Thursday, June 7, 2007


World Champions

...And just like that, the 2006-2007 season walked out of our lives forever.
On October 3, 2006 @ 7:36pm the NHL dropped the puck.
Through all the faceoffs
bad penalties
bad calls
the heartbreaking losses
and the big-time goals.
The teams battled till April 8, 2007, for playoff spots.
On April 11th, 16 teams started the journey for Lord Stanley.

Slowly, teams departed.
Some easily, others in heartbreaking fashion.
Two teams finally emerged as their respective conference champs.
In Games one and two, Anaheim outplayed the Sens to take a 2-0 lead.
In game three Ottawa cheated, and put themselves within reach.
But in Game four the Ducks rose up, stealing a victory.

All of this setting the stage for a possible Cup clincher tonight.

The Ducks did not let the moment pass.
Old Mcdonald started the scoring


Just let the record show that Ray Emery is a joke.
The Ducks would strike again before the period was out.
Rob Neidermayer capitalized on Chris Phillips, who is quite possibly having the worst game of his career.
He jobs one home.
The first period ended, Ducks fans could feel it.

But hold the phone

Ottawa builds on some momentum in the second.
Daniel Alfredsson scores a huge goal.
Here comes Ottawa.
Right back in it...
Oh shit.

Chris Phillips =Stunned
Own goal

You will see big mistakes a lot in sports.
But an own goal in the Stanley Cup playoffs?

And while it will be hard to see where this one ranks,
The mistake Phillips and Emery made is going to keep people up at night in Ottawa for years.
But the Sens came back.
Alfredsson scores a huge shorthanded goal.
At this point, there's a thought that has to be going through your mind: "Is this guy carrying the Sens to a win?"

Answer: No.
The Ducks come right back and score.

Bye bye...homos

The third period was nothing more than formality.
We did find Jason Spezza:

He is working as a Magician in LA.
(Thanks Jake)

Best trick: Disappearing.

We do get treated to a Penalty shot.
But that is it.
The crowd knows it.
Goosebump city.
Ray Emery gives up another goal just for good measure.
The party starts.
More emotion than when the Ducks came from behind to beat team Iceland.


As the clock hits zero, bedlam ensues for the ducks.
Suicide watch for the Senators:


No clue why we never said this, but someone points out that this is the first Stanley Cup for a west-coast team.
This is huge for hockey.

Bettman comes out.

Conn Smythe

Scott Neidermayer
He has more rings than Kay's Jewelers.
Old Mcdonald should've won this, but Neidermayer is unreal.
What a player.

Bettman then presents the Cup.
If you didn't get a little choked up when Teemu Selanne picked up the Cup,
you're not human.

Congrats Teemu

We also know two things about Chris Pronger.
1. He played the game with a separated shoulder.
2. His wife is solid.

Congrats to the Ducks and their fans.
Out of respect for the Ducks we are only running Musicblog tonight.
Offseason blog officially starts tomorrow.

We were looking for a Mighty Ducks moment (where everyone is singing We Are The Champions), but YouTube let us down. And by the way, Musicblog (Live) will be tomorrow night.
Weezer - Buddy Holly
(Thank you Stanley P. Kachowski)

The White Stripes - Icky Thump
La la la la la la la la la la laaa laaa laaa
(Thank you, theNick, for bringing something newer to TheMusicblog table.)

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun = Sweet song & insane video
(Stanley P. Kachowski)

Huey Lewis & The News - Doin' It All For My Baby
(Thanks Rico Fatastic)

I dare you to count all the innuendos in Sledgehammer
(Thanks WilSmith)

The Ducks’ “Dreams” came true tonight. Congratulations Stanley Cup winners!
(Thanks to Lloyd & Jonny V)


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KP said...

Thanks be to the hockey gods, who, it seems, finally tired of Ray Emery's pretending to be a competent goaltender. There could not be a more perfect end to Emery's 06-07 season than helping to put the puck in his own goal. Poser.

Doug said...

When one considers great victories in (Mighty) Ducks history I think it goes something like this...

The Hawks
Trinidad and Tobago

How sweet would it have been if Disney still owns the team and they would have had say I don't know Banks and Conway and Goldberg there.

I'm just saying

snoopyjode said...

according to nbc:
teemu selanne = jack sparrow

did anyone else notice the theme song to the pirates of the caribbean playing during the short piece about #8 before the start of the game? wtf?!

when selanne finally got to hoist the cup, it was absolutely moving. i'm so glad they won.

also, did anyone else notice alfie's face turning red as he BOLD-FACED LIED about shooting the puck at neidermayer?! i would have more respect for him if he would man up and say, "yeah, i did it. i made a mistake." but instead he lays some bullshit excuse out there that no one with an ounce of common sense would ever believe. what a jackass.

dying alive said...

I wept when Teemu lifted the Cup. I'm not ashamed.

I might feel a little sorry for the Sens if their fans didn't act like they were owed a Cup just for being Canadian. And if they didn't take every possible opportunity to slag on American hockey fans. And if they didn't constantly cry about obscure southern hockey markets. And if Bryan Murray wasn't such a whiner. And if Alfie wasn't such a big girl. And if their golden boys, Spezza and Heatley, bothered to show up for the game. So nope, not a lot of sympathy.

You've got to feel just the smallest bit sorry for Phillips, though. He was solid throughout the entire season and just imploded last night.

Loser Chris said...

Comments on the game itself:

- Emerick was terrible tonight. Very disappointing finish for him.

- That Phillips/Emery goal was the greatest thing I've ever seen. Emery is a disaster. I stand by my comment that he is the worst Finals goalie ever.

- It was nice to see the real Sens make an appearance (or should I say disappearance) before the playoffs ended. How bad must it have been for Sens fans to watch your team seemingly get past their legacy of failure, and then BAM they suck again!

Post Game:

- Great to see Niedermeyer get the Conn Smythe. That guy has been the best defenseman in the NHL for the last decade and it's nice to see him get some respect. It would have been even nicer if he stabbed Alfredsson in the heart with it, but I'll take what I can get.

- What's with Pronger's kid sporting the blocker and goalie stick? You think he's trying out to take Emery's job?

AJ said...

Glad to see the Ducks win. Now that the west coast is vaguely aware that the Stanley Cup exists, maybe it will give the NHL a shot in the arm.

Pronger's wife = Strong performance.

Also... something new for musicblog. I'll admit that this song kind of stinks, but the video is fantastic. Here is what the Cobra Kai are up to these days. A must watch for Karate Kid fans:

snoopyjode said...

you must check this out: a stunning picture of the neidermayer brothers, their mom, and lord stanley's cup.

Ryan said...

No disrespect to Neidermayer for winning the Conn Smythe...

But was anyone else stunned that JS Giguere didn't get it?

Neidermayer's playoffs: 3 G, 8 A, +2, 26 PIM.

Giguere: 13-4 record, 1 shutout, 1.97 GAA, .922 save %.

Not to mention Giguere is the single reason the Ducks beat the Red Wings. Detroit outplayed Anaheim for basically the entire series, but Giggy stood on his head and got them to the finals. The Ducks won something like 13 1 goal games during their run.

I'm sorry but the MVP of the playoffs was Giggy. No question about it.

James said...

ryan -- i would have given it to old mcdonald, but you can't argue with niedermayer, he's the best defenseman in the game and rings up more minutes than a 13 year old girl on a cell phone. jiggy was very good, but the ducks pretty much dominated the sens at will and niedermayer's skating, passing, calming influence was a large reason why.

But also, how cool would it have been if Phillips went Hollywood Hogan and ripped off his Ottawa jersey to reveal a Ducks logo? Then he could have given Emery a big boot to the head and a legdrop and joined up with the Ducks.

That would be so solid people's heads would literally explode.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Anyone hear Steigy owning Bryan Murray on the DVE Morning Show the other day?
Shufferin' Shucotash

Tee said...

well I called ducks in 6, but hey I was close.

Glad to see them win it though, a good, tough, throwback team. Further proof that toughness will almost always trump skill when playoff time rolls around. I didn't get to watch the game (2 AM start time here) but they're replaying it saturday night so I'm turning off the tv everytime they show a highlight. I really hope they show everything, wanna see Teemu hoisting the cup... he was always my favorite Finnish player not named Ruutu.

Jonny V said...

Nice pic Snoopy!

What theme are we going with musicblog Tiffany? Queen was solid and unexpected, perhaps a peppermint flavored one would be tasty...
My favorite video of theirs...
Denial Twist

The classic...Hotel de Yorba

And a hot cokehead poledancing...
my theme song

And some Modest Mouse, not a bad album although he sometimes sounds like Brak from Spaceghost.


Loser Chris said...

What it's all about!

Jonny V said...

He's a cute little fart

snoopyjode said...

loser chris,

i wonder if he peed in the cup too.

giving credit where credit is due:
empty netters found that article. great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Neidermayer won the cup because of previous problems while in New Jersey.

Believe it.

Anonymous said...

I just saw niedmayer on ROME IS BURNING and he is still rocking his salt and pepper beard. THAT ROCKS!

Spencemo said...

Man, I just read that article...I can't believe that jerk off from the Howard Stern Show shit in the cup. It's not even close to right.

Tiffany said...

Jonny V,
Tonight's theme will be LIVE music videos--no matter how old or new they are.

Commentorblog has spoken. So Musicblog will answer.

P.S. The deadline to post music videos for tonight's Musicblog will be 9:00 PM. Anything after that will be looked at for the next post. (This chica needs her rest.) (~_~)

Anonymous said...

curt schiling almost had a no hitter today. almost only counts in hand gernades and the senators winning the cup....

Jonny V said...

Werd wizzle contribution also posted yesterday.

The Beastie Boys killing on Letterman..

click me
And like Triumph I poop on all things Boston. I hate that city. I'm glad Schilling lost it needing only one more out. Harumph...or how ever you spell it.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Hey, I like watching a team get the cup and all and give credit where it's due.

But c'mon, I'm not gonna kiss the Ducks asses just because they won the Cup like I see here.

The only team whose ass I kiss begins "P" and ends "enguins".

The over-the-top Ducks ass kissing and the lack of old school hardcore punk in music blog has made this my least favorite Pensblog day.

Adrienne said...

Wow, there was an own goal? I bloody missed everything this season :(

I'm beyond happy that the ducks took it. I'm just mad it took this fucking long to get rid of Ottawa


Spencemo said...

For Musicblog Live!, I'll give you a live cut of my favorite Eagles tune...
Wasted Time
...and, quite possibly the best makeout song EVER by Bryan Adams...
Please Forgive Me

A So-called Ass Kisser said...

Penguins' fans being happy for the Ducks & their fans = kissing ass???

....ok. It seemed kinda classy to me, but whatever.

Anonymous said...

Live! Musicblog...awesome.

Here's something a little older:

snoopyjode said...

here's a video you might like. it's live AND it's an entire song about mullets AND it refers to them as "hockey hair." i know it's stupid, but it still makes me laugh every damn time i hear it!!!

i've got an ape drape - the vandals

Jason said...

well since lipps wants some more punk, and snoopyjode just posted some vandals, i'll follow up with some bad religion

Lloyd said...


The shitting in the cup was actually a candybar. (not real shit). it was admitted on the show when they replayed it last week.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

You know, I'm really not a huge Beatles fan, but I can't dispute their influence and importance in the grand scheme of things.

So, the live TV spot that started it all in the States:

This predates old school

Lloyd said...

no live list is complete without this:

KISS - Rock and Roll All Night.

rachel said...

This video just makes the offseason go faster... It's a Beautiful Day

Jonny V said...

sorry Lippy, but i'm not going to front about a love of old school punk...this was my first taste of it, and it's not exactly old

Henry Rollins...Liar

And when we don't win the cup, I want to see it go to a classy team, and from my personal experience, the fans.

Pees zowt

Spencemo said...

Thanks, lloyd...I feel better now! :)


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