Saturday, April 7, 2007

2 - 1

...82 games later...

Where did it all go?
One last dance against the Rangers.
Then it's all Ottawa, all the time.


Early on, Recchi and Sean Avery get into it near the boards.
Ruutu comes out of nowhere and jobs Avery.
Gotta love Ruutu.

Uh-oh -- The Rangers get a too-many-men penalty 6 minutes into the game.

Picture: Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk spoils an anti-gay rally.

Absolutely nothing happened in the first 10 minutes of the first period.
MAF was standing on his head.

Later on, Christensen comes down with the puck and almost kills goalie Henrik Lundqvist.
EC gets the rebound and almost kills him again.

We also find out that the Jagr booing is still present.

I get it. You have Sid now. Move on, please.

That was basically it.
The Pens get a late powerplay that goes into the second period.


Danny P. comes up huge with a playoff-beard piece during the intermission.


The Pens power play decides to come out in the second and dominate.
Gonchar shoots/passes it to Bing who one-taps in on net.
Lundqvist finds himself in the wrong part of the neighborhood.


On basically the next shift, Recchi takes another stupid penalty.
Jaromir Jagr on the power play is illegal in 14 countries.

Peter Prucha dislodges Scuderi's prostate from his body, but then he misses the net entirely.
Big PK.

Before you can think, Georges Laraque gets two minutes for not moving to the back of the bench.

After the Pens kill that penalty, they go insane.
Easily 42 shots in the following 1:30.
That flurry of shots and the cycling results in the Rangers taking another penalty.

Christensen gets a dose of how a goalie feels...when Whitney's shot on The Play(TM) douches him in the face.

Eaton, angry that he got snubbed for Pens MVP, rings one off the pipe at the end of the power play.
Just be glad he didn't score. The Stock Market would probably crash.

Not entirely sure when this happened...but it happened at least 6 times.

Later on, Malkin gets interfered with.
Thats not really big news, but the refs called it...and that is big news.
And the Rangers pay.

Behind the net, Christensen passes it to Sid.
Before Sid touches it, he passes it to Recchi. The pass was that quick.
Recchi one-times it in. 2-0.

On the next shift, Eaton gets another opportunity close, in the high-slot.
He shoots it...and it's possibly the worst shot of the season by a Penguin player.

The Rangers start jobbing and take yet another penalty.
On their penalty kill, the Ranger's Matt Cullen gets a semi-breakaway.
Eaton neutralizes the threat. MAF gives him a tap on the backside.

That was it.
During intermission, Sean Avery tries to have sex with the Easter Bunny.

No thanks.


Early in the third, the Rangers get a goal.
Callahan came down the wing and fired it at MAF.
The rebound finds Peter Prucha's stick.

2 - 1. Bodies everywhere.

Around this point in the game, the Pens see the Senators had beaten the Bruins.
Knowing their fate is sealed, you have to think, for the first time this season, the Pens could seriously, truly relax and have some fun.

We know the Senators probably had some fun after the win, too.

Wherever your celebration takes you, Ottawa, just remember not to drive drunk.
(The joke may be getting old, but we can't stop.)

Obviously, as Bob Errey pointed out, the game lost some luster after that Ottawa game went final.

One of the few highlights in the first half of the third was another Jagr-Ruutu confrontation.

On the play following that, Crosby goes down semi-awkwardly.
No injuries, please.
The Pens go on the power play.

Crosby gets to walk in all alone but can't beat Lundqvist.
Sean Avery's vagina hurts, and he starts messing with Bing. He even calls Sid a " feckin baby. "

" What? I can't hear you over the dude engraving my name on the Art Ross trophy. "

Avery's jobbing was not done.
Ruutu and Jagr get into it again, and Avery comes over to protect Jagr.
Ruutu drops the gloves, but Avery curls up like a joke.

Ruutu gets a penalty.
On the powerplay, MAF shows us yet again that he has a bit of Mike Richter in him when he flashes some flair with his glove save on Jagr's slapshot.

Picture: Richter making one of his routine glove saves.

Well, that was it pretty much.
The fans rise to their feet in appreciation of the Pens season.
Staal almost passes out tracking down a loose puck.



Following the game, a lucky 8-year-old gets Mark Eaton's jersey.
The kid proceeds to eat 50 buffalo wings and then drives home.


  • Crosby: 2 A
  • MAF: 28 saves
  • Pens shots: 30
  • Power play: Rangers ( 0 for 4 ) --- Pens ( 2 for 6 )
  • The jersey ceremony following the game is what television is all about.
  • The regular season's over?
  • San Avery isn't a man.

82 games. 82 recaps.
Thanks for reading what we put out there.


PensfanSeoul said...

Outstanding season...I cant believe that the regular season is in the books...This team has given us so much already, and the ride isnt over yet...Playoffs start next nipples are so hard right now its not even funny. Bring on the Sens!

hyzdufan said...

Thanks to all who came out to the chat room tonight over at! Hope to see all of you on Wednesday!

Steve said...

Thanks to the PensBlog Guys for making this awesome season even better.

I can't even explain how freakin great it is to be in the playoffs with the young core that we have.

Good Times, and more to come


FritoWill said...

you guys rock...

Happy Easter to all of you and your families

Mike Costa said...

Pens Blog = Most Amazing Site Ever! You Guys Seriously Take The Pain Out Of Losing Cause I Look Forward To Reading The Wonderful Work.

By The Way: Get Ready Suck It Ottawa

Tiffany said...

Can't believe the regular season's already over either. o_o Unreal....Wednesday can't come soon enough. Hats off to The Pensblog, though, 'cause this season wouldn't have been the same without you. Btw, I was glued to the TV when the jersey ceremony was on too! Good stuff.

...homo sex is

Anonymous said...

thanks for a great season of recaps lets get that cup

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice Ruutu at the end of the game when the Sens were leaving the ice? He was flapping his arms at Avery like a chicken. It was awesome. I just wish I could have heard him too!

Lindsay J.

andrew13 said...

great season. can't wait til the playoffs start.

Anonymous said...

Pensblog, thanks for all the laughs, recaps, and information that i would be too lazy to find myself if it wasn't for the Blog.

To all the commenters, thanks for all your input throughout the season, it's been fun getting to hear what other true Pens fans have to say every night. Also all the great Photoshops that everyone made, great stuff.

Great season, damn it feels good to be going into mid-April and knowing that there is still more Penguins hockey to watch.

Let's Go Pens.


marc said...

thanks you guys for a great season of recaps, before game posts, photoshop expos

and thanks to everyone who made photoshops, its made my day on more than one occasion

ottawa can die!!! GO PENS!!!!

Anonymous said...

because of you guys, i called my girlfriend a jobber.

marc said...

i know i just posted, but this made me laugh....

according to the ottawa sun, "And while the Senators will be heavily favoured, they don't expect it'll be easy just because most of the young Penguins weren't around when the team last made the Stanley Cup playoffs in 2001."

yeah....... riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

heavily favored??? you have got to be kidding me!

dying alive said...

Sean Avery is the poor man's Jarkko Ruutu. If Lundqvist gets injured in the playoffs, the Rags are dead in the water. He's totally carrying that team right now.

Bring on the Sens. The Canadiens are out of the playoffs and the Leafs will be out if the Isles beat a Brodeur-less NJ tomorrow. All of the hopes and dreams of eastern Canada on the backs of Ottawa = choke city.

dying alive said...

Oh, and thanks to the PensBloggers for a great season. This is far and away the best Pens site on the web.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else hear Cherry's comments about how NJ needs to play Brodeur in order to be fair?!? What does NJ owe to Toronto? Hes the biggest homer ever!

Tee said...

sooo.. last night at approximately 7 PM EST, my internet connection died for 5 hours. I missed the fucking last game of the year.... I swear theres a conspiracy against me here, those crafty Germans are embarking on a plan to make me miss every fucking pens game in the playoffs..

Anonymous said...

this was by far your best recap of the year... keep up the good work in the playoffs

Anonymous said...

Espm's headline of the Pens recap...

"Penguins lock up 4th place in East; Rangers claim 6th place in East"

Apparently they missed that Ottawa won...

phil said...

1 thing, talbots girlfriend is sexy

mike m said...

i just saw georges laraque at diesel on the southside. i didnt want to bug him, but while i was next to him ordering a drink i told him to throw McGratton thru the glass next week.

Tiffany said...

Awww.....I'm so sorry. :-( Hopefully you'll get to see Wednesday's game.

Anonymous said...

nice to see eric cairns on the ice tonight...

MAF needs to watch out on the rebounds. once that hit off his pad, i knew something bad was going to happen.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone else see Ruutu swinging his stick at the Rangers' bench in the last seconds of the game? I was at the game and was wondering if they talked about it on TV. He was barking at Jagr as they both went to the bench, then started to heckle the entire bench. Rangers started swinging their sticks back at him and a referee had to skate between the benches to break it up. Then, as Lindsay mentioned, Ruutu started flapping his arms like a chicken at Avery after the game. Pretty funny stuff, I think Ruutu's annoying personality completes this team.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I see it like this:

We down Ottawa in 6, Canadian media whines more than Seahawk fans did after XL... oh wait, NO ONE whines that much. But Ottawa can do the same thing Seattle did back then, suck nuts and like it!

Buffalo teabags whoever the hell they're playing then gives them a golden shower.

Tampa shocks Jersey in 7 due to Brodeur being exhausted from playing in about 1,346 games this season AND from banging is wife's sister the night and afternoon before every game.

And in the battle of the mediocre teams, the Rangers take out HOTlanta in 7.

Then in round 2, we get New York and ultimate final revenge on Jagr (sorry Pensblog, I will boo Jagr and cheer his failures until the day I die. That's just the way it is.)

The only team I REALLY don't want to face in a 7 game series is Buffalo.

Christina said...

can't believe this season is already over! pensblog are the best, and your recaps (and extras) always make my day! it has also made it much easier to be halfway around the world, missing the entire second half of the season. thanks guys!

bring it, ottawa!!

Steve In Denver said...

North of the border = meat.

What a freaking great season.

Amazing work and dedication from the pensblog. It's been a source of daily grins since I heard of it in January.

I'd love to see Louis Lipps' predictions come true. Love to get the heartless, washed up Rangers after smoking the way they're winning anything. They're getting swept unless Lundquist can pitch shutouts.

Anyone know if there's an Ottawa blog/site that we can infiltrate??
I searched, but didn't find any that looked anywhere near as active as this one.

I think the hairiest Pens need to shave, a'la Jackass 2, and glue it to the rookies (and Armstrong) since they can't grow playoff beards.

Tiffany said...

Steve in Denver, funny playoff beard comment. :)

& Jon, don't think for a second that you're getting off that weren't in the gamedaychat! Neither was Tee, but he had a legitimate excuse. So what's yours Mr.??? ><_><

Tee said...

Cairns played? And I missed it? GOD I HATE YOU GERMANY

Tiffany said...

Tee, it's ok....Cairns did NOT play. It's just that after the game, all of the players signed their jerseys for audience members. So he was there in a suit, along with some other teammates of his that weren't playing that night.

Jon said...

To the PB staff, thanks for all the obscure childhood references, the homosexual innuendos concerning other teams' players, the food and drink spit all over our monitors and/or keyboards, the Dany Heatley jokes, and for being THE place to come to discuss and laugh at everything that is PENGUINS HOCKEY and Jake Wheatley.

I couldn't wake my ass up until the second period Tiff, and by then I had to take a shower and head in to work...I saw us score both times, but didn't see the good parts (Ruutu being Ruutu) and I bet any money he was calling Avery a retard.

I don't see anyone hanging with Buffalo at least until the conference finals, and believe we will be the team to meet them there.

And talk about classy, what the players did at the end of the game reeked of it, and I miss that smelly shithole arena (I mean that in the most endearing way). I can't wait to make my return to the 'Burgh

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else see Malkin throwing t-shirts into the crowd? He was having the time of his life. Every time he ran out of shirts he went back for more.

Lloyd said...

Thanks for the great season recaps PensBlog.

And thanks for the entertaining comments CommentorBlog

And thanks for the awesome chat at (I should get paid for all the plugs I give for that site.) We should organize a big gameday chat for the first or second game.

And most of all, Thank you mittens for being so damn cute. :) awwww ain't he cuuuuute. /random

rachel said...

I can't believe the regular season is over! It seems like yesterday they were in training camp debating whether Staal could make it.

Thank you Pensblog guys! You have made this season with all the jokes and posts!

Everyone who made photoshops, great work!

Steve in denver, Danny P. actually suggested that to Malone, haha

The best of the players giving their jerseys had to be a player nailing Ekman with a T-shirt in the head and Armstrong moonwalking... I didn't get to see anyone after Orpik though.

Michael said...

Maybe somebody will Youtube the postgame jersey ceremony, since Center Ice doesn't let us watch the postgame events.

rachel said...

Is the Pensblog in pink instead of black or is my computer messed up??

Anonymous said...

The Pensblog made this season that much more enjoyable.
Thanks guys.

I dont kno how you find time to do all this, but some questions are better left unanswered.

-- Michelle

Staff said...

easter = pink


EmDubs said...

Happy Easter and Happy Playoffs to all (unless you are a Senators fan ;)!

Your mom. said...

This comment by the Sens coach amuses me...(about Ruutu)

"I thought he exaggerated it -- he got the big smile on his face afterward -- but he got the call," Murray told the Ottawa Sun.

Apparently he's never watched him play hockey because he has a smile on his face...pretty much all the time.

rachel said...

Staff, haha, thanks... I thought my computer was retarded.

Happy Easter everyone!

Christina said... that poll the Ottawa Sun has going on, the last option for picking your least favorite Penguin is "That one from Batman"

i voted for that one ;-)


rachel said...

The heading by Joshua has been my background for a while now. Great work!

Can't wait for photoshops, playoff goals, and playoff brackets :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

a really awesome job all season... 82 recaps posted, 82 recaps read. and now for the second season.

Christina said... comes through, with the Danny Po playoff beard segment

Anonymous said...


Christina said...

found another one...Gonch Geno and Sid giving their jerseys to the fans last night....enjoy

rachel said...

Christina, I voted for the one from Batman, too, haha... winning with 38%... Seriously, who doesn't like Talbot?!? I was just going to post the playoff beard segment, haha

Ruutu hitting Jagr and smiling

Pens awards

Crosby and Avery

Jon said...

Most puzzline of all, what the heck is the picture of Michael Keaton from Gung-Ho doing in the recap?

russell lucas said...

Ridiculous. The only way the Senators are heavily favored is if Heatley gets to drive the Pens' team bus from the hotel to the rink.

PensblogAdam said...

Gung Ho is what '80s cinema was all about.

loralei said...

Great season staff! You should think about putting all your stuff together for a Pensblog yearbook or something when its all said and done. You guys did great work. I'd buy a copy...

Shanna said...

Beautiful season. Sad that it's over but I'm so pumped for the playoffs! This team is gonna be unstoppable. Go Pens!!

Tiffany said...

Ok Jon, you're forgiven... ;-) Are you gonna be there Wednesday??

Rachel, the part with Army & Ekman was hilarious. Btw, I thought there was something wrong with my computer too! Haha.....then I read the comments & it cleared everything up.

Oh & Joshua, your picture is, thanks to everyone for photo-shopping. You guys either leave me stunned, have me rollin’ on the floor laughin’, or both. Can’t wait for tonight’s expo.

Lloyd said...

found this video of the pens at west point at the beginning of the year... thought I would share

karri said...

Hey Guys,
You must know how funny and talented you are, but I just want to let you know that I truly appreciate the work you’ve done this year. Your range, in just about every post, goes from the most juvenile comments to the most cerebral ones. There’s not another blog like this anywhere, congrats on your glorious site! :)

P.S. I agree with Loralei...a Pensblog yearbook would be something I’d also buy.

Tiffany said...

Christina & Rachel, thank you so much for finding those clips on YouTube. I saw 'em all last night, but the ones with Potash, Ruutu, & Avery still cracked me up. And isn't it a nice feeling--knowing our team is so classy?

Oh!! & Adam,
Did you guys put the Gung-Ho picture in because of Michael Keaton/Mark Eaton or just because you like Gung-Ho?? ;-)

seth said...

why's the background pink?

Jon said...

Friggin' unbelievable Isles-Devils game, it looked like NY was in the playoffs up 2-0 with under five to go, and John Madden scores twice, the last with .8 seconds left. The Isles won in a shootout and celebrated the fact that they're going to get their asses handed to them in the first round by Buffalo.
I have a Corpsman support activity on wednesday at nine until hopefully four, so I'll be at the chat Tiffany.

And suck it Toronto. I guess it's kinda good that four out of five teams in our division are in the playoffs.

Jon said...

On second thought it sucks, a Maple Leafs-Sabres series would have been much better to watch.

Staff said...

that yearbook thing would be a sweet idea.
if this was our full-time job, we would be all over it.

gung ho was put in there for no reason whatsoever.

pink = easter

Lloyd said...

I can see the playoff goals :)

THey were uploaded at 5ish today.

i was doing some youtube "research"

dying alive said...

Does anyone else think that Potash's playoff beard is going to be a thing of beauty? It's either going to be the scraggliest thing ever, or it's going to be full-on Grizzly Adams.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...


In that playoff beard thing, did Talbot just say "I love beard"?

For some reason, that reminded me of Steve Carrell in Anchorman saying "I love lamp".

Sarah said...

Great job PensBlog guys are awesome.
Avery blows.
Go Pens!

rachel said...

Dying alive, I want to see someone do some photoshops for Danny P's playoff beard.

Louis Lipps, Talbot definitely said that, haha


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