Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fedko Prank


Late night edit*
Here are the clips of the show from friday night.
Fedko was ready for us.

  • It is not the sound on your computer, Fedko actually pretended someone asked him something, meanwhile they dipped the sound. It was a veteran move.
  • Does anyone know why Fedko jobs Ellis Cannon? "Digbe" is not Fedko's producer, but merely Fedko mocking Ellis.
  • Who Pranked Steigy?
  • Why does he mock Jim Colony?
No Post tonight
We'll be back tomorrow

If you are in the prank phone call type of mood
Look at this:

Ottawa is going to the cup.
Devasting loss for Buffalo in OT
Daniel Alfredsson might be a homo, but when you score the game winning to propel your team the Stanley cup finals, your name can be taken off the missing persons list.

Day 32


Christina said...

absolutely, 100% fucking brilliant.

Loser Chris said...

Holy crap that is priceless! As a non-Pittsburgher who until about 2 weeks ago had no idea Fedko existed I can only say that for once I am disappointed in the pensblog staff. For once you did not come through... that guy is a way bigger tool thatn you described. And the best part is you can just tell from the look on his face that he knows it. Just look at him rocking in his chair with about 2:40 left, he knows his life is mud and there's nothing he can do about it.

Huge props to Tiffany too! You just ripped his heart out. Absolutely priceless! That was almost as much fun to watch as today's OT between the Sabres and Sens... Oh wait! That wasn't on TV. Nice work as usual NBC. At least we got to watch a bunch of old guys talk about horses for 5 hours.

GameDayChat said...

My favorite part was when he was picturing Tiffany as his new girlfriend, trying to act all cool, and then Tiff owned his ass.

Washington85 said...

that was simply the most amazing thing ever

Anonymous said...

::claps hands::

well done pensblog...hilarious.

what was with the eyebrow raise/complete confusion for like 10 seconds?

props to tiffany for sneaking it in at the end.

the only person i feel bad for on that show is digby. ...and barely at that


Jonny V said...

Not too shabby, to think that Pittsburgh call-in shows will have to screen for Gary Roberts references...words cannot even describe it.

I seriously don't know what you can do to top this. Maybe actually call in and ask what his honest opinion is on the chances of Roberts re-signing with us. I think that's what i'd do. The mention of his name would be enough to rattle him, yet it's a legitimate question.

Anonymous said...

Greatest thing ever.

Jonny V said...

And Tiffany, your accent is pretty damn sexy...Rrrowwwl

wilsmith said...

Sooo, does Philly have any type of Fedko show?

Jonny V said...

For your 80's video topic, and you bigwilliestyle...

"Drive fast, speed turns me on..."
Say that if your in the car with your parents and wait for the strange look

Barrasso35 said...

Gary Roberts is what makes this show the most popular show in Pittsburgh television history.

Adam, Derek, Chris, Gabe, Nick, Tiffany... kudos to you and kudos again. I haven't laughed so hard since News Radio season four came in the mail.

I was at my father-in-law's birthday dinner tonight and all I could think was, "Fedko on YouTube. Fedko on YouTube." That delivered and then some.


theNick said...

this is technically a 70's video but i think it is good enough to make the cut

seth said...


look, I'm not anonymous anymore! said...

Excellent job guys! Maybe we can get an Eaton reference in there...

And I'm not a Stern guy... what is baba booie?

Bob.C said...

I must have checked Pens Blog ten times today looking for this. Fedko looks like a pencil neck geek in the photo you always use. His personality is different than I imagined (not giving him any credit. I think I understand the cheerleader stuff now. what a douche.) Reminds me of Jim Rome the way he says "Bringing It" in response to being jobbed.

Anonymous said...

haha that is great. i like how fedko admits to the fact that the only reason his ratings are going up is because people are watchin to hear him get jobbed with Gary Roberts references. classic stuff.


bryan said...

fedko's shit-eating-grin-in-silence kills me everytime. coupled with the fake answers...amazing.

Jason said...

great stuff, but whats with all the phone calls being cut off? does that have to do with the 5 sec delay you mentioned earlier? does someone mention gary roberts and the producers just mute it out?

i hope one day someone will call in with a legitimate gary roberts question and fedko freaks out, that will be priceless

JD said...

A local newspaper had a write-up about the fedko pranks.

4th story down.

Tee said...

Tiff, I owe you a beer for that. I'll be home in August.

Anonymous said...

nice fedko edit... you guys have completely ruined this guy's late night bs talk...well done TPB... nothing but love.


Alex said...

Wow that was simply incredible. John Fedko is the biggest tool ever and he doesn't know anything about sports.

I watched him one time before the WPIAL football championships and someone called in and asked him who he thought was gonna win. He clearly didn't even know who was playing, so he said "Uhhh...the local teams" and then quickly scrambled to set up the next caller.


KennyM said...

First two Stern show references then the switch to Gary Roberts. Absolutely unfuckingbelieveable!!

-MaddenFollower on

dying alive said...

Hilarous. All that's left is for someone to call in and ask Fedko who would win if Eaton and Roberts fought to the death.

dying alive said...

By the way, I can't believe it made the newspaper. If this doesn't convince Gary Roberts to re-sign with the Pens I don't know what will.

Barrasso35 said...

Job·bed verb, job·bing, adjective
1. Western Pennsylvania slang, owned, to destroy, defeat, damage, or confound thoroughly: Gary Roberts jobbed him—he'll be in the hospital for a month.
2. Western Pennsylvania slang, mess around, muck about: The center and defenseman jobbed in the corner until the referee blew the whistle.
See Also; John Fedko, The Fedko Fone Zone

Anonymous said...

I dont want to ruin your fun, since I know you use jobbed in your own special way, but its originally a pro-wrestling term. A jobber was someone whos job it was to lose, you know, like those guys that always fought in the first hour. To get jobbed was to be set up to lose without knowing it, like what happened to Bret Hart when they rang the bell and he hadn't submitted yet.

but that doesn't really matter, I guess, look what happened to the use of the word fag.

Staff said...

After watching the tape 300 times. I think Tiffany's call may be one the great moments in american tv history.
The look on fedko's face 2.3 seconds after she gets Gary Roberts in, is what life is all about.

Anonymous said...

"We totally messed up his entire show" -MaddenFollower (

What did he do?

Ryan said...

::raises eyebrows::

::raises eyebrows again::

::and again::

::and again::

::and again::

::and again::

Incredible guys.

I agree that the next job has to be asking a legit question about Roberts re-signing.

Chris said...

Fedko reminds me of Ari Gold, but without the awesomeness.

KennyM said...

Next job has to be "These Prank calls are getting out of hand, maybe it wouldn't happen if your call screener was Gary Roberts"

AJ said...

Give it to Fedko... it's hard to tell if he hates his life, or if he's totally geeked that people are actually watching his show.

Well played gang!

Angelo said...

very great stuff...keep doin it and keep it fresh!

a real Gary Roberts question would be outstanding.

I just have one issue...why does he rip on Pompeani and the Sports Showdown on the CW? That is on more than an hour before the Phoney Zone and usually has better callers and comments from the hosts (Steiggy or Pomp). I think that is a real low class move of Fedko to bash Pompeani and the CW. What as jack-tard.

Adrienne said...

I don't have sound :( What am I missing? :( :(

On another note, I got to watch last nights game here in Bratislava. It would have been a lot better had Buffalo won; fuck Ottawa.

Go Ducks :(

Barrasso35 said...

From the Fone Zone website:

You can join the fun, on the phone and even in the "cheap seat" section LIVE in the studio.

How many Pens fans in Roberts jerseys do you suppose one could fit in "the cheap seats?"

snoopyjode said...

fedko jobbing = pure genius

wtf fedko was doing with his eybrows? that was creepiest 10 seconds of video i've ever seen.

Kenny Melvin said...

Do you guys call in on the same phone each time or do they check the number and don't let that person call in again?

Kenny Melvin said...

Let's prank the FSN on the line show tonight, in my experience there's no delay

Dwayne said...

Big time goal indeed. I couldn't believe Lilja handed it over like that, and as soon as I realized it was Selanne on Hasek, I knew it was over.

I was, however, shitting bricks as soon as it hit 6pm - I was just fucking waiting for NBC to switch us off to American Underwater Poker NASCAR, or whatever the fuck else they thought would somehow POSSIBLY be more important than OT playoff hockey.

Seriously, NBC is mud.

Tiffany said...

Staff, that Ken Sander video's fantastic!!!

Look, I'm not anonymous anymore!
"Baba Booey" = Gary Dell'Abate. (He's a producer on the Howard Stern Show.) The whole thing started a while ago when Gary was talking about buying a Quick Draw McGraw animation cel. He called one of the characters Baba Booey instead of Baba Looey. So that's been his nickname ever since. (~_~)

GameDayChat said...

Kudos to whoever just suggested to Rob King that we replace Tony Armas with Gary Roberts. Apparently, no show is safe.

Kenny Melvin said...

I was the one with the job on Rob King. He looked like he had no clue what was going on. It's just not as fun however when it isn't John Fedko on the other end. We'll get him tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Fedko is a douce bag!


The ~D said...

That is the funniest shit I have ever seen. I can't stop watching...the look on his face when he gets destroyed by Tiff is priceless.

rachel said...

I've had no internet or phone line for that matter for 4 days and I come back to Fedko getting pranked. I love you guys.

Tiff, that was probably the best thing ever.

JB said...

In spirit of the Pensblog, more Fedko pranks Keep 'em coming guys!


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