Monday, April 23, 2007

Siete Animosos

4 - 1

The big deal, in our eyes, was the Canucks going with the old-school blue uniforms for Game 7 after going Games 1 through 6 with the modern uniforms.
No big deal, right?
Until you realize that Roberto Luongo's entire equipment wardrobe is changed.
The equipment is identical, but you have to think the modern set is more worn-in and comfortable for Luongo than the old-school set.

Luongo, thoughts?

Idiots, both equipment sets spell one thing: MVP.


This Game 7 was more intense than an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

In 1990, when Robert Stack spoke, you listened. And then locked your doors.

Joel Lundqvist gave the Stars the 1-0 lead towards the end of the first, silencing the already dead-quiet Vancouver crowd.

One of the Marx brothers scored for the Canucks towards the end of the second to tie it up.

Third period started. Vancouver wanted a goal.

Wily veteran Trevor Lindon deflects one home halfway through the third.

It wasn't over yet, though.
Luongo had to rob Stu Barnes from point-blank range.
And Mike Modano banged one off the crossbar with 4:00 left.
Stars pull their goalie at the end, and the Canucks add two more.

Marty Turco has silenced the critics.


Round Two Playoff Preview
Tournament Brackets Listing


The Pens sign 6'3" Aaron Boorgaard.
Here's his HockeyDB stats. says the Pens future's so bright, they gotta wear shades.


Shero Blog:

King Shero talks about changes.

Saint Art Rooney XII finally made his way up to the head table Sunday night at the Dapper Dan Party.
He's given the Lifetime Achievement Award for owning a football franchise.
Who cares.

Then the Rooney family speaks out over the possible objections with the new casino plans.
"Mr. Rooney said the Steelers would object to the approval of the casino master plan by the city planning commission until the issue had been addressed. The planning commission is scheduled to vote on the master plan May 1."

Where exactly were the Rooney's when they could've brought this up in December?

Too busy watching their team not make the playoffs.

To sum it all up, the Steelers are tying to block a new casino that could bring jobs and money into the region. Because they are afraid of a traffic jam for eight Sundays, and people are worried about it.

Here we go Steelers, Here we go

Sidney Crosby's All-Star Game jersey went for $47,520 at an NHL auction for Hockey Fights Cancer.

What jersey came in second?
Brendan Shanahan -- $5,681


Wednesday Night

Probable Starters

Jason Schiffhauer does not disappoint.


We e-mailed Phillip MacCullum, and he responded.
Who is Phillip MacCullum?

The Ottawa-based photographer who shot this:

Day 5

We praised him for being in the right place at the right time and asked him permission to use the picture as the rally cry.


Go Pens.


Anonymous said...

...I was really hoping for a Heroes recap...maybe next week?

one thing's for sure about this new guy: great name. let's hope he can bring something to the team.

Staff said...

The plan was for a heroes recap, but with Game 7 on you can't not talk about it.

Heroes recap will be next week or the season finale, Although if tonight is any indication I might not be able to function for at least 5 hours after it.

What a show

Anonymous said...

I want to know why yinz r alwayz hatin on them steelers for?

4 super bowls
2 stanley cups

Who better now?


Loser Chris said...

Can we start some kind of petition for Shero to NOT bring Recchi back? Let him walk and invest that extra couple $mil in the D.

Staff said...

hahaha I'd respond, but I would rather savor the moment.

Anonymous said...

I meant 5 supers bowls asshole

Staff said...

Whats a superbowl?

Anonymous said...

Fuck offf

Staff said...


Andrew I agree Rex looked out of place for the last 30 games.
I think they don't want to tell him he sucks.

jimmymo said...

yeah staff 5 supers bowlses arz betterz than 2 stanleys cupses yer a bunch of jirks here

haha anonymous is an idiot

Jonny V said...

Yesss, we keep the streak going of ignoramus' posting messages about the Steelers.

That's the first thing I thought about when I saw the 'Nuck-'Nucks wearing the alternates. I wondered how broken in his other set of pads was and how much that would play a factor in the game. Apparently not that much. Quoting what anonymous 1:24am must sound like, "Dat doods gots to be da emm vee pee!, Mafucka stoned dem white boyz like da hypest chronic nuggz!"

And big ups to the Pacific Time zone, which allowed me to watch the game then go right into Heroes, which did not disappoint. I wonder how much of a factor Big Ben's chick is going to play in the show, and next week is indeed going to be sick.

I've always wondered if when Don Cannon was away from news for awhile, if he was like Ron Burgendy when he hit rock bottom in Anchorman. All bearded, sitting in a bar yelling at people.

Jonny V said...

And forgot to mention, in a post-gazette article with Recchi and Roberts, the last part talked about the possibility of him signing here. He said, "Pittsburgh isn't that far from Toronto..."

That tickled me giblets

Anonymous said...

Two things, are u guys gonna do the goalie mask review thing for the western conference and do u know if any of the world championship games will be broadcast online?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

The only thing Marty Turco proved is that he can now barely lose a playoff series as opposed to having his ass outright handed to him in a playoff series.

NFL Fan vs. NHL Fan theory (I'm going to get scientific here):

The NFL is always touted as the country's most popular sports league. Therefore, along with normal knowledgeable sports fans, there is a greater chance of morons watching the game.

What I'm saying is, 75% of NFL fans are morons, See: anonymous @ 1:24 am.

Look buddy, as a Pittsburgh sports fan, I too get a little tired of uppity Pens fans who think it's just the funniest thing to take shots at the Steelers (well... ok sometimes it is funny). But you're not helping the cause any. At least get the number of championships won right on the first fucking try!!!

Hockey fans, while smaller in number, tend to contain less morons per capita than the NFL-only fans. Sometimes, these NFL-only fans venture into the hockey-realm and make an assanine comments (like "Fire Therrien!").

What I'm saying is, hockey's smaller fanbase serves to "thin the herd" so-to-speak, of retards which the NFL openly lets into their fanbase.

The bad part is, hockey fans do tend to be a bit pretentious at times (at least in the US). What's worse, an annoying pretentious hockey fan, or the idiot who calls into radio shows that insists the Steelers need a big back (which I assume anonymous at 1:24 am has done before)?

And Pensblog, if you're going to rip on the Steelers, why rip on Dan Rooney and the guys that actually won the Super Bowl? How about actually worthless players like Tommy Maddox and Kordell Stewart?! Pick those spots a little better fellas.

And happy birthday Adam.

I want the next season to start already so I don't have to come in here half-drunk and babble about stupid shit at night.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Actually, I take a portion of what I just said back...

Rip on Roethlis-turd-burglar all you want.

He's a clown.

FritoWill said...

i wasn't all there for this rip on the Steelers thing, just not my style. But seeing how this is really getting to people, its great!!!!!

Dwayne said...

There is one undeniable truth about football fans; they can't go 3 seconds without making fun of a players name and feeling exceptionally clever about it.

Ever read the comments on AOL's sports blog? Jesus christ, it makes me want to gouge my god damned eyeballs out just so I don't ever have to see it again. Seriously, I'd rather see what a bunch of autistic kids had to say than the jackasses that post on NFL blogs and message boards.

Hockey is utterly different. At least there, people have at least a minimum of 5 brain cells. I've found that this is an important quality in intelligent or otherwise truly humorous discourse.

Also, Louis, sorry for throwing you under the bus there. That's just one of my biggest pet peeves, though. "Cowher? More like Cow-lame!" It'd be one thing if they were being silly, but when they *actually* mean it, it makes me wanna start stabbing punk bitches right in their punk bitch face.

Matt said...

Continuous, for-no-reason Steelers bashing makes Pittsburgh fans seem a lot like Filthy-delphia fans, where Flyers fans are basically on their own island, pretentious, willing to hate on the other teams because they think they're better than the rest. I know. I live out that way now.

Please don't give Pittsburgh fans that reputation. A few well-timed jabs are fine, but going overboard just doesn't seem right. Like shots at the Rooneys ... they didn't throw 2,333,999 pick-six interceptions this year, not did they fumble in crucial situations.

I'm just sayin', I hate Pittsburgh stooping to Filthy's level. Let's not do that.

Anonymous said...

Actually they have 5 super bowls. YOu fucking yinzer.

By the way the steelers suck. 0-16 baby!!

Hienz Ward, take out the earings you fag!! I know you would never see that in the NHL.

Anonymous said...

Guys, please keep on making fun of the steelers.

dying alive said...

I'm a Steelers fan, but sorry, the Rooneys are being unreasonable on the casino issue. I realize that life comes to a grinding halt in the city of Pittsburgh any time someone in the Steelers organization sneezes, but the Pensbloggers have a point - they're trying to keep a casino, which will provide jobs and revenue to the area - from opening on the North Side. And for what? To avoid traffic problems eight days per year? Sorry, I call bullshit. The Steelers would be sold out for the next 157 years if people had to swim across the Mon river to get there. Get a grip.

I love the Steelers and rarely miss a game (only if it interferes with a Pens game), but making fun of the Steelers is like making fun of your best friend - you love them, but you take every opportunity to bust on them and when they do something stupid, you call them on it.

Matt said...

Let me re-state something: Rooney deserves to be ripped for being against the casino on the North Side. Fully ripped. Speak up a little sooner, and then I'd be OK, but this late stance is awful.

But this isn't ripping the Steelers so much as it is ripping someone high-powered in the community who is standing against something in a totally ridiculous way. Pens fans, Bucs fans, Steelers fans, city of Pittsburgh residents and the state all should be reprimanding this.

Mike Costa said...

Let's Go Pens!

tp_pens said...

Speaking of the Canucks wearing their old school uni's, I think that next year, the Pens should do the same. A third jersey would be sweet. Either the 91-92 Cup jerseys, the mid-80's yellow jersey with the pissed off penguin, or even the real old dark blue ones.

I love the Steelers, the Penguins, and even the Pirates. Do you guys really dislike the Steelers or are you just making fun??

Matt said...

No third jerseys next year, so say most in the know. With the new, "sleek" uniform style, each team will have just a home white and road dark sweater. No thirds.

Anonymous said...

No third jerseys is a fact. No team will have them next year. BETTMAN LAW.

And as for the people pissed about making fun of the steelers, these are obviously random people stumbling onto the page and not realizing it's all in jest.

Teej said...

To the fellow Steelers fans that might be visiting this fine site for the first time, as an avid reader myself, I recommend clicking "Pensblog Letter to Pittsburgh" on the left side of the page, under "Best of the Pensblog." It might be dated (note the arena comments) but it's still a very good read.

Oh and football season is 4 months away (I can't wait, but all I'm saying is we still have baseball and the rest of the NHL playoffs yet to focus on before getting caught up yet in the NFL, other than the draft).

Teej said...

...and anon@1:24am, to answer your question, "who better now?" I think we all know that answer.

AJ said...

idiot Steeler fan, "They should bench Big Ben and put in Charlie Batch"

Same idiot Steeler fan talking about hockey, "they should bench Fleury and start Thibault"

same shit, different stink.

Steve In Denver said...

Nice to see Jerry Garcia making a cameo in the blog.
Great way to start the day.

Ballsy move for Luongo to come out in different gear. I'm a goalie, and I hate new pads. I'm sure they're pretty well broken in, though.

loralei said...

First of all, cant we all just get along? Steeler fans, Penguin fans, oh hell even Pirate fans living together in a relatively happy existance...

Actually this isnt a new argument. I dont know specifics but, the Steelers actually did try to lobby for the Isle of Capri deal. They've had a stance against the North Side Casino for a while now, going back to when the deal was made with the Penguins and the bids for the license were coming together. They are speaking up again because the appeal process is about to get going. Everyone involved is going to get a chance to appeal the boards decision for the license, including Isle of Capri. This hasnt been as big in the news cause of the arena deal being worked out. Yeah we got our arena but this casino thing is far from over.

That Don Cannon pic is fabulous.. You guys never disappoint.

Adam, its your Birthday? Have a great day and drink a few beers for me!

Barrasso35 said...

The Stillers won five Super Bowls? I didn't know that! When did this happen?

Too bad there won't be any third jerseys next year. I don't think the new "sleek" uniform style will last. I don't like it, nor do most fans (ie, my friends) that I've spoken with.

I say the Pens should go back to the 1980-81 to 1991-92 jerseys, "Vegas Gold" should be changed back to "Pittsburgh Yellow" and the third jersey should be one with PITTSBURGH diagonally down the front of the jersey. Whether it be the old school white or blue jersey from 1967-68 or the modern black jersey from 1992-93 to 1997-98.

Cautious optimist said...

Bit late to the bandwagon, I know, but I came across a link to this blog on one of the Sens blogs I look at from time to time, and now I come back every day.

Superb job, tasteless homophobic jabs at Sens fans aside. I take it these will end now -- surely Jersey and its fans will be the preferred target in Round 2 (which I fervently hope you will be covering)?

Anonymous said...

those diagonal pittsburgh ones are garbage, remind me of the rangers.

couldn't agree more on the color change though

dying alive said...

The vegas gold has really grown on me. Looks a lot better on the dark uniforms than it does on the white, though.

I hate the idea of the new sleek, tight jerseys. On the athletes is one thing, but who in the hell wants to see some overweight yinzer sitting in the stands drinking Iron City and dripping nachos all over a form-fitting Crosby jersey?

EmDubs said...

That Don Cannon pic might be the finest piece of art ever.

Jonny V said...

There will be third jerseys, just not next year because reebok has too many jerseys to make between home and road. And I don't think the NHL gives a shit about fans opinion's about keeping the new ones, it seems most of the players liked them after the all-star game. Although Dying Alive you brought up a good point with the fatties wearing them. it's gonna be gross.

And the Steelers are being huuuge assholes for thinking about their fans being stuck in traffic. I mean come on, who the hell cares about traffic flow, Barden shouldn't even have to worry about stupid shit like that!!

That's basically what a couple of yinz are saying, and u sound like fucking idiots.

Anonymous said...

I'm freaking out. I just watched the 1st half of the Man United v. Milan CL semifinal w/ Ryan Malone and Ryan Whitney @ Piper's in the SS. They sat right next to me at the bar and I really wanted to say something but the best I could muster was "good stuff this year guys," and they're like Thanks. Then Whit turns to me and starts asking me questions about Euro football, and I'm trying to be cool but really I'm just stuttering and tripping over my words. I'm such a douchebag.


dying alive said...

True. Steelers fans having to deal with a little extra traffic eight times a year is much more important than the economic impact that the casino would have on this area. And god forbid, there will be less places to tailgate!

convenience of Steelers fans >> jobs and money for the area

I see the error of my ways.

dying alive said...

Adam, you are lucky as hell. I would sell the soul of my future first-born child to satan to watch a game with Ryan Whitney. I'm in love with that guy (before anyone starts with the homo jokes, I'm female despite my gender-unspecific username). My one and only shameful puck slut crush.

Jonny V said...

Ummmmm the casino is going to be at the proposed location. Barden knows it, the Steelers know it, we all know it. They simply want Barden and the planners to come up with a plan to compensate for the extra flow of traffic that the business is going to create. They've even said that they want to work together with him to ensure that there is a good solution for it.

And it's not only Steelers fans who would be bitching about driving through all of that said traffic. The Carnegie Science Center is also voicing concerns about it.

But it's all politician shit. Like the article said, sunday afternoon and monday nights are hardly peak hours for casino's. You're acting like the Steelers are going to stop the casino from being built. Not gonna happen

Jonny V said...

And like any well run business, if the situation were reversed the Penguins would be doing the same damn thing.

Your mom's mom said...

Honestly, is the casino going to create huge amounts of traffic? Yes, it will increase the overall number of cars in the area at any given time, but a casino isn't like a sporting event or a show with specified beginnings and ends. People will come and go from the casino as they please. There may be nights when they have events there, but there aren't going to be major traffic jams due to this casino. The Steelers, and especially the Rooneys, are gayer than Kordell Stewart.

Your friend's uncle's brother's dog trainer said...

And for the love of God, people, stop defending the Steelers/acting like NHL fans are the greatest fans on Earth. Did you ever stop to realize that noone on the team gives two shits about you, yet you'll go out there and defend their honor. Watch sports for the entertainment value and to see great athletes do things you never could and stop acting like the team is somehow a part of you. I mean if sports mean that much to you, then you might want to consider eating a bullet.

Jonny V said...

Certainly your eminency...Thank the Gods that you came into my life to enlighten me to my feeble ways....You have made me see the light, for I actually thought Dan Rooney and Mario Lemieux read these message boards and adjusted their business decisions accordingly. Mr. Lemiuex didn't give two shits about us when he played hardball and helped get us the new arena. And I for one am happy that they took their greedy asses to Kansas City


Jonny V said...

And boy are we irritable when the Pens aren't playing

dying alive said...

If anyone wants to borrow some of my Midol, just ask. We are a miserable bunch with no hockey to occupy our time.

Barrasso35 said...

"those diagonal pittsburgh ones are garbage, remind me of the rangers."

They were done that way because whoever was in charge of the uniforms in 1967 used to work for the Rangers or play for the Rangers or something... I can't remember but it was in Bob Grove's book.

Anyway, I always liked them but I know I'm in the minority with that one. Just like that it says Pittsburgh down the front, I guess.

No Penguins hockey... what am I gonna do for five months. Root for Vancouver, I guess.

Anonymous said...

so this was on the pittsburgh penguins webpage today.

Sidney Crosby is up for one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people. He's currently ranked number four.

He can do better, right? Vote for him.,28804,1611030_1610841_1609923,00.html

Anonymous said...

Okay so that stupid link didn't work. I'm sure you can find him to vote.

Tiffany said...

[exhaling] Where do I begin???

1.) Adam, congrats on surviving another year!!!! (^_^)

2.) Unsolved Mysteries was interesting... ;-) The guy was from Texas & the woman saw a creepy man on the streets of New York City. (What are the odds???)
"We asked the Air Force & the Department of Defense if there were covert units that fit the MO of the Men In Black. The Air Force issued a blanket denial. The Department of Defense said 'We've never heard of such a thing,' then added, 'You might try the Air Force."

3.) Jason, all I have to say to you is "Pop it like it's hot!!" That pic was great.

4.) All of these back & forth comments about the Steelers are hilarious. ;-D So, thanks for the hearty chuckle everyone.

Karri said...

Anon...glad you brought that up. Its...

P.S. Congratulations Adam!

EmDubs said...

Did you guys read the "Con" about Crosby in the Time 100? What a bunch of crap!

CON: Led his team and all of the NHL in most penalties (55) during his rookie season, and has a reputation for taking dives and complaining to officials.

I guess if Don Cherry says it, it must be true.

Jonny V said...

I think a cool third jersey would be the 80's style jersey with the Pittsburgh diagonal lettering. We already brought the old school penguin back, bring back the old jersey with a little change.

rachel said...

A little late but... Happy Birthday Adam!


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