Friday, April 20, 2007

Free Falling

It's a long day livin' in the Southside
there's Carson Street runnin' through the yard
and I'm a bad boy, 'cause I don't give a shit about them steelers
I'm a bad boy because I peed on my terrible towel
Freeeeeeeee fallinnnnnngg
(Tiff could write this better)

We are all free falling, but if you think we are going anywhere you're on angel dust.
Way too much going.
But times are tough.

Things just don't feel right, no Penguins game to think about it this weekend.
But what makes it easier?
Shaun Hill gets suspended for using steroids right before the Isles game five against Buffalo.
Ted Nolan your thoughts:


In the aforementioned game five Buffalo was up 4-1 cruising.
But Ted Nolan rallied the troops, leaving us to wonder what if the Pens played like that.
Isles Down 4-3 here comes Satan down on Ryan Miller.

Save of the playoffs. Sick

Buffalo jobs the final seconds.

Goodbye Ted Nolan Jokes too.
This is getting sad.

John Denver offers to fly us into New Jersey
No thanks John

Not much to see in this game anyway.
All Marty Brodeur all the time.

Yahoo's NHL Photos= sick

The game ended with a words between coaching staffs.
New Jersey leads the series 3-2.


Great game in Nashville tonight.

Too bad everyone was at a Hank Williams Jr. concert.

For everyone that was their they saw Barry Trotz finally getting eaten by the sharks.

Disappointing end for Nashville.


Little house cleaning:

  • We will be here every day/night for the rest of our lives. So don't be strangers. We are going to start recapping other games until the playoffs end, maybe tv shows, and maybe the nightly news to stay sharp.

Two minutes left to go in the newscast, is their any other anchor you'd rather have in the chair then Ken Rice.
He makes David Johnson look like a freshman journalism major.
  • Playoff brackets will be posted this weekend
  • Photoshops are always in play, its a long off season so stay sharp.

Some interesting notes from about the Pens.

If this didn't say "Fred Shero" it would have been something.
Come on
Make no mistake though if the Pens get Ryan Smyth.
This is Smythblog next year.

Tomorrow's Games:

Go Flames

Off season
Day: 2


Lauren said...

Honestly. I love you guys.

Loser Chris said...

Forget Smyth. I still say go after Drury.

JimmyMo said...

I think the Pens #1 priority in this offseason is to sign Mr. Robert Errey.... that guys is a God among Gods... we need him if a cup is in the near future... GO Bob Errey!!

Anonymous said...

I think I may have to seek professional help to deal with my depression. is my drug of choice, thanks for helping in my recovery.

Anonymous said...

You people are the only people I know that would run down John Denver.
I love it

Anonymous said...

Who are the other Pens players, besides Gary Roberts, that are at the end of their contract?

It was a great season for these young guys. My vote for the Pens MVP would have been John LeClair. If he hadn't hurt Malkin in the pre-season, Staal wouldn't have had a chance to show us he belonged here.

Even though I think that Therriean should get serious consideration for coach of the year, I don't think that he played his best guys in the last few weeks of the season or in the 5 playoff games. I think that Recchi should have been scratched several times to play Ekman, Thorburn, or Petrovicky. Did you see Petro join the PCP line in Game 4! Why scratch him in Game 5? George sure didn't look like he belonged out there. Why not play Naserdine? He had the best plus/minus on the team. I'm sorry to say but in the end, Mark Eaton looked terrible.

Here is my wish list for adding talent for 07/08: At least 1 really good face-off guy (right-handed is preferred). Two punishing defensemen with some hockey sense (prefer 1 be right-handed). A backup goalie that is decent and makes half of Thibault's salary because MAF will be playing at least 60 games per season.

Last couple of things. Who remembers bio-rhythms from the 1980's? Ottawa is good, but come on! They were unbelievable at always being in the right place at the right time to block a shot or break up a pass. These guys were all peaking on the same cycle like sorority sisters! I'll be surprised if they can keep that level of play up against the Devils or Rangers in Round 2. I want 2 teams to be in the finals that have never won the Cup before. I'm thinking that it might be Buffalo versus San Jose.

H.M.F.C.C.Y.E.? said...

The Steelers rule. Why do you guys bash them all the time? You live in Pittsburgh don't you? They won the superbowl coming in as the lowest seed. Not to mention, they're from the Burgh. So what the hell?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

The Steeler bashing is a joke, I believe they've said before that they're Steeler fans and just do it to be funny.

I for one am totally gay for the Steelers like most current and former Pittsburghers.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

By the way, I meant gay jokingly, you dirty bastards.

Antonette said...

I am all about making this Kris Letang blog. I'm so pumped for him to get here full-time.

Also, thanks so much for the blog. I'm in the throws of a performance now, so I've been dead to hockey, but thanks.

Anonymous said...

I think that is a joke about how everything around here is steeler,steelers steelers. Get a grip yinzer.

For me, I for one say the hell with the Steelers. Football has to be the most boring game on the planet. Even more so than baseball.

Jonny V said...

anonymous 4/21/2007 1:58 AM, Leclair as MVP was funny when Guy Junker wrote an article about it. But you did bring back a good point. Crazy how the stars line up sometimes, huh?
I don't really mind anymore about people bashing the Bucs and Steelers, as long as they make valid points. But as far as moaning about the Steelers getting so much coverage in the local media, on's website the day after the series ending loss, on of their top five most emailed stories was Alan Faneca not reporting to voluntary mini-camp. Not one story about the Pens was in that top five, at least when I looked. So yeah, Pittsburgh is a drinking city with a football problem. Who gives a shit.

And about that rumor article about us possibly getting Ryan Smyth? As our Scottish friends would say...fat fookin' chance. I'd rather see us get a couple of mid-range guys than one big ticket free agent. However, in Ray Shero we trust...

Anonymous said...

letang will be nice, but it's hard to count on young defensemen. we all remeber how bad whit looked at times the past few years. plus, isn't he more of an offensive d-man anyway? that would be more of the same (except for the righthanded shot)

Jason said...

flames got absolutely dominated in detroit but won both games at home. why you ask? because all of there fans wore red and that makes for one intimidating venue. Can't help but wonder what might of been if the pens management organized the blackout.

The Petty song reminded me of something (not that its of much relevance now) but is anyone here a Dropkick Murphys fan? They have a great hockey song called 'Time to Go'. I encourage you to look up the lyrics to it. It would be a great song to put in the blog for opening night next season. The song is originally for the Bruins, but with a few modifications it becomes a pens song. (Rancourt is the b's anthem singer so substitute jimmerson in there and change 'causeway' to 'parkway' and i think youve got a solid pens anthem)

Jason said...

i'll just post the lyrics myself, because if you're all as lazy as me you wont bother with it.

"Time To Go"

Go! Go! Black and gold!
Old-time hockey, bar the door
Clear the track it's all-out war
Light the lamp, throw a hit
Black and gold never quit
The barn is full, our team's in town
So put 'em up boys, knock 'em out (knock 'em down)
Drop the puck, it's time to go (time to go)

Bust outta work, it's quarter-past five
Time to round up the gang
and take the Red to the Orange line
Head for the street and the Causeway crowd
You can feel it in the air, when the team's in town


Rancourt's ready, it's time to take to the ice
So tie down the jersey 'cause it could get ugly tonight
Top corner, five hole, off the post and in
On a quest for the cup, and we're ready to win


Go! Go! Black and gold!

Drop the puck, it's time to go

The ~D said...

Sorry not to give you guys a shout out until now...I have been in Austin Texas without internet access since last Thursday.

Awesome hockey blog, period. It's been a fantastic year. You guys gave me somewhere to vent when we lost, celebrate when we won, and an excuse to bust open Photoshop and kill time in-between games. I'm most definitely hanging around during the off-season.


Staff said...

H.M.F.C.C.Y.E.? ,

As everyone said we just like poking fun at the Steelers and this town blah blah blah.
Huge draft coming up, due to the Pens I have no idea whats going on.
I heard the steelers got a new coach?
hahahaha jk
We love all our sports team.

Anyone else trying to figure out who to root for?

Two good games today.
Go Flames/ canucks

Anonymous said...

a couple of Pens blogs are reporting that Sid played a good chunk of the end of the season with a broken foot...

if so...holy shit. scoring title while injured.

Staff said...

When reports it will be here. Until then its a rumor

Adrienne said...

Just got back into London and saw the news. /sigh.

Fuck the devils, GO TAMPA!

dying alive said...

The Trib confirms Crosby's broken foot:
What an unbelievable human being.

Jason, Dropkick Murphys are clutch, especially if you're Irish and you like to drink.

Smyth would be a nice addition and all, but has anyone else ever noticed that he's kind of cross-eyed? I sometimes wonder how he hits the net.

dying alive said...

Also, for whoever asked, here's a chart of the Pens' free agents:

Anonymous said...

In case yinz yinzers didn't see's a great AP article on the Pens 06-07 campaign:

Might take a little sting out of having Ottawa hand it to us.

Great site guys. Great site.

Christina said... confirms sid's broken foot as well...

also has a bit about maybe starting negotiations with the Pens this summer for a long-term contract...

AJ said...

Ken Rice is clutch, but I'd have to go with a wiley vet like Don Cannon. He's the Gary Roberts of KDKA.

dying alive said...

Nice caption under the picture at the top. If we can sign Crosby without worrying about free agency that would pretty much be the best thing ever.

They should give him everything he asks for, up to and including the first born son of every family in western PA.

Alex said...

i saw colby and jeff reed and greg warren (long snapper) at dinner last night. colby wasnt nearly as big as a i thought hed be although he nose was just what it looks like on tv he seemed real chill tho jeff read was hitting on some about 19 yr olds and bought 4 of their dinners the girl he was with did not seem all that happy hah

rachel said...

I just have to say wow that Crosby has been playing with a broken foot since March 16. How more amazing can this kid get? Last year it was a separated shoulder now a broken foot.

They should give him everything he asks for, up to and including the first born son of every family in western PA.
Dying alive, that has to be the greatest statement ever, lol

Staal, Malkin, and Gonchar will be playing in the World Championships.

rachel said...

The next season can't come soon enough! The Pens will be hungry...

And he made it clear he has unfinished business.

"We had two games where I think we were trying to get our feet wet, and we got caught watching," Crosby said. "That's not going to happen again because we know what it's like now."

The rest of the NHL has been notified.

FritoWill said...

a broken f'ing foot

are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!

Jonny V said...

Broken foot while winning the scoring title? Me thinks that puts to rest any speculation on anyone else getting the Hart trophy.

And Letang will be nice, but we need some veteran presence on our blue line, more in the mold of Eaton. A young offensive defenseman is the least of our needs.

Dwayne said...

Just so you guys know:

That's the only free agent list I could currently find. Quite a few of our players are FAs.


Steve said...

I can't wait to see Sid next year with the 'C' stamped on his chest.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Anonymous 9:40 am,

Pens fans that hate the Steelers because Pittsburgh is a "football town" = pretentious homos.

They bitch about "yinzers" all the time, but they're yinzers too with their all their whining. Hell, we're all yinzers.

A "rivalry" between the fans of two teams' in the same city, that play different sports, is possibly the gayest thing ever.

I love hockey and am known to my friends and family as probably the biggest hockey fan they know, but some other hockey fans embarass me with their pretentious bullshit.

Barrasso35 said...

Just reading old blogs... this one caught my eye. Sort of prophetic that Ottawa was able to hold the Pens to 0-10 on the power play in the first pre-season game. Weird.

Jonny V said...

Proof of my love for the Steelers:

I can't wait to add some Stanley Cups around the Super Bowl ring. Or perhaps one arm Steelers, the other Penguins, cause God only knows we ain't winning the World Series in our lifetimes.

Jonny V said...

Loser Chris said...

Just from looking at the Pens FA list, Shero has a nice chance to rebuild our blueline corps. No need to bring back Recchi either as far as I'm concerned.

Sign Drury!!!!

Loser Chris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Loser Chris said...

Free Agent D-men we could go after;

- Brad Stuart
- Ossi Vaananen
- Brent Sopel (I know he's a righty)
- Aaron Miller (also a righty)
- Scott Hannan
- Danny Markov
- Sheldon Souray
- Andrei Markov
- Tom Preissing
- Brian Rafalski
- Tom Poti
- Andy Sutton

I'd be happy to welcome Hannan, Danny Markov, and Preissing in to go with Gonch, Whits, Eaton, and Letang. Vaananen is pretty underrated too.


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