Friday, April 27, 2007


We don't know how we've done it, but we've managed to make it to the first page of this Blogger's Choice Awards thing.
Thanks to everyone who has voted for us.
If you haven't voted, please do.

Since we don't (and never will) insult you guys by putting any advertising on this site, let alone looking for prospective advertisers actually in our posts while talking about ourselves, we aren't ashamed to plug our drive to the top of the Blogger's Choice Awards charts.
Besides, it's not plugging if you do it on your own site.

But this coming up, however, is a plug:

We got an e-mail for a guy who asked us to push his podcast for "Best Podcast" in these jobber awards.

This here's the link to vote for the 3-Z Sports Bar Talk Podcast:

If we ever mention the Blogger's Choice Awards again in a post, we have no soul...or we have a solid chance of victory.


Click me. Photoshop me.
Sharks vs. Red Wings


We were given the heads-up on a Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Baby Pens blog.
Jonathan Bombulie, the Pens beat writer for a local WB/S newspaper, is the author.

Penguins Insider

Easily the best Baby Pens site in the world.

The second-best one is here.


The Jesuses unveiled a new third uniform to celebrate their 75th anniversary of taking over people's lives and not winning home playoff games.
And for some reason, the Steelers will have a new mascot...which bares a striking resemblance to Gary Roberts.
The fact that the mascot's testicles are made of pure steel further solidifies the argument that it should be named after Roberts.

On the uniform, there will be a patch with the number 75 on it.
It is in reference to how many men Art Rooney has had sex with in his life.


Playoff Bracket update coming Sunday night.


Tee said...

a fucking steelers mascot? like on the sidelines? what the fuck... if we get cheerleaders I may never watch the NFL again.

Anonymous said...

Dear God,
Why oh why did you let the Steelers unveil these hideous new uniforms?

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

The jawbones and the eyebrows are a cross between Ken Rice and Rob King.

Anonymous said...

steelers mascot=horrible

the throwback uni's are solid though, they just need to reconsider the all yellow bucket, its hideous.

Anonymous said...

Voted for you guys. Last check...48 votes - 7th place.


Anonymous said...

why do you guys bash the steelers so much?

Staff said...

are you kidding.

are we gonna have to put a disclaimer at the top?

Tee said...

Adam how's this for a disclaimer:

If you ask why we bash the Steelers so much T.J. will fly to your house and kick the shit out of you... fair warning.

Tee said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention, everyone should be rooting for Anaheim... old school hockey right there, a roster carrying 3 legit enforcers plus Teemu Selanne... they led the league in fighting majors, and Selanne was money in NHL 95-97. Plus they have George Parros... if you don't know who that is google him for a picture and then realize he's from Washington, PA and graduated from Princeton yet chooses to beat the shit out of guys for a living in the NHL. George Parros is almost as much of a man as Gary Roberts, if that's any indication of how awesome he is.

Anonymous said...

i sent a good photoshop of the sharks vs red wings

Chris said...

So wait a minute. We get a mascot who looks like a lumberjack, but no cheerleaders? Are the Rooneys gay?

Jonny V said...

(Sobbing hard) Mommy mommy, the Steelers had a newsworthy announcement concerning their 75th anniversary...sob sob, and they have new uniforms waa waa, and they, they, unveiled a maaaascotttt!!! (sobbing uncontrollably)


Staff said...

i dont know if youre with us or against us johnny v.

but that icon is sick.

Anonymous said...

Did Fedko design the mascot? He needs punched.

dying alive said...

Anyone else think that the new Steelers mascot looks a lot like Joe Melichar?

Loser Chris said...

Man, I Photoshopped the life outta that shark like 15 minutes after it was up... where's the love?

Staff said...

Chris don't worry we will use it.
But we can only use it when the Sharks beat the Red Wings.

Those are rules

Anonymous said...

my PS is better than yours chris. :)

Jason said...

are you sure the 75 represents the number of guys rooney has had sex with? i thought it was the number of afc championship games they've lost

Anonymous said...

I think this hatred of the Steelers is rooted in your jealousy of them. You can only dream of the pens meaning as much to the city as the steelers do. Don't get me wrong, i love the Pens, but don't hate on the Steelers, it just shows that you aren't much of a Pittsburgh fan. And don't insult Art Rooney. Without him, there would be no Steelers. And lets face reality, without the Steelers, there would be no Pittsburgh Penguins.

Anonymous said...

everybody here loves the steelers, it's just fun to rip on them.

figure it out.

Steve said...

Anonymous at 1:30 am.... That was by far the stupidest shit I've ever seen anyone waste the time to write.

Way to show up to a new blog and judge the whole thing on one day's worth of reading.. you jagoff.

Fedko can suck a dick

Evorgleb said...

Yeh we've been talking about the new Steelers mascot over at Highbrid Nation. Our readers don't seem to care for him but I'm sitting on the fence. Its just hard for me to picture the guy lasting to long. My vote for his name though? Terrible Terry :)


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