Sunday, April 22, 2007

Unbreak My Foot

... Does Sidney Crosby have Ben Roethlisberger Syndrome ( saying he was injured during the playoffs after the playoffs are over )?

-- We could say the two players are similar...except for the fact that Crosby shows up in the post-season. His production didn't drop off. He still infused energy every time he touched the ice.
And, as always, he didn't turn the ball over on his opponent's 2o-yard line.



If you want a conspiracy theory, look no further than Game 5 between Calgary and Detroit.

With 4:18 remaining in the third, Pavel Datsyuk scores for Detroit to make it 5 - 1.
With 3:17 remaining, Calgary's Wayne Primeau goes off for slashing.
During that break in play, ironically named Flames coach Jim Playfair pulls goalie Miikka Kiprusoff in favor of backup Jamie McLennan.

McLennan plays a total of 18 seconds.
All of those seconds were spent repeatedly slashing Red Wing Johan Franzen in the leg, who was parked in front during the power play.

After getting whistled for slashing Franzen in the leg, McLennan douches him across the midsection; double-handed, baseball hat, Chris Simon style.
McLennan gets 200 penalty minutes.

The most disgusting part about all of this?

The incident was already on Jamie McLennan's Wikipedia page within hours.
Who is sitting around, watching this hockey game, waiting to put something on Wikipedia?
That's not even fathomable. Who even goes to Jamie McLennan's Wikipedia page?

The question remains: Was McLennan sent in to send a message?

Calgary coach Jim Playfair, your thoughts?

"It is what it is. "

The Mayhem in Detriot didn't end there.
Jerome Iginla added a bonzai drop to finish off some Detroit jobber.


The other game Saturday night was Vancouver at Dallas. Game 6.
Dallas' fight back from a 3 - 1 deficit continued with another Marty Turco shutout.

The Stars were given an early 5 - on - 3.
And they capitalized on that power play.

That's how you win in April, Pittsburgh.

The rest of the game was pretty much Job City.
Dallas scores in the third to make it 2 - 0.

The game got interesting late when Canuck jobber Alexandre Burrows apparently slashed Brenden Morrow across the leg and proceeded to the bench.
As Morrow limped back to the Stars bench, Burrows was screaming something at him.
Morrow attacks Burrows on the bench. A ruckus ensues.

Game 7
Dallas at Vancouver
Monday, April 23


Not during Heroes.



Here is the breakdown of the Pens roster.
Courtesy of

Click this pic for a much better look.

  • Recchi
  • Ekman
  • Petro
  • Melichar
  • Cairns
  • Whitney -- Lock him up
  • Armstrong
  • Talbot
  • Ouellet
  • Christensen
  • Nasreddine
Does Whatever He Wants
  • Gary Roberts
On The Fence
  • Scuderi
  • Thibault

We'll job a list of potential free agents very soon.
If you want to scour the market for yourself, just go to that NHLnumbers website.

Given the content of the site, it's probably the most easily navigable site in internet history.


Sunday's Game 6's

1:00 -- NBC
Devils up 3 - 2.

9:00 -- Versus
Red Wings up 3 - 2.


Offseason: Day 3


andrew13 said...

make this

that was fucking disgusting to watch tonight. walkoff grandslam and all. make it happen. i want to see photoshops of jim tracy, since he never shows emotion and sucks ass.


Staff said...


Its funny you mentioned it, because we were saying how fun it would be if we ran Buccoblog.

I turned the game on and saw two pitches.. They bring in five infielders and the guy hits a grandslam.


Brett said...

You guys are gay. All your Big Ben shots. He did win a ring within his first two years in the league even though he "never shows up in the post season"... Typical Penguyinzers, hating on the Steelers. ;)

Staff said...


i can't hear you, brett.
i'm too busy not taking pharmacy finals.



Christina said...

hahaha....Ben Roethlisberger Syndrome
you guys are hilarious!

with regards to UFAs, RFAs...i think we need to keep T-Bo. simply because there's not a solid enough goaltender in the organization to back up MAF for the next couple of years.

Jobber Jeff said...

Schaefer is good enough to challenge Thibault for the backup job next year anyway.

Here's my two cents:

* Recchi (Please! Just go home!)
* Ekman
* Petro
* Melichar
* Scuderi
* Cairns
* Thibault

* Whitney
* Armstrong
* Talbot
* Ouellet
* Christensen
* Nasreddine
* Gary Roberts

We'll be defenseman shopping, sure. But anything's better then Scudichar. Though I have to admit, Scuds had his finer moments for sure.

Thibault won't stay when he can start a bunch of other places. Even for some playoff teams. (See: Atlanta)

Roberts will stay. He loves playing with the Cros and company, he's not too far from home, and he likes our fans. Why not make some easy money and just chill for a while?

Recchi should retire. If he doesn't, he should anyway. And if he doesn't, he should.

Whitney, Armstrong, Talbot, and Oeullet WILL be here. Guaranteed.

Ekman, Melichar, and Cairns, will NOT. Even though Cairns tells people they must be on crack.

There's my 2c.

Jobber Jeff said...

Oh, and this is pensblog. Ben's a joke, the Steelers have the dubious distinction of winning the worst football game I've ever seen (The Superbowl), and even the riot was weak. I had to yell at some people for 15 minutes to get them to flip that car over.

Penguins fans would have needed no encouragement.

andrew13 said...

pharm finals eh? i went 2 years pre pharm and hated it. nice $60K down the drain to wilkes u. at least i got to see some baby pens games and party with colby, maf, mad max, whitney, bonvie, and the rest of them at some party colby's gf took them to. a drunk dennis bonvie is a scary sight.

now i'm a cs/software engineering major. and i'm already starting to hate this. c++ can blow me.


Jonny V said...

I saw on the highlights with Murrow skating off the ice injured and on one skate with Burrows yapping at him, a few seconds of this and Murrow pretty much says "fuck this i'm not that injured," and goes over for a lil' tussle. Awesome.

And it seems like every post yinz have someone taking umbrage to your bagging of all things Steelers related. Lovely.

And here's another vote for a bucssuckblog. I had some hope for us this season admittedly drinking the Adam Laroche Kool-Aid and the opening series sweep. But this is just despicable to watch.

And I can honestly say i've never looked more forward to an NHL off season than I am now. As much as I'm going to enjoy my summer, September can't come soon enough.

Red Anchor said...

Here's some UFA's I'd seriously look into were I Fred Shero:

Preissing, T - OTT
Fedotenko, R - TBL
Bulis, J - VAN

Jonny V said...

Dude, I was a computer science major for a year at IUP until I wisened up to it's suckiness. Compiling C++ still gives me nightmares.
IF computer programming sucks
THEN change majors

Jason said...

i wouldnt mind keeping petro around. his salary isnt that big and hes a good energy guy. Before the playoffs started, I would say melichar has to go. But is it just me, or did it seem like he played pretty decent in the playoffs? (by decent i mean relative to the other pens defensemen)

too bad the sens locked up volchenkov. getting a guy like him would be clutch

Jason said...

Oh, and i science does suck balls. Im a grad student in atmospheric science and i'm expected to know how to write code in C, fortran AND perl. I hate programming more then i could possibly express in words.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Jobber Jeff screams: "THIS IS PENSBLOGGGGGGG!!" then proceeds to kick a guy in a Roethlisberger jersey down into a bottomless pit.

So let me get this straight, during the offseason here Steeler talk is bad, Pirate talk is good? Maybe you should just start blogs for every Pittsburgh sport.

I think a Pitt football one would be best because Dave Wannstedt needs no pop culture references. He is unintentional comedy without even trying. He is his own personal porn reference.

And Big Ben wasn't a joke until he decided to ruin an old Jewish lady's windshield with his face.

I realized something when I moved away, and then again when I heard Steeler yinzers bitching and Penguin yinzers bitching about Steeler yinzers.... yinzers like to bitch!!

Jobber Jeff said...

Louis! I'm appalled!

I'm no yinzer.... I'm an upstate New Yorker, a much more discerning and rare breed. We're the yinzers of the north, a horrible cross between the Pennsylvania Steel Worker, the Canadian Beaver Pelt Trader, and the Vermont Chowder Eater.


Adrienne said...

Big Ben fucking blows, so do the Steelers and all their "die-hard" fans. get fucked.

Anyway, it's nuts to see about Crosby's foot. Makes me wonder when he broke it though?

They're airing the TBL/NJD game today in London. I can't wait for that, GO TAMPA!

And wtf is up with the Islanders this season? They can't seem to stay out of the news.

Tee said...

"IF computer programming sucks
THEN change majors "

holy shit you're a nerd... or am I the nerd because I got that? 1 year of CIS at Clarion, now I'm a graphic designer in the military... guess which one is better?

dying alive said...

Love the Steelers but I can't stand a lot of the yinzer fans, and I can't stand Pens "fans" who only start following hockey after football season is over. I guess following two sports at once is too overwhelming for them.

Elly said...

Jobber Jeff: You gotta get it right, it's Vermont Maple Syrup eater on anything and everything, especially this time of year. Really though, you guys have a point: people just like to bitch (and trust me, old Vermonters are some people who can bitch up one wall and down the other).

PensCup2035 said...

Apparently he broke the foot March 16 against Montreal. Here's hoping it doesn't become an Ian Moran-like trend. The constant media fawning over the NFL franchise is why I hate the Redskins with a passion; I've lived in Virginia my entire life, and the media coverage of the Skins made me crazy. At age 8. I'm now 25, and I want nothing more than to see the Skins go 0-16 every year.

Dobber said...

What's with the Steelers hate? If I wanted to read someone talk bad on one of the Pittsburgh teams that I love I would go to a blog for a team from another city. Say what you guys will, I just don't find it necessary.

Staff said...

We respect you saying it's not necessary, but it's just fun to us.

You know how popular a website would be if it exclusively bashed the Steelers?
It would be bigger than Google.

Just like every other commentor here who gets the comedy we're aiming for when ripping on the Steelers, we could go toe-to-toe with any Steeler fan on any topic involving the Steelers.

The "Midnight Strikes" Post-Gazette front page after the NE AFC championship was taped to my ceiling so that it was the first thing i saw every morning...until they won the Super Bowl.

Go Pens.


FritoWill said...

we need a bubby brister site

Jonny V said...

Yeah adrienne, not that you'll lose any sleep but YOU suck. I think you've tainted your name or something...haha i said taint.

And IF/THEN statements fucking rule. They're even useful in real-life situations
IF the Pirates weren't among the lowest payroll in MLB
THEN they probably wouldn't suck a giraffe's gonads

Anonymous said...

cout << "enough programming references, dbags" << endl;

anyway, though it's off topic for the latest entry, does anyone out there have a video of kovalev jacking up that sabres guy in the playoffs. All those hits I see these days remind me of it, and I can't find it.

Anonymous said...

I say Recchi stays, for better or for worse. Everyone has a bad taste in their mouth because of his bad end of season and the playoffs. But getting rid of our third highest scorer at a reasonable price? He might even take a hometown discount next year. Hes a penguin or a retiree.

Tee said...

unless recchi signs for 1.5 mil or less he's not worth it... he's not worth 2.3 million again.

Anonymous said...

for the mclennan wiki page:

i would bet some detroit fan posted that to rip on him.

Loser Chris said...

No need to keep Thibault. We got Nolan Schaefer for a reason.

Free Agent D-men we could go after;

- Brad Stuart
- Ossi Vaananen
- Brent Sopel (I know he's a righty)
- Aaron Miller (also a righty)
- Scott Hannan
- Danny Markov
- Sheldon Souray
- Andrei Markov
- Tom Preissing
- Brian Rafalski
- Tom Poti
- Andy Sutton

I'd be happy to welcome Hannan, Danny Markov, and Preissing in to go with Gonch, Whits, Eaton, and Letang. Vaananen is pretty underrated too.

Jonny V said...

Someone needs to compile you a sense of humor

And did anyone catch the article today from everyone's favorite Waylon Smithers look-alike?

He tells us we shouldn't put too much expectations on winning multiple Stanley Cups, citing the bevy of Hall-of-Famers on our early 90's teams. That would be a valid point if not for the Devils winning a few with Brodeur and two potentials (Scott Stevens and Scott Niedermayer--damn the neutral zone trap!). But then there are the Red Wings with Yzerman, Lidstrom, Fedorov(iffy), Shanahan, Larry Murphy, and later on Robitaille, Hull, Chelios and Hasek--all coached by Scotty Bowman.

And the last two Cup winners might have three among them (Lacavalier, St. Louis, and Brind'Amour). Our boy Bob only counts Crosby as a potential HOFer from our current team, as if Malkin and Staal show no potential. Free agency must not exist on his home planet.

dying alive said...

Loser Chris, you left off Kimmo Timonen. Shero loves that guy, I wouldn't be surprised if the Pens make him an offer.

I hope we don't go anywhere near Tom Poti. As it is I can't watch the Isles without yelling "fuck you Poti, you fucking nerd!" every time he touches the puck thanks to that clip on youtube.

homesprout said...

The Devils beat Tampa today to take that series 4-2. Unless I am mistaken, the 2nd round series are:



I think it would have been much more interesting if the Pens had made it to the 2nd round...we would have faced the Devils!! :)

Steeltown Mike said...

I don't know which is worse:

1) You used a Toni Braxton reference for your title, or;

2) I recognized it.

Loser Chris said...

I left Timonnen off on purpose. I think he would be too expensive and is also not the type of player we need. Gonch and Whits have the whole offensive defenseman thing covered.

Red Anchor said...

Fuck you Poti, you fucking nerd!

Staff said...

hahah steeltown mike

i heard that song on Bob the other day, and it was sad because I knew the words.

Attribute that to having two older sisters...or attribute it to me not having a penis.


Anonymous said... is a sick site!
Anyone else notice that the pens have way more cap space than any other team in the league? I'm not positive how it works, but it seems to me that we can sign some heavy-duty free agents this season - at least short term, when we don't have to worry about paying cros, geno and gronk so much. Confirmation?

Loser Chris said...

Yeah, that's what I've been saying too. I think the Pens should make a strong move for Chris Drury (or Tkachuk if we can't get him) and then stick him on Sid's left for 2 or 3 years until the kids get their big contracts.

Steve said...

Everyday since we lost I have felt like ignoring hackey all together. But everyday, like clockwork, I end up making my way here. Its not that bad tho. Even tho that picture of them on the bench reminds me of failure, it makes me think of the future. But then I again think of us losing. And I know... I know... this was like getting tossed in the fire. Nobody expected it and I am fuckin thrilled that we accomplished so much in such a little time. But you expect the train to keep on going, and when it does stop... it sucks. Haven't felt that for about6 years. Good stuff.

I will now dedicate myself to the Buccos and start my daily readings of

Best hockey blog on the web.
Awesome season guys.


andrew13 said...

i read WHYGAVS, but it's just not the same as pensblog.

and tee, i'm at clarion. that may be a big reason for the suckiness. did you take 163 with wyatt? i have him for 244 now, and it's kicking my ass. i have no clue what else i want to do though. and military is out of the question.



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