Sunday, June 3, 2007

Home Cookin'. Sens Win.

Game Three
Tedy Bruschi = Gold.

5 - 3

There are three basic assessments you can make about Game 3 tonight.
  1. It was just want NBC wanted. Fast-paced, high-scoring, and hard-hitting.
  2. The NHL has some big-time officiating questions.
  3. This series is going to go down as one of the most physical finals in years.
Things got rolling, thanks to a stirring Canadian national anthem from that guy who looks like a doorman.

The Ottawa crowd was focused:

Actual caption from Yahoo on this pic:

OTTAWA, ON - JUNE 02: Russell Williams, an Ottawa Senators fan, stands during the National Anthem before Game Three of the 2007 Stanley Cup finals between the Anaheim Ducks and the Ottawa Senators at Scotiabank Place on June 2, 2007 in Ottawa, Canada. Williams was at the game when the original Senators won the Cup in 1927.

Wow that guy is old.

Is there a better atmosphere than during the Canadian anthem in the Stanley Cup finals?
Emotional times.
Could you imagine being a Ducks player?
A little bit of pee probably leaked out due to the butterflies.

But maybe Ottawa was a little too jacked up.
Because they came out and were as intense as the last hurricane named after an African American.

Fact: In 1996, Hurricane "Desmond" was called the laziest hurricane in the history of weather by meteorologists after it sat off the Florida panhandle for two months and didn't work.

The Ducks jobbed there way into a powerplay.
The Finnish Flash(TM) got the puck behind the net.
He skates behind a clueless Ray Emery, passes out front:

Old Mcdonald had a goal.
Ee I ee I o
Senator Nation was stunned.
But give the Senators credit.
They sucked it up and went to work.
Good shift after good shift. Momentum was building.
Then it happened.
Of all the people in the world, Chris Neil simply had the puck hit his stick.
It sneaks past Giggy.
Rick Jackman = stunned.

Chris Neil's goal no question woke Ottawa up.
The Ducks remained on their heels but survived and got to the intermission tied.


At intermission, Sid made a special appearance.
He was in town to pick up his Art Ross Trophy(above) and probably to bang Jason Spezza's wife.

Solid shirt-and-tie scheme.

Nothing really happened with Sid at intermission.
Bill Clement asked him some things.
Ray Ferraro muttered garbage.
He did mention being over the first-round loss until he walked into the arena.
He then realized that, one day, he will be worth more than the 17,000 or so people in the crowd.

The second period was a bigger mess than Bill Cowher in a home AFC championship game.

That's six.

The Ducks opened up the scoring.
Ray Emery, at that point, looked completely scared to death.
He sucks.
The madness started right after that.
Jason Spezza and a Ducks player started jobbing.

Spezza's uniform gets ripped. No big deal, right?

Well apparently, no one could find Spezza a new uniform.
So he actually went onto the ice with Patrick Eaves' uniform.

The Senators kept coming and got a faceoff deep in Duck terrority.
Back to the point.
You think nothing of it until Edzo chimes in, telling us the Ducks only had four men on the ice.
Replay confirms it.

Not enough men is always a bad thing.
But hold the phone.
The guy who forgot to go on for the Ducks -- Ryan Getzlaf.

They guy who gets the next goal?
Ryan Getzlaf.

You can't make this stuff up.

What happens next is a complete joke.
The refs, who at one point just gave into the Ottawa crowd, called the Ducks for something.
Powerplay for the Sens.
Puck finds it way to the net.
Daniel Alfredsson clearly directs the puck into the net with his skate.
The ref clearly waves it off.
We go to the War room.

War Room intern Mark Reager counts the goal then celebrates his ineptitude.

Every replay shows he kicked it in.
Apparently the rules change when the Senators are invloved.
And of course we now have to rehash...

"Well if that is a goal, how come Crosby's goal in game one was taken away?"

These are the types of things that keep some people up at night.

No goal. Err, goal.

After that, the Ducks had no chance.
Two minutes later the Sens scored again.

In the third, Chris Pronger ends some jobber's life.
What a crushing hit.
Fights ensue.
Anton Volchenkov adds some insurance.
The refs start making up penalties.
No way Ottawa was going to lose tonight.




......The cold hand of Ray Shero struck down upon conditioning coach Stephane Dube.

....From the same article, the Pens didn't sign two draft picks. We'd give the names, but does it really matter?

......Looks like the New Arena will be on hold..
"That doesn't bother team officials, who prefer to take a long-term view of getting the right arena instead of hurrying to build, Penguins spokesman Tom McMillan said."

Hey, saying goodbye to Mellon Arena is going to one of the hardest things to do ever.
Watching Mellon Arena being imploded may be one of the coolest sights ever.
One more year is cool by us.

...Bob Smizik...the column of year.
"By the sheer magic of his play, Lemieux fostered tremendous growth in the sport both from a playing and spectator standpoint. Little more than 20 years after his rookie season, Pittsburgh amateur hockey has reached the point it is regularly developing professional players, which would have been unheard of before Lemieux. From a spectator standpoint, all it takes is a decent team to draw a capacity crowd to Mellon Arena. In the pre-Lemieux days, when the Civic Arena had a capacity of fewer than 13,000, it was as much the rule as the exception that the building would be half full or less."

Bob Smizik dropped acid before banging out that paragraph.
It's why Gary Roberts invented the English language.


Alice Copper

Buffalo Stance
(Thanks to Lipps, we think)

Commentorblog ain't no joke
(Thanks The Nick)

Stoosh comes through

Price is Right theme
Themes are accepted in musicblog
(Thanks Lloyd)


A Winter In Sun returns tomorrow
Game #17
Pens vs Sabres.
No question a tough point of the season.

Day Number:

This is a stretch.

There's no denying 46 - 49 are gonna be tough.


Stanley P. Kachowski said...

As for the statue, I'm registering my vote for a picture of Mario mid-goal (you know the one) torching Casey in the 91 finals.

The statue should include Casey, so the birds have something to crap on.

tjand72 said...

If that was a goal, Gary Roberts is a woman. And if that is true, then the entire universe would implode. Therefore, by logical reasoning, that was not a goal.

Seth Rorabaugh said...

47-Maxim Galanov or Michal Sivek
48-Sven Butenschon, Jeff Serowik or Konstantin Koltsov (for a little while)
49-Greg Andrusak or Matt Hussey

A real all-star crew there.

Good luck finding pics for those guys.

FritoWill said...

if that was a goal, then Sid's (kicking) goal was a goal no doubt about that.

onto the off the wall part of my post.... if you watched ESPN at all after the playoff game you have already seen this.

this guy is officially king of all coaches for getting thown out. Be sure to pay attention at the 1:15 mark. Which is NUTS.

FritoWill said...

this just in!!!

NBC is reporting that there was only 4 people on the ice for the Ducks during that goal.

nbc= garbage

Brian said...

I do think that was a goal under the "redirect rule," but that certainly makes sid's a goal. His was even less evident than that one. I originally liked the idea of the war-room...but a game-tyer in game 3 of the stanley cup finals, the series being effectively over if the sens lose...i'd have called that a goal as well.

In other news, did anybody see Murray's press conference concerning Pronger's hit? "I don't want to complain, since I get accused of complaining." Pussy

Barrasso35 said...

If that was a goal, Gary Roberts is a woman. And if that is true, then the entire universe would implode. Therefore, by logical reasoning, that was not a goal.
I can't agree more. Sid's goal gets taken away but that piece of crap stands? There was more of a "kicking motion" with that goal than with Sid's. It's like conditional programming: If that was a goal then Gary Roberts is a woman... ha!

The fix is in, ladies and gentlemen. Ottawa is going to win the cup.

What's the deal with Spezza wearing Eaves' uniform? Isn't there a rule against that? If not, there should be... otherwise people could put whatever they want on their jerseys and you'd have a hundred jackasses wearing 69 with "HE HATE ME" on the nameplate.

I've gotta say, as the first NHL game I've been able to watch since the Pens' loss, it was pretty exciting but the officiating was horrible.

Wow... a Jeff Serowik reference? That's crazy. I watched him when he played for the Kansas City Blades.

Jason said...

the reason the ducks lost: they didnt come out wearing new jerseys in the 3rd period. Rookie mistake by the ducks coaching staff

Mike Costa said...

Ottawa Still Sucks

look, I'm not anonymous anymore! said...

Jason, absolutely brilliant. I'm a little surprised the refs didn't call any roping penalties.

dying alive said...

Ottawa will still lose, but but I hope it goes to seven games. Hearing the western conference bullshit about how much better they are than the east and how the east has no defense or goaltending will be almost as annoying as watching Ottawa win the cup. At least if it goes to seven, bragging rights are somewhat diminished.

You can't go wrong with The Smiths:

Or Smashing Pumpkins:

Anonymous said...

Don't know if this has already been posted. If it has, sorry.


Expose - Point Of No Return

Live? Really?


Stanley P. Kachowski said...

dying alive.... good picks on the pumpkins. However, you left out one of my faves

Oh, and does this mean that the 1990's are now eligible for musicblog? If so, look out suckas. Cuz the 90's are right in my wheelhouse.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Crap... screwed up the link above.

my favorite pumpkins vid:


(notice the elapsed running time of this video)

J Schiff said...

Rick Astley dominates one...

And the legendary Billy Ocean...

Anonymous said...

Level 42 - Something About You

Mr. Mister - Kyrie


Barrasso35 said...

Yeah, Jason, that was nicely done. Same to you, look, I'm not anonymous anymore!

Now, if only the Anaheim Ducks had the Bash Brothers.

Ever notice how the character's name is Fulton Reed but the back of his jersey says, Fulton? What's up with that? Is that some sort of Spezza/Eaves jersey mismatch thing or what?

Anonymous said...

Here's a little tribute to Taylor Dayne...

Taylor Dayne - Don't Rush Me

Taylor Dayne - I'll Always Love You

Taylor Dayne - Love Will Lead You Back

Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart

Taylor Dayne - With Every Beat Of My Heart


Barrasso35 said...

Taylor Dayne?

[In a Nancy Kerrigan voice]
Why, Karri, why, why, why, why, why?

Anonymous said...


I had to.


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

If it is early-90s R&B you want, look no further than Bell Biv Devoe:

And I'm not sure what this is, besides the worst musical performance in history. All you need to know is it's Deion Sanders "Must Be the Money":

Also, from the department of "People that had no business making a record", Eddie Murphy (with the assist from Rick James BITCH):

And for the hell of it, Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson:

Eddie Murphy... a true comedic genius... but Jesus Christ what was that guy thinking?!?!

Also, Bruschi doesn't equal Gold.

Bruschi = cocaine bender after Super Bowl 39 that ended with him having a stroke!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Also, a forgotten Beastie Boys vid from their best album, Paul's Boutique:

Tiffany said...

From the gang signs at the beginning of the post & "Old McDonald had a goal" to TheCommentorblog....hahaha. Good times. So Thank You's go out to ThePensblog (of course), FritoWill (what an amazing flip out), Dying Alive (fantastic choices - The Smiths & Pumpkins), Stanley P. Kachowski (another awesome Pumpkins' song), J Schiff (moi can never get enough of Rick Astley), & Karri (maybe some of those songs are for females only, but that's ok). (^_~) And one more thing, it's kind of insane that Pavement - Major Leagues was posted cause I was just listening to that a few days ago. Hmmm...

If you're having engine trouble, just give Mike and the Mechanics a call. They'll know how to rev it up so everything runs smoothly.

Here's some more Mr. Mister. They are the definition of cool AND hot: That car, the sexy dancing, the captivating stares into the camera at various times.... Then just look at Richard Page. He's hot & he knows it, which is why he runs out of water near the end. (at 4:27)
Take These Broken Wings

Here's my Billy Ocean contribution, J Schiff ;-)

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

And just because you know once I start I can't quit, "Hey Ladies":

Jason said...

47 - mel blount
48 - oliver perez (for one season)
49 - tim wakefield

Ryan said...

Barrasso35 said...The fix is in, ladies and gentlemen. Ottawa is going to win the cup.

Come on now guys.

The fix WAS in. But only for game 3. The last thing the NHL wanted to see was a 3-0 series. Ratings are bad enough as is.

And holy balls can we stop whining about Sid's goal being called off? Did you all forget how Ottawa thoroughly dominated us? That goal would not have changed the series one bit. Get over yourselves. We'll be there next year.

Loser Chris said...

A couple that have been sorely missing:

Voices Carry

The Captain's Log

Diamond Dave

lloyd said...

since it looks like my last post didn't take...

I need help.

i need some Mike Lange .wav or .mp3 files

i am specifically looking for "It's a hockey night in pittsburgh", but any will do.

theNick said...

i got bored of posting songs with extremely bad music videos so now i am just posting songs i really like

Bloc Party-Like Eating Glass

Anonymous said...

kix- dont close your eyes:

dokken- dream warriors:

metallica- enter sandman:

rob zombie- dragula

Jason said...

white zombie >> rob zombie


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