Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Elementary, My Dear Watson

Sherlock Holmes
"The Case of the Missing Blog Post"

BigBatchNews made a post last night, regarding numerous topics.
For some reason, it was taken off the blog, without any notice from Blogspot.

We didn't call Google, because Sherlock Holmes was on the case.

He came to the conclusion that some people on the internet are crybabies, and it most likely was crazy black guys fault.

Go Pens.


June 20th may go down as the most boring day of the 2007 calendar year.

Unless you fornicated with a chicken, you had nothing to write home about.

Here is some Hereo's news.

We also would like to give a shoutout to Cody Ward.
He emailed us with his website, it is called hockedeals.
He basically helps anyone who is looking for good prices on hockey equipment by finding the best prices.
Solid idea.


After carrying the Pens in the playoffs, The Big GR needed a massage.


..........................'s Scott Cullen discusses the Flyer-Predator trade.

Who hates Kool-Aid so much that they pose for this picture?
Too bad that lady is dead. And Kool-Aid is making millions.

Hockey fights

A former Penguin VS a future Penguin (hopefully)

2 words: Francois Leroux

“Ruuuuutuuuuu!!!” is something we all miss yelling

Cairns punches a zebra & about half way through, all hell breaks loose

Senators vs Flyers = Chaos

And what an unforgettable KO by Petrovicky


A Winter in the Sun
Game #28
Saturday, December 9, 2006


He made a nice play to chip the puck away from an Atlanta defensemen, and with the brass of a riverboat gambler, drove to the net. He quasi-interfered with Lehtonen, and Colby grabbed the rebound and threw it home. Waiting to see if the ref is pointing at the puck or waving it off is the hockey equivalent of not cheering a big touchdown because you're afraid there's a flag on the play.
Goal. Pens win.

Crap We Said:

  • As stated before, this was easily the best game of the year for the Pens.
  • Bob Errey: "Hey, Wow. Look at how many options the Pens have on the powerplay when they have right-handed Micki DuPont out there." -- If Bob Errey can realize that, and a couple of homos running a Penguins blog can see that, then Ray Shero and Therrien can see it, too.
  • Did Ilya Kovalchuk play tonight? He had his own post on the Pensblog last night; that makes him the first victim of the vaunted Pensblog Curse.
  • Anyone see the dude playing with himself behind Bob Hartley?
Commentorblog Said:

seth said...

I only have 3 things to say and I'm gone:

1. HUGE win.. needed a game like that

2. Sid has been insane lately.. He will fight till the end of the year for the scoring title. He already leads the league in points per game (behind Havlat who's only played 7 games, so he doesn't count in my book)

3. I'm unbelievably happy that kovalchik was held to nothing tonight. Just goes to show how much of a better overall player sid is

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Mr. T
Junior 'A'
Junior 'A'

Joined: 30 Nov 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 10:43 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Look everyone, I know we won, but the crowd wan't really very good tonight. I mean, how insulting, this was a Satruday night game! If we can't get a good crowd on a Saturday, what is the point of the team even playing...
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The Pens win a game, and this asshole is mad about the crowd.

Day Number

Jeff Hartings, looking for someone to hold.


Anonymous said...

drnk ifrst!


Anonymous said...

druynk seocnsd!


Jonny V said...

Convincing drunken post there, with the misspellings.

Man the offseason sucks.

Spencemo said...

Only a few more months...*sigh*

JD said...

Here's a classic from our favorite sex offender...

wait for the end

snoopyjode said...

re: the conspiracy theory - too bad the staff wasn't jobbing us... that would have been freakin genius. anyways, as jonny v (<- LOOK! no 'h') pointed out earlier, i am also glad that kenny dropped the douche bag schtick and started actually contributing to the commentorblog. good choice, kenny!

also, the hockeyfightsblog was outstanding!!!

one last thing: can you maybe change the "pensblog cares" picture? it looks like that dude (who oddly kind of resembles a thin bill gates in an apple t-shirt) is trying to molest the penguin and it's been creeping me out...

Kenny Melvin said...

Jonny V the offseason does suck, we were caught up in such a rush this year and the letdown is huge. Well at least the draft is tomorrow unless Versus decides to broadcast World Cage Fighting instead.

Staff said...

that's a caricature of pensblog adam.


snoopyjode said...

sorry - i meant no offense. i don't know what pensblog adam looks like so it looks like this guy to me.

Jonny V said...

Or competitive duck hunting kenny, which was on when I just turned on VS. What a great channel choice Bettman.

Jason said...

it'll definitely be interesting to see how versus handles the draft. to be honest, i'd rather see the draft get bumped for some cage fighting on versus then to see it get bumped for some shitty poker game if it were on espn. atleast the cage fighters are quasi-athletes. i dont think anything can be more insulting to a sport then to have one of the broadcasts cancelled in favor of some chubby middle age men sitting around a table.

Antonette said...

Last year the draft was on my birthday- way more exciting. Still going to watch the first few selections, just to finally realize that we're not drafting top 5. Fear us, NHL.

I hate the offseason.

Anonymous said...

man, i dont remember posting that nonsense last night. many apologies, folks. it was the tequila talking. peace. love. penguins.


Anonymous said...

watching the ruutu clip made my morning... steigy says "finglish."

that, my friends, is a gem.


Anonymous said...

Heads up to those who didn't get to see the NHL Awards when they were aired 4 hours and 14 minutes later than scheduled....Apparently Versus is going to be re-showing them Friday at 4:30pm. :)


Kenny Melvin said...

There's really no point in watching the award show now. The whole thing is on
My name is Canaan and i'm an alcoholic

snoopyjode said...

the nhl's frozen moment shows last year's draft order. pittsburgh appears at number 2. HA! what a difference a year makes, no?

Ian said...

I'm assuming that everyone saw this because you're always on the ball with the Gary Roberts news:

At least we'll know "soon". Then again "soon" with sports can be relative.

There's also an imposter Gary Roberts out there trying to steal news headlines from our guy:

Korn said...

How about some prospective free-agent discussions?? The Pens are going to HAVE to be involved after July 1. Kariya anyone?

Anonymous said...

if he only could get healthy again


Kenny Melvin said...

I forgot Cairns was even on this team.

Shorty said...

Ok this is the wrong post but had to mention this as it pertains to the mock drafts. I actually saw MacLean play this year in Erie b/c i went to see Tavares play (amazing btw) and he would deff. be a great addition to our system.

FritoWill said...

No one mentions Leroux without me being a part of the conversation!!!

Does anyone remember the post gazette picture of Leroux and Tamer with the boxing gloves?


damn i wish i still had his jersey

Anonymous said...

anyone else find it amusing that when you type leroux tamer boxing into google images, this picture comes up...


Anonymous said...

er sorry:

Kenny Melvin said...

This was just brought up on the Double M show but what do you guys think about Glen Murray coming here? I know he failed miserably here but he is a right handed shot who can produce mightily on the PP. He'd be a perfect fit with Malkin or Sidney even more so than Kariya imo.

Kenny Melvin said...

Hey Canaan to answer your question about how is Artie Lange a guest on, that's because i'm Artie Lange and the Admin already banned me.

Adrienne said...

God I'm out of the loop on hockey now. I'll be back in it come Sunday.
(Which reminds me, I'm home Saturday. people need to come to DnB on the 30th so I can beat everyone and feel better about myself. :D )

In a town called Newport outside of Stafford, England; they have Church Eaton. However, I couldn't get off the bus to take a picture of it :(

sad times.

Spencemo said...

You know that cat is saying, "Homos...and they think I'm a pussy".

snoopyjode said...

holy crap, spencemo, THAT was funny!

a secret admirer said...

i think adam's got it goin on. ;-)

Loser Chris said...

I've said it once and I'll say it again... Chris FREAKING Drury!!!

Loser Chris said...

Actually I've said it like 20 times, but you get the idea.

Spencemo said...

Thanks, snoopyjode...I try... :)

Kenny Melvin said...

I like the new photo

Kenny Melvin said...

I love all these offseason trade rumors and draft speculation. I actually heard one rumor that involved the trading of Sidney. Gotta love the internet.

Anonymous said...

I heard on the KDKA news that the Pens will not make any offers to Nils Ekman, Ron Petrovichy, Eric Cairns, or Joel Kwea-whatever.

I'm disappointed that Petro will not be back. He seemed like a good high energy guy for not a lot of cash. I think that he was making league minimum. I would expect that several teams would be making him an offer. Who does Shero have waiting around that will fit into a good 3rd or 4th line agitator? LaRoche didn't do it for me.

Anonymous said...


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