

scott said...

Fleury's save % has plummeted to .897, 30th in the league. This is a huge issue no one is talking about. So much for "taking that next step."


Day Number


Coming Thursday night. Midnight.
Chapter Two.


wilsmith said...

Say what you want about my comments about benoit, but look at this one from

"You always rooted for him, because he was a good guy and he overcame the odds," said Dave Meltzer, editor of the Wrestling Observer, a weekly news letter. "It's like if you watched 'Rocky,' and in the end it comes out that Rocky killed his wife and his son."

Joshua said...

haha i love the red dot motion thingy, and I went to two games last year, the blues game was one of them.......damnit

Anonymous said...

long live heroes

Jonny V said...

I guess the spiffy flash animation just shows us how serious yinz are taking this Jobbers thing. I can't wait to see what u got cooked up.

e.mirchich said...

anyone else go to the rookie practice at southpointe today? i was there with a few friends and there was a pretty good turnout. i also ran into my good friend and pensblog writer nick godfrey since he pretty much lives there. i took lots of pictures and got some video, not the best quality though. i'll up the videos to youtube and the pics to flickr and link again here once i am done.

Jason said...

all gary roberts jokes aside, if ronnie francis gets inducted into the hall of fame this year (which he most likely will) the pens should definately retire his number. how sick would that be to have opening night also be ron francis night. gary is a classy guy and im sure he wouldnt mind changing his number (its not like 10 is the only number hes worn in the league)

now, moving back to the gary roberts a google image search for gary roberts and have the safe search filter turned off. what comes up is most surprising. they look to be an artists rendition of gary roberts personal life

Jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jason said...

heres a link with the filter turned off..hopefully it works

Anonymous said...

So today i was looking at the espy nominations for male athlete of the year, now sid is a lock right???????? nope. how can u not include him and have lebron? unbelievable espn is a joke

Anonymous said...

The Michel Ouellet photoshops are phenominal and should still be used this season. Mark Messier=overrated scumbag

-Kenny Melvin

snoopyjode said...

first - loser chris, i'm so jealous! i would love to see that rink in person.

second - that jobbers trailer is FANTASTIC. i can't wait.

third - ron francis was my first favorite hockey player!!! i would love to see him be chosen. :)

Loser Chris said...

Ron Francis is my favorite player ever. I still can't believe the Pens haven't retired his number already. Coffey and Larry Murphy too.

It's a decent rink. Giant Snoopy skating/hockey shop right next door.

Steve In Denver said...

That Messier/Gary Coleman photo is disturbing. I vurped up my breakfast when I saw that. The following 12 minutes of naked insanity between capt. neanderthan and "whatchutalkinaboutwillis" must have been brutal to watch.

I agree...Pens should absolutely retire #10.

Nice jobber animation & sweet Oullet chimp shot!!

Barrasso35 said...

I agree with everyone else. Francis' number should be retired. I have no doubt Roberts wouldn't mind changing numbers. How could anyone object to that?

Also, I beleive the following was said on Pensblog, May 7, 2007:
If Gary Roberts re-signs, and only if he re-signs, Gary Roberts facts will take over this blog.

Where are the Gary Roberts facts, people? It's been six days.

snoopyjode said...

okay, loser chris, now i'm going to have to take a road trip...
a giant snoopy/hockey store = snoopyjode's heaven

i have to agree with steve in denver. messier looks like he's DANGEROUSLY close to pulling a britney spears crotch shot photo. [*gags*] i could have gone my whole life without ever seeing that photo. thanks pensblog staff.

tjand72 said...

For those of you who are curious, the second point in the AIDS banner reads:

"No blood or sperm in the mouth"

Gay Dracula better get tested.

Spencemo said...

Hmmm...Gary Coleman was molested by Mark Messier. It all makes sense now...

Loser Chris said...

"I have no doubt Roberts wouldn't mind changing numbers. How could anyone object to that?"

Not to bring this all up again, but this is the same Gary Roberts that wouldn't let Ronnie have #10 when he signed with Carolina. And the same Gary Roberts that convinced Lanny McDonald to let him wear his retired #7 in Toronto.

Pensblogderek said...

We were planning on possible Gary Roberts facts last night, but my power went out from 7pm to 1:30am.

But don't worry they are coming.
If I ran allegheny powerblog, people would be going down today.

Roberts could switch to 7 if Ouellet leaves.
Gary Roberts doesn't even need a uniform

Ron Francis could win a faceoff with a toothpick, and some guts.
Another guy we were lucky to be able to watch.
When the whalers made that trade, was their GM on not paying attention.
What a mistake.

Did anyone see the article in the post gazette about talbot?
If we wins the world series of poker, how sick would that be.

And whoever mentioned the Espys thing.
Could not agree more.
I know ESPn doesn't care about hockey, but you'd think Sid would have been nominated.

snoopyjode said...

tjand72 said...

"No blood or sperm in the mouth"

Gay Dracula better get tested.

wow. i don't know whether to laugh or puke. yet another gem i could have lived without seeing. thanks, again, pensblog staff. :p


snoopyjode said...

OMG! i must have missed that comment about the espy awards...

WTF?!?! no sidney?! espn is a joke. outrageous.

snoopyjode said...

how the hell can you win league mvp, top scorer, and be voted most outstanding by your peers and NOT be a consideration for athlete of the year?!
bing = robbed

Anonymous said...


Why don't they just give the award to Lance Armstrong again? I can't stand that network.


Loser Chris said...

If you think that is bad, you should read the Bill Simmons NHL draft diary basically ripping on the NHL every way possible. And ESPN had it as the top "Story" on their freaking NHL page at one point. They're classy to the max at ESPN.

And how would you feel if you were one of the legit NHL writers for and right there next to your draft article is some clown ripping on the NHL for no reason at all? ESPN is a joke.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why ESPN constantly rips the NHL. They're either hammering home a point that the NHL needs ESPN or they're a bunch of assholes. ESPN seems to go out of its way to mock and ridicule the NHL. It pisses me off beyond belief.


Jason said...

the only good thing about espn right now is john buccigross. one day bucci will rise to prominence within the espn ranks and NHL2nite will make its glorious return

Anonymous said...

The reason NHL 2nite isn't on is because Peter Gammons has to get as much airtime as possible before his death.

Fact, Peter Gammons was 75 when Maz hit the homerun against the Yanks in 60

Anonymous said...


Textacy said...

Cool article about esposito:

snoopyjode said...

looks like laraque is going to make training camp.

Barrasso35 said...

"Not to bring this all up again, but this is the same Gary Roberts that wouldn't let Ronnie have #10 when he signed with Carolina. And the same Gary Roberts that convinced Lanny McDonald to let him wear his retired #7 in Toronto."

Hmmm... I must have missed that. I love Gary Roberts, I'm glad we've got him this season. The way I figure it, though, there are two ways the whole number thing could have gone down.

Gary Roberts could be a jackass who just wants to wear the number he wants to wear or Gary Roberts could be such an amazing human being that Lanny and Ron were happy to let him keep 7 and 10 respectively.

Having said that, there is no doubt in my mind that the following equation is true:

RON FRANCIS>Gary Roberts

Anonymous said...

Ron Francis is one of the best Penguins of all time and one of the most beloved by the fans. I'm sorry, I love Gary Roberts but he doesn't come close to Ronny Francis. Ten should definitely be retired and Roberts should be forced to wear another number. Long live Ronny Francis
-Kenny Melvin

Loser Chris said...

Well the story is that Lanny agreed to let him have 7. As for Ronnie, he's way too classy to make a big deal out of something like that.

thepensblogD said...

Think about it
How sick was Ron Francis.

He was just as solid as it gets.
He may be the most underrated Penguin of all time.

If he doesn't get injured, we would of beat Florida in 1997.

And for some reason, I must have blocked the year he left out in my memory.
Does anyone remember him leaving?
I can't

What a player.

Jason said...

most underrated player in pens history? im thinkin more like the most underrated player in NHL history. he's the 4th leading scoring in league history. the only players above him are gretzky, messier and howe. excluding pittsburgh, carolina and hartford, you cant even pretend that ronnie gets the kind of respect those guys do.

Jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jason said...

since i was just looking at the all time scoring list, this should give you an idea of how sick 66 really was (not that anyone reading this doesnt already know how much he dominated):

only 7 players in history have more then 1700 points. of those 7 players, mario played the fewest games (889). the 2nd fewest number is 459 more games (dionne) and he only has 16 more points

Anonymous said...

anyone hear about Chris Benoit??
crazy stuff...

John Tarbett said...

Yea, Benoit was tragic. It's kinda weird cause yesterday someone on this blog made a joke about Benoit using the crossface on his family. Today they are reporting that Benoit is believed to have used a wrestling move to kill his son. That's pretty fucked up stuff.

Anonymous said...

And the thing about Ronny was that he was such a clutch player. In David Volek gate the Penguins were down 3-1 late in the third in that game and who scored both goals to tie the game? Ron Francis. He was just that kind of player.


Anonymous said...

And the thing about Ronny was that he was such a clutch player. In David Volek gate the Penguins were down 3-1 late in the third in that game and who scored both goals to tie the game? Ron Francis. He was just that kind of player.


Loser Chris said...

Ronnie "updates";

-Tocchet actually tipped the 3rd goal after Ronnie in Game 7 against the Isles.

- I don't remember the exact year, but Ronnie's last year with the Pens was the year we lost to Montreal in the first round.

- And yes, we definitely win the Cup in '96 if Ronnie doesn't break his foot in the last game against the Rangers.

Adrienne said...

Francis deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame, and I totally agree that if he is, his number should be retired.

thepensblogderek said...

"Ronnie "updates";"

"-Tocchet actually tipped the 3rd goal after Ronnie in Game 7 against the Isles."

Loser Chris are you sure about that?
I can still see the low ice camera in slow motion, Francis had the deflection all the way.
I don't think Tocchet touched it at all.

Anonymous said...

Here's the vid of Francis's 2nd goal against the Isles. See if this proves anything.

The goal is at the 4:05 mark, I really think Francis was the one who tipped it.

Anonymous said...

^Kenny Melvin

Loser Chris said...

Yeah, if you watch real close Tocchet flails his stick with one hand and just gets a piece of it. It was most likely going in anyway, but Rick definitely got a piece of it. Watch a slo-mo replay real close. Tocchet is right in front.

Somewhat related, Janet Gretzky got 8-1 odds that Tocchet would score than night.

Loser Chris said...

Don't get the wrong idea here, I'm not saying Ronnie didn't deflect it, he clearly did, but Rick got it after him on its way in.

Barrasso35 said...


If Ron Francis doesn't get hurt against NYR in 1996 not only do the Penguins beat Florida but the series doesn't go to seven games.

God, could you imagine? Avalanche vs Penguins 1996 Stanley Cup Finals? It would have been a helluva series. I guarantee the Pens would not have been swept.

Tom Fizgerald getting an early start on his 1996 golf game, just one of the services Ron Francis provides.

Kenny Melvin said...

Barrasso35 wrote
"If Ron Francis doesn't get hurt against NYR in 1996 not only do the Penguins beat Florida but the series doesn't go to seven games."

If Kenny Wregget played more we would have probably advanced. I know he wouldn't let in a shot from the moon in game 7.

Tiffany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiffany said...

Thanks for the other Snoopy pics & Britney Spears reference. Hehe...good stuff.

Gay Dracula indeed....hahaha. It WAS driving me crazy, though, not knowing what the second half of #2 said. So I went to & figured it out, but thanks for the confirmation. Things like this should be cleared up.

And Derek, sorry Allegheny Power let you down last night. They sound as bad as Duquesne Light, which is what I have. Perhaps both of them should stock up on mass quantities of Cialis. But if we have power lasting longer than 4 hours during a storm, let’s not say anything. ;-)

Tiffany said...

Poor Sid....that sucks he wasn’t nominated. Just because ESPN screwed things up with the NHL, doesn’t give them the right to crap on players (or the league) when they don’t deserve it.

And Ronnie Francis is amazing for sure. My 95-96 puck with him & Jagr will always create such fond memories. [longingly gazes at the sunset] Those were the days... I’d so ask him if he wanted to be my daddy (even though Gary Roberts already is). But since I love my daddies equally, one can never be greater than the other....hehe.
Anywho, methinks there should be a Ronnie Francis award instead of one named after the Gary Coleman molester.

P.S. Can’t wait for the Jobbers saga to continue & the Gary Roberts facts to start. Maybe also some RF facts??

Staff said...

Yea Tiff we could start a power company and it would be better than those two clowns..

snoopyjode said...

no problem, tiff!

okay, it's been bugging me all day. is it just me or does the pasty white fellow on the left of the naked hockey pic sort of look like colby armstong? [*shudders*]

...or maybe i just need lasik...

Anonymous said...

At first I thought it was a photoshop of Colby's head, maybe he has a cousin that needed to do community service in Canada or something.

Colby said...

Back off! I was young and needed the work!

Jonny V said...

Colby, that was sweet

And yinz both could run an electric company with a trained team of hamsters running on wheels, and it would probably be more reliable than the electric companies around here.

And I thought those of us that use this board came to a consensus months ago. ESPN = the bottom of the above mentioned hamster's cages. All poop filled and whatnot.

Loser Chris said...


The quality isn't too great and stupid Glenn Healy kind of obscures things, but you can still see Tocchet swing his stick downward and the puck changes direction downward very sharply after Ronnie deflects it.

The defense rests!

pensblogadam said...

loserchris. man. i dont know.

Loser Chris said...

Yeah, the quality of that YouTube clip sucks. It's a lot clearer on the original.


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