Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Ghost and the Darkness

Wow. Talk about a desolate atmosphere.

There is literally nothing to discuss or job.
Everyone is still recovering from The Sopranos.
On further review, as a few of you pointed out, it was a great ending.
David Chase owns the world. If he wrote for Heroes, TVs would explode.

Moving on....

Save The Predators. Save The World.

Sites like that make you cherish the world of blogging.
Of course, that site differs from blogs in the fact that it is loaded with information.

You go to that site, and you immediately want an overview of the website's mission.
Oops, can't find it anywhere.
Just a bunch of ads promoting t-shirts and shit.

You have to cut straight to the info. No bells, whistles, or ads.

The Predators should leave Nashville.
Nashville is full of homos.

Seriously this is the main act in Nashville.


No question some type of molestation about to occur.

...Detroit wants Hasek back next year. He face 8 shots a game. The jewel case of The Beatles White Album could be placed in the crease and have a GAA of 2.64 behind the Red Wings.
Why pay Hasek top dollar to stand around?

My uncle Mark gets paid $8.75 an hour to stand around at the entrance of Big Lots.

...First rule of Fight Camp.
You do not talk about Fight Camp.

The Boogaard brothers, one of which is a Penguin, are teaching young hockey players how to fight.

...The Masters or something is going on at Oakmont.
Gerry Dulac hasn't been this busy in his entire life.
Why does everyone care about golf so much in the town all of a sudden?
The only way it would be worth watching -- if they let Mario play in it.
We hope Tiger Woods doesn't drive though Brentwood by mistake.

RIP Johnny Gammage

Our prediction:
Ernie Els: -18
Tiger Woods: Doesn't make cut
Gary Roberts: Birdies and Eagles are child's play. He falcons a Par 5.

It looks photoshopped, but here's how the Lightning's jerseys may look like next year:

Vinny Lecavalier's cat can't believe it.

Other supposed uniforms we found:

Who is that person?

Pretty sharp.

The NHL is going to be the most futuristic game on the planet.



Wings Wiki
( non Garyroberts-ed )

What a show.
It ran on NBC from 1990 to 1997.

It was basically about jobbers who ran an airport.
Hilarity ensued.

It was on Nick at Nite as recently as 2005.

If you re-arranged your life so you could stay up till 3am in the morning to watch back-to-back Wings episodes on Nick at Nite, you would soon start a Penguins blog.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a human being who didn't like the show.
Oddly, you'll find a lot of people who never even heard of it.

Anonymous said…

With the exception of a certain racially confused pedophile, who was bigger than Bon Jovi in the 80's?


Yeah, we know.

She Don't Know Me

How could you not notice that hair & those jeans?
(Thanks, Anonymous 1)

Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy

Simply stunning

(Thanks, Anonymous 2)

The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star
Who knew that was the band’s name?
(Thanks again, Anonymous 2)

Dave Matthews – Ants Marching
(Thanks, Jay)

There are so many solid songs by Alice In Chains, but the vid to “I Stay Away” is intense.
(Thanks for the idea, Jay)

Tiff has spoken
Today is
Tuesdays with Nirvana

Kurt Cobain was lights out

A Winter in the Sun
Game #20
November 22, 2006

Crosby didn't play.
Malkin was on PCP.
The Black and Gold Win. PENS LOSE

The second period was a bigger disaster than Michael Richards at a NAACP meeting.

Hey Cosmo!!! You're a racist!

The first ten minutes of the second were fine. It was the next five minutes that made me wish Kelly Ripa was here just so I could punch her in the face. First, Stanislav Chistov ouelleted the puck into the net on a powerplay. About a minute later, Marco Sturm scored one a two-on-one that deflated the Mellon Arena. Not to be outdone, The Giant Gonzalez retires from the WWF and somehow scores on a slapper from the point...on a four-minute powerplay that resulted from Ruutu running around like a maniac. It was really depressing going into that second intermission down 3-1.


  • A year of playing has paid off for Christensen; he played a great game. The diving call on him in the first was garbage. His one-time pass to Ouellet on the powerplay stands out in my mind. Add Christensen's faceoff abilities, and the already overcrowded Pens roster sees another player added into the mix.

  • Nils Ekman was flying the first period.

  • Bruins coach Dave Lewis looks like Hitler.

  • Get your hands out of your pants, Heath Miller.
Anonymous said...

i like the connection between dave lewis and hitler. i was wathing the game with some buddies and i pointed that out as well
also, kudos to making fun of tim thomas's age. he's pretty old


Three Stars
Junior 'A'

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 12:00 am Post subject: That "Malkontent" rumor is still out there.Reply with quote

Malkin...malcontent...eh, you get it. Spector's sez:

Evgeny Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins. Believe it or not, there's actually an internet rumor that Malkin doesn't want to toil in Sidney Crosby's shadow and could seek a trade before next season. Yeah, the obvious joy on Malkin's face every time he or linemate Crosby scores is indicative of his unhappiness. Must be a Russian thing. The twist to this fantasy rumor is based on the perception the Penguins cannot afford to retain Malkin, Crosby, Marc-Andre Fleury and Jordan Staal when they come up for re-signing so Malkin could be dealt. As Aerosmith once sang, Dream On! Perhaps Malkin might be traded one day, but it won't be next summer. He's still got two more seasons with the Pens on his current contract and if he holds out they still own his rights. A decision on Malkin's future with the Pens is far into the future and it's a good bet that he'll remain a Penguin after this contract is expired.

This is why the Internet is great.
At this point of the season the Pens were struggling, and the Arena issue was a daily worry.
It is truly amazing no one killed themselves


Day Number

Levon Kirkland lurking in the background, ready to drop a sure interception.


Special thanks to EmptyNetters for pretty much every link in this post.


Anonymous said...

olsavsky was such a jobber. does anyone remember how he stood on the sideline by himself?

theNick said...

I cant believe day 55 does not include a Larry Murphy picture.

also i think the capitals stole their new logo from my ten year old cousins soccer team.

Tiffany said...

That, my friends, is Jon Cryer. ~_~

Oh! And since today is Tuesday, it's going to be Nirvanablog.

FritoWill said...

are you guys trying to make a living stealing info from other blogs?

at least you mention the other ones

lis said...



Dwayne said...

I may not have killed myself, but a part of me died every single day that wait went on.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever get the sense that Thomas Haden Church wishes he never accepted that role? He will forever be known as "Lowell".


Loser Chris said...

Not just John Cryer, but John Cryer as the character "Ducky" in Pretty in Pink!

And I did not like Wings... I must be the exception to the rule.

Teej said...

It's ironic that "Video Killed The Radio Star" was the first video that aired on MTV. Look at MTV now...

snoopyjode said...

speaking of heroes:

in the wtf files, there's a possibility that we'll be seeing a new face next season.

snoopyjode said...

ha ha! can you believe this? (yeah, i know there are some comments accusing us of being juveniles, but that is just funny.)

Korn said...

How can you not love Kelly Ripa (with the sound turned down obviously). She is hawt...

Anonymous said...

Ripa's got about a dozen kids. Her vag probably looks like a worn catcher's mit.

EmDubs said...

I know I am a few days late on this, but I think its really funny that Slim Jim actually has a Wikipedia page.

Rico Fatastic said...

Since it's quickly approaching, can I kindly request that Day 59 be "Rob Mackowiak" day. That guy is the purest jobber the Bucs have had in an Era of Jobbers. He played, like, 19 positions.

Also, his wife is mega-hot.

Spencemo said...

Does MTV even still play music videos???

Anonymous said...


Come As Your Are

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Anonymous said...

well, thats it, that guy took all the good nirvana songs.

snoopyjode said...

some more nirvana vids:
the man who sold the world
you know you're right
heart shaped box

Steve In Denver said...

Just stream the whole live unplugged by Nirvana. I remember watching that the first time it aired. Chills. Except for Cobain smoking those stupid 100's...he looked like my Aunt Pat up there on stage. WTF??

I went to the U.S. Open in Oakmont when I was a kid. I feel sorry for any other kids dragged to that putrid event. They should just have an air conditioned Playstation/Xbox tent to drop the kids at. Golf blows.

Jonny V said...

Or as Borat would say, her vazhïn hang like sleeve of wizard.

Emdubs, are u friggin' kidding me? EVERYTHING has a wikipedia page. Dust has a Wikipedia page.

And although this isn't an official video, a nirvana fan made one of his own for my favorite song. If I were to front a band, this is what we would name ourselves.

Lounge Act

Jonny V said...

And why the hell are we talking about Kelly Ripa anyways?

lis said...

Thanks to Wings Joe Sakic will always be known in my family as: "My little Joey bear"

Anonymous said...

Not all of the good Nirvana songs are gone...how about

Nirvana - In Bloom



Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box



Anonymous said...

Sorry snoopyjode...didn't see you posted Heart Shaped Box.

How about this one...

Nirvana - All Apologies (MTV Unplugged)



Anonymous said...

i am starting a not-so-silent protest against tuesday/nirvana blog! overrated!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you canaan....there's just something about nirvana that I don't get....not sure what...but I just never really liked them.

snoopyjode said...

for anyone who is interested: the nhl awards show will air this thursday on versus (or cbc for our canadian friends) at 7:30pm eastern. if therrien doesn't win the jack adams, then i'm starting a riot.

Jonny V said...

I'd say something to bash yinz two, but then I've always pretty much felt that way about Pearl Jam...Except Yellow Ledbetter.

Make me fries...

Potato Wave

Anonymous said...

Today on ESPN, big ben played oakmont and commented as he sucked it up BAD BAD BAD.

It was like him playing football without jerome to hand the ball too and Ward to count on coming back to the ball...

OHHHH smacky.

Anonymous said...

Hey but they showed mario scoring 5 different goals!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT!

Anonymous said...

Rob Mackowiak plays for the white sox now and i watched him take a wipping from the phillies last night.

snoopyjode said...

aaaaw, jonny v, say it ain't so!!! eddie vedder was my first true love! mmmmm... he was yummy back then.

Barrasso35 said...

I'm with The Nick, why isn't day 55 all about Larry Murphy?

Kelly Ripa is hot.

John Hughes films=money in the bank
(Up to and including Uncle Buck... once he started with the Home Alone crap it all went down hill.)

wilsmith said...

Yeah I agree with the others. Nirvana is good, but not deserving of it's own blog. I was under the impression that the music blog thing was supposed to be humorous, not be about real bands that people actually like.

did anyone else here compete in the bar stool open this weekend?

Lloyd said...


eh... it's close enough

best wierd al video: Smells Like Nirvana

wilsmith said...


"Skynet had discovered time travel and sent a Terminator, a highly advanced cybernetic killer (whose strength, masculinity, rugged good looks and overall chiseled physique are based on salvaged videos of Gary Roberts playing against Ottawa in the 2001 Stanley Cup Quarterfinals) back in time to the 1980s to kill John Connor's mother before he can be born."

Antonette said...

Whoever mentioned a) Weird Al and b) overrated Nirvana just won huge points in my book.

Pumped for the NHL Awards. Makes me think it's almost hockey season.

The new jerseys suck. Ewww.

Anonymous said...

Nirvana is the Gary Roberts of Rock

your moms are overrated

Davy_D said...

No need to thank me:


snoopyjode said...

two things:

1 - fyi about the nhl awards show: nhl.com says the show starts at 7:30pm, while versus and the guide on my digital cable box say it starts at 7:00pm.

2 - this is a bunch of crap.

Don Juan said...

Hey Tiff....I thought this one was kinda funny.

Nirvana - Silver (Clay-mation)


Lloyd said...

Mr. Wizard died today


Here's the intro to his show Mr Wizard's World


Lloyd said...

Chris "Where's the Metamucil" Chelios is returning to Detroit. 1 Year contract.


Stanley P. Kachowski said...

I understand that music tastes are subjective, and I understand some people think that Nirvana were overrated. Just like some people think that Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers didn't have a career outside of Three Rivers Stadium.

I just don't share those opinions.

I mean, shit. They even Paul Anka

Heart Shaped Box is my fave Nirvana vid (can't count the Unplugged vids in the same category), but I alread y posted it last week in Commentorblog. Everyone else has done a bang-up job catching most of the other vids. So, I'll post one of my fave live vids:


Stanley P. Kachowski said...

BTW - johnnyV - laughed my ass off at the 'Make Me Fries' line.

And Pearl Jam is my favorite band.

Thanks for that link. Good stuff.

rachel said...

snoopyjode, the 84% that didn't vote for Gary Roberts have been missing since they went against him. There's also 2% missing from the results. Gary Roberts took care of them before they thought of betrayal.

Those are some ugly jerseys. But it will be great to see Therrien and the boys again at the award show.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Oh yeah, the 'veteran player with enough gas in the tank' vote thing....

The reason why Gary Roberts is not the lead vote getter is because Gary Roberts' engine is not fueled by 'gas'. It is fueled by a ground up mixture of kittens and beer, or 'Kitteerosene'.

Jonny V said...

I don't hate Pearl Jam, u can't hate a band with a catalog of albums that deep.

Tiff, I know over the months, there were a few, but maybe a musicblog dedicated to movie soundtrack songs? Just tryin to give u a little something to play with.

And I wish I could take credit for my avatar, but it was a found item. Gandolfini wearing a hockey helmet comes no where near as fierce as Roberts, but it's still good.


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