Sunday, May 6, 2007

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco doesn't refer to May 5th.
But rather how many games it took the Senators to defecate on the New Jersey Devils.

Picture: Devils GM Lou Lamoriello pondering over whether or not he's gonna put himself on the hot seat.

The Devils are off to play golf.
Somehow, they will make golf more boring than it already is.


HockeyTown is thriving.

That sucks.

The tide of this game changed when goalie Evgeni Nabokov came out of his net to play a puck, and his pass was intercepted by Pavel Datsyuk (insert Ben joke here).

Datsyuk put it into a gaping net to make it 2 - 1 with less than 4:00 left in the second.
Game. 4 - 1 was the final.


We shift continents and head to Mother Russia.
Amelia Earhart calls and offers to give us a lift.


The US catapults into the quarterfinals with a 3-0 win over the SS.

Achtung bitch.

Swisse beats Denmark 4 - 1.


Finland beats Italy.

And in the battle of the formerly united entities, Slovakia beats the Czech Republic 3 - 2.


Here's the link to a Pens video that Brian John made.
The coolest part is the soundtrack, which is either a remix of the CHiPs theme song or a motivational montage song from a Rocky movie.


Spider-man 3 came out this early May weekend.

Gary Roberts about to end this cop's life.


"King of Wishful Thinking" by Go West may be the best song written in the '80s.
If you know this song, there's no reason why you don't sing the chorus any time you hear it.

Things that make an appearance in this video:
  • Sick choreography
  • Los Angeles Kings players, and a sweet hat.
  • Elvis
  • The Pope
  • A gorilla
  • Zebras
  • The King from Burger King
  • Mark Eaton

day 18


Barrasso35 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barrasso35 said...

"King of Wishful Thinking" by Go West. Why would you do that? Why? That's horrible. I can't even begin to explain the thoughts that went through my head as I was watching that video at 7:15 in the morning.

You guys are sick. SICK!

Anonymous said...

i beg to differ. im a huge fan of 80s one hit wonders, which im guessing these guys totally are. any one of them in the video with there wife beaters, singing into a wrench, or the dude with the encino man hair cut playing the ivory could nail any chick in this 21st century. great video, i think i may go and myspace those guys right now!

Jonny V said...

Just when I thought you guys were losing your touch, you go and do something like this...and totally redeem yourselves! That was one of those songs that you forgot that existed, never saw the video for, and now upon seeing it remember why music videos now will never live up to the ones of yore. Excuse the quality of this one, I simply could not hold it back though

Anonymous said...

that singer looks oddly familiar.....Dan Onorato???? say it isn't so.....

Mike Costa said...

Uh Oh! No Picture Of Crosby, Malkin, And Staal From The Last Game

Anonymous said...

You guys are near the right path. However, the correct way to go is Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams. It takes the cake over King of Wishful Thinking in that particular 80s genre.

Shattered Dreams used to be played at every public skate around the city of Pittsburgh in the 80s, twice. Especially when my dad took me to Schenley park skates. When it would come on, an intense look on my face would takeover and my skating became very smooth like silk. The song reprents the seriousness of the 80s which encompasses the fall of communism and the release of NES.

One time I saw Dan Quinn in his IROC rollin down East Carson with 3 girls in the car and he was lip syncing shattered dreams. think about that.

-Anthony L.

The ~D said...


I remember Shattered Dreams at public skates. However, nothing got me fired up like Livin on a Prayer. I would skate twice as hard when it came on. Loved the 80''s the JHJ vid:


rachel said...

Go Buffalo!

Adrienne said...

Rangers OUT.


The pens rule the world..
Italian guy in London who loves Lemieux and the pens subsequently
Slovak guys in Rome who are massively in love with Jagr and the penguins

various other handfulls of people throughout Europe who love the Pens for whatever reason there is. And of course, the random canadians that are still crying that we got crosby.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Actually, that song was from Pretty Woman... didn't that movie come out in the early 90s??

You forgot to mention that, I think, Julia Roberts, when she was supremely hot, was also in that video. Nothin' like Julia Roberts dressed as a whore!!

And the Kings unis and hats from that brief era where the Kings tried to be like the Raiders, and wore silver and black to appeal to gangsta rappers!

And you know what, changing from the gangsta rapper uniforms to whatever crap they have now is the dumbest thing they ever did.

I mean, I'm pretty sure that many an NWA member sported those silver and black Kings hats!!

And finally, the New York Rangers are OUT!! Hallelujah!! Fuck Jagr!! Consider that grudge PROUDLY held by me FOREVER!

Jason said...

you're right, the kings should have stayed with the silver and black. Maybe they'll jump on the bandwagon and change back to those colors like some other teams. Caps are going back to red white and blue, and the sabres abandoned that red and black crap they had for a couple years

Anonymous said...

How about those Baby Pens? Getting swept AGAIN by the Hershey Bears for the second straight year. Dare I say a bright future in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh, PA...the town of Wishful Thinking. GO BEARS!

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Anonymous @ 11:19AM:

Roger that on the Danny Onorato look-alike. A bit taller and receding hairline a bit less receded, but it's there. I thought the same thing when I first started watching it.

Anonymous said...


love livin on a prayer

but it had its day. i'd rather hear glory of love by peter cetera anyway.

- Anthony L.

Tiffany said...

Watching Go West - King of Wishful Thinking made me think about quite a lot:

1.) "Who does that lead singer remind me of?"

2.) "What do any of the things in the video have to do with the actual song?"

3.) "You were right staffers--I started singing along to this song & couldn't stop." (~_~)

Anyway, thank you anonymous @ 11:19. You totally put my mind at ease by mentioning Onorato. Thanks also to everyone who referred to or posted a music vid. Classic....I love them all. So to add to the list, here's Spandau Ballet - True....hehe.


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