Sunday, March 18, 2007

Once again everyone, keep the Photoshops coming. You are giving us some unreal material.

Huge day/night in the NHL.

It's a hell of a thing to wake up in mid-March knowing that you have to watch the scoreboard; and not because you're worried about where the Pens are going to draft.
Good times.

We start in New Jersey.

Tom Petty -- your thoughts on the New Jersey Devils right now?

And they're Freeeeeeeee, Free Fallin'

Carolina chases Marty B early so he can go bang someone's wife. Canes go on to win 7-2...Penguins four points back....WTF.

The Rangers refuse to go away -- huge win over Boston 7-0:

What a pic.

Side note to this game: Marty Straka got hurt.

Keep your head up next time, Marty. -- Loser.

Next up Florida and The Isles.
All Florida all the time.. Panthers win 8-5
Florida's goals were cheaper than Ted Nolan's wife.

Montreal survives with a huge 3-2 shootout win over the Maple Leafs.

Ottawa beats Philly 3-2 tonight.
Dany Heatley is driving the Sens into fourth place.

Dany Heatley jokes are unretired.
( It's time to piss off as many fans from other teams as possible. )
Bring it on, baby.


Biggest game in Mellon Arena tomorrow since 2001.
Battle for 4th.
Battle for the Division.
Unreal times.

(Tee Jay)

Here is some great reading material from Justin to pass the time waiting for Pens to play tomorrow.

Dave P.
( Look at Kramer. Unbelievable. )
Hahahaa Ruutu.

Go Pens


Anonymous said...

todays game is the biggest game played in the civic arena in the last like 6 years.

ted nolan and dany i can kill someone and get away with it heatley jokes never grow old.


dying alive said...

I am disturbed as hell by how easily Malkin, Ruutu, and Sid's heads fit onto the cast of Seinfeld. Ha!

Nice Tom Petty reference, too. Especially since it refers to the Debs.

Anonymous said...

Anyone in the city tomorrow, stay off the roads after 11 PM, word has it Danny boy is driving the Sens bus back to Canada. The Post Gazette is already issuing an extra 2 pages for Obituaries for Monday morning's paper.


tiffany said...

"St. Craig Patrick's Day (He traded St. Patrick for a fifth-round pick.)" ~~Brilliant!! Now if only gas were as cheap as Ted Nolan's wife....

~Tee Jay, Persian retards...haha. :)
~Justin, that book is too funny. ;D
~Dying Alive, there IS something a bit eerie about the Sid/Seinfeld picture, but it's awesome!
~Unbelievable job Dave! ...George Ruutu....oh man.

Staff said...

You guys are all incredible.. some of these photoshops are unreal.

Just wait till tomorrow

Pray Gary Roberts scores , and Colby and Max assist on it.


Your pic is great you sent us yesterday, we will try to get it up sometime soon

Andrew said...


Didn't I already warn you guys against uncalled for Straka bashing?

I saw Nick tonight...I will go after him first.

-"Not so good anymore" Andrew

P.S. Sorry...I've been watching entirely too much Lost...

Anonymous said...

what's the magic number now? i see than buffalo cliched a spot with 98 points.

Anonymous said...

Haha great Seinfeld photoshop.

"Ovechkin!" - Sid

Staff said...


I wrote that Straka thing for you and Adrienne...


Christina said...

yesss bring back the dany heatley jokes

Go Pens!!

tiffany said...

Thanks!! ;) I'll have to tell my friend that you guys liked it. ('Cause like I said, I can't take credit for it.) But I'm workin' on one of my own, so hopefully I can get that to you soon. And don't worry about getting the pic posted right away...or at all. Just thought I'd send it in, in case you could use it for something.

Tee said...

great to see the Heatley jokes un-retired

nice shit Dave P, you put mine to shame.

Jon said...

Since I have no photoshopping skills whatsoever, somebody has to do one with the opening to Mr. Belvedere, where he's holding the sign that says's begging to be done

Elly said...

If CP could have traded away St.Patrick, I'm sure he would have.

Mad Max is awesome. He should come out on the zamboni.

Will said...

its kinda sad to see Joey Mullen's record go down.

Adrienne said...

I just got back from Wales, and figured I'd have to share this:
They actually aired the Penguins v Devils game. Granted it was at 1am, and I had to stay up til 4am to watch it- but still. I watched my first hockey game since Tampa Bay 9 January. YAY!

Needless to say, it was an amazing start to a great weekend. :D

Today's game should be crazy to listen to. With the Devils losing last night, if we win we're only down by 2 points from division leaders!

Will said...

There is a poll on ESPN's NHL page that i thought would bring a laugh or two.

Which American city would be the best home for a NHL team.

Oklahoma city 3%
Portland 12%
Kansas City 13%
Las Vegas 27%
Seattle 44%

haha they are losing to seattle

Chris said...

Seattle would be the best city for an NHL team because the fans have proven they're very good at bitching about officiating.

chris said...

haha chris

nice :)

they are a bunch of whiners :)

cant wait for the huge game tonight

p.s. im not going to have a job on the blog pretty soon if you guys keep up these awesome and hilarious pictures haha. keep em comin' :)


Brett said...

Heatley joke was very predictable and not funny. Add me to the pissed off list. Mission accomplished.

John said...


I don't get the Marty Straka joke ... he didn't get hurt working out did he?



Staff said...


No he didnt, but to explain the joke, back when we played for the Pens he broke his back or something lifting weights. So the weight machine plays defense for boston, and lit him up..



Tee said...

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but wasn't it more than just he hurt himself lifting weights? Didn't someone drop like 400 lbs on him?

Anonymous said...

Steve...nice pic!

"St. Craig Patrick's Day (He traded St. Patrick for a fifth-round pick.)"...hahahaha...and

Staff...I got the Dany Heatley joke...I can't stand him...

Also, I've been reading your previous posts...October 23...
watch?v=yDy_IsSX404....that was hysterical...hahaha...and "The Magnitogorsk Redemption"...October 18...a classic! Love the site!

Go Pens!!!


John said...


Haha, I remember now. I think he was doing squats and it was like 450 lbs or something. Haha, he was sweet in the 2001 playoffs and when we was ona line with Lang and Kovalev, but yeah those days are gone. Thanks for explaining!

Anonymous said...

Hey all,
I noticed in a recent post that you guys explained what a "Jobber" was, so on to the next question for pensblog newbies like me - why does everyone love Mark Eaton so much?

Jon said...

The infatuation has to do with our record when he was out in december (not great) and the point-in-damn-near-every-game streak we had upon his return...that and he bangs everyone's girlfriend with no hard feelings.

Because he's Mark Eaton

Staff said...


well said about Mark Eaton...

also to put a final touch on the straka story, Milan Kraft was his spotter, and I guess the squat machine broke. True story.


Glad you liked the, "The Magnitogorsk Redemption"


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