Thursday, May 17, 2007

One last shot 'fore we quit it

You have to appreciate Buffalo's effort tonight.
As Mr. Dylan once told us
When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.
Buffalo came out of the gates flying.
Besides ejaculating , anytime you do something good in nine seconds ,your gold.
Up 1-0 things got better.
Buffalo added two more tallies, and it looked like game five was a realistic possibility.

Hold the phone

Ottawa comes storming back.
But hand it to Ryan Miller, he was just as solid as Baloo in "Talespin"

It is a cheap joke, but commentorblog had us thinking about.
What a great show

Ottawa has some big time chances at the end.
But no dice.

See you in game five, dick
Bet your life on Buffalo.


....The Penguins select a firm to create the new arena.

"CON Venue Group and HOK Sport have worked together on a number of projects, including the new Prudential Arena in New Jersey, future home of the New Jersey Devils; the arena in Glendale, Ariz., home of the Phoenix Coyotes."
(thanks Canaan and the couple of other people who sent this in) arena, how good would life be.

.......Here is youtube video of the Cotton Candy guy...(Thanks to Josh Blasko, who also wanted us to let everyone know Gameday chat will now require you to register)

.......Speaking of Youtube...

Thank you to Joshua McGoun for sending this youtube video of Mario Lemieux "Legends of Hockey"

We know how great Mario was.
But it never gets old

............Pittsburgh is the second friendliest place to drive....If this were October Heatley jokes would commence..( Thanks to Jodie LeMaster for sending this in)

... And if anyone gets a chance to visit, we have added to our friends list. Very well written stuff, and tons of info over there.
The 2007 Offseason Jobbing Tour

We got wind of this website:
Big Ben News

Big Ben cracks up after telling a joke.
The punchline:
His 2006 season

And while we hate to job fellow bloggers who work hard.
Come on.
Who runs a website only focusing on another man?
So we decided to make our own website dedicated to a Steeler:

Big Batch News
Here is little bit of the first and only post on it. It is day in the life of Charlie Batch.
  • 11:04 AM -- Woke up. Heated up a Taco Bell CrunchWrap Supreme for breakfast.
  • 11:05 -- Ate the Taco Bell CrunchWrap Supreme.
  • 11:15 -- Played a game of Madden. Traded himself to a real team and won the Super Bowl twice. He simulated the two seasons. Record: 32-0.
  • 12:15 PM -- Met Gary Roberts and Mark Eaton for lunch at Arby's.
  • 12:24 -- Threw a touchdown pass to Andre Hastings.
  • 12:34 -- Banged Andre Hasting's wife.
Click here to read the rest

And what would the jobbing tour be without another prank of John Fedko:

Tonight we mentioned that the Pirates had an opportunity to sign Gary Roberts in the offseason instead of wasting money on Tony Armas Jr.
Fedko wasn't real happy.
Music Blog

Another new off season feature is going to be music blog.
Every night we will post two or three of some awful music videos of songs we all know.
You can email them or just leave the links in commentorblog.

We were in the mood for some cheesy 80's stuff
Robert Palmer-Simply Irresistible

Robert Palmer- Addicted to Love
Basically the same music video
annoying song

A Winter in the Sun
Game #3
October 12, 2006

Take LeTang to LeMoon. PENS WIN.
With a minute left, Jagr goes to the box for hooking. Overtime was already dancing in our heads as we watched the Pens powerplay set up and break down. We see Recchi on the half-boards with ten seconds left, playing with himself. 7 seconds...5 seconds...he passes it to Crosby who, Lemieuxly, just gets it to the net. It hits Aaron Ward's skate and goes in. Game.

Crap we said:
  • Ryan Whitney better stop turning the puck over. We counted 5 giveaways tonight.
  • Fleury should stop handling the puck behind the net.
  • Mark Eaton...incredible again...
  • Kris Letang scored a sick top shelf goal
  • Really fun game to watch
CommentorBlog Said:

First ever comment in commentorblog.
Dan Potash is money in the bank though

Message Boards Said:
Yeltzen from
"You guys need to face the facts. The Pens are not going to burn their first year of eligibility to play on the 4th line/3rd D pairing. I know we're all giddy after they both scored their first goals, but a full year towards free agency just isn't worth it this year."

29 days gone


Anonymous said...

i hope you post a lot of yeltzen's comments (LGP)...its a humorblog in the making. Funny a always guys!

props for the andre hastings reference.

hopefully you guys will post some of the lame things ive said in GDT's =).


meecrofilm said...

Wow. BigBatchNews is freaking money in the bank. Nice, work, guys. Great overall post.

Wes said...

You guys need to flood the Gary Roberts page on Wikipedia. Just be sure to schedule a time and date so we can time just how long it takes the moderators to change the content(or lock it from edits).

Wes said...

also, you need to update fedko's wikipedia page under "trivia" to mention how the nightly caller mentioning of gary roberts propels his show to new heights.

Barrasso35 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barrasso35 said...

Blatherin' Blatherscheit. That's all I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

Cotton Candy guy also works the Pirates games. I was there Friday and saw him in my section a few times. It made me miss Pens games even more.

Worst song/video ever has to be Love Shack by the B-52s:

Tin roof! Rusted.

- dying alive

Jonny V said...

Prepare to waste an hour of your life with these. Not exactly music videos per se, but better.

30 minutes of 80's cartoon themes

30 minutes of 90's cartoon themes

loralei said...

Cotton Candy guy is also my myspace friend. He's got some good stuff. I believe he is lemonade guy now cause he's working the pirate games.

I heart Charlie Batch. I'm psyched about the new site you guys put together. My aunt used to work w/ his mom. She has a UPS store down at the waterfront (charlie's mom, not my aunt) I do all my UPSing there.

I really wish I could see the look on John Fedko's face when you start talking about Gary Roberts. Priceles I'm sure...

Keep up the great work!

Korn said...

You should keep the BigBatchBlog going in the same spirit of Lots of potential there I think...

Andrew said...

Upon retrospect, I would like to extend a heartfelt apology to Dan Potash. It was early in the season and I was confused and scared and not really sure of my surroundings.

I wanted to fit in, and I did so at the expense of Sir Dan Potash.

Dan Potash, you are not a tool.

snoopyjode said...

big batch news - i haven't laughed that hard since mid april! also, the fedko jobbing is great stuff.

loralei said...

Nice little article about the Staal brothers in the Globe and Mail over the weekend...

look, I'm not anonymous anymore! said...

Seriously guys, tape and post the Fedko pranks - it's driving me nuts.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the recording of Fedko, what the hell was he mumbling after they cut 'Ben' off?? Something about thanks for bringing it and then he started talking about some radio station?! What a tool.

'I'm not anonymous anymore,' sorry, but I have no clue how to post videos, but maybe the staffers do...

Teej said...

The guy running can't even spell "Pittsburgh" correctly on a few parts of his Links page... tool.

Anonymous said...

Eat my beans, TPB staff

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I noticed something...

You guys job a lot of stuff that Mondesi praises on his site all the time.

Fedko, Big Ben News....

Just come right out and job Mondesishouse (which a fucking sweet website by the way regardless of who jobs it!)

fritowill said...

2:35 -- Batch takes a poop.
5:30 -- Batch leaves the bathroom.

we've all been there!!!

Loser Chris said...

Did any of you guys see this beauty:

Anonymous said...

is it safe to say that linderman was destroyed by trying to dig Roberts' puck out of the corner?


Anonymous said...

LOL! Great work with Fedko tonight, especially you, Tiffany!

Staff said...

Tiff stunned the world

george said...

Oh crap, that's hilarious!!

1:45 -- Finally recovers from the song and goes to Alan Faneca's house.
1:49 -- Batch walks in on Worthlisberger touching Faneca's junk.
1:50 -- Worthlisberger says they're practicing snaps.
1:51 -- Faneca in the corner, sucking his thumb.
1:52 -- Batch remembers that Faneca isn't a center. Batch leaves.

Wow!! Just wow!!

Big Batch News = genius

bryan said...

i love gary roberts as much as the next guy, but honestly i don't know if i can handle hearing fedko literally scream about tony armas and/or brian bixler one more fucking time. it physically hurts to hear him speak.


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