Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Devil's Advocate

We heard there was some type of NFL player draft today.
Gotta love what Mike Tomlin did.
He is a real coach.

Too bad they didn't trade number 7, though.
Steeler jokes/mentions are going away for a while now.

While everyone was watching the Brady Quinn become the next big homo of the NFL, there was nothing but quality hockey all day, in every part of the world.
We start in Hockey Town

Game Two

Lets just say it right now.
Joe Thorton is sick.
San Jose came out flying early and the Red Wings were under attack.

Chris Y
(Don't worry if you sent one in, it will be used.
Chris Y had his in 16 minutes after we asked for it)

But then Detroit started getting lucky.
Henrik Zetterberg scored to make it 2-1 before the end of the first.
The second period was mud.
Early in the third Daniel Clearly saved the cheerleader .
Just when it looked like overtime city,
Pavel Datsyuk stunned Shark nation with a goal in the final minute.

Throw the squid, jack.

The series shifts back to the Shark tank Monday night.

On to New Jersey we go.

Game Two

Just an absolute classic here.
The Devils scored first, as Ray Emery gave up his usual marsh mellow soft goal.

George Hanna

Very psychical game, Orange Shebert was everywhere again.
Right before the first intermission the Devils beat the buzzer to jump to a 2-0 lead.

Back breaking goal.

But just when you think the Sens are done.
Daniel Alfredsson rises to the occasion yet again.


If you want to know why Marty Brodeur is considered a great big game goalie, watch the blitz he took from Ottawa after they scored their first goal. He shut the door for four straight minutes of unreal chances.
You may not like Marty Brodeur, but you have to respect him.
The third period is more of the same.
All of a sudden under a minute to play.
You just kind of knew the Senators were going to score.
Puck goes to the corner.
Job in front.

Dany Heatley scores. He should be in jail
( that is not considered a "Heatley joke")

After the Sens tie it up, the refs call a penalty on the Devils at the end of the third period.
Its hard to feel bad for the Devils, but wow.
In the first ot the Senators had a million chances but Marty says no.
Great action from both teams.
The Devils get called for another penalty.
Weak call.
The refs even it up though as they call........... too many men on the ice.

Byran Murray's son is stunned.

The Devils job around on their Powerplay chance, but Ray Emery gets lucky as usual.
We are headed to another OT.

The Devils come out flying in double OT.
Jamie Langenbrunner gets sprung on a breakaway.
He fights off a hook.
Makes a sick move.

The fans in the background are what playoff overtime goals are all about.

Game three in homoville on Monday.

Now lets fly across the Atlantic to Moscow
Sweden destroys Italy in their opening game at the World Championships.

After the game the Italians complained loudly and drowned there sorrows in pasta

Switzerland beats Lativa
in a tough game.

Swiss Head Coach Ralph Krueger chose Jonas Hiller of HC Davos over Montreal's David Aebischer to start in goal for the team's opener.
That's all you need to know about David Aebischer.

Canada barely squeaks by Germany

If Bruins Coach Dave Lewis ever ends up coaching Germany, we are shutting down the blog.

In one other game Slovakia beats Norway.
If you care about this game and want more details,
Move to Slovakia or Norway.


Day 10
May 2nd

Can Stephen Cropper finally step out of Joe Denardo's shadow?
Only he and god know.


Tiffany said...

Well, when the Red Wings won....I didn't think that there was a chance of a shark attack photoshop pic. But I was mistaken. Good job, Chris!!

Ewwwww!! Whoever came up with the idea for throwing squids needs some serious counseling.

Btw guys, thanks for the "too many men" pic. I didn't think they'd be around 'til next season. Now that image will forever be in my brain....

P.S. Jaw Knee can I help you if you're never on???

karri said...

Love the way you guys threw in the pic from Chris Y of Dominik Hasek...nice...

The squid...Tiff

Other timely pics...back breaking goal, Ray Emery's soft goal, and too many men on the ice (but eww).

Dany Heatley scores. He should be in jail - That says it joke.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

I agree, that was a sweet pic and atmosphere in The Swamplands of Jersey.

I was a bit worried for Debs fans, however, when it went into a 2nd OT. After watching (or more accurately, not) that soul-sucking version of bland hockey all year, how would they be able to take the excitement that is OT playoff hockey?

I'm surprised one of their fans' heads isn't exploding out of excitement in that OT winner picture. Someone, do it.

EmDubs said...

Did anyone look at that Honolulu sports blog that's #1 on the blogger's choice awards? What kind of campaign is that guy running to get that number of votes? Because that site is just boring.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

A question for staff... where are you finding the awesome high-res pics? Is there a website somewhere that has more? The Alfie slapshot and Murderer tying goal shots are spectacular. I've seen's 'Frozen Moment', but these are even better.

meecrofilm said...

aww man. i'll miss the steelers jokes. they were good reality checks, haha. Keep up the awesome work guys.

Jonny V said...

Well the Gods are smiling on you guys, because they have bestowed upon us one William Gay, from Louisville. I expect at least 47,893 jokes by next week.

Loser Chris said...

You guys are too much... I was just busting your chops about the Photoshop thing. 16 minutes ain' bad though...

Tiff, the octopus goes back to when the playoffs was 2 rounds. 8 wins for the Cup, 8 legs on an octopus, blah blah blah, Detroit sucks.

Staff said...

Stanley P. Kachowski,

We get the pictures all from Yahoo.
They have full galleries of sick pictures.

Getty images runs the world

dying alive said...

Watching the Devils last night was actually exciting for the first time ever. I almost forgot who I was watching and rooted for them a little, if only to watch them take a dump on Ottawa. I still can't decide which of those teams I want to see lose more.

Anonymous said...

morozov potted a hat trick today with 2 a's to go along with it. sexy alexsey loves soft euro hockey.

Anonymous said...

closure -

The sting isn't going away for awhile...but this video puts it all in perspective. What a year. I think it's safe to say, regardless of cups to come and future success, we will never experience a season quite like this again. The Malkin saga. The slots license bullshit. Plan B. Sid pooping on the rest of the league. Sometimes with the disappointment of the loss, it's tough to be happy about the season. That video changed it all for me.

Anonymous said...

excellent video.

Steeltown Mike said...

Bryan Murray is a whiny little bitch (once again).

"Basically what the referee told me was that there's an allowance for human error and that's what happened on that play, so the referee couldn't do anything about it." Murray said. "The bottom line is that the guy didn't start the clock right away and they scored."

Go Satans.


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