Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stealing Points...PENS LOSE



The only thing more desperate than the Maple Leafs tonight are American Idol producers hoping Ted Nolan's gay son doesn't win.


The Leafs, on the outside looking in of the Eastern Conference playoffs, were coming hard from the opening faceoff.

A really tough task for T-bo who got the nod tonight.
First trip down the ice the Leafs almost knock one home, but somehow the puck stays out.

Two minutes later, the Pens aren't that lucky. Mark Eaton lays out to block a shot. The puck bounces around. T-Bo tries, no dice.
Alain Nasreddine apparently forgot how to play hockey while sitting out.
Chad Kilger puts it in a empty net.

The Pens respond however as Army runs over some leaf jobber.

Army lining up a leaf
The Maple Leafs lose control of themselves and take a penalty.
And you know what that means:

An all new episode of Mr. Roberts Neighborhood.
On this episode Gonch gets the puck at the point. Roberts taps his stick on the ice, Gonch shoots. And kids, Mr. Roberts doesn't miss deflections.

The Leafs and Pens trade some scoring chances.
Staal almost gets a breakaway but gets pulled down.

Toronto is a joke.
The Penguins can't get anything going on the Power Play.
And the Leafs take advantage of the momentum swing.
They cycle hard, the Pens look lost.
Some jerkoff scores.


Just before the end of the first the Leafs tackle Malkin.
At least they will get a power play at the start of the second.


Three things about the second period.

1. The Leafs were dominating
2.The Refs clearly were trying to play into the Leafs Dominating.
3. If you forgot how big of assholes the Leafs, at least you remember.

It all started off simple enough, with the Pens on the power play.
They could not get anything going and it was all downhill from there.

Alain Nasreddine just aimlessly drifts in front of T-Bo.

Next up Brooks Orpik has a tough four minutes.
He gets called for hooking a Leaf.
Very Phantom call.

After the game the Phantom of the Opera said he never saw any penalty on Orpik.

The Leafs at this point can do no wrong.
They play with the Penguins minds.
Sundin smokes one
Byrant Mccabe puts it home

Picture: Mats Sundin and his teammates prepare for a game of spin the bottle.
Fact: Gays Joke are back jack
What a nightmare.
Leafs fans are having fun.
Everyone is laughing.
Slapping hands.
You know who is not having fun?

All the baby seals the Maple Leaf fans kill.
Lord Therrien saw enough.
He pulls T-Bo.
But unless T-bo was purposely telling Alain Nasreddine to not play defense it is kind of hard to believe that this was T-Bo's fault.

Mark Eaton, stunned

It just looked like one of those games that Pens had no chance.
Even the Fat Lady has started to warm up.

Hal Gill's wife doubles as anthem singer/ freak of nature

But if you have watched all season, you just knew it wasn't over.

Cue Gonch hitting Max with a nice breakout pass, he gets knocked down.. Ouellet gets the puck. Max gets up.
Ouellet with a non-jobber pass, sick

A little hope going into the third.


If the second period was frustrating, the third period was uplifting.
The pens completely owned the entire period, sans a Maple Leaf Powerplay.
MAF was solid, and the Pens kept pushing.

But Raycroft was out of his mind.
It felt like the nothing was going to get past him.

But not so fast.
The wizard of Croz scores a jobber goal in front, after Whitney gets it to the net.

The quick kick of the puck from his skate to his stick in 3 nano seconds, is why Crosby is a big deal.

But the refs get worried and call a penalty on Melichar with four minutes to play.

The Pens kill it.

The teams job around, and all of sudden there is one minute to play.
Maf gets pulled.
Empty net.
Leafs get it.
Pens turn it over.
Leafs get it.

One last dance, Rex flips it into the corner.
Gary Roberts is faster than a speeding bullet

He beats Bryant McCabe's ass, and gets the puck to Recchi.
Recchi to Gonch.

Gonch to Whitney

four seconds left.
Its been that kind of year.

But now it just gets wierd.
After the four seconds roll off the clock to end regulation and the teams are ready for OT. There is a delay.
A fan apparently collasped after the Penguins tied the game.
Turns out he had a heart attack.

And by all accounts he was in trouble.
We would make a joke.....
It was probably Mats Sundin dad.

So after they pulled the lifeless body out of the stands, we go to OT.
Crosby puts on his pumps, and is flying around.
They can't score though.
MAF does all he can, but the Leafs win a faceoff.
Puck gets deflected

  • Croz: 1G
  • Malkin: 1A
  • Gonchar: 2A
  • Whitney: 1G
  • Fleury: 5IP of relief, 0 runs,4 hits, 4 k's
  • Shots: Pit (36)---Tor (37)

  • We'll take the point
  • Still cannot believe someone collasped before OT.
  • Nas has got to go.
  • Staal play a lights out defensive game.
  • First Place is only for a while
  • Errey was pissed at the officals
  • Leafs are gay

American Idol---Schiff
Superroberts--Klye Jackson


dying alive said...

In the first period after one of the Leafs hit one of the Pens, Bob Errey said: "He put his whole mullet behind that hit."

Can anyone confirm that this is actually what he said? Because if not, I laughed for several minutes for no good reason.

Steve said...

Toronto sucks balls.

Kim said...

Dying alive, i can definately confirm the comment because I laughed and rewinded like 3 times to hear it over and was hilarious.
Staff, i do have to say that 9 times out of 10 i do agree with you but 2night i don't. T-bo did AWFUL in goal this evening, blame alain or not, the goals he let in were easy saves in my opinion.
On a liter note, MAF rocks my world! And one point is better than no points!

Anonymous said...

i heard Bob's mullet comment also, great stuff..

Eaton = -3?? He has to get more aggressive in front of the net. you can't block someone's shot when they're standing in your goal crease..

Anyone else see the look on Therrien's face after Eli's goal?
Errey: "Look at the look on Michel Therrien's face, Steigy, he looks stunned."
Steigy: "He's thinking, wow, these guys are good, but I won't tell them that, I still have to coach."


Jeff Harr said...

Malkin had two assists.

☼ tiffany ☼ said... least the Pens battled back to get a point, despite being down 4-1. Practically any other team would've just given up, but not our boys.

Btw...sorry (in advance) to those confused, but I couldn’t let this go. So in honor of the gamedaychat from Saturday night...Errey looks hot when he's pissed, doesn't he? Gotta go back & listen to what he said in the first, though. (Must have missed it due to daydreaming.) And Tee, I'll be needing that mini skirt. ;-)

Anonymous said...

the 3rd goal i think was a jobber goal because Nas decided to play goalie and stand infront of the net....wait, we had a goalie in net already. what was he thinking.
so kim, i dont think i could blame t-bo for that goal. it was all Nas.
and the 4th one or something melichar just let him stand infront of the net for the rebound.

poor D play in my mind tonight. also going 1-6 on the PP doesnt help either. and the 5-3 for 54 secs and not scoring definitely didnt help.

when that person decided to go into cardiac arrest in the stands, it reminded me of the dude that had a stroke when bettis fumbled the football against the colts.


Andrew said...

nas is probably just rusty. he's been one of the better dmen all year. keep scuds in the line up and drop melicar. melicar = shit. simple math.

also, why no ruutu or laraque the whole 3rd pd? i didn't see either of them on the ice during that time.


Christina said...

i don't know what're more shocking...that the Pens squeezed a point out of this game or that March, that month of death, is actually over.

you guys said someone may die before the month is over...we actually came close with that Leafs fan last night.
but seriously...
12-3-2 in March. anyone see that coming?

Jon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jon said...

Yinz gotta see the column in the post-gazette about the new arena. It made me feel all fuzzy inside. These last three games are gonna be a blast to watch, but i think my nads are gonna be somewhere up in my lower abdominal area when the playoffs start. ICAN'TFRIGGIN'WAIT
And speaking of reproductive organs, it would be balls if we do win the division and play the Rangers in the first round. To watch Yags the Yobber die alive once again would be sweet cuppin' cakes.
And I don't know about Bob Errey Tiff, but I always thought Vladimir "Rosie" Ruzicka was one handsome fellow.

FritoWill said...

i'll take the point

Nas in a slump, the only player on the team worse then him is scudderi. At some point the pens' defense need to realize, instead of looking for the puck in front or MAF (or in the case TBO)


hell even if you take a penality, we are decent enough on the PK and hell with the amount of shortys we have it might not be that bad of a thing.

Does the fact that I almost had the cops called on me when Whitney scored show how excited I am for the playoffs?

FritoWill said...

now that i read my thing i am wrong

Nas has been one of the best

I am thinking Melicar.

I apolize to Jay.

What a jobber i am this morning.

tiffany said...

Eric, I heard what Steigy & Errey said too! Their comments were so great. :-}

Christina, thanks for the March stats. The fact that they have that kind of a record IS pretty insane. Guess it just means the Pens beat the “month of death” at its own game.

Jon said...

Nasir's plus/minus is pretty respectable, and I can imagine it's hard getting into a rhythm not knowing when you're gonna play. There is another little blurb in today's postgazette about Letang possibly joining either the baby Pens or the big boys depending on how his team does in the playoffs. I think we should go with what got us here personally, i'll tell Therrien that when he asks my opinion on the matter.
Frito Lay, that does say something when u almost have the Fuzz called on you from celebrating, unless of course your idea of celebrating is running up and down your driveway with your pants around your ankles...if that's the case then no dice compadre

☼ tiffany ☼ said...

And Jon,
You have NO idea how long I was lookin' for pictures of Vladimir "Rosie" Ruzicka. The only one I could find was from 1982!!

But from that picture, if you trim some of his hair & shave his moustache, you're right...not too shabby. “ŮŽ” Since you made that comment about Errey, though, you're gonna get it Mr. Smarmy Pants!!! (Yeah, I saw your comment before you changed it.) You owe me one of your glorious vodka/Pepsi jazz concoctions.

Karri said...

Speaking of Errey...did anyone hear him say to Steigy before the start of the game (while they were reviewing Staal's hat trick against the Leafs) that Jordan Staal was "the son of a sock farmer"?

A sock farmer??? What the heck is that???

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Fuck it, I'll take the point.

Wow I'm fucking hung over.

tiffany said...

Hey was the crappy metal band?? Sorry bout the hangover... ;(

tiffany said...

Karri, I noticed that too!!! Hahaha.....I have NO idea what a sock farmer is, though. [shrugs shoulders]

Stoosh said...

It was "son of a sod farmer".

Jordan Staal's father ran or still runs a sod farming business up in Thunder Bay, ON. There was a big joke going on with the guys because apparently one day, Staal showed up for practice or a game wearing a "Staal's Sod Farm" hat or something like that. A bunch of the players and media guys were suppposedly trying to get hats for themselves that they could wear kind of half-jokingly during interviews and stuff, but I'm not sure if it ever materialized.

Karri said...

Stoosh....hahahahahahahaha!! Thanks. :-)

tiffany said...

With 5:28 left in the 1st, Talbot gets hit by Kubina. Then about 5 seconds later, Errey says, "He got all the weight of that mullet into Max Talbot."

I had to watch the 1st period a total of 3 times before catching that (including when the game was live Saturday night). It was driving me crazy, though!!!! This, ladies & gentlemen, is a clear sign of having OCD.

And Stoosh, wow.......feeling really dumb

Anonymous said...

I bust on Orpik all the time (he's usually good for one or two giveaways per game). However, he's been playing his ass off the past dozen games or so. The bogus delay of game penalty was complete ass-ery.

Even with the loss, this one was a blast to watch. The reaction to the tying goal was priceless.

Hal Gill's wife's FUPA has it's own congressman (or whatever Canada uses for a government these days).

rachel said...

I missed the game thanks to a boring wedding reception, but now when I watch the tape I want to hear Errey say, "He got all the weight of that mullet into Max Talbot." haha

Speaking of the Staal Soil & Sod hats, my friend showed me this (sorry I don't know how to make it clickable on here),0/1498479.html?what=Contractor&where=Thunder+Bay%2C+ON&src%3D&adid=13659625aa&stype%3Dsi

rachel said...

The new arena sounds like it's going to be amazing...

EC has the best response in the Pens playoff beard survey...
"It looks like a reverse Hitler."

Anonymous said...

Orpik > Eaton
not even a comparison here over the last 4 or 5 games

Steve in Denver said...

The scary part of this season is that the Pens have realized they can get away with playing 20-30 minutes per game and still beat everyone's ass. Seriously...a hungry Toronto team, at home, Saturday night, clawing for a playoff spot?? And the Pens stun 17000 fans, from being down 4-1 and nearly kill someone the crowd?? Classic shit.

The end of the second --> the third was freaking sweet. My wife even paid attention and went nuts when Whitney scored. I screamed so loud my cat exploded.

I thought the odd couple dropped some pretty funny all caught them, so I won't go there.

I dug the playoff video. Nothing like Mike Lange busting a vein in his forehead when the Pens score.

And Kaberle last night....w...t...f? I hope he bought a powerball ticket. Those two weak prayers that found the back of the net would not go in 99.9% of the time, even if Melichar was goalie.

hjghjfghj said...

taken from the new arena article:

"But don't expect the National Basketball League to be part of the action. Mr. Sawyer said he doesn't believe a market the size of Pittsburgh can support professional basketball and hockey."

lol national basketball league

Scott said...

Scudds > Melichar...melichar takes stupid penatlies like the one with 4 minutes left last nite cause hes lazy or too slow to stay with someone

Staff said...

having roberts and eaton both on the team at the same time means someone had to lose their powers.

looks like it was eaton.

Staff said...

and apparently, we lost our proofreading powers. wow.

Anonymous said...

I noticed, while the players were milling around during the long break before overtime, that Ryan Malone is growing a playoff Fu Manchu. This has to be a first.

Anonymous said...

In response the the playoff goals vid, all I can say is Joey Mullen's neck roll was effin sweet. In a related story I played miniature golf with Joey Mullen when I was like 11. I was on vacation w/ my family in Ocean City, Md (along with everyone else in Pittsburgh) and we're playing mini golf at an Old Pro and Joey freakin Mullen and his family are right in front of us. My dad went over and said hello put I was too awestruck to do anything except stand there with a huge smile on my face. Family vacations in Ocean City are awesome if you're 11. Or if you're 18 and its "senior week."

Anonymous said...

That was ridiculous when that person passed out in the stands before the overtime started. They did that on purpose so it would kill the Penguins' momentum. GOD I HATE TORONTO!


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