Saturday, April 7, 2007

Hockey Night in Canada and in Your Mom

Huge weekend.

7:00 PM Saturday

If Ottawa wins, Pens are fifth seed.
If Ottawa loses and Pens win, Pens are fourth seed.


The entire nation of Canada will shut down for this game.

7:00 PM Saturday

Those pesky Islanders...

Should make for an interesting Easter at the Staal household.


Over in Bizarro Conference, Colorado is hanging on for dear life.


Nashville at Colorado
Edmonton at Calgary


9:00 PM

... Claude Julien stunned that he was fired ...



Joe Thornton needs 8 points in his final game to overtake Crosby for the Art Ross.
John Fedko needs talent.

Neither are going to happen.

We got nothing tonight, so when in doubt, job Fedko.

Speaking of jobbing....

The Hill District is issuing demands about the new Arena.
"Hill District business leaders and clergy want $10 million in development funding, a share of arena revenue and guaranteed jobs for minorities as part of a construction surge that includes a new venue for the Penguins."

Sounds like they are just mad that Laraque got benched.

But seriously....
"Let's get really creative with how to help out the Hill District," Ms. Milliones said. A contribution of $10 million to neighborhood development "is actually very conservative when you compare it to the list of public dollars going to the arena for the Penguins."

They didn't want a casino built in the lower Hill.
Even though a casino would've meant free arena.
But they want to make money from the arena, even though they did nothing to help the Penguins get an arena.


Read this quote from Byran Murray about Jason Spezza's cheap shot on Ruutu.

"I was glad he did it," Senators coach Bryan Murray said. " I thought it was a very severe penalty for what he did, but I'm not sorry he did it."

Welcome to April Hockey.
(pic by J Schiff)

Go Pens.
Final Game of the 2006-2007 season.
Where did it go?


Scott said...

i would like to be in a bar in montreal or toronto tomorrow nite...wat a time that would be

Anonymous said...

i dont think Bryan Murray was a blonde, or had blue eyes in his younger days, and Murray doesn't sound like a German name to if i were him, i'd steer clear of the Bruins bench tomorrow night.

Look up jobber, or to job in the dictionary, and you see the pic of J. Wheat in the Pirates hat breaking ground for the new arena.


Anonymous said...

least so people feel the same way as me about the whole hill district thing and them complaining and stuff... not to get racist or anything


Tiffany said...

It was another GLORIOUS post, even though you supposedly had nothin’. Fedko, Wheatley & Murray = Jobbers for sure...
And thanks for givin’ my picture some love!! Wasn’t sure if you’d like it or not, but I’m so stoked that you used it. ^ŮŽ^

& Karri,
What an AMAZING pic!!! “Bring it on, Jobber!” it.

Anonymous said...

Honestly though, I don't see how anyone CAN'T understand why people that live in an impoverished neighborhood would want a casino of all things right there. It kinda does make sense. It's like saying "Hey, we already have violence, drug abuse, and alcoholism here... let's go ahead and toss gambling in the mix and see what the fuck happens!"

That's not really "uppity negros whining and complaining". It's common sense!

Didn't Barden say he was going to put some kind of development in the Hill District?

And why do race problems still exist in Pittsburgh anyways? I've lived in the fucking south for years now and have never seen the retarded race problems Pittsburgh still has.

-Louis Lipps is my homeboy (wouldn't let me log in for some reason)

PS. Ever notice that when people say "not to get racist or anything" or "not to be a dick or anything" etc etc etc.... it usually means that they're about to be exactly what they said they weren't?

Christina said...

i gotta agree with Louis on this. i don't have a problem with the Hill District asking for financial help from the Pens/new arena, especially since the Mellon really destroyed their neighborhood back when it was built (architecture/urban planning mindset is working at full-force, sorry).

back to the Pens...anyone catch Sid's interview on Jim Rome yesterday? is it worth trying to find online? (Rome's site has it, but you have to pay $$)

wow i cannot believe that the last game of the season's tonight....GO PENS!!! i want playoff hockey still going on when i come home in a month!

rachel said...

Staff, great post as always!

Go figure, Murray thought Ruutu was also a diver after being elbowed by Spezza...

"The way it was at that moment, in a game like that, a guy like Ruutu ... I thought he exaggerated it, he got the big smile on his face afterwards, but he got the call. (Spezza) hardly even hit him. That's the thing that got me. He missed him with the punch. Ruutu went down pretty hard. I thought he cracked the ice when he hit it, he went down so hard."

And he's not happy with the refs, surprise, surprise...

"I thought there were a couple of sticks that were laid on our guys when they were trying to make a play with the puck that weren't called and then Chris Phillips late in the game on (Sidney) Crosby got the call put on him. That's coaching and that's refereeing. Some nights you're happy with them and other nights you're not. Because we lost the game, I'm not happy with them."

Tiff, nice photoshop!

Christina, I didn't hear the interview, but I wouldn't pay money for it. Someone will eventually post a whole thing about it. Here's a little recap I found on the Pens messageboard...

1. Sid loves having Gary Roberts; they all feel bad when they walk by and see him in the fitness room, feel like they have to go work out as well
2. "You can have talent, need good work ethic." something like that.
3. Very excited about upcoming play-offs .. was tough last year heading home for the summer and seeing all the series go on.
4. 14-15 game streak was a confidence booster.
5. Gretzky's appointment of him as 'Next One' was compliment and can use it for motivation.
6. "Big fish, small pond" was him in junior.
7. Sad he actually never got to play against Steve Yzerman, spoke to him after game that Steve missed and told him he [Steve] was his idol.
8. Lead by example.
9. Lots of guys can carry the torch as NHL posterboys. Doesn't think about "face of new NHL"
- Rome v. impressed w/ Sid's maturity, impressed that he was 19 and "had it all figured it out"

Some good articles from on the Staals...

For Henry Staal, every day is game day

No stall in Jordan Staal's ascent

Tiffany said...

Rachel, really nice articles. So thanks.....& thanks for sayin' you liked the pic. :)

H.M.F.C.C.Y.E.? said...

"Louis Lipps is my Homeboy," Not to be a dick or anything, but you're an idiot. It's city property! They can build whatever they want on it. This is nothing more than a bunch of greedy opportunists taking what they can get while the money is on the table. It took a long time and a lot of jangled nerves to get a deal done to keep the Penguins in Pittsburgh. Isn't that enough for the Hill District? We get a world class sports team, a new stadium, tons of jobs and notoriety. Nope, not good enough. The "clergy" wants money for new pews and bibles so people can go inside and pray for change and ask for handouts. Here's a good way to fix up your neighborhood: Stop selling drugs! Stop shooting guns! I know it sucks working at Micky D's when you can make ten times that selling crack-cocaine.

You say gambling would be a bad mix for drug abuse, violence, and alcoholism. I say, how much fucking worse can it get than that? Anything positive can be an improvement! Like jobs for instance! We wouldn't want to disturb all the crime which, if given a little time, will slowly dissipate if the rest of us tiptoe around it quietly. But hey, fuck it, we're straining to keep this city together as best we can, every week something is losing funding like public transportation, but here's an extra 10 million just for being the squeeky wheel. Here's ten million dollars because you're close to the action!

karri said...

Hey guys...another first-rate post!
Fedko deserves an on ice experience with BGL.

Tiff...I absolutely love the pic! You even included the team names at the bottom. Hahaha.

As far as the "Hill" is is a depressing area...have a friend who is an undercover narcotics cop. Really bad news...I have no answers for the problems, however, they were not involved in the negotiations with the Pens and politicians. They have no say in "renegotiations". The deal is already done. If they want money for projects...raise the money themselves like other people who want projects done The Mario Lemieux Foundation. Get creative people!

Christina said...

thanks rachel...yea i definitely wasn't going to pay money for that interview, just was curious as to what was said. love the staal articles too!

Anonymous said...

H.M.F.C.C.Y.E. pwned "Louis Lipps is my homeboy" haha...opportunist sympathizer

Anonymous said...

Sorry I have to go off on this douche bag in the Hill.

Demanding jobs for those of specific skin color sounds pretty racist to me. What about the 3 white people that live in the Hill? Don't they deserve jobs too.
Wheatley is a total joke.

Race problems? I guess you could call an group of people blaming their problems on everyone else a race problem? Sure, makes sense to me. Sarcasim!! Get your shit together hill, its your problem so solve it just like many communities before you.

The only race problem in the hill is the inablity of a group of people to get their act togeter. Why is it my, the penguins, the city or state, or anyone else's problem for a community to get their act together. Anyway, I think its going to take more than throwing money at the problem to fix the Hill.

If all that money is put towards the Hill District two things will happen.

1. They will use the money to give nice free housing to people who will most likely destroy it, like it has been done so many times before. Sorry, unless you earn something you don't respect it. Simple human nature.

2. They will use the money to revitalize the area. But strangly the look of the community will quickly change. Namely due to the increase of property value. Plane and simple you never fix these kind of problems. You only move them from area to area. Once you get a sense that others should care for you, it never goes away.

Why do you think wheatly fought the casino so hard in the first place. If it went through there was a good chance he would lose his position. Property value would go up and the idiots that vote for him would be off to some other getto community.

But hey, I could be wrong. If you think I am, keep on voting for those democrats and keep those hearts bleeding.

Anonymous said...

I just cant believe that there are actually people out there that are feeling sorry for the hill district residents. Why do they deserve money from something they never wanted? They fought and fought against the arena and now they think they deserve revenues from it?!? Doesnt sound very right to me. Also, I love how it is a list of "demands". What the hell are they going to do if their demands arent met? Start shooting up everyone that steps foot into the arena? Its not their property.

I understand that putting the Mellon there ruined their neighborhood all those years ago, but that has nothing to do with this now. That neighborhood has dropped so low since then. Im a student at Pitt and have friends at Duquesne and it scares the shit out of me getting off the bus down there to walk up to visit them. Constantly people saying stuff to me. One of my good friends got robbed at gun point down there when getting off a bus. Poor kid is only 18 years old.

I understand they are living in poverty and blah blah blah but just giving them the money isnt going to solve anything. They need to earn it for themselves. Theres places out there for them to help them find jobs, but they dont want to do that cause theyd lose their glorious food stamps if they did that and wouldnt be able to buy more steaks than I can eat in a month. I just think the whole handing them everything idea is a joke, I had to work for what I have so why the hell shouldnt they??

Jon said...

I ain't going anywhere near the whole "Hill wants a hand-out" thing thing...Don't care what happens, just want to see the new arena.
This playoff series is going to get so heated, I'm glad to see that everyone warmed up to Gary Roberts. I know when we got him, most of us were like "WTF?", but judging from Crosby's quote about him, he's going to play a tremendous role in these playoffs. Moreso even than the guy we all originally were excited to get--BGL.
And top-notch photoshops Tiff and J Schiff (huuuge, that rhymes), nothing like coming in from a night of catching babies and catching a few laughs before goin to bed...Alexander Mogilny haha Hopefully I'll be able to catch the whole game tonight. See yinz in the chatroom.

Jon said...

And tiff, is it roarrr? rrroww? whatever it is tigers do...nice profile pic

Anonymous said...

Im proposing "Heatley is a murderer" and "Murray is a penis" photoshop expos. Also "The Disappearing Alfredsson" would be good too.

Staff said...

louis lipps, i dont know why racism isn't totally abolished yet.

the previous generation hated blacks because that crap happened in their lifetime.

we dont have any reason to be racist now. but it's still pretty prevalent.

p.s. any racial jokes we make on the site only play into obvious stereotypes. we aren't racist.

John said...

Concerning gambling/casinos ...

The facts are:

- Any city that brings in gaming to increase a city's profit because of the taxes finds out that all the money they're making from the taxes they put right back into hiring more law enforcement because the casino inevitably brings in crime.

Therefore maybe the Hill District should be asking for added protection and Law Enforcement, that could be appropriate, but just asking for money doesn't solve anything.

Go Pens.

PS - I forget the name of the National Survey that concluded the evidence listed above so I will search for it.

Anonymous said...

Apparently espn has no faith in any of the 5-8 seeds because their main page has a poll asking which team will make the stanley cup finals, the devs, sabres, thrashers, or senators. Espn is a joke

Jon said...

Well, I said I wouldn't, but eff my experiences, I've known white people that leach off the system, and those that take what they've been dealt and go on to success. The same can be said with black people I know. I'm sure there are people living in the Hill that are busting their asses in multiple jobs, trying to provide for their families, on the flipside there are the pieces of garbage that take the easy way out and sell poison to their own people.

I hope if they do get some money, they spend it wisely.

Lloyd said...


Mike Yeo dropping the first puck at the pens cup games (or at least the one starting at 2:30ish)

rachel said...

Tiff, glad you liked the articles.

Christina, you're welcome! Glad you liked the articles, too.

Lloyd, I saw that, too. I missed the beginning of the first Pens Cup game shown today.

Tiffany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiffany said...

{-_-} <-- This is the closest smiley face I could find that looks embarrassed or looks like it's blushing....thank you for the compliments Jon.

Karri, can't believe you noticed that...haha. Thank you also.

& since the Pens' ticket prices are going up for next season, does that mean the student rush prices are going up too....or do they stay the same???

Tee said...

Beer number 1 in anticipation of gamedaychat has been opened. The Jim Beam will come out sometime in the 2nd intermission. This should be good.

Tiffany said...

Tee, where'd you go?? We missed so...

& this is for you, Nick...
Yes, that picture IS funny! ;-P

Kim said...

Bryan Murray is the Biggest cry baby coach i have EVER seen....Honestly, i dont' know if i can make it through 7 games of his cryings so we better just better there asses in 4. Whatever, he sets me off


dying alive said...

Regarding that article about who the most hated Pen will be by the Senators:

1. Who doesn't like Max Talbot?
2. Could Brian Murray possibly be more of a little bitch? He should try coaching instead of whining, maybe his team would have something to show for all of their playoff appearances over the past years.
3. Who really gives a shit who the Sens and their fans don't like? They spend 82 nights a year cheering for a guy who killed one of his teammates.


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