Wednesday, April 4, 2007

One Of Those Nights. PENS LOSE.

4 - 1
FSN, where art thou?

This game was balls big.
Buffalo could clinch the top seed with a victory.
The Pens are fighting for the Atlantic crown and want to send that final message to Buffalo and the rest of the NHL.

Ryan Whitney had the night off and took Daniel Briere's sister to the Cheesecake Factory.

Early on in the game, Ales Kotalik jobs and takes a penalty.
Pens PP.

Without Whitney, Recchi sees time at the point on the power-play.
Remember: he did play the point in the playoffs with Carolina last season.
But it doesn't help.

Picture: Midway through the first period, Coach Michel Therrien cannot believe how awful WPXI's John Fedko is.

The Penguins take it upon themselves to be offsides more times in the first period than the rest of the season combined.

Buffalo's Dmitri Kalinin takes a shot from the boards that finds its way off the far post and past Fleury.
In honor of baseball season, the announcers refer to it as a seeing-eye liner.

In honor of baseball season, we call the entire Versus Network an error.

There was some back-and-forth action before Jordan Staal burned Phil Housley and fired a wrister off Miller's shoulder.
Recchi drives to the net faster than Dany Heatley on quaaludes and jobs one in off his skate. First goal for Recchi in 21 games.

Dennis Herron -- the goaltender of record the last time Recchi scored a goal.

Melichar gets pulled down later, but nothing called.
Before you can blink, Melly gives the Sabres a great breakout pass, but Fleury closes the door.

Christensen puts his Superman cape and tries to take on the Sabres one on five.
He makes it through four but can't close the deal.

That was it for the first period.


Somehow, arguably the two most exciting teams in hockey put forth one of the most boring periods of hockey of all time.

Buffalo's Derek Roy knocks a rebound in after Fleury made a ridiculous save.
Roy celebrates as if the goal just clinched the Stanley Cup. If this was 1992, he would've been slimed.

Derek Roy's whole life is a joke.

Lindy Ruff and the Sabres complain all game long.
For all the talking they do about the Penguins and their whining, it's pretty ridiculous.

Picture: Lindy Ruff takes his team's timeout in the second period to go murder a defenseless baby seal.

A few power-plays each way, but both teams had no idea that they were even playing hockey.
Mellon Arena was quiet.

Almost as quiet as the Buffalo Bill locker room following Super Bowl XXV after Ray Finkle went wide right.

The third period commences.

Briere gives the Penguins a huge gift by shooting the puck directly out of play.
Great leadership in the playoff drive. Hopefully Buffalo doesn't choke down the stretch.


Nothing formulates on the power-play again.
No real chances...and Thomas Vanek makes the Pens pay moments later.

3-1 Sabres.
40 goals on the year for Vanek -- Big turnaround from last year when he was benched in the playoffs for not being strong enough defensively. He's a +40 on the year.

A little later, Pominville scores. 4-1.

Hopefully the douche in the background gets mauled by something in the near future. Dick

After some penalty killing, Malkin gets sprung on a breakaway.
He misses for the 113th consecutive time this season.
In retrospect, he could have possibly wasted all of his moves on that Brodeur goal back when the Pens record was 4 - 3 - 0.

Malkin was hooked on said breakaway however, and the Pens have a power-play.
The power-play sucks again.
Gary Roberts, fresh off batting cleanup for the Pirates last night, can't get anything going.

Biggest mistake of Ryan Miller's life.

Buffalo hits the post on a 3-on-1 later.

Another meaningless power play for the Pens seals the deal.
Pens were 0 for life tonight. Terrible.


Sabres and Pens split season series 2 games apiece.

You really couldn't expect a Buffalo team to lose 4 straight, right?

You suck.

Fact: Brett Hull's skate is in the crease in this picture.

  • Garbage.
  • Powerplay: sucked
  • Playoffs are 8 days away.
  • The Versus announcers immediately discredit their playoff chances. Ed Olczyk can go to hell.
  • The ice was awful.
  • First really bad game for a long time.
  • Buffalo is gay


Staff said...

sorry we turned this into pictureblog

rachel said...

Staff, the pics just make the post better and make the game seem a little less painful.

During this game, I felt like when I went to the Pens vs. St. Louis game and they lost 1-4.

I just listened to it on the radio, but it seems like Malkin isn't playing as well as normal. And who can't wait until Whitney comes back?!

tiffany said...

Lol....don't wasn't. ;) Btw, the Billy Joel Kwiatkowski recording is almost done. It's really strange listening to myself, though....doing a lot of cringing.

Speaking of Kiwi, does anyone have an answer as to why he hasn't been given any ice time??

Anonymous said...

Please no more seal clubbing pics... It's rather depressing.

Anonymous said...

for all those in pensblog nation:

they now sell mark eaton t-shirts. they had a t-shirt for EVERY SINGLE player at the game 2night...even kwiatkowski.

it was amazing.

Staff said...

How gay is that guy behind the glass.

Buffalo fans travel well.

Nick said...

this might be my favorite recap of the year. the Roy celebration was a huge joke

Staff said...

Buffalo sucks

Christina said...

calling the entire Versus network an error may be the baseball reference of the year....rice krispies, meet computer screen.

that said...ick. although i suppose it's good to get a good slap in the face before starting a playoff run

bring it, ottawa

bwzimmerman said...

1) wow, Whitney really is a Big Deal (tm)
2) some love for GameDayChat?
3) our bruthas on tha diamond are 2-0. GO BUCS.

everyone here in PHX keeps asking "so that Sid kid's a really big deal, huh?"

QUOTE OF THE GAME: Borquey, imitating Ryan Miller after losing his helment "HEY REF, I GOT NO LID!! I GOT NO LID!!!!!"

dying alive said...

"Buffalo fans travel well."

Staff, they're also the most obnoxious fans I've ever seen. I now officially hate Buffalo and hope they choke in the playoffs. Again. I was ambivalent about the Sabres until last night, now I'd rather see the Devils win the Cup than those hosers.

The Pens had a bunch of chances at the end but just couldn't put any of the rebounds into the net. Ryan Miller was lucky to have only given up one goal, he was giving up a lot of bad rebounds and pucks were getting by him in the paint. The game was just ugly all around. I blame Ryan Whitney's groin.

Bert said...

Ugly game, hopefully a wake up call.

Finkle reference is classic

Don't stop with the pics!

Can anyone remember when the Pens got a 5 on 3 powerplay and scored?
It seems like they play worse when they have a 5 on 3.

I was hoping for a mic'd up BGL fight.

Seth said...

Holy F, you guys are bitter.

Anonymous said...

VERSUS is terrible, Steigy and Bob were probably somewhere in the Igloo broadcasting the game to themselves just to prevent any chances of them puking everywhere by listening to the VS. guys

just seemed like no one really cared tonight, strange game. hope it's out of their system now


Anonymous said...

the laces were in, dan


Elly said...

I almost turned the game off after that fourth goal. What a terrible night.

Malkin has been off for a while, and seems to not be playing with any drive lately (a few instances aside). Maybe there's some trouble for him off the ice that's distracting him?

Tee said...

Saturday.. gamedaychat... be there or be a Buffalo fan.

The only thing you can't knock about the Bills is Jim Kelly... has anyone else ever actually BEEN to East Brady? Anyone who makes it from freaking East Brady into the NFL gets my respect. Plus Thurman Thomas was SICK from 91-95, probably better than Emmitt.

Anonymous said...

Thurman Thomas was the grand daddy pimp king of chucking the ball after scoring a TD.

Everything else about buffalo sucks.

BALLIN was up 358% in the NFL this year, but not performed once this year in the NHL... That would be more of a faceless crime than so many fights. - Kenny Mayne

How did a town in up state new york get named for a midwestern roaming bovine... Miller got lucky all game as well.

dying alive said...

I remember the big joke back in the 90s -
Q: What does Bills stand for?
A: Boy, I Like Losing Superbowls.

EmDubs said...

We were at the game last night and we were relentlessly annoyed by about 10 fat slobs from Buffalo. Seriously, people, you're from a town that's famous for putting hot sauce on chicken wings. I don't know that that's something to go out and cheer about.

dying alive said...

The Buffalo fans were garbage. They made the Leafs fans from earlier in the year look well-behaved. I am generally an extremely laid-back person, but I very nearly punched the drunk bitch beside me.

Steve in Denver said...

Hopefully last night was a long overdue hangover from the huge Pens party in March.

My disdain for all other teams & their fans grows daily. Now I hate the usual suspects (NYR, PHILLY, NJ, NYI) as well as Ottawa, Buffalo, hell...everyone else.

Playoff brackets still in the works??

Yesterday's blog...the pic of GM/Coach/Egomaniac Lou, wholly crap did he look like Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lechter. That scared me out of my chair. I spilled my friggn fava beans and fine Chianti all over myself.

Lloyd said...

A small post by me not relating to the game.

Come visit us in the pens' GameDayChat. It's a blast in there. We don't bite... nibbling is a different story though.

Intermissions are where it's at in there. Anything and everything gets talked about in there. (Mostly oogling over Trennie K. and the hot chick from the Dodge minivan commercials)

∞ tiffany ∞ said...

Rachel, kept forgettin’ to tell you how awesome your picture was from the other day. But then again, your stuff always rocks & so does the Pensblog. :-)

Eric, LOVED the Steigy/Errey comment....hahaha.

Elly, I was wondering that myself (about Malkin).

Lloyd, totally agree & we need to get the staff in there too! It’s super fuuuuuuun..... =) So, if you love the Pens, hot chicks, Bob Errey, & food.....COME ON DOWN!!!!!!

karri said...

Wow guys...nice...really nice.
(For the Mario Lemieux Foundation)


jeff harr said...

Ouch guys.

I'm living proof that you can be cool and be from Buffalo.

From the age of 0 to 16 I lived, learned, and grew up in Upstate New York. I watched my Bills lose four superbowls in a row. I used to go to Amerks games with my Dad, my first exposure to hockey. And when I moved down here, it struck me how similar the two cities are.

Blue collar at heart, always behind their teams whether bad times or good, and intense fans.

I've been a Pens fan since I first worked at the Iceoplex in Southpointe during high school. I never ever, ever, rooted for the Sabres. Ever. I just didn't like hockey before my brother started his Rink Rats career.

In the last 6 years, I think it's fair to claim that I'm as big a Pens fan as anyone else on this board.

Please... for my sake, and any other upstate New Yorkers (who despise the Devils, Rangers, Yankees, Knicks, Nets, etc. just as much as people from Pittsburgh) don't Shit on my Bills.

It was hard enough getting my dreams dashed every year in a formative period of my life.

Go Pens. And Fuck You, Jim Kelly. Don Beebe was twice the man than you'll ever be.

Anonymous said...

Taking a cue from Lou, what the Pens really need is to fire Therrien - it's the only reasonable option. And bench Crosby while we're at it.

Anonymous said...

The Pens without Ryan Whitney looked about as good as the 2005 Steelers with Tommy Maddox at QB. It's funny how big of a difference one single player can make. And I have to admit I'm glad that I listened to the game and didn't watch it. From the sounds of it those buttpipes over at VS. know how to suck a mean dick when it comes to commentating games.

Anonymous said...

Jim Kelly spawned a retarded baby for each Superbowl choke.

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