Thursday, April 19, 2007

There we were.
Do or die.
Ottawa was in a frenzy after their anthem singer copied off of Edmonton's last year.

Right off the bat, Ottawa came out and said, "Here. You want back in the series? Here's your chance."

The Pens get two 5-on-3's in the first five minutes.
Crosby gets a few shots; stoned.

Nice sign.
Good luck getting laid, fat ass.

The Pens not taking advantage of these power plays -- You just knew it was bad news.

Your grandma knows what this she goes to bed.

Close the door. It's over.

Later on, Orpik owns Chris Neil in the midsection. Orpik goes to the box.
Armstrong and Talbot are on acid and kill the penalty.

Crosby and Spezza do each other, and we see 4-on-4 action.
Nothing doin'.

The first period is winding down, and the Ottawa crowd cannot be heard for miles.
They are too busy making out with each other.

Orpik gets a phantom penalty towards the end.
That was it.
Very uneventful.


The Senators come out on their continued power play.
Heatley driving to the goal.

Hey look, at least none of our players killed anyone.
Heatley jokes retired until next year dick.
1 - 0.

MAF making some slick saves to keep it a one-goal game.
Say what you want, but when the playoffs start next year, you won't have to worry about MAF.
Solid Effort.

Crosby drives the net and gets hauled down.
Power play.

Old Chinese proverb: Power plays win games.

Unfortunately, the Pens don't care about Asia.
At the end of the power play, Anton Vermette gets a breakaway.

2 - 0.

Time ticking down on the season.

Nothing going on during the middle part of the second except a sick feeling chillin in your stomach.

Later in the second period, the Ottawa fans start chanting "Roberts, Roberts."
Gary Roberts, what a human being.
If you've gotten under the skin of 17,000-plus people, you're doing something right.

You could talk more about the second period, but there are only so many synonyms of desperation.

If you weren't already feeling the blues, Chris Kelly takes advantage of some Pens gayness.

3 - 0.

Comrie comes down a minute later and almost makes it 4 - 0.
But we finally get some help from a third-party entity in this series as it hits the post.


20 minutes.
One last go.
Mark Eaton almost scored the biggest goal of his life.
It just wasn't to be.

The Pens get an early power play. Wow.
No dice.

Senators get a too-many-men penalty.
You know what that means.

These guys seeing more action than Ray Emery.
Sadly, we will miss making this joke.

11:11 left. Make a wish.
Roberts lines up Anton Volchenkov from the blue line.
Volchenkov doesn't know what's going on.

Please don't retire.

4:00 remaining.
The Pens get their last chance. Whitney carries it up on a 3-on-2.
Malkin one-time slapper.
Black Jesus makes the glove save.
Senators fans start the singing the hey, hey, hey, goodbye song.

Canada is a joke
Who hands out pom poms to their fans?

2:00 remaining.
1:00 remaining.


Every Senator made sure to get in line for the handshake.
Shaking Mark Eaton's hand guarantees them a Stanley Cup.


Fri., Apr. 20 -- 10:40 PM
Sat., Apr. 21 -- 10:10 PM
Sun., Apr. 22 -- 4:10 PM



Your Mom: 4 dudes
Ottawa: 4 wins
Pittsburgh: 1 win

  • Two words: Kris Letang.
  • Two words: Kansas City
  • Playoff MVP: MAF, Jordan Staal, Gary Roberts
  • Who else cannot wait to root against Ottawa?

Enjoy your April 20th.


If you want to stick around for the rest of the playoffs, we'll be here.

Thanks to every reader, e-mailer, jobber, commentor, monkey, chicken, douche bag, joke, fag, and homo.

Thank you for reading.
We don't talk about how many hits we get because we don't care.

We don't touch ourselves over how many hits we get, but thanks to everyone who has spread the site with word of mouth and giving us a chance to spread some laughs.

We started this blog in early September.
We didn't think it would turn out like this.
We didn't think it would encompass so much of our time.
Complaining, we are not.
It was one hell of a ride.
If you don't think we're gonna be here in September, you have no grip on reality.


Sens girls ---- Chris Y.


Staff said...

The picture you see up top now will be making an apperance every night until the Pens drop the puck in 2007-2008.

Thanks again everyone

seth said...

thanks pensblog.. good year

Michael said...

It was a great year... and thanks to Mario and the new arena deal, we'll get to see many more great years from these guys.

Anonymous said...

sniff's over.

why does everyone pretend maf was good?

Scott said...

wat a great year...u guys at the pensblog made it even more enjoyable...add a few parts to next years team and we're gonna be somethin serious

bwzimmerman - the Undead Hand of Kevin Stevens said...

dude, thepensblog has been clutch all season. y'all have rocked as - handsdown - the best, most fun, pittsburgh sports blog on teh internets EVAR.

thank you beyond thank yous.


Joe said...

thanks for everything you guys have done this year--through wins and losses and everything else the pensblog has been great.

Staff said...

Besides Game One, MAF kept us in every game.

He's only like 15 years old.

The Undead Hand of Kevin Stevens said...

PS. for the rest of the post season, i'm rooting for the RANGERS. why? the enemy of my enemy is MY BRUTHA. here's to muthatruckin' AVERY destroying Ottawa and all the ex-Pens lighting them up like a rigged skeeball ramp.

Courtney said...

I've never commented before, but I've read just about every pensblog entry. Just wanted to say thanks, you guys made me laugh each and every time. I've told every pens fan I know about the site!

AJ said...

Thanks for the laughs guys... I can't believe we're done already.

One week of playoff hockey was infinitely better than 6 years of scratching my nutsack after the last regular season game.

Gary Roberts... please pull on the Penguins sweater for at least one more year.

Power Play... would have been nice if you hadn't been playing golf with the Flyers all week.

Pittsburgh... you stay classy.

"Christ. Seven years of college down the drain. Might as well join the fucking Peace Corps."

Staff said...

Thanks Courtney welcome to the circus.

Whoever Ottawa plays we are turning it into an anti-senators blog..

If that means we have to be devils blog we have to do it.

Anonymous said...

Mario Lemieux, Simply the best.

Pensblog, Simply the best blog.

Andrew said...

Letang, Sneep, and Goligowski. no smellicrap and scruds. next year should be much better.

go pens. 07/08 it's the cup or bust.


dying alive said...

That pic up top makes me want to cry.

Thanks to the Pensblog for being the best hockey blog around. Seriously, I've checked out some of the blogs by fans of other teams, and they're a joke compared to this one. You guys are funny as hell.

Thanks to the Pens for a great season. Thanks to Gary Roberts for being a mean mofo (please come back next year). Thanks to Max, Brooks and Army for being on PCP. Thanks to MAF for robbing more people than Maurice Clarett. Thanks to Sid, Geno, and Staal for being monsters with the puck.

Thanks to Mark Eaton for curing cancer in his spare time. Thanks to Ouellet for being the best garbageman in the league. Thanks to Mario for not moving the team to Cowtown, USA. Thanks to Mellon arena for going one more year without burning down or falling apart.

When does training camp start?

kate said...

thanks for a great season, both to the pens and the pensblog. you guys seriously made things great all year long. even after a loss, i knew i could come here and read something to make me laugh and make a loss a little easier. and tonight is no exception.

next year... big things.

thanks again, guys.

seth rorabaugh said...

Quality work boys.

Thanks for the link on the side as well.

Kim said...

When i saw the first picture, I seriously teared up. My boyfriend and I "found" the pensblog in december and I'm so glad we did b/c it made the season that much better. And whoever the hell anonymous was that said MAF wasn't good, obviously hasn't watched the season, and/or knows NOTHING about the game of hockey AT ALL. MAF is my hero and in my opinion, the only reason we kind of saved-face and ended up playing 5 games instead of 4. Anywayz, it was a gr8 season and a gr8 pensblog and I'll b here in September waiting!

Lloyd said...

Thanks PensBlog for a very exciting season of recaps. Every gamenight, i couldn't wait to see what the staff had posted in the recaps. Every post was the stuff that Mark Eaton makes, pure gold (Even the pictureBlog ones).

Thanks Mario for getting the deal done.

Thanks the my fellow GDC'ers for an awesome chat day in and day out.

Thanks Pens, without you, we wouldnt gather here.

Thanks to the fans... because if our suppport wasn't there all season, there wouldn't have been those last minute talks... we would be visiting the KCPensblog.

Thanks to Adobe for creating the software to do some amazing things to photographs.

Thanks to Mark Eaton and Gary Roberts for saving the world.

I shall be back next year, as will our pens.

Please, Tell your friends about this place. It is without a doubt the greatest place for pens fans to gathern. I hope this post didn't sound too corny.

Lloyd said...

to: Anonymous @ 11:30 PM
subject: die in a fire.

Body: Die in a Fire.

You obviously weren't watching the same games we were.

Teej said...

Pensblog jobbers,

Thanks for making this year one hell of a good laugh after another. Incredible season. What was accomplished this year? Here's a quick rundown...

Pittsburgh: New arena for 2009-10 season
Crosby: Art Ross Trophy and hands-down Hart Trophy winner
Penguins: 47 wins, 105 points
Malkin + Staal: Incredible rookie seasons
Fleury: 40 wins
Me: 114 cheesesteak hoagies and Bud Lights aplenty

Don't know about anyone else, but I'm really looking forward to Letang getting in the mix next season, now that he's had more time to develop so he should bring a lot to the team.

And whoever the commenter was that dissed MAF......hmmmmmm... wow. If not for MAF, the Pens would have lost 7-0 or 8-0 tonight. Just saying.

Thanks again, and I'll still be visiting regularly!!


Barrasso35 said...

1. Gary Roberts' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried. Ever.

2. Gary Roberts counted to infinity - twice.

3. Gary Roberts does not hunt because the word hunting infers the probability of failure. Gary Roberts goes killing.

4. If you can see Gary Roberts, he can see you. If you can't see Gary Roberts you may be only seconds away from death.

5. Gary Roberts sold his soul to the devil for his rugged good looks and unparalleled hockey ability. Shortly after the transaction was finalized, Gary cross-checked the devil into the boards and took his soul back. The devil, who appreciates irony, couldn't stay mad and admitted he should have seen it coming. They now play bubble hockey every second Wednesday of the month.

6. When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night he checks his closet for Gary Roberts.

7. Gary Roberts built a time machine and went back in time to stop the JFK assassination. As Oswald shot, Gary Roberts met all three bullets with his playoff beard, deflecting them. JFK's head exploded out of sheer amazement.

8. Gary Roberts has already been to Mars; that's why there are no signs of life there.

9. They once made a Gary Roberts toilet paper, but it wouldn't take shit from anybody.

10. A blind man once stepped on Gary Roberts' shoe. Gary replied, "Don't you know who I am? I'm Gary Fucking Roberts!" The mere mention of his name cured this man blindness. Sadly the first, last, and only thing this man ever saw, was a fatal check delivered by Gary Roberts.

Anonymous said...

I've been readin the blog since the preseason in september, great stuff all season long. you guys epitomize the passion that Penguin fans hold in their hearts for our team.

this team is gonna be great for as long as they can keep them together, lets just hope the kids dont start seeing $ signs (like a certain #68 Penguin) before we get at least 1 cup out of them. can't wait till next year. until then i'm a Ducks "fan". thanks for the ride guys.


sara said...

fantastic job pensblog. your recaps always make my night.

new arena. art ross winner. rookie of the year. i'd say it's been a successful season.

can't wait for next year.

Anonymous said...

GARY, please don't retire, Recchi needs a drinking buddy on the weekends and Sarge only drinks foreign beer

aquietgirl said...

At least you guys have a sense of humour, if not much taste in teams.

Barrasso35 said...

I watched the game with my mom at the bar tonight. I don't think I've ever heard her say, "What the fuck?" so many times in one sitting.

I live in Kansas. Kansas City did not get OUR hockey team. That's ONE good thing. Be thankful for that, if nothing else.

Also, the Pens made the playoffs for the first time in five years.

Also, we got Gary Roberts.

What a great season.

Thanks Penguins, for the awesome games.

Thanks Mario, for saving the team... again.

Thanks Pensblog, for the laughs.

Staff said...

humor spelled humour!


sens were simply the better team.

thanks for reading.


Loser Chris said...

Fact: The Pens have never missed the playoffs since the creation of the Pensblog.

Thanks for everything this season. It was nice to have other Pens fans to interact with on a daily basis after 29 years on this li'l ball of dirt Mark Eaton allows us all to call home.

To the guy who dissed MAF... you're a clown. Now get back to work, if Bryan Murray's nephew doesn't get his 5 extra large pizzas in the next 30 minutes they're free!

Something to think about for next season... How nice would Chris Drury or Keith Tkachuk look in a Pens uni? I think Shero should take advantage of the cap space before the kids all get their first round of big contracts.

rachel said...

That picture up top really brings tears... I can't believe it's over. It seems like yesterday it was training camp.

Thank you Pensblog for making this season through the winning streaks to the heartbreaks. You guys were always there to provide a laugh and made every game so much better.

Thanks to all the commentors out there, it has been great this season! And to the GDC'ers, it's been great on game nights.

Thanks to the fans that have stuck by the Penguins no matter what.

Thank you Mario for saving the Pens once again.

This year has been so much better than expected even this loss can't dampen what the Pens have achieved this year...
- The Pens are here to stay
"Tonight, I'm proud to announce that your Pittsburgh Penguins will remain right here in Pittsburgh where they belong!"
- Crosby is the scoring leader and MVP of the NHL and continues to amaze everyone with his skill
- Malkin is the scoring leader of all rookies
- Staal with 29 goals (23-0-3) and 3 in the playoffs. Who would have thought he would have been this huge? And 7 shorties to lead the NHL. He's also 18.
- Have I mentioned the Pens for 30 years with a new, amazing arena?!
- MAF with 40 wins and his dazzling saves.
- All these players above are 22 and under.
- Making the playoffs for the first time since 2001
- How huge has Roberts been since the trade deadline? He is a one man wrecking crew.
- Sweeping the Flyers
- Ouellet's improvement along the boards and his garbage goals.
- Christensen being money in the shootouts.
- Recchi with 500+ career goals
- The tons of sellouts
- Thibault being a solid back-up for MAF.
- Whitney and Orpik for being great on D together.
- Mad Max on his acid during every game.
- Army for nailing everyone with their head down.
- Ruutu for making every other team hate him.
- Eaton for saving the world.
- 16 game point streak (14-0-2)
- Gonchar was 2nd in scoring for defensemen.
- Malone being pretty good on PK
- Scuderi, Melichar, and Nasreddine for being there to hold up the rest of the blue line.
- Ekman, Thorburn, and Petro may not have played as much, but they helped the Pens to where they are and are all great guys.
- The Comeback and Heart Attack Kids making it one exciting season.
- The great chemistry of this team
- Therrien's coaching has created this season.
- Shero for putting this team together.
- There are too many more highlights from this season to list...

I can't wait for next season!

Pretty Flaco said...

Thank you guys for running my favorite site on the internet. Besides

haha just kidding

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first time poster.
Just wanna thank you for the season and looking forward to next year! Good work.

Loser Chris said...

While we're all at it, thanks to Craig Patrick too. This team has his fingerprints all over it.

Anonymous said...

i understand the expectations are going to high next year, but, let's get ready to roll people.

it's gonna be one hell of a 07-08 season.

thanks pensblog and everyone else that participated in this circus all year.


Anonymous said...

Pensblog, hands down, the best sports blog i read.

And i'm not even from pittsburgh...not even a Penguins fan.

If you guys ran an NHL blog that covered the entire league, you would be the Mark Eaton of blogging.

Tough luck Pens fans.
The team looks poised for greatness.

-- Jason, Dallas, TX.

Jason said...

could be alot worse, that could have been the last pittsburgh penguins game ever.

glad to hear you guys are gonna keep up the blog for the rest of the season. I hope the islanders advance so you can keep using the ted nolan jokes.

roberts coming back next year would be huge, but who knows if he can handle the grind of a full season again. Maybe the pens can do with roberts what the astros did with clemens. Let him sit on his ass until mid february and bring him in for the playoffs.

Tippy said...

thanks, a hundred times over. i checked the blog every day, and laughed every time. i seriously hope y'all keep posting over the summer. but if not, take 'er sleazy and have a great off season.

Anonymous said...

You guys fuckin rock. Thanks for all the recaps. Thanks for all the jokes. Long live the Pens.

Anonymous said...

i wasn't actually trying to diss maf. i want him to do well. i want him to look like the goalie we were promised. he has at times. he's good at flopping around and stopping people in front of cage, but he can't stop a wristshot from the blueline or closer.

ranked 26th in gaa. granted, the pens play a more wide open game and this stat may not be fair.

he's ranked 24th in save percentage. 24th!!

rachel said...

Whitney pretty much sums up the heading pic...
"Maybe in a month, when you kind of sit back and look at the season we had, it's going to feel good. But, right now, it couldn't feel worse."
So does Orpik...
"We went into the series saying we weren't satisfied with what we did during the year. Maybe after we have our exit meetings and sit back we'll see and realize the improvement we made, but I don't think anyone's thinking about that right now."

The Pens will come back next year ready to dominate...
"The turnaround we had is impressive," Crosby said. "It says a lot about the guys and the organization."
"We had a good regular season," said forward Sidney Crosby, who finished with three goals and two assists in five games to lead the team in scoring. "It was a tough ending, but I think we exceeded a lot of expectations in the regular season. We'll have to learn from this."
Said forward Colby Armstrong: "It was a great year. It was exciting. Obviously, we wish it would have been different in the end, but it was a great year."

Therrien said it best...
"There's nothing to be ashamed of. You look at the big picture, it's a huge step."

Gina said...

Thanks for adding to the greatness of this season and making it even more memorable...

Staff and commenters alike you're all amazing :)

Staff said...


Let it go man.
Fleury is money in the bank.
He could not played any better.
Jobbing people with stats is easier than your mom.


We will be here every night until next season..

And the dude from Dallas.
Huge win for the Stars tonight.

A sad time to be a pens fan, and good time to be an NHL fan.

Heroes april 23

Teej I beat you with 134 steak hoagies..

Go Pens forever

dying alive said...

Anonymous, put Ottawa's or Detroit's defensive corps in front of him and where do you think his rankings would be? I'm not trying to job our defensive players because I don't think Mark Eaton would appreciate that, but how many quality scoring chances does MAF face per night vs. a lot of the other goalies in the league?

karri said...

Guys, just wanted to say my thanks also. You made every day a great day. Looking so forward to next season...

Anonymous said...

Rachel, thanks for posting those quotes. I feel so bad for those guys right now.

The good news is that next year, they'll be kicking everyone's ass.

-dying alive

Anonymous said...

you can't handle the truth. +8 even strength goal differential. other than the powerplay, the pens were a middle of the road team. there won't be a pens dynasty if they have to rely on an incredible record in shootouts and one goal games. there are many holes.

look at

against the ten best teams the pens rank 16. against the middle ten, 19. overall this guy's method puts them in 14th.

stats are simply a record of performance. why argue with them?
compare maf's stats to a known top-notch goalie that we all hate.

Tee said...

Stats don't measure heart, perserverance, or passion dickhead. Go away.

Anonymous said...

mature. seriously.

Red Anchor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Red Anchor said...

Go away, dickhead. Your Mom agrees with me, she told me so when I pulled it out of her mouth and put it in her butt.

Anonymous said...

ok children. lets all pretend the pens are the best team ever, the sens just got lucky. maf is the best ever, opposing players were lucky. everything is perfect. not a care in the world. they'll sleepwalk their way to cup next year!! job, jobbed, jobber, your mom, homo, jobbed!!

Jason said...

anyone with knowledge of statistics will tell you thats theres pretty much always a way to manipulate the data to agree with your point. Im sure i could make the pens sound like the best team in the league or the very worst depending on what stats i used. dont always believe what you read.

and by the way, MAF is an absolute monster in goal, and if you cant see that you dont know anything about hockey

Pretty Flaco said...

Just don't pay attention to that dude. We had a much better year than expected, and while it's hard to be happy right now, it is something to be proud of. Apparently he thinks that no one on the Pens will improve. The season is over; this past season's stats don't mean anything now. It's all about the future, and the future is bright. If you don't think this team will get better, then you're insane. The guy's ranking had us at what, #14? Looks like he was pretty accurate, then. Who cares. It's all about next year. That's the only ranking that matters now is next year.

Anonymous said...

hopefully we play the flyers 30 times next year. everyone is missing the point. i'll quit. i'm done with the nhl since i don't get versus. see you next year. go pens. job jobbed jobber.

The Undead Hand of Kevin Stevens said...


(from a drunk...)


all we wanted... ALL WE COULD HOPE FOR... was a winning record. REGARDLESS of the rookie and farm team talent...

WHAT WE GOT... was the 2nd greatest regular season performance in Penguins HISTORY....

what happened is what was bound to happen - what HAD TO HAPPEN... the VAST MAJORITY of our roster competed in their first NHL POST-SEASON due to the above.

in 2007-2008, without the off-ice distractions of this past season, we will go deeper than this year. FAR DEEPER.

and if nothing else, we have now found a new. WORTHY. RIVAL.


seth said...

hey, this is my thinking but i say we root for the sens because i'd rather lose to the stanley cup champion than a team that just goes out later. it'll better justify the loss

Anonymous said...

Great job guys! Hell of a year. Now that we have a round of playoffs under our belt, the cup is surely soon to be in Sid's hands.

"Wait til next year."
- Brooklyn Dodgers

The Undead Hand of Kevin Stevens said...

dear seth : GO AVERY! GO RANGERS!!!

more than anything... GO EX-PENS!!!!

Christina said...

man. it's been a hell of a season.

just gotta add my thanks to the staff as well...after finding this site in december and reading it for the laughs, i leave the country for the second half of the season and it becomes my main source of info on all things Pens, because no one tells it like you guys. THANK YOU!!!

that pic at the top is the definition of devastation...but at the same time, you gotta think that Sid is sitting there, already thinking that next year, they're winning the Cup. that's motivation.


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Pensblog kicks ass... made the season even more enjoyable...yadda yadda.... c'mon you guys know you're the shit I don't have to keep telling you!!

Anyways, I'm pulling for Buffalo. The sports fans in that town have put up with so much shit. Losing four straight Super Bowls, one on a fucking missed field goal. The Music City Miracle. Brett Hull's foot in the crease.

Seriously, it must suck to be from a decent sports town, Buffalo, and have to watch teams from shitty sports towns like Tampa and Carolina win Super Bowls and Stanley Cups and shit before you do.

So therefore, I'm pulling for a Sabres v. Canucks series with Buffalo taking it all.

Other than that, I'm pulling for Shero to fill the holes we have in this team and for the young guys to learn from this.

And while I'm at it, I'm pulling for the Pirates to not suck, Mike Tomlin to be a good coach, and Pitt to successfully recruit ONE McDonald's All American.

I'm also pulling for me to trip and fall over a bag of money tomorrow morning....

...if I do, I promise to donate at least half to resigning Gary Roberts.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

By the way, am I missing something?

Where is the little Pens fan in the picture from the post before this, is it a joke? Am I drunk and not seeing it?

Daniel said...

Sens Fan here...
First off, great blog guys. I only heard about this site a few days ago and will be checking it out next year no doubt. One of the best on the net.

Don't hate on the Ottawa fans because they booed Sid all series. They did it to get in his head not because we think he "sucks".
Trust one in Ottawa thinks he sucks. .....As for the Roberts chants, when you put a crappy team (Leafs) on your back and are directly responsible for beating the Senators in the post season 4 times I think the fans are gonna start disliking him...
It was a great series and we all the Pens have a great future.
Good luck next year guys. At least you made the playoffs...

FritoWill said...

as i said in GDC, remember this feeling, store it in the back of you head. So when our time comes you can laugh at everyone who doubted us.

Our Time is Comming..... and if anyone doubts we are tearing down the Igloo with a Stanley Cup party next season you are all crazy.

PensBlog, great year, so awesome i found you guys.

Off season meet and greet????

SteveinNC said...

Dang, I ain't ready for Buccos yet. WHYGAVS isn't half as much fun as Pensblog. But, the Pens will be in the running for many years to come, they'll be in the 'Burgh for the rest of my life, and they swept Philly.
Life is good!
Great season, good job guys.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys, great blog, I've been with you since Sep. I'm already looking forward to the fall.

Go Pens!


Anonymous said...

who seriously thought we would have gone this far at this point last year??? i cant wait until a more mature, more expirenced team takes the east next year. thanks blog

DC In YOW said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DC In YOW said...

Outstanding job on this blog. I was introduced to it from a few days ago from . You guys definitely get a bookmark.

Good season for the Pens. They were great fun to watch during the reg season but it looks to me you guys need 2 mid-level D-Men who have a clue about playing D. And Staal needs more pub. The kid's a stud.

As you settle in cheering for "anyone but the Sens", be aware that any cheering for NJ means cheering for a continuation of disgusting, unwatchable hockey from a team lead by a bug-eyed megalomaniac. It's bad enough the Sens have to play NJ 4 times but you guys need to see that garbage 8 times a year.

leafs suck.....

Rob said...

Screw the Rangers, if there is one team i would root for from the Atlantic it would be the Islanders and that is only because Sabres fans are ignorant. Have you read their comments all over the hockey boards. Cannot stand them, anyways let the countdown begin.

5 Months - Training Camp!

Mike Costa said...

Hold Your Heads Up High Penguin Fans. Think About It For A Minute, Yes It's Very Heartbreaking But Who Thought We Would Make The Playoffs This Year? Hell the Staff Said 11 or 12 (I Think.) Great Year Not Only For The Pens But Also For Pensblog. Just Wait Til Next Year When The Pens Are The Best In The NHL. Oh And Don't Worry, Ottawa Will Choke Like They Do Every Year.

Sarah said...

Wow, that picture at the top of Sid, Malkin & Staal almost broke my heart.

PensBlog Dudes - awesome job. I checked this Blog every morning and the laughs got me through my work-day. Thanks!

So we go from being the worst team in the leauge, to the playoffs the next season...I can't complain. We'll be back.

PS - we could be in Kansas right now.

Steve said...

Awesome job with the blog yinz guys. If ya don't know it already, you added some kickass flare to an already great season.

It was a heartbreaking loss but damn did it feel brilliant to make the playoffs this year. And the thought of what is yet to come gives me goosebumps. Man, but come on.... we lost to Ottowa? Geeeeez.... They are not a better team than us. I thought we played our asses off. Our D was thin, that was a big prob, but NO ONE, NO ONE can talk shit on, MAF, you talk about a machine, you talk MAF.

Now I have the same thing playing over and over in my head. All I heard in the back of my mind throughout the third was Taps and now it is stuck there. But I guess that all may rest now.

Time to think about how to better ourselves. Any thought about when we start talkin about repairs?

I'll keep checkin in with yinz guys.

Go Pens, Sens can suck a dick.


Jocelyn said...

Regardless of what happened in the playoffs, I'm super proud of the Pens. We had a damn good year, and it's only gonna get better.

That being said, I'm gonna have a lot of free time on my hands now that I won't have the Pens and the Pensblog to keep me busy...Anyone wanna take up golf? :)

Thanks Pensblog!
Here's to the Pens!!

Anonymous said...

Great season....passed all my expectations......

Pensblog staff...AWESOME JOB...can't wait for next year!!!

And THANK GOD the PENS are staying in PITTSBURGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt said...

How can anyone root for the RANGERS? Think about it. What could be worse? Rooting for the Flyers? I'd say it's about equal. I'm rooting for the Rangers and Devils to die painful deaths in the playoffs. Rivalries run deep. New Jersey ruined hockey in the mid-to-late 90s. The Rangers are Satan incarnate. The Flyers are mud.

I'll root for Ottawa or Buffalo. They are hockey towns with teams that don't ruin the sport.

Can't wait 'til next year.

cdizzle said...

penblog makes every morning more hilarious and every game more dynamic

get some rest this offseason, the next few are gonna be super busy...

loralei said...

Thanks guys! You did a great job this year and gave me a little something to look forward to at work everyday!

loralei said...

UGH..I just cant root for the Rangers. I'm kinda pulling for Vancouver. I dont think they are going to be able to ride Luongo all the way though. I really like Ottawa in the east though. If Emery can stay solid, they are the whole package. A Buffalo/ Ottawa series would be outstanding.

Jen said...

i have no idea what i'm going to do with my life this summer. i spent a good chunk of every day either reading the pensblog or anticipating the next update.

pirates i guess? maybe they'll catch penguin fever... worst to (almost) first.

good season, guys. can't wait til september to watch hockey again and read about it here.

marc said...

Great season guys... im glad i found this site in late november, because it made the rest of the season that much better...

im either rootin for buffalo from the east and vancouver for the west

all i have to say is

experiance the evolution v2
watch out bitches

AndrewGurn said...

Good job. We still have at least 30 more years to do this.

Mark said...

Stan, Guy, Love the Blog.

I agree with Seth. As much as I fucking hate Brian Murray, I'll be rooting for the Sens as well. They were the better team. Their fans were ridiculous last night. Nothing but respect and the best of luck to them.

Dwayne said...

Not that it much matters, but I won't be leaving the pens blog... for long.

I will, however, be taking a few days to try to think about other things so the knot in the pit of my stomach goes away.

You guys literally made it to the very top of my bookmark list (sports section), even above the Pittsburgh papers' news sites, and even above TSN.

So don't worry. Surely you won't miss me, but if for some crazy reason you do, I shall return.

Let's Go Pens.

Steeltown Mike said...

Pensblog = Retirement money in the bank

Thanks for knowing what you're talking about and for making it an entertaining read.

Can't root for Ottawa. I always root for the Cup to stay in U.S. Lone exception last year was when my favorite columnist Kara Yorio (antithesis of my 2nd paragraph) picked Carolina at the outset of the playoffs and I wanted her to be wrong more than a U.S. team to win.


Penguins just looked tired the last 3 games. This experience will make them uber-dangerous next year.

Great job, guys.

Anonymous said...

Free agent signings: #1-Kimmo Timmonen, #2-two very good wingers, any thoughts?

Mike said...

Great job this year guys.

EmDubs said...

Fantastic blogging this year, fellows. Found your site from a link on Mondesi's House just prior to the start of the season and have been laughing ever since.

The disappointment of the playoffs is completely overshadowed for me by the excitement of the season. While I completely would've been happy with more, I'm certainly not going to complain.

I second the suggestion of a postseason meet-and-greet. Sounds like good times.

christa said...

Also first comment, I wish I would have found your blog earlier , but I definitely hit it almost ecery day! Never failed to make me laugh (especially as a Canadian reader, thanks for the great season guys :)


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