Friday, May 25, 2007

Long Weekend

Short post tonight.
We are actually doing work on the brackets.
So far, no one is even close to a halfway-decent run.
The standings will be up sometime this weekend.

Picture: Marty, stunned to learn his bracket is not done.


...Welcome Jonathan D'Aversa to the Pens organization. King Shero signed him today:
"Last season, his fourth with Sudbury of the Ontario Hockey League, D'Aversa, 21, had career highs in goals (13), assists (47) and points (60) and led his team with a plus-minus rating of plus-14. He was third in the OHL in scoring among defensemen."
(Thanks SnoopyJody for the linkage)

......The Fourth Period is reporting the Pens offered contracts to Gary Roberts and that guy who wears number 8.

Sources have told TFP that Recchi has been offered a one-year, $2 million contract, while Roberts has been offered a two-year, $5 million deal

Sources have told us your mom is a skank.

....If you want any NHL news, just go to It runs the world.

...Ottawa's captain Dan Alfredsson is going to be making commercials for Reebok.
Here is a quick first look:

(Thanks to Byran Parsons)


First rule of Musicblog:
There are no rules of Musicblog.

Lately it has been all 80's...
... but if you change it up, and it will be up.

The Bee Gees were money
(thanks Pete)

The Movie "Ghost"
Gut wrentching:

(Thanks to Tiff, leader of the Patrick Swayze fan club)

How Many times have you flipped through the channels and stopped on "Breakfast Club"

(Will Smith)

Hootie & the Blowfish
What a band
(Thanks Dee Sunco)


A Winter in the Sun
Game #11
November 4, 2006

Sharks Are A Solid Team. PENS LOSE.
"The highly anticipated battle of the inverted triangle logos was pretty scrappy from the outset. A minute into the game, Jonathan Cheechoo conducted his train into the back of Pens defenseman Mark Eaton, shoving him from behind in an awkward play. In all fairness to Cheech, if Mark Eaton doesn't fall, it just would have been a play where the two would have ridden into the boards together. Eaton falls, though, and the play looks vicious. Crosby jumps on Cheech like he just stole his lunch money, and the game-long melee officially began."

The hit on Eaton changed the course of history.

Crap we said:
  • Anyone else suspicious that Brooks Orpik may have paid off Cheechoo to take Eaton out?
  • If I coached a team, and my fourth line was Talbot, Thorburn and Ruutu, I would be a happy coach. They generate scoring chances and work hard every shift. I'm beginning to get pumped when I see them on the ice.
  • I'm thinking the Sharks fans booed Crosby the entire game because of him jumping on Cheech in that early fight. But if opposing fans are booing Crosby this early in his career, just for the sake of booing him, then wow. What a compliment.
Commentorblog said:
Andrew said...

The way I watched this really looked like neither team deserved to win the game. It was one of the sloppiest games in the new NHL I've seen.
The Sharks goal (second, I think) when Crosby, Malkin, and Armstrong were all in the Sharks end, in the far-side corner. Then Malkin and Crosby fell...yeah...that was pretty terrible.
I have a feeling that they will rebound and take a win out of The California Los Angeles of Orange County/Anaheim We're Not "Mighty" Anymore Ducks (or whatever their name is now).

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Junior 'A'
Junior 'A'

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2006 1:59 am Post subject: Reply with quote

I look for Welch to really develope this year. He has shutdown defenseman type capabilities.
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Noah Welch is a joke.
What a trade by Shero.



FritoWill said...

Hootie and the Blowfish perhaps the greatest band of all time.

I maybe the craziest Hootie fan around here. But this one takes the cake.

Yes its Darius Rucker...yes I am a little embarrassed I still like Hootie.

Jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ryan said...

Holy shit. I just turned on VH1 80s Classics and stumbled into this. Musicblog is getting hard to keep up with...hopefully it hasn't been posted yet.

George Harrison - I Got My Mind Set On You.

What an incredible video.

Jason said...

Comedy like the alfredsson skate ad is exactly why this is my favorite site..that was gold

Since we've moved out of the 80s music videos...

This song dominated my 7th grade year. I remember listening to it on the B94 countdown every night for atleast a month.

karri said...

Ryan...awesome video...thanks!

Loser Chris said...

That Alfredsson ad is amazing. Easily in the lead for best Photoshop of the offseason.

And thanks for the Jan Hrdina sighting, always loved that guy.

Anonymous said...

Will, good call on the Hootie BK commercial. Here is the full version

theNick said...

i take back every bad thing i ever said about VS

Tiffany said...

~Cute mascot---Marty, the chicken...haha.

~It'll be exciting to see what D'Aversa can do.

~Roberts is worth at least a two-year, $5 million deal.

~Amazing photoshop, Bryan. Only wish I had a pair of those.

~OMG, Ryan!!! What a find.

~theNick, don't know how you found that video, but it deserves some kind of reward. ;-)

~And just for the record, it was by sheer coincidence that both videos were of Patrick Swayze...hehe.

Staff said...

got my mind set on you -- george harrison

what a video


Spencemo said...

If Tiff is the leader, then I am a highly qualified follower. My cred? I've actually been to Lake Lure NC, where the 'lift in the lake' scenes were filmed. I just love him.


theNick said...

star trek+LOTR= comic gold

Tee said...

Adam, got my mind set on you is right up there with Paul Simon - You Can Call me Al in the "Best Cheesy Video by a legitimate, extremely talented musician" category.

Tiff, I'm twice the man Patrick Swayze ever was. If only I had the IMDB page to prove it...


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