Tuesday, March 20, 2007

As The Commenterblog mentioned Monday afternoon, the Pens entered the game as the number-one team in the ESPN power rankings.

You have to think the Pens were up there when Lemeiux came back in 2000-01, but it's bad for your brain if you stay on ESPN.com for too long, so researching was for naught.

"The Pens are a young team. They are talented. Crosby is good."
Thanks, Linda.

Thibault is starting.
Fleury will be under the weather for a game in the playoffs, and Jossy will have to come in to win a Game 6 on the road.
That kind of cameo appearance is the only reason anyone knows how to spell Frank Pietrangelo's name.

No FSN tonight.

We get Doc Emrick and some guy who sounds like a Kennedy brother.
The Versus in-game correspondent is a waste.
He should go back to Journalism 101 -- Rob King and Dan Potash teach it everyday.

It's no use speculating that the Pens "come out slow" in games anymore.
These guys are so focused right now.

Versus must have a back door into our e-mail, because it took them roughly 15 seconds to discuss Gary Roberts and Sean Avery.

Jossy was coming up big early, having to face a fleury of shots.

Talbot and Armstrong set up a nice give-and-go, with Talbot getting a quality scoring chance.
Things don on everyone at all different times.
But did Talbot flying in there make you realize the Pens have three potent scoring lines?

It took 14 minutes, but Jagr finally made an appearance by almost splitting the Pens defenseman.

"What time is it?"
"Oh, crap. Peace."

Ruutu annihilates Sean Avery along the boards.
Does Georges Laraque still play on the team?

The Penguins have a solid blue-line corps.
People can disagree with this, and that's fine.
Scoods, Nasreddine, Melichar, and Orpik silently come to work and get the job done.
I wouldn't like it if I got in my car and drove to work, and everyone on the Parkway was rolling down their windows to tell me I'm a piece of shit.
We're looking at you, Meli-haters.
But Melichar is easily the first off the island when Eaton returns.

Will Eaton return on Easter Sunday?

He rises.

First period comes to an end with zero fanfare...besides the Rangers fans cheering the fact that their team has played the Pens to a scoreless tie in the first.
Wow...so, that is how far the Pens have come this season.
Nice feeling.


Mark Messier hands out a meaningless Leadership award to Glenn Holland during the intermission.

When you talk clutch directing, you talk Mr. Holland.
This is John Madden, signing off until playoff time.

Early in the second, Orpik gets owned by a Ranger near the boards.
What does Orpik do?
Skates as hard as he can to get back into the defensive zone and poke checks the puck from Jagr.
Orpik then goes to the bench.
A Shift In The Life.

Speaking of solid shifts, Alain Nasreddine gets a hooking penalty soon thereafter.

It's easy to stop the Rangers' power play, because they only have one play that they run.
Jagr comes up the half-boards, swoops down, passes it down to the goal line and goes to the net.
That's it.

Speaking of our solid defensemen, Melichar gets an elbowing penalty.
Luckily, the Rangers try to cheat but get caught with too many men.

" Too many men? No such thing. "

Halfway through the second, Jordan Staal disturbs Henrik Lundqvist's nap.

Steve Avery is a joke.

Completely shut down the Pirates' bats in the early '90s.

He comes flying into the zone and even catapults himself into Thibault.
Then Avery is arguing.
Seriously. A total joke.
The whole team argues, but anyone can see that it was Avery's intent to douche Thibault.
Avery = 5 goalie-interference penalties this season.

Big-time penalty kill by the Rangers with a little help from Recchi getting in the way of The Whintey Play (TM).

Praise Mario that a commercial break came after the ensuing penalty on the Pens.
The Rangers' momentum came to a screeching halt.

Regardless, penalties are good now because it gives our insane PK units some practice.
Our lives will change forever when Talbot scores a shorthanded goal late in a Game 5 on the road to break a 3-3 tie.

The PK unit bends but doesn't break.
Thibault flopping around like a chicken trying to keep the MSG homos silent.

Later, Christensen trips a terd, but then Rozey catapults a Penguin into the net.
The only thing Rozsival has put in the net all year.

Holy hell, this game is still tied.

The four-on-four brought some nice action, with the Rangers getting all the chances.
Malkin and Staal were about 5 inches away from getting a two-on-one.
That would be money in the bank if you've ever seen it.

Some ass named Jed smoked Malkin. Whatever.

Instead, the puck stays in the Pens zone, and Orpik decides to make it 3-for-3 in making us look like clowns in our praise of the no-namer d-men.
A hooking penalty he didn't really have to take gives the Rangers yet another power play, but Thibault is insane.

Rangers outshoot the Pens 26 to -4 in the second period.


If your internet sucks and you hate ESPN, you had yet to see Jimmy Tootoo's punch on Dallas' Robidas until the second intermission.

Chris Simonitis is spreading.


The Rangers started the third on the power play, but the Pens killed it.
But the Rangers jobbed in a deflection goal to take a 1-0 lead.
Thibault is human.

The next shift, Thibault bounces back with a point-blank save.

The Rangers started buzzing like bees around a hive.
New York forgets that Thibault is on PCP.
Versus commentator Mike Emrick gets an erection from all the saves.

Some new Ranger jerk-off is on the ice taking runs at everyone.

Hey, Callahan -- shouldn't you be watching The Black Donnellys or something -- Fag.

Hollweg has had the worst 10 days in human history.
He has a nice shiner from Chris Simon, and then he gets crushed by 3'7" Mark Recchi.

Chris Simon Scalps Ryan Hollweg
Fact: He didn't hit him hard enough.

Recchi goes to the box.
Jagr is stoned by the right pad of Jossy.

The G-Train Roberts draws a cross-checking penalty to Blair Betts.

Power play.

The Rangers once again neutralize the opportunity.

Time winding down.

The Pens finally decide to show up.
Malkin owns a touch pass to EC.
EC, while getting hooked to death, shoots/passes...
And guess who is on the doorstep.

Your friendly neighborhood garbage man.

Huge goal. Pens right back in it.

The teams are jobbing and well it looks like we are going to overti --
Oh no.
Here is Jagr.


Jagr using the move that Ron Francis made famous -- gets the puck in front right before he goes behind the net.
The puck hits off of Scoods.
Nylander reacted, knowing that it was a goal, but the Rangers job a lot.
It's not conclusive at all.
No whistle on the play.
The refs meet.

Sorry, Rangers. We didn't see the puck go into the net.
We must've been too busy looking down at you in the standings.
See you April 7th.
Schedule your tee times for April 8th, toolbags.


  • The Penguins played.
  • Thibault: 137 saves
  • Lundqvist: 3 naps and a CrunchWrap Supreme from Taco Bell.
  • Power play: Both teams ( 0 for your mom )
  • Big win for the Rangers.
  • Pens looked fine tonight. Just didn't win.
  • Your mom looked fine tonight.
  • Too angry to talk about anything right now.
  • How many cameras does Versus have at the game? How the hell did the cameraman know to put an iso-camera on Blair Betts? The dude doesn't even deserve a hello from a Wal-Mart greeter, but he gets an iso. Stunning.
  • Tons of F bombs tonight. Did anyone see Tom Renney tell someone f-you after the Pens scored?

Do it.


Photoshop Creds

Roberts, Jagr -- Anthony Costa
G-Train -- Mike Costa
He rises -- Jeff Harr
Thibault -- Derek Kalinosky
Ouellet Trash -- J-Schiff

Our e-mail is getting owned with photoshops.
A brief description of the photoshop in the subject of the e-mail would help us enormously.
Thanks a lot guys.
If you've sent a lot and still haven't gotten love, please e-mail us and tell us.
Huge expo coming soon.


seth said...

Here's how i look at it...

1. You can't win every game until the end of the year

2. A one-goal loss after back-to-back games is pretty good

3. We're 10 points above 6th place tampa bay... pretty much 5th place is worse we can finish

4. I thought T-bo was shakey as usual. Help from D clearing rebounds and a little luck

Justin said...

after that game winner 68 shall henceforth be reffered to as jaromir jobr

solid recap guys

Staff said...

hahahaha Justin thats money in the bank

marc said...

i knew t-bo closed his eyes when he blocks shots........ but he had the presence to flop across the goal line and stop that shot from the point in the third....

i like scuderi, but its like the 4th time a puck hit off of him and went in the goal....

where we playing in New Jersey?

im not worrying... 9 games left, and we need 7 points = piece of cake

Anonymous said...

haha yea, i saw the fuck you too.

but im sorry guys, i do not agree with melichar going off the island first.

i say take them both off. scuderi and melichar. replace them with kiwi and eaton when they return.

but if anything, send scuderi down.


Justin said...

i wouldnt want everybody rolling down their windows to tell me im a piece of shit either

nobody ever speaks up when the D
plays a sound game

you dont get as hot as they are lately dressing 4 warm turds to play behind gonch and whit

Andrew said...

melicar blows. scuds is meodicre.

are we going to sign the college dmen now? Sneep and Gologiski(sp)? i guess the college season is done and a lot of players are rushing to sign. hopefully we can get one of them or Letang back for the playoff run on d. Nas and Brooks must stay in the lineup though. those two have played well i think.


Anonymous said...

agreed with Jay on the Defenseman issue...Scud has put either 3 or 4 pucks in his own net, though probably inadvertantly, it still happened. Joltin' Joe has been solid for the most part since coming back from his injury.

Ton of big hits tonight.

Rex will have a huge game before the end of March, I'm calling it.

Thibault made 459 saves and the Pens still lose, something's gotta give for this guy.


Justin said...

a sidenote
does keith jones ever say anything thats not garbage?

plus, with a 5 o'clock shadow, hes fred flintstone

The hockey gods are smiling upon us dahntahners said...

all them jobbers out there on tbo, tonight proved his importance to the pens especially in the upcoming weeks, but despite the outcome i'll applaud the pens for their effort, madison square garden had versus playin on the loud speaker and well after hearing that annoying new jersey guy facef**k jagr and his team of merry homos for suddenly becoming the hotest thing since sliced bread in the past 8 days... never once did that nurd (turd+nerd=nurd) mention "hey, the league decided to schedule a mini 82 game season to be played over the past 5 days for the pens" give them some credit for stayin in the game. it doesnt take much for jagr to sit at a damn poker table and play go fish all day

Anonymous said...

Rex also dropped the f-bomb with "I didnt fucking do anything!" after his boarding call.

rachel said...

Justin, I completely agree with you that no one mentions when they play well, everyone just notices them when they mess up. I think Scuderi has just gotten some unlucky bounces. Orpik has really stepped it up.

I thought it was still a good game considering it was the 5th game in 7 days and the second back to back. Thibault was solid making 40 saves and he gave the Pens a chance.

I knew after Ouellet scored, I'd be seeing a garabage goal in the re-cap, haha

Great recap as always! And the photoshops just keep getting better :)

Anonymous said...

Scuds is doing okay

Melichar is definetly out when Eaton comes back. However im starting to think that Therian, Oulett and Melichar have a little three way relationship going on because Melichar is out there at every important situation in the game and gets beat to every loose puck in the process.
My money is on the Pens sitting Nassardine because Therian will whine if Joe leaves.
Im all for Kiwi coming in and playing there is no way he can do any more stupid shit than those two.
As for bringing in College Defensman or a guy who has played 8 NHL games in his life. Never going to happen. Hell we DONT want that to happen the NCAA is not the NHL playoffs.
Orpik is solid I love that guy.
Also some may recall our 16 game streak earlier in the year. Towards the end we were giving up 4 or 5 goals a game but still winning and somehow MAF got blamed for that..well it wasn't until Big Joe Melichar came back that all those goals started going in. Just something to think about when trying to justify melichar's playign time.

tiffany said...

Dying Alive, I'm not sure who'll be the 1st to kill~~Roberts, Ruutu, Orpik, Laraque.....they're all pretty insane (in a good way).

I know I've been loving the way Roberts, Ruutu & Orpik have been kickin' everyone's can lately. ;) But I really wanted Laraque to take Avery out tonight. That a**hole was on top of Thibault for like, ever!!! Despite that, Joc was absolutely amazing..... *o*
Oh, and who loved Ouellet's Superman goal??? For me, it was the highlight of the game....crazy!!!! I was laughin' soooo hard, and they kept showin' it on instant replay. All I could think of was Jim Carey (in Ace Ventura-When Nature Calls) saying, "Hi-ho Silver....away!!!" ;D

~~NHL All Star Game coming to the Burgh after the new arena?? Sweet....

Justin said...

maybe hes forgets and thinks hes still playing on a team with the likes of rico fata, tomas surovy, konstantin koltsov, matt murley and lasse pirjeta

Staff said...

Melichar is definitely first.

But besides the own goals that Scuderi has unfortunately been on the short end of, he is a solid defenseman.

We can't have 6 stalwart d-men, and if we have to have a jobber d-man that gets the job done, I'll take Scoods.

Absent from this discussion is Alain Nasreddine.
He's just chillin, playing defense.
Can't ask for anything more.

I say scratch Eaton when he comes back.
It's the smartest thing to do.

Go Pens.

tiffany said...

Staff, I miss the "In Livin' Color" days.....haha. "Hated it!!" Btw, I saw the NYR coach say F-you too. There definitely WERE a lot of F-bombs in that game. Half of them probably came from Ruutu, but they obviously couldn't air that when they had him mic'd up. :) That may have been the only thing I liked about VS. And you guys certainly have your hands full with all of these awesome pics coming in.
Great job everyone!! (Too many to name them all...) ;-)

Derek said...

We have been lucky with the D-Men...Scuds is ok.. Melichar has moments. I can't tell you how happy I am that at least Rosival doesn't play here anymore. Tonight reminded me of how bad he is.

As for the whole sending down stuff. No way. I say just dress an extra d-man. Especially if Lord Therrien is only going to play 3 lines.

Tonight was a Laraque-Ruutu game.They could of been a lot more invloved
Oh well..

By the way the last couple of Photoshops to come in as of midnight have been surreal.

Goodnight all

Go pens

Derek said...

By the way Tiff, do you sleep?

If the Pens would of won tonight, your song may have made it into the recap..

Nick said...

Melichar has a better +/- than Orpik, Eaton and Gonch. Nasreddine and Scuderi are above all of them.

I just don't see what all the complaining about them is for. They have 34(Joe) and 24(Scuderi) penalty minutes respectively. Playing defense, that's ridiculously good. Gonchar has 70. Malkin has 68 and Crosby has 56.

Melichar and Scuderi both log about 19 minutes a night and will both end up the season with 10 assists probably.

Senators coach Bryan Murray complains about Sidney being foul mouthed. http://post-gazette.com/pg/07079/770962-61.stm
I guess it's quite alright for his captain and assistant captain (Alfreddson and Heatley) to launch verbal swearing attacks at the officials. Also, it was one of them who screamed "blow the f'ing thing" the other night which was loudly heard on FSN.

I know it's not just me, but as the season has gone on, I'm definitely hating every single team and opponent we come up against.

Goodnight, Pensbloggers.

bwzimmerman in PHX said...

f the talk about D-Men, let's concentrate on the positive...

TBO : 40 saves + 2 questionable trash goals

from the radio broadcast, you'd think he dipped into Mad Max's PCP stash... Lange and Bourquey were popping blood vessels left and right...

tiffany said...

Derek, lol....Karri asked me the same thing not too long ago. I've kind of given up on sleep.....too much goin' on in my head. I took a nap before the game, though. :)
Wait a second.....I think my insomnia started last month. The Penguins' 16-game point streak ended last month.....coincidence???
Anyway, thanks for sayin' that about the song. I would've just been happy with a win, but it's true...you can't win 'em all. :-\

Nick, I know what you mean about hating the other teams. I think there's only 1 or 2 that I don't despise completely. ;)

tiffany said...

bwzimmerman in PHX,
I was sayin' that about Thibault too!! Except I thought it was Max's LSD stash, not his PCP stash. He probably took a little bit of both. ;)

"Lange and Bourquey were popping blood vessels left and right..."...haha.

tiffany said...

Doh!! I forgot to tell you....
I got sick of the background on my desktop. So I changed it to one of the "Pensblog Penguin" pictures. It's the one where he looks a bit angry and he's holding just a hockey stick.

I love those pics..."-"

Jon said...

Now now Tiff, mixing PCP and LSD is guaranteed to make you see some weird shit, like hockey pucks with the faces of the cast of Charles in Charge on them coming at him. Not talking from personal experience or anything...um, yeah.
You guys are in my head too, like rachael the first thing I thought when Ouellet scored was that we were finally going to see his garbageman photoshop that yinz have been teasing us with. It did not disappoint.
And it appears that Eaton hit T-Bo in the neck with a shot in the morning shootaround, lucky for us he didn't choose decapitate on his stick's shot power selecter. That would have been a mess not likely seen since Clint Malarchuk attempted to shave his neck with an opponent's skate...

tiffany said...

Hahahaha...... ;D

tiffany said...

Here's the Ace Ventura 2 video; it has all of the funny lines from the movie. With about 50 seconds into it, it shows one of my favorite lines (which was the one I thought of when Ouellet scored....haha).

Hope it works....


tiffany said...

Yay!!! It DID work. ;-)

FritoWill said...

Sucderi is lucking this isn't Columbia after the 1994 Soccor World Cup, when that guy scored the "own goal" vs. the USA and got shot when he returned home.

T-Bone may have looked shakey, but the Rangers owned us all night, face it after 47 games in 7 nights we are beat. But it was nice to see us play a little defense in front of him or at least MerriMaids for sweaping up all the garbage in front of him.

Versus is a JOKE, 5 seconds into the brodcast the sound wasn't working. And heck i don't need the f'ing graphics all game long, i just want to see the game.

Versus has more advertizing on their shows than the PA turnpike will after Ed Rendell gets through with it.

Mark Messier sucks as a guy in the intermission reports, just like he did on ice.

Enough ranting, i need to sell some dorito's!!!!

tiffany said...

Rachel & Karri,
I thought I thanked you 2 earlier, but I guess I didn't. So, THANKS!!!! I'm psyched you liked those parts in the song. I COULD always tweak it to make it fit with the Islanders game on Thursday.

Oh, and Rachel.....thanks also for the stats.

Jeff said...

The pensblog is like liquid crack cocaine. It keeps you going when you need it.

Geeves said...

Gonchar, Whitney, Eaton, Orpik, Kwiatkowski, and we let Scuderi and Melichar duel it out (Gladiator style, with those pugel sticks up on the platforms, I'll even get Larry Csonka on the phone) for the last slot.

Though I think they'll both be gone next year with the arrival of Letang.

you'd think that Therrien knowing tonight would be a physical game where his players were beat, he would've given extra ice time to the most useful guys - those who were well rested and liked to hit (Petro and Laraque) but no dice. Strange to anyone else?

Jon said...

I think when it's all said and done, this game will be quickly forgotten. I'm sure Scuds is gonna lose some sleep tonight, I mean he even apologized to T-Bo after the goal was confirmed. Next season is next season, but we're gonna need all six of our defensemen in the playoffs this year.
It was actually 59 games in 7 nights fritowill, nonetheless let's just let this team get that magical number beneath David Copperfield and let the chips fall where they may. Most likely we're going to play either Ottawa, Tampa, or Carolina.

This place is going to be off the chain come playoff time. I only wish I could grow a playoff beard...stupid Navy regulations

tiffany said...

Jeff, haha....exactly. ;)

Geeves, I wish Petrovicky would've been laced up & Laraque been given more ice time too!! It's a mystery to me why they're not being used more often.

Jon, 59 games.....lol. And I agree with soon forgetting about the game. It could've been worse; 2 points could've been given to Buffalo/Jersey, ya know?? Btw, it's the thought that counts (about the beard). "_"
Which reminds me....

Elizabeth, depending on how old some women are, it might actually be possible to grow beards....
All kidding aside, though, how about not getting our hair cut/trimmed. My hair's already down to my waist, so it doesn't really affect me much. But still....what do ya think??

Dwayne said...

I was a bit tanked before the game last night, and the first time Versus showed that dude bursting into flames, I was like "OH GOD, RUUTU IS ON FIRE WTF".

Then I realized it was an onscreen graphic, and everyone laughed at me (as well they should have).

tiffany said...

Haha....that's great.

"As well they should be."


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I thought the sequence where Thibault made the save and the Vs. announcers went apeshit was hilarious.

Basically, he laid out to make a save, laid on his back for a few seconds, a Ranger gets the puck and shoots it DIRECTLY at T-Bo's ass as he lies prone on the ground...

And Emrick and Mayor Quimby went absolutely crazy.

(Actually, Vs. color-man Mayor Quimby didn't really go crazy... I just threw him in there to point out that he sounds more like Mayor Quimby than a Kennedy, even though Mayor Quimby is supposed to sound like a Kennedy. He also sounds like the mailman on Cheers, and everyone in the Departed. Or everyone that ever came from Boston for the matter.)

dying alive said...

1. Nice photoshops. That Matrix one of MAF is badass.

2. Thanks for not hating on our D like everyone else does. They may not be the best in the league, but they're at least holding their own or we wouldn't be going to the playoffs.

3. Bryan Murray should spend more time worrying about which early round of the playoffs his team is going to lose in this year rather than the fact that Sid likes to drop the f-bomb. Thanks, dad.

4. Thibault played out of his mind last night and still lost. Poor guy.

5. I thought Emerick was going to blow a gasket when Thibault was making those saves on his back.

6. The first thing that went through my mind when Ouellet scored was, "YES! Photoshop."

7. If Nas sits in the pressbox rather than Melichar, I will be convinced that Therrien is on drugs.

8. Christensen needs more ice time.

loralei said...

Damn, I didnt see the game cause at class so I cant comment on the Bostonian announcer, but here's a bunch of stuff that doesnt have anything to do with anything... I did see the Black Donnellys when I got home. Quality show which keeps with my current obsession with the Departed. I briefly stalked Matt Damon when they were here in Boston making the Departed. When I finally saw him on the street by himself, he looked right at me and my deer and the headlight face and laughed at me and waved. Whatever. Matt Damon laughed at me and I still loved it. Oh and I saw them film the brief rugby scene at the begining. Martin Scorcese is teeny and Matt Damon was hot playing rugby in the rain.

There is nothing wrong with Boston btw. I happen to really like it here. Still the blue collar ethic, but instead of crazy Stiller fans, there are crazy Sox fans. Quality town that knows how to throw one hell of a St. Patricks Day parade. I think I may still be drunk from Sunday, but I'm not sure.

Mike Emerick might be from Pittsburgh. I cant remember? I do kwow that he got his first job covering the Penguins for a local newspaper (the Beaver Co. Times maybe?) And he did it for free, just to get to go to the games.

As far as Melichar goes, you also have to remember that he was throw out there w/ Gonchar after Eaton went down. Gonch, I love him, but he's not exactly the most defensive minded defenseman, Melichar has to cover for him alot. Not everyone can be Super Eaton.

Sorry about the ramblings. Enjoy the day...

loralei said...

Oh and I forgot, I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this, but check out John Buccigross's fake chat on ESPN. It made me chuckle...


Jason said...

Pens are number one in espn's power rankings, but did anyone check out tsn's rankings? they're 10th and somehow OTTAWA is number 1. are you kidding me? tsn's writers are knockin the pens for winning games in shootouts, like thats a crime or something. Apparently being able to regularly lose games in ot makes you a great team (im lookin at you ottawa). F canada

soup said...


e.mirchich said...

Scuderi really is a solid d-man, he just loves protecting the crease too much and ends up doing more harm than good on occasion. As of now, I'd put him at around -4 G so once he scores, if ever, he will only be digging himself out. He shouldn't win that bet even if he scores first.

Oh, and nice Photoshops everyone. I've been loving them all, minus mine because then I'd just be a cocky son of a bitch. Ouellet's garbage man was priceless and I loved Mr. Roberts' neighborhood and the Young Guins from the other day. Solid stuff, keep it up.

EmDubs said...

F Canada indeed. I was at the game on Friday night and I let all those dirty Canucks who made the trip down know that Canadian bacon is actually just ham, that poutine sucks, and that Leafs fans need to learn the plural of Leaf is, in fact, leaves.

Mike M said...

according to the Versus announcers, Thorburn and "Joe" Talbot were out there last night.

Anyone else catch those?

Elizabeth said...

Tiff and whoever else talked about not cutting hair in the last post-

OK we won't get haircuts, although for those of us with long hair it probably won't really matter but that's ok. It's the spirit of the thing!

Justin said...

you mean you girls arent gonna grow playoff patches? :P

Spencemo said...

Yeah, I saw Renney drop that F-Bomb...I just want to know who he was aiming it at?

Elizabeth said...

lol Justin. Yeah we feel very left out of this whole playoff beard thing.

Anonymous said...

Mike M...I heard the Versus announcer say that...I was excited for Thorburn..then...wait...where is he? - Idiot! Nothing worse in an announcer than to get the player's name wrong. They have the sheet right in front of them...come on.

Justin :O hahaha...

Tiffany & Elizabeth...OK...no hair cut, I can do that.

And...I do get annoyed at Melichar and Scuderi, but more than that, I just would like to see Eaton and Kwiatkowski play.


Anonymous said...

BTW - Eric Mirchich...I love the Neo/Matrix (Fleury) Photo! Nice work and I like the thought that went into it.


Anonymous said...

Seth, what are the March statistics?

tiffany said...

Eric, that Neo/Fleury pic is utterly stupefying!! (to completely overwhelm with amazement) LOL...

"Leaf is, in fact, leaves."....haha.....I've thought about that too. ;)

Dying Alive, good idea about not getting our hair cut. I guess it's official then~~it'll be our equivalant to the guys' playoff beards. We can do THAT so we won't feel left out, like Elizabeth said. "_"

Justin, I can't believe you. ^o^ [gasp]....lol.

Anonymous said...

Matt..."011 - Staal, Jordan Staal" pic...hahaha..great pic!


rachel said...

Thank you Toronto! 2-1 vs Devils

Staal, Jordan Staal, haha. Great job Matt!

matt said...

ladies- if you liked tonights photoshop, just wait for tomorrow...

dying alive said...

OK, the Ron Burgundy photoshop actually made me giggle out loud, and possibly guffaw. I hope you guys are happy with yourselves. Awesome stuff.

MAF looks good as a blonde.

matt said...

awww...jordan staal bond was only up for a couple hours....

Staff said...

don't worry Matt it will be used again..

rachel said...

Staff, I think you should make a massive post with all the photoshops used in the heading so the enjoyment can last even longer :)

Matt, I can't wait for the next one!

Adam, the best part is how their faces actually look like they belong there especially Malkin, haha. Does Roberts not ever have the killer stare going on?


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