Friday, April 27, 2007

Before Sunrise

Fact: Ben Roethlisberger touches another dudes testicles for a living.


Big day around the world of Hockey.
We start in Moscow at the World Championships.

Russia owns Denmark
Danish captain Jesper Damgaard played like a stiff.
Malkin had a goal, Gonch 2 assist.
But the star?

You know who that is.

The Czech Repubic smokes Belarus.

Belarus's goalie has to make this save.
Belarus blog is in shambles.

Finland pees on the Ukraine

Jarko Ruutu called six Ukraine players retards.

Team USA opened up against Australia
Coach Gordon Bombay had his team focused early.
But Team Australia scores two quick goals.

Bombay organized some type of synchronized chant in between periods,
And Team USA came out flying.
Luis Mendoza scored a power play goal,
Kenny Wu added two goals,
and Adam Banks completes a natural hat trick in 3 minute span.

Team USA faces Iceland next.

Time to fly back to the states.
But not with Aaliyah

Big time Game 5 for the Baby Penguins tonight

The Baby Pens won
No Idea why we didn't mention the Baby Pens all year.
We are a joke

Huge game in Buffalo tonight as the Rangers tried to even the series with the Sabres.
The Rangers played a solid road game and led going into the third.
But Buffalo is sick.
Chris Drury scored an unreal deflection goal to tie it up.
And then Thomas Vanek put the Sabres up 3-2


The Rangers had several chances to tie things up, but Ryan Miller is on another planet.
Jaromir Jobr got robbed
Rangers in trouble, down 2-0


Anaheim and Vancouver are in Overtime.
Whatever happens, happens.

Recap May 2, 11pm

Watch it, or Sheldon Ingram will beat your ass.

Day 9


Staff said...

Friday night picture blog

Anonymous said...

I think this hatred of the Steelers is rooted in your jealousy of them. You can only dream of the pens meaning as much to the city as the steelers do. Don't get me wrong, i love the Pens, but don't hate on the Steelers, it just shows that you aren't much of a Pittsburgh fan. And don't insult Art Rooney. Without him, there would be no Steelers. And lets face reality, without the Steelers, there would be no Pittsburgh Penguins.

Jason said...

maybe putting a steelers disclaimer at the top of the page would put an end to the stupidity.

Staff said...

"And don't insult Art Rooney. Without him, there would be no Steelers. And lets face reality, without the Steelers, there would be no Pittsburgh Penguins."


meecrofilm said...

Don't listen to the weaklings. Keep the steeler jokes coming. Anyone educated knows that it's all in good fun as you're parodying this city's almost homosexual love with the steelers.

Anonymous said...

i love the steelers jokes. and that's exactly what it is... A JOKE. get over yourself. when the steelers are 2-14 (i don't even know if that's right, don't care about football) this year, everyone will be begging to get back on the pens bandwagon.

when will jagr be "dying alive" and wuss out of that series? maybe he already has.

Anonymous said...

what is a joke, channel 4 having the fucking draft as the second story at the 11 o clock news.
(sorry i can not pinpoint an exact time to hear his clip. but its towards the end.
its before the indy game and the superbowl.
after the two home losses in the afc championship game.)

scott paulsen sets it straight.
sally wiggin comes up with a half-ass excuse.


Jonny V said...

"I dont know if youre with us or against us johnny v.

but that icon is sick."

I love you guys, more than Jason likes making homosexual jokes about everything Steelers related. The photoshops are usually funny, but the gay jokes are getting old. And whoever gripes about how much coverage their getting just comes off as a whiny little bitch.

Anonymous said...

Come on people...Best Sports Blog...fourth place - 68 votes...can't let Honolulu or Ny's 2 beat Pittsburgh...

"Best source for Pittsburgh Penguins game recaps, photoshop contests, and historic moments. One of the funniest blogs around."

Gotta vote!

Staff said...

we love the steelers.

we are making fun of the overexposure of the NFL.

The NFL could make you disappear if it wanted.

Plus, the Rooneys are women

Anonymous said...

nice aaliya burn.

You've raised the bar, I expect some Left Eye, Glen Miller and Roberto Clemente jokes in the future. Maybe even Marshall.

Anonymous said...

If the exposures of the steelers and the penguins were reversed, you'd have a steelers blog making fun of the penguins.

meecrofilm said...

Actually, if the exposure of the steelers and penguins was reversed, it would be the greatest freaking day ever--albeit a bit confusing. But we'd manage over time =P

Barrasso35 said...

Think the Pens'll ever get Morozov back?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

We live in a football country, it's not just Pittsburgh. Our COUNTRY has butt sex with football (ok Pittsburgh is worse than most places, but still). But that's what I kind of like about hockey.

It's a little underexposed so I'm not tired of hearing ESPN invent reasons to talk about it during the offseason. That's a good thing in my book.

Cause really, I like watching football games, but I don't give a shit about what Terrell Ownens thinks about his coach's, uncle's, neighbor in the middle of May.

Sadly, the Steelers could go 0-16 and the city would still obsess over them. That's just the way it is in rust belt towns.

And I feel the Pens got PLENTY of coverage (and, in turn, bandwagoners) when they started winning this year. Sid's going to be in Time fucking magazine for Christ sakes!!!

Furthermore, little bitchy Penguin fans that say things like "I can't wait for the Steelers to suck so everyone will love the Penguins!" are pretty much bigtime homos.

And, Big Ben does touch other guy's nuts for a living. This is fact and not debateable.

Furthermore, most overlooked and disrespected sports team in Pittsburgh who's fans should bitch more than they do about it: Pitt basketball. I laught when fellow Pens fans bitch about media coverage, when Pitt's in the Sweet 16 and top story on is Alan Faneca's butt hairs.

Teej said...

I'm in South Carolina til Tuesday... actually got to watch the Sharks/Wings game on MULTIPLE TV's at a bar here in Greenville. Awesome...go Sharks.

The NFL is definitely overexposed. Good sign of that = half-hour special on ESPN two weeks ago about the NFL SCHEDULE. No mention of baseball or even the NBA playoffs; the NFL sked was the big splash story.

Sorry to be turning this into NFLDraftCommentBlog, but how many people already hate Brady Quinn? First playing for ND, then all the gushing about him all the way up to the No. 22 pick, and now chosen by the Cleveland Browns. Brady Quinn is a joke (I might be even more of a joke, as I've been watching 3+ hours of the draft).

kristin said...

I know I am a little off topic here, but please, when you post pictures of Jagr, can you include the caption "Shirt tucked in pants = homo"?

It kills me everytime and I was sad to see it wasn't under the Jagr pic in this post...

dying alive said...

I'm a Pitt alum, but their basketball program is not going to get any additional local respect until they are able to make it past the Sweet 16. The only thing more predictable than the Steelers losing the AFC championship game at home is Pitt losing in the Sweet 16.

You guys are in 4th over at the Blogger's Choice awards with 69 votes. How the hell is the U of Hawaii blog in first? Do people in Hawaii even care about any sports other than surfing?

Jonny V said...

Louis Lipps -- Amen to that, you should see how bad it is out here in California with the Raiders. Purely sickening. I think the Steelers are actually underexposed compared to other teams and players, although Mondesi's house is doing a nice job of keeping track of Mr. Missy Peregrym's off-season "appearances", I think it's up to 383. And teej, you think Brady Quinn is bad? Just wait till the Jimmy Clausen era starts. I already hope he gets some gnarly form of testicular cancer that spreads throughout his body and he's yet to take a snap.

Barrasso35, although you're wayy off topic with this post (hehe), that has to be one of the most hotly debated posts over at the penguins official website's board. It is a lightning rod, I'd personally love to see him here, but he may be too expensive. I'd love to see us at least make an attempt though.

Kristin, I saw somewhere that Jagr does that to help against getting grabbed and held. But there simply is no justification for that, he may as well wear a fanny pack on the ice to complete the look.

"when the steelers are 2-14 (i don't even know if that's right, don't care about football) this year, everyone will be begging to get back on the pens bandwagon."

WTF?! Like I can't like both teams equally as much? Who the fuck are you dude, the bandwagon police? I fuggin' love "anonymous" jagoffs.

Jonny V said...

If I lived in Hawaii I don't even think I'd own a computer

kate said...

this is probably silly to suggest, since you guys love the attention (not a bad thing at all!) but maybe if you just didn't mention the steelers, you wouldn't have to worry about this argument happening.

and i don't get where anyone can say that you guys "hate" the steelers... just because you make a few jokes, that means you hate them? i seem to recall you making some jokes about the pens ;) haha ... does that mean you hate them, too?

Barrasso35 said...

Johny V-

I don't know that I'd necessarily call talking about Morozov "off topic" since there's a picture of him scoring a goal on the Pens Blog today (he's #95 for Russia.)

You're right on about anonymous jagoffs, though. Freakin' douche-clots if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

sarcasm doesn't carry well over the internets. If people want to make fun of the steelers, it's fine. I love the steelers, but it's still hilarious to rip on them. It's like picking on your best friend, everyone does it, but no one means anything by it. I guess the popularity of this site has expanded to a level of people who do not yet realize that the steelers bashing is all in jest.

Also, I started to have this theory that only one Pittsburgh sports team can be good at any given time. Unfortunately for baseball fans, it's never the Pirates' turn.

Anonymous said...

Brady Quinn should have to wear the same number as Tim Couch so it's easy to point him out once he fails. I remember when Couch got drafted, every Budweiser billboard in Cleveland had tim couch's ugly stance with something like "the browns are back and tim couch is leading the way" and he was the biggest talk of the town... Hooser.


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