Friday, March 2, 2007

3 - 2


Man, are the Hurricanes annoying.

Games like this make you want to:

A. Punch a woman
B. Vomit
C. Drink yourself to sleep

(If you can do it in that order, your name is Martin Brodeur.)

It all started out pretty well, with the Pens and Canes going back and forth.

Eric Staal and Jordan Staal got to face each other again.
Most likely the most important sibling rivarly since Tia banged Tamara's boyfriend on "Sister Sister."

Your 15 minutes are up, bittchezz.

The Pens came out throwing the body again.
BGL lit up Rob "The Bod"Brindamour.
The only bad part of the hit was that Brindamour would return.

Body by Jake flew in to makeout with Brindamour so he could return to play.

The Pens kept the pressure up, and some player wearing number 87 scored to beat Cam Ward.
Rumor has it that the player wearing 87 now has 200 career points.
FSN has yet to confirm.

The rest of the period was Penalty City.
The Hurricanes may be the biggest babies in the entire NHL.

The second period gave us the typical two-minute Penguins meltdown.
Scott Walker and his huge nose scored a goal, and then some jobber beat Thibault.

2 - 1
Melicar is stunned.

But, as usual, they regained their composure and threw the Talbot-Armstrong-Malone line out onto the ice.
They cycled harder than Greg Lemond and Malone was the benficiary of a great Army pass.


Find us a more consistent duo this year than Army and Talbot.

But you could just tell something wasn't right.
Lord Therrien didn't have the magical touch with the lines.

Michel Ouellet hasn't scored since the eighth-grade picnic. No, seriously, he hasn't.

Two Chinese people are all smiles after watching Ouellet score 4 goals and chip in with an assist at the eighth-grade picnic.

More penalties followed, but neither team could get anything going.

The potent Penguins power play was reduced to an anal wart.

The most shocking part of the whole period of the game was Pens Radio guy Phil Bourque revealing Ryan Whitney is playing hurt:

"I know Whit is going through some stuff right now. We can't say."

Two concerns about this:

1. What is wrong with him?
2. And why is Phil Bourque the only one who seems to know about it?

Quite honestly, the third period is a blur.
Before you know it, there is nine minutes left and you're nervous.
The Pens couldn't get anything going, and after an extended shift by the second power play, the Canes get a goal from Scott Walker's Nose.

Look at that thing. It was one of the three stars tonight.

Jocelyn Thibaut shouldve covered the puck right before that, but what can you say...lucky bounce.
It was hard to believe the Canes were up 3-2.

The Pens kept battling, but it was all for naught. Carolina shut the door, and the Pens looked tired.
They got a late powerplay chance, but Carolina stymies it yet again.

Props to Carolina fans. Very much in the game. Nice atmosphere. Standing up to applaud that late PK....nice to see.

But give credit to Carolina. They play solid defense, if solid defense means punching helmets off people and clutching jerseys, but let's not go that route.
Good teams rise above the trash, and the Pens didn't have anything left.



  • 87: 1G.. 200th point
  • Malone: 1G
  • Pens Powerplay: 0-for-your-mom
  • Ward: 22 saves
  • Thibaut: Solid but not good enough
  • Laraque is scoring a goal soon. Great effort from him.
  • Nice move by Roberts in third; nearly a goal.
  • Mike Yeo got some gum from Chris Stewart before the third. He seemed impressed.
  • Did it seem like Brooks Orprik played the whole game?
  • Malkin has got to play with someone else.
  • Ottawa and New Jersey lost, so this loss doesn't hurt as much.

Bring on the Jagoffs


Scott said...

melichar has that look on his face alot...look for it to continue

TheGuyFromPgh said...

That was a frustrating game but it was nice to see Roberts get a little physical out there. I'm gonna piss myself waiting to see BGL throw down for the first time in a Pens uni. It will be glorious!

marc said...

Was it just me or did everytime the canes scored t-bo was on the other side of the net and had to leap across to try and make a save? we are really gonna need him this month, and he scares me a little

i was dyin when roberts fought that guy, then they looked like they were gonna kiss and make up later on in the game....hilarious

i want a BGL fight right now!!!!

plus i want to know waht is wrong with whitney...... we need his offense

Anonymous said...

0-for-7 i beleive on the PP. that's not gonna win playoff games.

i agree the 2nd line isn't clicking, i think they shoulda kept staal and geno together with possibly malone?

if we lose sunday, something is definitley wrong in the world. I'll be at the Igloo Sunday, hopefully Titty-maki will be in net, we need a stat-padding game, and a sweep of the Flyers will make this week seem not so bad.


Andrew said...

please oh please let it be BGL rebreaking Fridge's face on sunday. then after that, that little bitch Eager can get his. BGL has 2 heavies to go against sunday. i can't wait. plus if Hatcher trys to cheap shot sid like usual, he'll have Laraque to answer too.

i missed tonight game due to work. i caught about half of the BGL in my own words they had on though... it was really good.

hopefully sunday we complete the sweep against the flyers. the'll come out wound up i'm sure. we're only about 18 pts away from a playoff birth, so keep that in mind. 95 usually means you're in.


Tee said...

I say sit ouellet down and let petro play, at least petro can play D and while he might not be quite as good a sniper he can definately put the puck in the net..

Anonymous said...

Great writeup, I can't believe the Pittsburgh papers haven't hired anyone from here yet.

Jon said...

Maybe it's not physical with Whitney, but something going on in his life. Who knows? I don't know about yinz, but I tingled in my naughty region when Laraque hit Rod "The Bod". I think this NHL Center Ice package i bought is the best investment i've made in years.

Oh, and think about it, the Sid-Rex-Roberts line is the "My Two Dads" line. is that not good?

Geeves said...

eric, why does it matter who's in net for philly? marty biron isnt THAT good.

the staal-malkin-ouellet line was working just fine, there was absolutely no reason to break it up other than "oh, what the hell, i'm bored"

Jon said...

From EJ Hradek's blog on

Penguins livin' largeposted: Friday, March 2, 2007 |

The Penguins seemed more rock band than hockey team after their 4-3 shootout win over the Rangers on Thursday night.

In the narrow corridor outside the visitor's room, a sweaty Evgeni Malkin leaned against the wall with a couple bags of ice taped to various parts of his body and chatted with a pair of Russian models. Nice work, kid! Neither I nor my ESPN The Magazine colleague, Lindsay Berra, could understand the conversation, but Lindsay noticed that one of the women turned red with embarrassment at something Malkin said. It must have been something playful because the model just giggled.

Inside the room, Sidney Crosby chatted with ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols, who decided to check out the Pens on a rare evening off. At least I think it was a rare evening off. She seems to be on "SportsCenter" every day. Rachel covered the Caps for The Washington Post before making the jump from print to video. You know the Pens are an interesting story when Rachel decides to drop by. She caught Crosby on a good night. He won the shootout for Pittsburgh, beating New York goalie Henrik Lundqvist between the pads.

Once I got my turn with Sid the Kid, I asked him about an unusual conversation he had during the second period with Rangers defender Michal Rozsival, who was lying on the ice. Crosby leaned over and exchanged a few words with him. Evidently, Rozsival wanted to know why Crosby had tripped him after the whistle. Crosby replied by asking Rozsival why, if the whistle had blown, he continued to chop at Crosby with his stick. It's such a nasty game, eh? Nothing came of it, but it was odd to see one player leaning over to verbally engage a competitor who was stretched out on the ice as if he were tanning on the beach.

In another corner of the MSG visitor's room, 40-year-old Gary Roberts peeled off his gear and engaged in his own chat with a group of reporters. Earlier in the evening, Roberts introduced himself to his new teammates by running over several different Rangers. In fact, his nasty check on New York defenseman Fedor Tyutin left the young Russian D-man with a sprained left knee.

When the crowd thinned out, I asked Roberts if he had any problem waiving his no-trade clause to come to Pittsburgh. He said he needed a little time to get used to the idea after being informed by Florida GM/coach Jacques Martin on Monday. He admitted he originally would have preferred to go to Toronto or Ottawa. But after speaking with Pens owner Mario Lemieux, veteran RW Mark Recchi and GM Ray Shero, he was excited for the chance to play with such a dynamic young bunch.

Roberts, who skated on a line with Crosby and Recchi in his Penguins debut, said he's getting his legs under him again after missing about five weeks with a hip flexor injury. He returned to duty in early February, playing nine games with the Panthers before the trade. On Thursday night, he looked like his old self, driving into traffic areas with no brakes.

As Roberts spoke, Lemieux suddenly appeared in the otherwise empty room. "Welcome aboard," said the smiling owner. "That's a good start."

Lemieux looked almost giddy. And he should be. These are good days for him. His team is the talk of the league. He'll likely get that new arena he's been longing for, and if he still wants to (which I think he does), he'll be able to sell the team for a nice price.

In an instant, Lemieux was gone. So were the Pens, who were headed to the airport to beat the bad weather out of town. They've got another gig in Raleigh, N.C., on Friday night. I wonder if the models made the trip.

Tee said...

Man Rachel Nichols is hot as shit, I've wanted to nail her since the first time I saw her on ESPN... god why can't I be the best hockey player in the world...

FaceFromRaleigh said...

I was able to attend the game last night, and all I can say is, we have the wrong Whitney, the wrong Staal, and the wrong goalie. If we don't get some goaltending, we're more done than dinner...

Ellen said...

Jon and others,
I've seen a couple of places that Ryan Whitney has a wrist injury.

Dwayne said...

A few nights ago Steigy and Bob reported he had a banged up wrist. Or maybe I read it in the PG or the TR. I can't remember where, but I definitely know I saw or heard it within the last 7 days.

Dwayne said...

Tuesday, February 27th

"Penguins defenseman Ryan Whitney skipped practice because of a sore wrist, but he is expected to be available to play tonight. "

(in the Slap Shots)

Justin said...

maybe mark eaton bangs his girlfriend and he cant come to grips with it


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