Friday, May 18, 2007

First night of no NHL games for the first time in a while.
It sucks.
The 2007 Pensblog Offseason job tour rolls on.

And of course after last nights hysterics
(video will be up tomorrow)
We were going to try and complete the five phone zones in five nights.

But Fedko was waiting, as expected.
Kudos to all the behind the scenes people.
They kept us at bay.
The show was still ruined.
But after reviewing the tape, it was clear no one got through.
Just knowing that they took time out of their day to plan for phone calls about Gary Roberts is good enough for us.
We are going to lay low for awhile.
But we'll be back Fedko.

Fedko did mention something about John Steigywald flipping out tonight.
Can anyone confirm this?
We want to make it clear we had nothing to do with it.
  1. We respect Subway to much
  2. The last time we jobbed anything Bob Pomp is a part of, the next morning our cars were totaled, and we found a note written in human blood that said:
"Do it again, I dare you"

It is going to be a long summer
Not a whole lot tonight, someone was kind enough to drop this video story about Gary Roberts trade talks into commentorblog:

Music Blog

New Kids on the Block.
We are still waiting for photoshop of new kids on the block.
If time travel could happen, how could you not want to go back in history and blindside one of these douches with a sledge hammer.
This video might need its own post at some point.

And well this video..
Well its the reason why the internet is good and bad.

A Winter in the Sun
Game #5
October 18, 2006

Malkin Scores In NHL Debut but PENS LOSE First off, the Devils are a solid team. There's a reason they're picked by more than a few experts to win the Atlantic this year. I'd hate to be a fan of New Jersey, because they're playing style is so boring. But they win games, and that's all that matters. Solid game all around for the Pens tonight. 38 shots on goal...but they ran into one of the best goaltenders to ever play in the NHL.

Malkin's first goal

Crap we said:
  • Dominic Moore continuing dominance in nearly all facets of the game.
  • Nice play by Mark Eaton to clear that puck sneaking into the net.
  • Malkin fired a shot that broke the glass behind Brodeur.
  • One powerplay chance in the post-lockout NHL...
  • Congrats to Brodeur for 450 career wins.

Commentorblog said:

Message board said:

Joined: 31 Jan 2006
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Location: Thunder Bay

PostPosted: Wed Oct 18, 2006 10:19 pm Post subject: It's OFFICIAL Reply with quote

They sof, they so sof....we literally dress pansies on the bluelines and they all play with eggs in their pants.
- Both goals were scored by a lone Devil standing in front of the net with 4 players around him.
- John LeClair MUST retire. He's absolutely useless. Unless the puck is on the ice in front of the net where he can just whack away at it, he's USELESS. Did you even see him try to release that shot in the slot? It ended up being a nice pass when he completely fanned on it. He can't take a pass, he can't move the puck in traffic worth crap. He's slow...he has NO NEED OR USE for him on this team. Please John, retire, you're done.
- Malkin is going to be awesome. Sure he made some questionable plays, but my god, the kid has literally played on period of pre season NHL hockey and he comes out in his first game looking like this? WOW
- Crosby is slumping the last two games, he hasn't been himself one bit. He's not standing out or controlling like he did early and in last season. I'm not worried though.
- Whitney and Gonchar are the biggest wimps on the ice. I've never seen a player slow down more and allow a player to catch up to him so he can't be hit more than Gonchar. Hell even Rafalski will go hard into the corner to get to the puck and absorb the hit. Not Gonchar, he'd rather be checked softly and lose the puck rather than win the puck and take a harder hit. ...Whitney is the biggest nightmare from the redline back. He was Gionta's b*tch tonight, he can't make a good decision in our end and he pinched at the worth times causing players to rush down his side with the puck and him caught up ice. I'm sorry, his supposed offense isn't making up for his gaffs and lack of production in our end. Send him down, bring Welch up. I'm really starting to dislike Whitney fast. Oh yeah, can you please hold the puck in a couple times on the point?

- Fleury again played solid, however scaring me a few times. Especially the token late goal that almost happend. (post)

- Dan Potash should not have a job in broadcasting. He talks like Kermit the Frog and should literally be a voice for the Muppets. Could you sound anymore nerdy Dan?

- The FSN studio between periods is seriously out of the early 80's. WHO STILL USES FAKE BRICK WALLBOARD? Absolutely awful! Whoever is in charge of that should be fired for seeing that everyday and thinking it looks good.

- Recchi can't win a battle on the boards nor keep a play alive, however at least he's trying.

- Staal played another solid game, however he should have been trying to tie up the player on the last goal along with the 3 other players. Other than that, he made a few great plays to create offense and killed penalties and played a defensive game well again.

- We need Orpik back, we need a banger. We need to start being physical again like we were early. It's a joke how soft we are being again.

- The PK has been BRILLIANT and I love it. Sure we give up the odd chance, however we did a great job of keeping the puck low in their end, creating a few chances and clearing the puck from our end.

Please LeClair, retire, please please please. Do you not watch gametape and see how terrible you really are now? You turn into a big, clumsy oaf when you get the puck near the net. Please swallow your pride and retire.


Day 31


Teej said...

Wish I didn't live in central PA... but I can't wait to see FedkoTube up soon. Four days of Fedko jobbing is still gold, in my opinion, that's nothing to be ashamed of. Unless your names are Opie & Anthony, you've got nothing to worry about.

Tee said...

I'm with you teej, except I wish i didn't live in southwestern Germany... get the Fedko jobbing video up you assholes, I'm eagerly awaiting this. Oh, and the Gary Roberts video.... solid gold baby.

FritoWill said...

think that guy was trying to get a gig on some pens message board???

he wrote more in that post then you guys did all year. At least for games....

What is the series with you guys and Fedko anyway. You guys should call into 104.7 on Ellis Cannan's show.

Or better yet call prank Steeltown Mike a few times

karri said...

Hey Will...not Mike! He's a good guy!

Stan is the one who needs to be pranked! He put his show out on the sidewalk last week before a Pirates game...acted like a full crowd was there...(maybe there was a dozen people, which included his camera crew). He was talking to a lady, about her Pirate goes to her and she's like..."ah, I'm wearing a Steelers shirt, haha."

He thinks he's so awesome. He needs to be put down a notch or two.

KennyM said...

Now this was my first time trying to job Fedko so I wouldn't know but the producer told me there was a five second delay before I went on. Now was that delay on before we started ruining Fedko's life or was it just instituted last night? Keep up the good work

Stoosh said...

Out-friggin-standing idea on the Cinderella clip, all o' yinz!

My late middle school and early high school years coincided with the late 1980s/early 1990s and hair metal bands were still the cock of the walk, baby (deliberate Bruce Dickenson reference). Back when CD's still came in those long cardboard boxes, cassette tapes still adorned the walls of your local National Record Mart (where you had to go to get your music) and having an "Explicit Lyrics" sticker on your cover really MEANT something, Guns N' Roses, Metallica, Def Leppard, Poison and the Crue ruled the day. I grew up with this stuff and hearing that song again sent me right back to some mixer/dance at my high school's cafeteria. Plus, I was actually skinny then, too. Good times.


That's the kind of analysis you sometimes get at LGP. Long-winded sometimes, but I'm guilty of it over there, too, so I can't say anything.

Ellis Cannon is goofy enough that he would play along with any prank calls. I met the guy like five or six years ago when he was still with ESPN Radio (back when he did his show with his brother Henry), and he's cooler than all hell. Little strange, but a really cool guy and he's friggin' brilliant (used to be a fairly successful attorney and gave it up because he said it was too boring).

Stoosh said...

Did Steigy go off on Nightly Sports Call or something? I love when he hosts that stuff, because doesn't hold back sometimes.

Steeltown Mike said...

Frito: it would be wonderful to be pranked. Why?

Cuz that means I've got a show.

Ken: call-in shows on all major radio and tv stations are on a 5-10 second delay just so that some jackass can't get on the air and start dropping any of George Carlin's 7 words you can't say.

Adam said...

You guys hae got to change it up. Pick and obscure movie character, perhaps Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc, and tell Fedko the Steelers need to sign him now.

Or, start actual believable rumors on his show. Tell them Ben was just busted for drugs, or Bettis had a heart attack.

Trade rumors are the best. Tell them is reporting the Pirates are finalizing a deal w/ Burnitz again, or that the steelers have dealt fanaca for Hank Poteat.

Thatll get by them

Anonymous said...

I saw steigerwald's flip out, it was classic. somebody must have tried to pull a pensblog on him. He basically said the callers are pathetic and people are idiots who try to call in the show because he'll never take their call. Has that guy ever smiled in his life?

Anonymous said...

anon delivers.

Anonymous said...

No, this anon delivers

milton berle in a ratt video, and one of the guitarists is named Crosby.

Anonymous said...

Canaan delivers:

Ryan said...

Great story about Peter Taglianetti and peanut butter from the 91 cup run...

I want Fedkotube! Where is it?

Anonymous said...

Canaan delivers

Totally agree with you! YOU WON!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone can explain what the eyepatch is all about....

phil said...

Anonymous said...

is that the original 500 miles video?

and I always find it hard to believe that rick astley has that voice.

Staff said...

Fedko will be up at 9:30

Barrasso35 said...

"Fedko will be up at 9:30"

Thank you, Pensblog. If it wasn't for this, my weekend would suck. Have to work, in the middle of moving, hate the three teams left in the playoffs...


Jonny V said...

Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show

Anonymous said...

Lets get that MFer up already... I've been waitin' all week for this clip.


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