Thursday, May 10, 2007

Coverage you can job on... WPXI loses

WPXI has always been plagued by two things:

1. Pittsburghers laziness to scroll all the way up to "12" on the TV.
2. John Fedko

But WPXI is solid. With Iron man David Johnson behind the desk, WPXI has leadership and ability to take its game to a higher level.

We drop in for the last moments of "Medium" on NBC.

What the hell is even going on in this show.

Who Cares.


11:00pm sharp
Drop the Camera lens

First stunner of the evening.
Peggy Finnegan pulls a vocal chord in warm ups.

Darieth Chisolm gets the start.
You can almost hear David Johnson's back going out.

David Johnson glares into the camera with eyes of a riverboat gambler.
First story tonight, a gut-wrenching story about a toddler dying.
DJ sends it to Marc Willis:

You know its bad when the station doesn't have your picture up on their website.
But he did look like Forest Whitaker.

Willis makes the best of the story.
He stumbles giving it back to Johnson.
Johnson smirks

The producers of the new cast play the hot hand in Johnson.
Johnson leads us into a story about child pornography.
We go to Tamika Artist in shaler:

If your first two reporters can't even get pictures on your website, what does that say.
WPXI is joke right now.

Artist talks to some upset parents.
The act like they have never heard the word porn before.
Artist sends it back to Johnson.

WPXI is falling apart.

News director John Wang can't bear to watch
And things get worse.

David Johnson's third story already.
Another sex story involving a minor.
Some idiot got a boner online and tried to meet teen, he thought was a 12 or something

Who would of thought Sean Avery would of had that much time, dick

Finally Darieth Jissom gets into the game
She talks about some local politicians that did something.
Something about workers getting suspended five days for wearing t-shits.. no idea whats going on.

We hope Wendy Bell is OK.

Back to the hardest working man in news.
The Sago mine tragedy is explained.
Reason for the accident:

Gary Roberts wasn't there to stop it.

Jissom ends the period with a lackluster story. Where is Peggy Finnagen?

The first segment is out of control.
When they say 11 on 11, they mean it.

After some jobbing.
Weatherman Mike Lapoint pays us a visit.


Lapoint dominates the weather in 4o seconds. Stunning performance.
We finally get to a much needed break


Second segments have been awful for WPXI this season.
And tonight is no different.
Right out of the gate, Rick Walsh takes a too many men at the news desk table penalty.

Rick Walsh =stunned

And then the Teleprompter takes over.
Jissom stumbles.


David Johnson takes over.
We get the best story of the night.
Someone created a porn website using Luke Ravenstahl's name.
Hoping that Ravenstahl will want to buy it back to protect his image.
Brilliant idea.

Johnson looks like he has regained the show.
But no dice.

The wrong graphic appears over Johnsons left shoulder for two straight stories.
This can't happen.
DJ and Jissom job till the weather.

Lapoint energizes the WPXI faithful with a solid job.
He might be the happiest guy in the world.
He talks about dew point and predicts it will be 80 tomorrow.
Good times.

DJ chimes in with a little teaser:
Steelers sign running back.


Right out the gate WPXI tries to hit pay dirt.

Huge moment.....
Jissom blows it.
Some house is on fire.. who cares?

Back to DJ.
We get the story about people bidding to get Steeler tickets for life or something.
Some homo wasted 21,000 dollars.

Hope he declines the AFC championship tickets.

Then it happens..

Sports time.

Wow John Fedko is actually working tonight.
Fedko is all business. His precious Steelers sign Billy West from Pitt.
Solid player.
Friday is the 125th mini camp of the offseason.

Fedko is a joke.

We get some more footbal. Something between Penn State and Pitt. He changes his voice to sound like Chris Berman.
Johnny majors is still
Fedko sends it to break.

David Johnson comes back to send us home.
Wasted effort tonight


  • Johnson: 14 stories, 3A... solid overall effort
  • Jissom: 12 stumbles.. 2 missed cues. Awful
  • Producers: 2 graphic mistakes
  • Lapoint: Stole the show. Unreal.
  • WPXI is missing that go to reporter.
  • 11 on 11 is way to much info to retain. Slow it down
  • They should trade for Wendy Bell.

Since we knew John Fedko was working tonight we figured we recap the train wreck that is Fedko phone zone too.

Is this guy even serious?
Fedko starts by blasting the Pirates after a tough 1-0 loss.
He looks disinterested in being there.

Things turn from weird to just bizarre.
Fedko is either drunk or he doesn't care..
Stunning times.. he calls out the names of Mark Madden, Bob Pomp and all kinds of other people.
Really stunning times. No one is sure if he will come back from break.
But he does.

First up

This guy is so upset about the pirates... Duffy sucks, everyone sucks.. move Nady to center... change it up..blah blah

The phone call last a stunning 10 minutes.
In between "John" and Fedko rail on the Pirates.
Just good TV.
Has to be the longest sports talk fan call in history.

After the break. We get a caller named Rich.
He accuses the Pirates of censoring John Fedko.
Fedko pats himself on the back.

Third caller.
"Mike" or really us trying to prank Fedko.
But Kudos to the producers to cutting it off.

Fedko tries to make out with a high school cheerleader
That's the show.
What a nightmare.
We miss the Pens.


Day 22


Anonymous said...


karri said...

Loved the recapa guys...

"If your first two reporters can't even get pictures on your website, what does that say." - hahaha

"Finally Darieth Jissom gets into the game." ...uh...WOW!

Thanks guys!

FritoWill said...

what is so disappointing on the channel 11 news cast is that they have a warm up at 10.

As bad as Fedko, at least it isn't high school football time, and thank god i don't have to see cheer leaders chanting Fedko's name, or Fedko's little girl anymore this year.

Ox on Fox is money in the bank for a 10 oclock news cast.

EmDubs said...

Haaaaa ha ha ha ha..... totally clutch that Peggy Finnegan was scratched from the lineup late to be replaced by Jissom...... 10 times funnier this way

EmDubs said...

I've been calling her Jissom since I was a kid. I hope it spreads all over town like jobber did so that she ends up legally changing her name.

dying alive said...

Malkin scored a couple of goals for Russia yesterday and then taunted the Czech bench. I think Geno's been hanging out with Ruutu over in Moscow.

loralei said...

LOL loved the recap...It nice getting a taste of the "real" news again, you know children being molested, things blowing up, fires, stuff like that, and not have the top news story of the night be Tom Brady wearing a Yankee hat.

PS.. The Baby Pens won last night. They were down in the series 3-0 before last night, but they are powering back now. Game 5 tomorrow in Hershey..

Anonymous said...

pranking fedko is a very healthy thing to do in life.

actually, pranking any of those steeler hard-on's on FSN is good too.


Sean Avery said...

you guys are assholes. that kid said he was 18

Jonny V said...

I always thought it was spelled jizm.

It's kinda scary how much the news has three stories about pornography/pervs, just chilling stuff right there. And it's weird, but former WPXI anchors Kris Long and Estha Trouw are on the news out here in LA. And even C.S. Keys made the trek out here. And as bad as Fedko is, it could always be worse, having someone like Skip Bayless as a sports anchor. That dude should just bang his head, repeatedly, against a wall.

Jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jason said...

atleast you get some newscasters with experience. Out here in north dakota all the anchors are in their 20s, and im sure its their first tv job. The very few people with any experience are only here because they suck and arent good enough to move to a bigger market. (which just reminded me of the piss poor quality morning radio shows here. i'd kill someone to be able to hear dve in the morning)

Greg said...

did anyone notice Bob Errey on VS new hockey show? solid

Anonymous said...

Letang playing for Wilkes-Barre tomorrow night against Hershey.

Steeltown Mike said...

Mike LaPoint = Norm MacDonald

Just close your eyes during his broadcasts and recall "Weekend Update" of the late 90's.

The voice similarity is even more uncanny.

Of course, I think LaPoint's weather is about as funny as MacDonald's Weekend Update...

Greg said...

Malkin at the world championships his second goal is great and the taunting is even better

Scott said...

u guys see anythin bout a bomb threat at a local high was the 3rd day in a row that lil fags decided to write bomb threats so we left skool early and we're probly gonna have to make these days up

Greg said...

by the looks of it you could use a few extra days of school

Scott said...

hey greg my average is a 92 dickweed

Look! I'm not anonymous anymore! said...

Wow - that Malkin goal was a work of art.

Anonymous said...

so i was watching wtae at 5 (oh yea, in the first five minutes, they beat off about the signing of that new steeler and the leader of the beat off was big jon burton.) but i guess people are fed up with the bus cuts and that in pittsburgh and this one lady said this:

"the bus cuts are 5times more important than the penguins staying in pittsburgh"

i have no comment on the issue because the bus cuts are a big deal in pittsburgh, but to compare it to the penguins?



rachel said...

Before Malkin left the US, he spent some time with Ruutu and got some of Max's PCP.

Nice little thank you/recap video for the season ticket holders from the Pens.

karri said...

Greg & Rachel,
Thanks so much for the videos...great stuff!

Look, I'm not anonymous anymore! said...

You talk bold moves, you talk that STH video - Armstrong's hit on Letowski made it into the highlight footage (near the beginning). Anybody else find that wierd?

Steve said...

Hilarious Shit

rachel said...

Karri, you're welcome!


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