Monday, June 25, 2007

All the Right Moves

This post would have been up sooner but we were to busy giving Ray Shero a standing ovation.
The last 72 hours have been a clinic in making decisive decisions

Not very often does a GM have complete trust from his fan base.
But right now Ray Shero is making all the right moves.
And we all know it.
In contrast, Pirate fans have as much trust in David Littlefield, as they would dropping their kids off at a day care center run by Michael Jackson.

Picture: David Littlefield about to do something stupid.

..Speaking of stupid, check this post out
The post title is:
"2008-2009 potential top nine"

This is why messages boards are great.
This would be the biggest mistake in the histoy of the Penguins.
Record with this lineup:
Can anyone really say Jonathan Filewich will even make the team?
If Tyler Kennedy is on the second line on opening night we will kill five people.
Angelo Esposito could make the team, but it is hard at this point to even think he could be a first line guy next year.

Here is a nice little article on what the rest of the league thought about Shero's pick:

"It might be a perfect situation for him," New Jersey GM Lou Lamoriello said. "There's nothing wrong with that. As long as you've got that innate desire and that confidence -- and he's got that -- he's fine."

Lou Lamoriello sucks.

But not as much as this kid.
No question some type of relation to Kenny Melvin.

....The Flyers are pumped about their number one draft pick.

Picture: Two Flyer fans celebrate the team drafting James VanRiemsdyk

....Apparently Jimmy Ballsack is still in the mix for the Predators.

...Kevin Lowe wants to deal

Here are the uniform changes from Boston and Columbus:

Thanks to J-Schiff for the find
A Winter in the Sun
Game #31
December 16th
Upper St. Clair Still Sucks. PENS WIN.

*Special note this was the night Jimmy Ballsack withdrew his name from the Pens ownership bid*

Intermissions are so nice when the Pens are winning.
Six minutes into the second, Jordan Staal strikes again with a quick shot off a face-off, and the Pens jumped out to a 4-1 lead.
In the time it takes a fart's aroma to dissipate (roughly 30 seconds), the Pens had scored again. Maxime Talbot/Joseph Melichar combine to score a shorthanded goal and the Pens lead 5-1.
Unbelievable. The rest of the second period was a bunch of nothingness, if my memory serves me right.

Malone and Bing patiently waiting for their turn on the Kiss Cam

  • Malkin seemingly took advantage of the Super Cuts super shot.
  • Ruutu-Talbot-Thorburn. Wow.
  • Recchi: 800 assists. Nice.
  • If you're on the ice with Sidney Crosby, and he passes the puck in your direction...unless it's right on your tape, that pass isn't for you.
  • It seems like Malkin is a half-step off for some reason. The naked pictures of Michel Therrien may have had an adverse effect.
  • Solid game for Thibault. Big win for his confidence, too.

Commentorblog said:

We have a fritowill apperance:

Anonymous said...
Did anyone else catch that stat about Croz and the great (suck) one?

Basically in as many games into their careers Croz has more points in less games!

Take that you SOB!!!

Which brings me to this question... without Mario's countless back problems, and the cancer thing, how bad would he have beat Gretzy's ass? And how many of you guys want Croz to finish him off?


Offseason day number:

What a player


Anonymous said...




Jonny V said...


All of your comments are belong to us, canaan

Spencemo said...

3hird. Really, canaan, I think you need to lay off the tequila. Honest. It's for your own good.

Anonymous said...

How did you guys find my long lost brother?

-Ken Melvin

dying alive said...

Jagr's mullet belongs in the hockey hair hall of fame.

Anonymous said...

How many of you guys boo Jagr everytime he touches the puck like a bunch of 5 year olds? It's a pathetic display.


snoopyjode said...

apparently, bing approved of the espo draft...

Anonymous said...

Spence, its creepy that you knew i was drinking tequila...creepy much?

Anonymous said...


snoopyjode said...

am i crazy or wasn't there a time when you could buy jagr ice cream? if memory serves me, i believe they were called "jagr bars."

Barrasso35 said...

I don't know about ice cream but I still have an unopened jar of Jagr Peanut Butter... never did get the Kasparaitis Crunchers Pickles, though.

Jagr's a solid player and probably (at this point in Sid's career) the 2nd best offensive player ever to wear the black & gold but he's still a jackass.

Jagr's Mullet=Gold.

Anyone remember the old, "One leads from the boardroom, the other on the ice," ads on the jumbotron? That was money in the bank.

Anonymous said...

i know that esposito had some playing time at wing, but i think that he needs to practice that position all summer so he has a chance at playing for the team this fall

Anonymous said...

I do remember getting a Jagr bar a long time ago to go along with my pizzahut snoopy


Spencemo said...

It's not that creepy. The last time you left drunken comments, you said you were drinking tequila. I took a guess.

I save my mind reading for the hubby! :)

snoopyjode said...

LOL - barrasso35, i did a search to find a picture of the jagr foods (wtf were they thinking, anyways?) and i found this site selling all kinds of jagr collectibles.

there WERE jagr bars!!! and i didn't know pizza hut sold them, ken ;). alas, no picture of the jagr bars, but apparently, they were vanilla ice cream with a chocolate coating that featured an imprint of #68 himself. if you really wanted to, you could buy a wrapper from the site for $15.00!

alas, you can only get $10 for your peanut butter. there is a picture of the jar on the site.

and for dying alive, there is an OUTSTANDING picture of his mullet at the top of the site's page. he's rocking the ape drape while he's signing a sleeveless jeans vest for someone... unreal.

Barrasso35 said...

Chuck Thomas' site has all kinds of cool (overpriced) stuff. I've bought a few things from him over the years.

Latest was a couple of Pens pins. They're great but they cost too much (less expensive than ordering them from Canada, though.)

Barrasso35 said...

As for getting $10 for my Jagr peanut butter, are you crazy? That's a precious heirloom, I'm never getting rid of that!


Anonymous said...

Who had a better mullet for his day, Jagr or Billy Ray Cyrus?


Barrasso35 said...

I also have some Bettis World Championship Crunch... which is basically generic Frosted Flakes in a weird black & gold box. Great picture of Bettis on it, though.

snoopyjode said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
snoopyjode said...

omg, i'm dying!!! bettis crunch! LOL!!! i've got one for you: this is the best picture of food on the internet. here's the article it came from, if you're interested. apparently big disappointment - i mean ben - got in on the action - with jerky! (btw, i actually saw the "bus mustard" at our giant eagle a couple of years ago!)

Anonymous said...

has anyone ever tried Big Ben's BBQ sauce?


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

Is there going to be a fight-blog, music-blog, or highlights-blog this week?

Just curious.


P.S. Maybe food-blog?

Anonymous said...

A Pizza Hut blog just for me!!


Barrasso35 said...

Bus-tard at da Jian Iggle, n'at? Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Penguins extend qualifying offers to six players, one of those not qualified is Ouellet, Ouellet, the teacher's pet.

-Kenny Melvin

Christina said...

looks like we'll be needing to find a new Waste Management representative on the Pens, if Ouellet really is out the door....

Anonymous said...

Well the real reason that Ouellet is leaving is because the Geico Caveman sitcom starts filming in July.


Ryan said...

Big Ben's BBQ sauce (the habanero style) is kick ass.

FritoWill said...


WOOHOO, i made a recap (recap) post!!!!!

I do have to score you guys an actual picture of my truck.

Jason said...

ive got quite the collection of penguins food items (or at least i hope i still do, they're at my moms house) including:

-jagr peanut butter
-mario bun
-penguins clark bar,
-both wheaties boxes from the cup years
-a frosted flakes box with tony the tiger wearing a pens jersey
-6 pack of coke with the pens logo and cup on the sides of the cans

i think they're might be more but i cant think of anything else right now

Anonymous said...

LGP is reacting to the Ouellet release like RS shot Crosby 7 times. It's so hilarious to see their reaction.

-Kenny Melvin

Jonny V said...

Snoopy, head-to-toe denim is the number one sign of being a snappy dresser.

I have an empty jar of the Jagr peanut butter, and still full boxes of Wheaties when we won the second cup and one with Mario and Jaromir on it, and also a Frosted Flakes box with Tony the Tiger wearing a Pens jersey. Good shit.

And Ben's jerky is actually pretty good. Can't wait to see the food products our young Pens end up endorsing locally.

pensblogderek said...

"And Ben's jerky is actually pretty good"

Jonny V made the Post tonight with that one...hahahhaha

snoopyjode said...

jonny v (& pensblogderek),

holy crap, i can't even breathe after reading that!!! thanks, i needed a good laugh. i saw that too, pbd - my mind is in the gutter! hysterical.

that denim vest is glorious, is it not? i think i saw that dude on "cops" once...

dying alive said...

Jode, that picture of Jagr's mullet is hilarious. The man could rock the West Virginia Waterfall like nobody else.

snoopyjode said...

dying alive, i agree. he was indeed all business in the front, but all party in the back.

that canadian crippler chris benoit wrestler, his wife, and his son were all found dead this afternoon. does anyone know what the hell happened? i used to watch wwf when i was younger, but i haven't watched in a long time. was he having problems? i mean, was it like a murder-suicide?

Anonymous said...

Snoopy by all accounts he was living a very happy life with his wife and son. This was a shock for everyone involved. Authorities say there was foul play involved but are not revealing what actually happened. This is a real shame, Chris was one of the best wrestlers and in ring performers of this generation and by all accounts he was one hell of a guy. They're doing interviews on Raw right now and almost everyone interviewed revered the man and are deeply saddened by this unfortunate development. Long live Chris Benoit and his family, it's a true shame that things like this happen to such good people.

-Kenny Melvin

Staff said...

I am sick about chris benoit.



snoopyjode said...

damn. thanks for the info, ken. this whole fucking world can be so crazy.

FritoWill said...

as bad as the storyline has been with WWE, it was nice to see Vince end the really bad storyline to honor Chris.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Oh shit!

I hadn't watched wrestling in awhile but Benoit was one of the best guys they still had I know that much.

Wow, great athlete and entertainer... one less reason to watch wrestling.

I think I speak for every past, present, and former pro wrestling fan when I say that this is tough loss for "the business" to take.

Anonymous said...

Fritowill you're exactly right and that's why prowrestling is going downhill quickly. Vince McMahon has way too much creative control and always has to get him and his family involved in the storyline. He fucked up the whole business probably beyond repair.

-Kenny Melvin

Anonymous said...

Wow Snoopy you may have been right, the latest report is that the police are investigating a possible murder-suicide. This whole story sucks


Stanley P. Kachowski said...

RIP Chris Benoit.

The Four Horseman was what it was all about in the the mid-to-late 90's WCW.... when WWF was still struggling. The fact that the Four Horsemen were awesome even though they included jobber (and I use that term in the fullest, truest sense of the word) extraordinaire Steve Mongo McMichaels proves just how awesome Benoit was along with Flair and Anderson.

Oh, and is it just me, or could 'Bus Mustard' be a euphemism for shatting yourself and sitting in it? I dunno, probably just me.

FritoWill said...

Kenny....they were showing some old matches tonight, and it was a who's who of pro wrestling. Now they are all gone to TNA and various MMA places.

It sucks so bad right now....but i still watch for the shear fakeness of it.

Anonymous said...

"LGP is reacting to the Ouellet release like RS shot Crosby 7 times. It's so hilarious to see their reaction.

-Kenny Melvin"

for wanting to move on and us to get past your previous transgressions, you have a hard-on for making pokes and jab at us over at LGP.

a. Ouellet will be a penguin come training camp.

b. They didnt want to award him 2$ million in arbitration so they waived him and hope to resign him--i suspect that to happen.

c. Dont be such a shitbreak your whole life.


p.s. Dean Milenko is my first suspect in this storyline with Benoit. ...oh, its not a storyline? yowsa!

Mdubs34 said...

Anonymous said...

"LGP is reacting to the Ouellet release like RS shot Crosby 7 times. It's so hilarious to see their reaction.

-Kenny Melvin"

for wanting to move on and us to get past your previous transgressions, you have a hard-on for making pokes and jab at us over at LGP.

- canaan

Good point canaan. I think the Gin Blossoms said it best. Well, maybe not best, but they said it. What I mean is, it is applicable.


April said...

I think the best move Shero made was NOT making an offer to the local trash collector. Now as long as we don't get him back after he becomes a little free agent (that no one wants).

Now the question is, how will Coach T handle this?


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