Wednesday, April 11, 2007

6 - 3


Remember all those games that we said "felt like playoff games" during the regular season?
They don't even compare.
At 7:08:00 the puck dropped in the playoffs for the first time for us in six years.
At 7:10:43....

Andrej Meszaros says welcome to the playoffs jack

Malkin = Stunned

Fleury tripped over the invisible Dan Alfredsson in his crease and fell over.
1-0 that fast.

Abiding to the laws of karma, Meszaros later makes up for that goal by holding Jordan Staal going into the corner.
Power play.
Half of the arena falls asleep due to lack of power-play activity.
MAF had to come up big all period, but one of his biggest saves came when he stoned Orange Sherbert on a shorthanded 2-on-1.

Talbot almost costs the Pens a goal later on a miscommunication near the Pens net.
Scuderi has to knock the puck out of the air to save Talbot's balls.

Picture: Goalie Ray Emery eyes the puck like it's a 12-year-old boy.

It was all for naught, though.
Eaton blocks a shot but can't find the puck.
R. Kelly swoops in...and beats MAF.

Basically, the first six minutes of the game was like getting DDT'd by your grandma at your senior prom in front of all your friends.

Youre dead

Just a giant disaster.
Ottawa was on PCP.

The Pens calm down a bit but then get hit with two penalties on the same play.
Whitney and Orpik both go to the box.
The big play of this penalty kill?

Mark Eaton saving the Cheerleader...twice.

The Pens get a huge penalty kill.

The Pens are given another 2:20 of power-play time towards the end of the period, but no dice.
Then boom...the Pens are on another 5-on-3 penalty kill.

They weather the storm as a second period of myocardial infarction-inducing action looms.


The Pens start off the second period by killing the 5-on-3.
Then the Pens get their 20th power play of the game.
They do squat.

Orange Sherbet knees Evgeni Malkin later in the period.

Malkin was physically assaulted all game long, but he kept battling.

The Pens finally get a shot of adrenaline -- Recchi-Malkin-Malone put on the yellow jersey and generate some activity in the Sens' zone.

After some jobbin, Antoin Vermette interferes with Malkin, and the Pens hit the power play.
Of course, the refs have to stop the game and ask coach Bryan Murray what he thought.

The referees keep a towel on-hand for when Bryan Murray talks to them through his thick lisp.

That lasted roughly 3 seconds because Crusher trips up captain douchebag Alfredsson.

One the next play, the Pens get their best chance of the game when Ouellet gets a clean shot off.
But it's not garbage day.

Crusher's penalty comes back to haunt the Pens.
The Sens get a big power-play goal to make it 3-0.
Visions of a Pens Game One victory quickly turning to black.


Talbot-Staal-Ouellet cycle, and a goal is somehow scored.
Staal does his fist pump, and all of a sudden, it's 3-1.

Sid gets hit with a penalty late in the second -- the Sens go on the power play.
The PK survives the rest of the second period.
The only thing bigger than the third period on the horizon was your mom's balls.


That pumped-up, get-the-job-done mentality went out the window nine seconds into the third.
Heatley drives to the net and jobs in a goal.

It's funny because Dany Heatley should be in jail.

That letdown apparently lasted 14 seconds, though.
The Pens go back and drive the Ottawa net, and the puck finds its way past Ray Emery.

But wait.
Call up The War Room.

The city of Toronto sees their only hockey action this Spring.

Opinions will vary on whether Cosby kicked it or not...but just keep in mind how smart Crosby is.
Did the war room put that into perspective, too?
Being a Pens fan is like sex, but just don't let that deter you from seeing a jobber play when you see it.

No Goal.

Having that goal called back was Demoralization City.
Soon after, Chris Neil has a breakaway that turns into a 2-on-0.

Three minutes later, Mike Comrie jobs in a goal to make it 6-1.
The fans resume chanting Fleury's name.

Notice that there are no females with these gentlemen.

MAF peaces out, and Thibault comes in.

Then it gets interesting.
Bryan Murray thends hith Thenatorth out to thart cheap-thotting the Penth.
The first of the many skirmishes in this series ensues.
Ryan Whitney took a nasty high stick to the face from who else -- Dany Heatley.
And Heatley only gets two minutes.
He gets away with everything.

The Pens find themselves on the power play afterwards.
And then the Sens get another penalty.
5-on-3 for the Pens.

Gonchar blasts one in from the point. 6-2.
Ray Emery sucks.

Sens get another penalty. Power play for the Pens.
If the Pens score a goal there to make it 6-3 with 6:00 left, the entire city of Ottawa would call timeout.

Another Senators chokejob would have been inevitable.

Aldredsson hits Orpik in the face with an errant stick.
The Pens get a 4:00 power play.

First Whitney Orpik was bleeding.
There was more blood on the ice tonight than at the Dany Heatley crash scene.

Towards the end of the game, Sid scores to make it 6-3.

Then Ruutu starts jobbing Lee Malvo.
Talbot gets into it, too.
After that, you got to hate Talbot if you're a Sens fan.
One classy Senator fan threw something at Talbot on his way off the ice.
Immediately, Penguin fans everywhere stood up like they were going to fight someone.
Don't touch our players, fags.

We'll be back.


  • Shots: Senators - 108 ------ Pens - 26
  • Powerplay: Sens ( 2 for 6 ) ----- Pens ( 2 for 10 )
  • Ray Emery: 3 difficult saves. 3 soft goals.

  • Perfect. The Sens coast to a 6-3 win. If this makes the Sens lighten up the least bit, that's good news.
  • If you took a shot of liquor every time Recchi mishandled the puck, you might have died of alcohol poisoning.
  • It's all a matter of breaking the Senators defense. Ray Emery is garbage. If you think Ottawa is going anywhere with him in net, then wow.
  • There are so many fat people in Ottawa.
  • MAF didn't look shaky. It just wasn't a pretty game.
  • It's only Game One, but Steiggy and Errey were in pure pissed-off mode. Plus, they were blatant homers for the first time this season.



Eaton -- Jannah J
Depends -- Jschiff
Driver -- Anthony Costa


Anonymous said...

i loved bob's comment about laraque:

"laraques wind just made him fall over"

bring on saturday and "watch"


Mike Costa said...

Ottawa Can Suck It. Best Thing To Happen To The Pens, Get Raped In The First Game And Come Out Flyin The Second Game. Canadian Media Is Gonna Expect Ottawa To Do This Every Game So More Presure On Them.

Loser Chris said...

According to Versus, Mr. Roberts has scored 298 points in 114 career playoff games. How are we just hearing about this?!?!? How does Sid get all the attention when we've got a guy averaging almost 3 points per game in the playoffs?

Oh, and this game means nothing other than the jitters are gone now. We win Saturday and everything is golden.

Andrew said...

painful game to watch til the middle of the 3rd. sat is a must win. if we do, we basically clich. if not, we're in a hole.


Anonymous said...

recchi looked shaky, MAF made some huge saves, if he didnt face 400 shots, maybe they wouldn't have scored 6 times.

hopefully the cheap shots the Pens took in the 3rd period pissed them off enough to come out strong in game 2.

laraque needs to step it up from his first shift, not wait till the 3rd period to start hitting people.

whitney and orpik showed that they are the real deal, they aren't backing down.

the PP has got to be more effective, but I know every1 else is thinking that already.

ottowa's fans suck. i had no idea what they were chanting until i read this post.

Bob's comment about Sid's kicking motion was classic: "Did they take into consideration that Crosby is just that good that he could have kicked that puck in?"
Steigy: "Sid is the only player in the league that could have made that play intentionally"

one game does not a 7-game series make.


Andrew said...

298 PIM. not PTS. he has like 87 PTS.


rachel said...

Loser chris, those stats are huge. I really hope Roberts signs with the Pens for next season.

Eric, nice comments from Bobby and Steigy, haha.

Bad game, but great post guys!

Whitney and Orpik are huge. Eaton had 8 blocked shots.

I was waiting for Errey to go down and take Murray out... Not that I wouldn't have minded that ;)

If the Pens would have had as many shots as the Sens, Emery would have rolled over and started sucking his thumb like his coach.

Saturday win and 2 home games...

We'll be back.

dying alive said...

Poor MAF. His defense totally jobs him and he's got to deal with those Ottawa retards chanting his name the entire game. I hope this doesn't blow his confidence. Hopefully he puts it into perspective - after all, these are the same people who are waving some of the gayest pom-poms ever at a guy who should be behind bars.

Did anyone else catch Talbot slapping that Corvo guy upside the head as he left the ice? Classic Mad Max. That object thrown at him as he left the ice was probably the panties of some fat Canadian chick. The puck sluts in Ottawa are probably sick of looking at Heatley's tired, toothless ass.

In other news Eaton is back, baby.

Waffles said...

Somehow, you guys can take some of the pain out of losing. Thanks for keeping me in a good mood.

dying alive said...

Steiggy & Errey peed all over themselves when the Ottawa ice crew came out to fix the glass.

Loser Chris said...


Trust me, my friend and I rewound and paused it and it said 298 points.

I was obviously being sarcastic in believing it. I just thought it was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Eaton's save was amazing...

Bob was definitely pissed off tonight. Did anyone else catch him saying this MAY be a 4 minute penalty after they decided to only call 2 on Heatley???

Max made me not feel as bad after smacking Corvo on the side of the head and trying to kick Comrie while being held by the ref...

Major momentum swing towards the Pens in the end of the game, they come out flying Saturday, get some more shots on Emery, and its back home with a series tied at one! Its going to be sweet.

Anonymous said...

dying alive, i saw the Talbot slap on Corvo, fucking great. Steigy and Bob do beat off to the ice crew, though the game tonight, that was probably the most exciting segment for Pens fans.


rachel said...

Dying alive, I agree with you. Poor MAF... Mad Max was literally "mad" at the end of the game.
Steiggy & Errey peed all over themselves when the Ottawa ice crew came out to fix the glass.
I wonder if they have tryouts, haha

We don't need T-bo next year, Eaton will be the back up goalie.

Tiffany said...

Well, The Pensblog studs sum it up perfectly yet again. Can't wait for the recap when the Pens crush the Sens on Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday's game, will the staff be gracing the gamedaychatters with their presence???

Rach...Eaton will be the back up goalie is classic. He was on fire. Btw, thanks for the comment!!

& commented!! ^ٮ^

Jason said...

Only thing worse then the Pens play in the first period was the versus camera crew. I can think of atleast 5 times when they couldnt find the puck.

Anonymous said...

also, big props to everyone on not hitting the panic button. you see on all those facebook group people fucking losing it and shit.

but then again, i guess that is the difference between pens fans and "pens fans"

oh yea, ravenstahl is growing a playoff beard. bandwagon jumper or maybe doing what every 19 year old is doing thats not playing hockey?


Anonymous said...

oh yea, here in cambria county, we got the game on FSN.

was it different in other areas or what?


Michael said...

Pens looked so-so in the first, but in the last 40 minutes we played very well. Can't spot a team a 2-0 lead on their home ice in the playoffs and expect to come back. We're gonna be alright as long as Fleury settles down.

Steve said...

Well that certainly was a shock to the system. I mean, Holy Shit we were manhandled tonight. It was a pretty tough game to watch and if I had more than one tv in my house I probably would have thrown it out the damn window.

And those refs should put a f'n bullet in the seein-eye dogs they're using out there. Fuck! I can't wait for Game 2 already, we better fuck them up cause this is a big time to make a big statement on their home ice. Real big game.

As always great recap

Anonymous said...

if the "second season" is anything like the regular season, then a 6-3 drubbing might do the pens some good...

after we lost the first game of the regular season to the Sens 6-3, we proceded to win the next 3...

I'm just saying it's something to think about!

seth said...

saturday is must win.. no question

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

For the love of fuck!!

Did anyone realize that Dallas and Vancouver are still playing?

I need sleep. Hockey turns me into a belligerent, swearing moron even when it's two teams I don't care about.

Seth Rorabaugh said...


I'm hanging in there. I've got Daniel Sedin in my playoff pool.

Lord help me.

Christina said...

well. i suppose that a good slap in the face was what the Pens needed to get them to focus...all the talk of the past week or so was bound to have some effect on them.

first game out of the way. now it's time to move forward....saturday's definitely a must-win.


Tiffany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiffany said...

Ok guys,
Going back to your post....there was something that I didn't understand.
Basically, the first six minutes of the game was like getting DDT'd by your grandma at your senior prom in front of all your friends.

Thankfully, came through with some definitions. Out of the list they gave, there was one that stood out the most. DDT = a wrestling move???
....either that or it's an insectiside. ;-)

Staff said...

wikipedia "jake the snake roberts"

FritoWill said...

I haven't jumped yet, but this team can't beat the Sens and the refs at the same time.

I sound like a homer but come on!!!

i just hope it wakes this team up.

Dwayne said...

I still don't get how you can highstick someone, gash their brow wide-the-fuck-open, and somehow only manage to get two points. Is the ref fucking retarded?

Other than that, I don't think anything stood out that I'd complain about too much. I think Sid was just pulling that knee in so he didn't blow a knee out, and it just *happened* that it was moving forward in a kicking motion. The rules don't say anything about "Distinct kicking motion is a-okay as long as the player is trying to save his ligaments from certain doom", so I can accept it being waved off.

Oh, the tripping should've been called, but I'm sure there were a few pens plays that should have been called as well, so I imagine it pretty much evened out in the end.

Anyway, if I weren't sitting so deep in E17, I'd totally make a sign on a sheet and hang it on Sunday.

"Dany Heatley: Killing Best Friends since 2003"

Unfortunately, being in section E17, it'd have to be *really* huge if anyone were going to see it.

Dwayne said...

Errr, 2 minutes. That's what I get posting approximately 30 nanoseconds after crawling out of bed.

Jon said...

It's pretty crazy, but in my mind whenever they had to go to the "warroom in Toronto", I always imagined it looked like the war room from Dr. Strangelove. Then yinz put that picture there and my suspicions were confirmed.
This game was hard to watch, I noticed Recchi with the errent passes, us getting smacked around all game until the end, Fleury playing his ass off yet still looking overwhelmed (some of his goals were just unlucky rebounds finding Sens) and us generally letting our playoff gonads drop. I forgot what the intensity of hate for another team that the playoffs brings.

DDT by grandma huh? Reminds me of my favorite quote, "I want to get taxidermied suplexing a puma."

Jon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jon said...

Excellent point Dwayne, I was yelling at the screen that if a player is trying to SAVE HIS KNEE LIGAMENTS FROM SNAPPING LIKE TWIGS and the puck hits him and goes in, how can that not be a goal. And Luongo had 70 saves last night. What a beast.

karri said...

"I would start T-Bo, MAF was shaky...courtesy of message board"

WHAT THE $@#&!!! I can't believe that!

Fleury has been the guy all year...he, and basically only he, kept the score at 6 for the Sens last night...all but that incredible Mark Eaton save.

How can you give up on him after only one game? I stress, it was just their FIRST game. Saturday will be a competely different kind of game.

(I will not include the LETS after that post of theirs!)

Anonymous said...

Mabye it's just me but I thaught Emery had a piss poor game, he was giving up a lot of rebounds but his D played solid enough to clear the puck. We put men in front of the net we put pucks in the net...just remember the 91 cup team never one a game 1 in their first four attempts. And the Ottawa Choke-Artist never won a game 2.


AndrewGurn said...


Did we trade Melichar to the Senators right before the game? He passed to them more times than he did us.

That whole first persiod was sad. For a minute I thought they may had accidently switched Evgeni Malkin's plane ticket with Michelle Malkin's.

Recchi is useless.

Eaton was awesome.

Fleury was good except for the first goal where he tripped over his own scrotum and fell over as the puck was coming towards him. Keep Thibault on the bench, plzokthnks.

Whatever. GAME 2. The jitters are gone. DO IT.

--Andrew G Weitzel

Anonymous said...

If the Pens would have had as many shots as the Sens, Emery would have rolled over and started sucking his thumb like his coach.


Were you implying that his coach also sucks his thumb, or that Emery also sucks his coach???

Hmmmm...either way...

Dwayne said...

player assessment:
- eaton played a hell of a game, blocking shots left and right. his lone blemish was the kelly goal, and then, he was on his knees, so i can't blame him too much
- oullet made a few bad passes, but he was playing possessed on the forecheck, something i've never seen him do. he's a little dude, but he basically said "eff that ess" and went in like the fucking juggernaut.
- recchi was garbage. he mishandled the puck just about everytime he touched it. it was driving me mad.
- roberts had a few big hits, was big in front of the net (but it seemed like everytime he was there, no one could get a SOG)
- malone played a solid game - he had a few sorta chances, but they weren't fantastic ones by any stretch of the imagination. he was like glue on whoever had the puck and he hit a few guys pretty hard, too.
- ruutu he needs to throw hits more and jaw less. i realize that's his game in the regular season, but these guys aren't *really* going to fight. so just hit the dude, skate away, and the next chance you get, hit him again. and if he happens to drop the gloves first, ablige him by knocking his fucking teeth out.
- laraque needs to play bigger in the first two periods. he didn't really dig in and start leveling people until the third, and that isn't going to work. the senators are going to hit hard and hit often, and sometimes hit cheap. so hit them first. it obviously doens't matter whether you start it or they do, because eventually they will. do it up.
- fleury played well, sans the first goal and the breakaway goal. I'd say he should've had the breakaway, but it was a 2-0 break and he was watching both guys. maybe he was just boned from the start. the first goal, he was just way out of position. but the rest of the night, if his defense would have been there, or, hell, they just got the puck deep beforehand, he would not have been scored on even remotely close to as much.

loralei said...

Seriously... If I'm stuck watching versus the whole playoffs I might go postal on someone. Was anyone else stuck watching that crap? And the camera work was AWFUL! The puck went one way and the camera the other. Thank god I had class and didnt have to endure that for all 3 periods, I would have probably tried to puncture my own ear drums.

As far as the Pens, honestly if you think about it, they havent really had a bad game like that since before Christmas. They were probably due for a good shalacking to re-focus them. There is going to be a totally different team out there on Sat. As far as Fleury goes, he stays in. He hates to lose just as much as anyone. And, this year he has always stepped it up after a bad game. His game will be 110% better on Saturday.

Jon said...

That quote about starting T-Bo is what Barry Melrose was saying on his analysis of the game, which I don't agree with at all. He also said that our goaltending is our achilles' heel, and why he picked ottawa to win the he thinks Ray Emery is that much better than Fleury. Wow.
If anything contributes to us losing the series, it'll be our inability to win faceoffs. 46-33 is not good, and it seemed like we lost faceoffs at crucial powerplay opportunities. Just frustrating.

Spencemo said...

This is the kind of stuff that happens with an all Ottawa officiating crew. Good Christ. Who's running that war room in Toronto, Mr. Magoo??? Fuckers.

Anonymous said...

The NHL playoffs are going on and ESPN only has one tiny thing about it on their front page but they have a huge counter counting down to the NFL draft that is in 15 days!!! You gotta be kidding me...

Anonymous said...

ESPN Sports = S**T!

Anonymous said...

Im not trying to blame the refs or anything cause I also understand that we did not play well at all those first two periods, but I just dont understand how Ryan Whitney can have a huge bleeding gash over his eye and its only a two-minute power play?!? That one was so much worse than the one on Brooks, but since there was blood on Orpik, it was 4 minutes. THey called a very inconsistent game and what was with the two-minute 5-on-3?? And people claim the refs call the games in favor of the Pens, hopefully this game will stop that theory.

But hey, we have the momentum going into the next game and all of Canada is going to be on the Senators nuts expecting them to play like that the whole series. It should be an awesome series!

Adrienne said...

Holy fucking god... I sat up and listened to this whole game, as painful as it was. I just can't believe how rough we had it.

From the sound of it, Ottawa played like Anaheim on crack. I don't even want to imagine what it looked like to watch it.


We'll pull through though, we just had to get over the first game.

On another note, Steigy had me cracking up for a good part of the game. At least there was a bit of comic relief to the game.

russell lucas said...

I know nobody's throwing in the towel, but [old guy] I was at game four of the first round series of the 91-92 playoffs against the Capitals.[/old guy] The Pens got wiped on home ice, 7-2, to go down 3-1 in the series, and there wasn't anyone in that building who thought they'd do anything at all the rest of that year, let alone win eleven straight games and the Cup.

'Course, that team beat the Caps by playing the trap, but no matter.

Serously, screw the way the NBC TV schedule has messed up the game schedule. The Pens really shouldn't be hanging around Ottawa for the better part of three days waiting to play again, but traveling back and forth between games before playing back-to-back made no sense, either.

dave said...

Why do people miss the point entirely? The only instance where Saturday would be a 'must win' game is if we were on the brink of elimination. Game 1 of a best of 7 series is not the brink of elimination last time I checked. Moreover our lack of experience in a situation like this will probably result in us going into a 0-2 hole in the series. Ideally we would love to make a statement by stomping some Ottawa vag on Saturday but it's a no big deal if we don't. The one thing we can't afford is to have another game as out of hand as this past one. So stop hopping off the God damn bandwagon and have faith in the Honorable Therrien

Stoosh said...

From everything I've read so far today, Ottawa fans are going to dislocate their collective shoulder patting themselves on the back so much over last night's win. Good crikey, someone tell these people it's a seven-game series.

For all those who would like to get a laugh, the quote on the header today suggesting that the Pens start T-bo in Game Two comes courtesy of an LGP regular who signs on as "ZScout". This chowderhead does nothing but post contrarian, nonsensical suggestions and does nothing to elaborate on them. If you want a good laugh, search for posts that he authored on the boards. I think he's one of those people who used to call Madden's show and suggest that the Steelers address their right tackle problem by asking Mark Bruener to put on 30 pounds.

When they put up the graphic showing the names of the game's officials, I'm not sure what's worse (or Murray would thay)...seeing Brad "Rewriting the Rulebook as We Go" Watson's name or seeing Paul "No Really, All These People Are Paying to See ME" Devorski's name. I'm not suggesting the refs cost the Pens the game...the team did that on their own last night. But the disallowed Crosby goal was brutal, and the handling of the high sticks when Whitney and Orpik were bleeding out was deplorable. Stephen Walkom should be ashamed.

I think the Pens learned the hard way that they need to play the entire game the way they did in the last ten minutes of the third. I know Ottawa was sitting back a bit, but the Pens were finally beating them to loose pucks and drawing penalties because they were outhustling the Sens. They need to keep it up and establish that forecheck.

And for anyone who suggested that 1) those last two Pens goals were garbage goals and 2) the Pens running around and picking fights doesn't help, think back to Game Two of the Philly-Pens series in the 1999-00 playoffs. We took the first two games of the series on the road. In winning Game Two by a score of 4-1 (could've been worse), we beat the Flyers up and down the ice in much the same way that Ottawa did to us last night. Philly spent the last ten minutes of the period finishing every check, picking fights, dropping gloves. I remember watching the game and scoffing at the national broadcasters who insisted that the Flyers were "sending a message". I figured they were resorting to typical Flyer goonism.

Low and behold, the Flyers came to Pittsburgh, won Game Three in OT, then won Game Four in the infamous five-OT game to tie the series. The Pens were broken from squandering a 2-0 series lead and never recovered from the five-OT game. We lost Games Five and Six 6-3 and 2-1 respectively.

I expect a much different Pens team to take the ice Saturday afternoon.

Jon said...

Well said Stoosh, as hard as that game was to watch, I can imagine the players being that much more pissed about how they played. Hopefully it lit a fire under their asses

Teej said...

I hate to job Malkin (or anyone else on the team), but does anyone agree that he MUST put on more muscle in the off-season? He was being bounced around more than a hyperactive five-year-old eating a Hershey bar. Sure, he's big, but 192 lbs is pretty miniscule for a 6'3 hockey player at the NHL level. My own opinion *puts up stone shield*

I agree with those that say this first game was a good wakeup call for the Pens, welcome to the playoffs. Great opportunity for them to re-focus and realize where they are and what they're playing for.


Anonymous said...

LGP is a pretty good site, but the negativity over there spirals out of control after every loss.

Jason said...

"Keep a close eye on how the Pittsburgh-Ottawa series is officiated. There's a strong belief from the coaching fraternity that the 2007 Art Ross Trophy winner receives preferential treatment and draws more penalties than are warranted."
- some asshole at tsn, posted AFTER game 1 was over

do they even watch the same game in canada?

Loser Chris said...

Anyone who didn't see this game coming a mile away should have their eyes checked. Ottawa had to win last night or else they would have been booed all night by their home fans and been hit with a wave of "Sens are choking again" stories from the Canadian media. The Pens just needed to get a game under their belt.

I agree with the others here who think this game will light a fire under them. When the game got out of hand score-wise I was actually happy because it sent a clear signal to the team that they need to step it up a couple notches. If they had lost a close game it would be too easy for them to think that everything is fine and that they should just keep doing what they are doing.

As it is, now they have to spend two days in Ottawa watching Sens fans make out with each other and having Therrien give them dirty looks. This team is coming out fired up on Saturday. Sid and Flower especially.

In the meantime, everyone chill out and go watch Against the Odds again. Everything is fine.

Anonymous said...

"Sens dominated from start to finish. They dominated in every phase of the game. Pittsburgh can't match our depth and will suffer accordingly. It was great to see the Sens take it physically to Roberts, Malkin and Sid the Whiner. They better be ready for more pain on the weekend. They will soon learn that a 3-1 edge in the regular season means absolutely nothing"

Wow, these Canadians are getting pretty cocky, they need to realize that its a 7 game series, not just 1.

EmDubs said...

Homo Arena..... nice guys

Anonymous said...

I cant believe after only one game, the senators fans, who have witnessed a ton of choking in the past, think that this series is already over. And apparently theyve all been listening to Bryan Murray for too long...

"The other thing that bugs me is Crosby's attitude. That dude had better grow up fast. He's a whiner, dives too much, and has a mouth like a garbage pail. He may be the best skilled player out there, but he has no class. Give me Ovechkin any day. He's a complete player and NEVER dives. On a positive note, at least the right team won tonight....and the Leafs are out of the playoffs. Yeah!"

Go ahead, you can have Ovechkin, and the only reason Crosby FALLS (not dives) so much is because the other team hangs all over him. God, watch the freaking game and get a clue!!

Steve in Denver said...

The Jens found the good Woodstock acid for last night's game. That first 10 minutes was unreal. Not sure I've ever seen a team move so fast and execute like that. I think they've blown their collective load all in one game. Their world crashes to a halt Saturday afternoon. Fags.

Staal played like a big, hairy man last night. Props to him...he was one of the few that made life difficult for the Jens D.

Coach douchebag Murray looks a lot like Leslie Nielsen. We cannot lose to a gay Canadian airline pilot.

MAF made some huge saves...they could have put up 10. He'll get it together, as will his clean-up crew in front. He will bounce back HUGE...his eyes were steely after getting benched. He will be all business.


russell lucas said...

It's weird and creepy how many Ottawa fans define themselves in terms of the Maple Leafs. I mean, sure the Penguins have big-time rivalries, too, but it's not like if they lose this series I'll be all "Well, the Flyers/Capitals suck even more and didn't make the playoffs!" That's a retard move.

Matt said...

Stoosh, great comments and references in your post, but this paragraph about that 99-00 FLyers series was missing a key point. You said:

"And for anyone who suggested that 1) those last two Pens goals were garbage goals and 2) the Pens running around and picking fights doesn't help, think back to Game Two of the Philly-Pens series in the 1999-00 playoffs. We took the first two games of the series on the road. In winning Game Two by a score of 4-1 (could've been worse), we beat the Flyers up and down the ice in much the same way that Ottawa did to us last night. Philly spent the last ten minutes of the period finishing every check, picking fights, dropping gloves."

But something to consider: The Flyers outshot the Pens in that Game 2, 45-25. If it wasn't for Tugnutt, the Pens would have lost that game. It was 4-1, but easily could have been 7-4 the other way. The Flyers controlled every game of that series maybe with the exception of the 5-OT game that the Pens would have won if not for LeClair's big, dopey head.

Man, I hate the Flyers. Eff them. They deserved every loss they took this year.

*Redirecting hatred where it belongs*

And Eff Ottawa, too.

Tee said...

That game was a firm punch in the manpouch. I will be in the gamedaychat on saturday, we're 3-0 when I'm there so hey maybe I'm lucky.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

^^^Way to be a troll, get a life, its one game, you still wont be hoisting the cup this year or anytime soon cause Alfie is due to disappear very very soon!

Tiffany said...

Man oh man!! Lots to catch up on... Well first off, lemme apologize for all of the restating that’s yet ahead. Secondly, thank you staffers—-for referring me to wikipedia. ;-) Forgot to tell you, though, that this was hilarious!! I mean...thith wath hilariouth!!
Bryan Murray thends hith Thenatorth out to thart cheap-thotting the Penth. -- You really do take our minds off anything bad that happens.

Another thing, for everyone who said that it’s only game 1 of 7: you’re absolutely right.....we’re still ok. The first game definitely could have been a lot worse. Plus, most of these guys have never been to the playoffs. They were probably hallucinating out there before it hit them. So whether our first win is Saturday or Sunday (with Fleury in the net), the point is Ottawa’s gettin’ kicked out in the 1st usual.

Now onto the funnies...
Notice that there are no females with these gentlemen. -- guys rock!
"Dany Heatley: Killing Best Friends since 2003" -- Dwayne, that would be SO sweet if you could actually find a way to hang that sign.
Were you implying that his coach also sucks his thumb, or that Emery also sucks his coach??? -- Hahaha!!! Wow.....
Coach douchebag Murray looks a lot like Leslie Nielsen. We cannot lose to a gay Canadian airline pilot. -- Steve in Denver, never noticed that. Now every time I see Murray, Leslie Nielsen’s gonna pop into my head. ^ٮ^
It's pretty crazy, but in my mind whenever they had to go to the "warroom in Toronto", I always imagined it looked like the war room from Dr. Strangelove. Then yinz put that picture there and my suspicions were confirmed. -- Jon, really don’t know how you manage to do it... By the way, Tiger, I concur with all of your comments.....”and us generally letting our playoff gonads drop”. *ٮ*

P.S. Yay! Tee Magnifique is returning to the GDC!!

john said...

someone in the igloo section sitting behind ottawa's bench should make a sign that says murderer with an arrow on it. when heatley moves up and down the bench the people in that row should pass it up and down the row so that anytime he's on tv we are reminded he should be in jail.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody else realize that those two dipshit Canadians misspelled Penguins? Or is that just the way that those retards pronounce it?

Either way they're retards.... and support the murder of innocent people.

I hope Heatley enjoys hell.

thomes08 said...

Someone should tell those fags penguins don't have feathers.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...looks like they were trying to spell the French word-- pingouins--but put pengouins instead. They should've prepared before the game because by the time they arrived at Homo Arena, they were too trashed to know the difference.

Kim said...

Its easy for everyone to blame MAF when you look @ the score and know nothing about hockey. But when you let the other team fly into your zone all night and look like the word "hockey" is foreign to the defense, its hard for him to do any better than he did. B/c of MAF it wasn't 10 or 12 to 3...honestly, he made some awsome saves, but the only thing ppl will see is the 6-3 loss. Poor MAF...i love him anyway....Saturday is a new day!

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