Monday, March 5, 2007

Requiem for a Playoff Run

"..We may lose, and we may win, but we will never be here again.."

What a time to be alive. Spring is creeping in.
The Steelers don't play for another 6 months.
The Pirates are in Florida.
Your girlfriend could be getting banged in Cancun right now by some new-age MTV personality, but you're cool with it.

The young team we have rallied around all year is making a run. The first run of possibly many.

Anything could happen. We are just happy to be here.

There's still a lot of questions. And adjustments to be made.
If you hear anyone say "Pens are going to the playoffs," punch them in the face.

Nothing is easy. This ain't the NFL.


For those of you who like old time hockey, great piece on about Gilbert Perreault. He was 1/3 of the famed French Connection.
What a line.

Sick season. Lost to the Flyers in the Cup Finals.

They were only surpassed by The BeeGees as the dominant trio of the 1970's.

Around Canada...
Saw this highlight on
Don Cherry is insane.
How cool would it have been to grow up with Hockey Night in Canada? Unreal.


Ryan Patsko sends us this:

Photoshops will never get old.


...Chuck Finder of the PG talks about the throngs of Pens fans coming out of the woodwork...

...Kara Yorio, who has quietly become a favorite on Yahoo NHL, talks about the "glaring" hole in the Pens' net...

...The NHL suspends Charles Manson three games for his hit on Tomas Kaberle...

Jason Blake says:
" Ha! Instead of Kaberle, just cheap-shot Crosby next time. You won't get suspended.
Excuse me for a sec; I have to go pee in my own mouth. "


Speaking of which:

The new-look Islanders.
Might be interesting to see what the Pens are in store for.

Plus, we're hitching our star to the anti-Islanders wagon as of right now.


Jeff said...

1. First post.

2. It's awesome to see my photoshopping skills on display at the top of the Pensblog.

marcus said...

this might be the gayest blog ever made.

but i keep returning. and laughing.

Rick said...

"Your girlfriend could be getting banged in Cancun right now..."

Funny, its spring break and Mark Eaton has the next few weeks off for an 'injury'... A lot of people's girlfriends are going to get Eatonized.

tiffany said...

First off, “Brokeback Mellon” is absolutely hilarious. Then Don Cherry admiring himself and his outfit...too much. And what about those two hockey players with their arms around each other?? Haha....I couldn’t believe my eyes; I just started cracking up. :D And with Cherry’s comments, it made it even funnier. Now, when D.C. was talking about Ray Shero/an enforcer/and #87, he was patting himself on the back again. However, it seemed like he was actually taking Sid’s side (and the team’s). And he made me laugh a bit saying this:
“Ray Shero—-I come on here and I said let’s get an enforcer for ‘Sid the Kid.’ And he said, ‘We don’t do this. Our team is tough enough, and I’m sure Sidney Crosby agrees with me.’ So I just think something happened...when he heard that, Sid said, ‘Hey, speak for yourself!” =)

Next thing—-that Christensen picture is so great and I really liked the PG article. Also, two words: Jason Blake…..haha, very funny.

Jeff said...


Glad you liked Brokeback Mellon... I worked really hard on it. I wasn't sure if they'd use it or not but I'm glad they did =)

Anonymous said...

You guys never stop amazing me! I can't stop laughing. Thanks so much.

Jeff...Great picture...hahahaha!


Ellen said...

What's with the gay 70's music closing out Coach's Corner?

Don Cherry's still an a-hole.

Rwarner174 said...

Don Cherry is the man. Anyome that takes shots at the Left Wing media is cool with me.

Ellen said...


I hear you there, but funny how Cherry leaves out the rookie scoring leaders...

Anonymous said...

I love and hate don cherry. One day he can be the biggest button pusher in hockey and then the next he's helping you out. He's either super intelligent or slightly more intelligent than my pet rock and I'm hoping respectively it's the first.

Arlow said...

Oh how I wish that douche bag Janssen would've been in the lineup for Thursday's game. "The Rock" could've administered some justice for the league as a whole.

ryan said...

Christensen is the Terminator.

Just watch his facial expression whenever he scores. (or lack of expression)

Plus, everyone in the world knows what move he's going to try in the shootout yet he scores every time.


loralei said...

I love Hockey Night in Canada.. Besides getting to watch Pens games from afar, I also can catch Hockey Night in Canada on my Center Ice Package. I think NHL Center Ice needs to hire me to make a commercial for them.

Justin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Justin said...

the federal reserve is printing erik christensens face on new dollar bills because he is moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Anonymous said...

I guess no one has seen the article at the PG today yet?

Penguins declare impasse in arena talks
Will pursue other offers aggressively, letter says
Monday, March 05, 2007

By Mark Belko, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Penguins have declared an impasse in negotiations with government officials over construction of a new arena and will aggressively explore relocating the team to a new city.

Penguins co-owners Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle notified Gov. Ed Rendell, Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato and Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl about their decision in a letter today.

hyzdufan said...

That PG article just made me shit my pants. Now I'm going to be stinky, and lose the Pens. :(

Christina said...

holy shit i just saw the PG article and i'm about to throw up. as if this week didn't suck enough already....

Justin said...

something about the whole thing just doesnt add up......i havent figured it out yet, but it doesnt add up

Dwayne said...

God dammit.

I was just thinking, after seeing the "Bettman mediating talks between Penguins, Pittsburgh" article, that we were totally boned.

Mere moments after clicking it, I went to the PG, and promptly got a swift kick in the mean bean machine.


Justin said...

ok tell me this
its been a month since their self imposed deadline to contact kansas city, and theyve not said anything.
youd think if the negotiations were going nowhere, they would have been squawking in the media as soon as that deadline came, i not sooner

i just think its strange they have been silent, until their casino appeal is in, and all of a sudden these talks have gone nowhere

wes said...

anyone for starting up the "F*** rendell" and "F*** onorato chants at the home games?

Antonette said...

You know what, fuck this. The entire state, the orginization, and the NHL should be ashamed. I'm sick ot my stomach and pissed off as hell.

Red Anchor said...

How about some f*** Lemieux chants?

Screw all of them. Right now I'm trying to come to terms with this, and figure out who I'm going to root for from now on if they move.


Jon said...

I'm done as a hockey fan if they leave...pure and simple

Anonymous said...

i'm not trying to kill anyone's day with this, but it kind of broke my heart a little bit -

Scott said...

we're fucked

Andy said...

I think it's safe to say this goes well past "negotiating tactic" and into the realm of GAME OVER. Rendell has done all the chest puffing he needed to do so that (in his own mind) he is the attempted savior and Mario is the goat for turning down "THE GREATEST DEAL IN SPORTS HISTORY". When the reality of it is that Rendell has really done the bare minimum required to save his own face come election time.

Meanwhile, the Penguins have done all they could to project the image of the poor and downtrodden franchise -- when the reality of it is that Ron Burkle is a gazillionaire who could probably pay for a new arena with the cash in his wallet.

This whole process stopped being about the reality of keeping the Penguins in Pittsburgh and started being about the perception of good versus evil in the minds of the public on the day the IOC lost its bid.

What a shame.

Anonymous said...

Since you guys like Photoshops, check out the Chris Chelios shop over at NHL Digest.

Mike M said...

This means one thing, and that is that this is the precipice of the talks.

If you've ever taken a sales class or anything else where you learn about negotiation, this is the last ditch tactic the team is using or else they're gone.

They've essentially "walked away from the table" towards Kansas City, and now its up to the PA politicians to come running up to the team and say "please please please don't go, we'll give you the last few things you want."

Then the team gets it or else its Kansas City Penguins.

tiffany said...

Now hold on a minute....don't give up all hope just yet. From the looks of it, Lemieux doesn't want to have to pay out the a**. So he's probably like, "Screw you!" to Rendell, Onorato, and co. until they decide to deliver a legitimate offer.

The team's not moving to Kansas City because they have no fan base--Lemieux knows this. He's not a stupid business man and moving the team to K.C. WOULD be stupid. So why would he do that??
Just hang tight. That's all we can do...

Go Pens Go!!!

thomes08 said...

I am done with hockey if they leave.

I don't care how much Lemieux has saved the pens in the past. He's fucking us now. Yes, more should have been done in the past and the city could give up more probably, but they have a proposed deal to keep the team in pittsburgh and will make them money in the short and long run.

Don't forget we've all been the ones who have suffered through these uncertain times and crappy teams the last 6 years, not just Lemieux. But now he's going to move the team to make more money. It's not like he can't make money in Pitts. The burgh has a proven and growing market.

The penguins have consistently been a bright spot in my life and are probably my all time favorite thing ever. Lemieux was my biggest idol and someone i admired so much. I'm not alone, either.

I feel so betrayed.

Worst day of my life. I think i'm going to vomit.


Anonymous said...

Lemieux has done everything he could to save this team you are a fucking idiot if you disagree with this. He is doing what is in the best interest of the team and they need a better deal. there are TONS of arenas out there who have gotten most if not all of the financing from the state and we are getting a TERRIBLE deal on the new arena. Lemieux is losing money here and without a new arena the team will be unable to perform here in the future.

thomes08 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rwarner174 said...

KC will have a fan base with this team. Its sad, and unless the city/state comes running I am guessing they are gone. Staying in pittsburgh right now is the bad business decision. We have a declining population and big business is running for the hills. The smartest thing the penguins could do is leave. Who would want to deal with this corruption?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Actually, more corporations are making their headquarters in Pittsburgh now than ever before because it's cheap.

And the Western PA population decline Pittsburghers like to bitch about has tailed off in the past few years.

It's about none of that.

But here comes the part where I rant and rave...

Fuck Rendell
Fuck Mario
Fuck people that think that someone in this mess is actually an "angel".
Fuck all this bullshit.


(By the way, fuck Don Cherry, that suit was the gayest thing I've seen in my life.)

Justin said...

the deal had to be somewhat legitimate, because if it hadnt been, they would have walked a month ago
this is about small details, and its fucking gay

Anonymous said...

Kansas City DOES NOT have a fan base. Writers in The Kansas City Star have already stated this. The Kansas City Scouts relocated in 1976 to Denver Colorado and became known as the Denver Rockies. Then in 1982 they relocated once more to New Jersey to become the Devils.


thomes08 said...

No, he hasn't done everything yet.

Sign with pittsburgh today. Sell the team. Walk away... still with more money than 99.999999 percent of the people in the world. Let the new owners deal with what to do when the 30 year lease runs up.

He's not going to move them. It does not add up. He can't. He won't. He could sell and have someone else do it. He wouldn't want to be the one.

Anonymous said...

I love Lemieux.

I love the Pittsburgh Penguins.

If they leave Pittsburgh I guess I go back to rooting for a college hockey team because everything seems fucked.

I might even have to email gov. fuck up rendell a letter that says "If you don't chew big red, then fuck you".

Justin said...

what thomes said is what i dont understand, and why i still think this is a big show
his ownership group is gonna sell when this is over anyways, so what do they care

tiffany said...

I agree that it has to be about small details.

I also agree with you that everything has NOT been done yet.

Thanks for the background on KC. I can't believe the Devils originated with that team...

Something that I'm sure we can ALL agree on, though, is that this whole situation is extremely frustrating. And Pens fans everywhere just want this resolved and for the team to stay here.

Anonymous said...

BTW guys, thanks for putting Jeff's photoshop picture of "Brokeback Mellon" at the top of the page. It makes me laugh every time I see it. Great job Jeff!


Michael said...

Everything that has been published says that the deal is decent. It may not be as good as the KC deal but 99% of arena deals aren't.

The fact is, if Mario chooses to move the Pens, he has to be willing to accept that he will be utterly despised in the Pittsburgh area forever. Hartford has yet to forgive the screwing they received and I doubt they ever will.

We're going to have more sellouts than almost any year in our history, and the response from our rich owners is "let's move the team."

Embarrassing to the "businessmen" who are running the franchise and to the league if it allows a move to happen.

tiffany said...

Good comment Michael.

Adrienne said...

God, I just saw the article from the PG. It's depressing, and with having had such a shitty week, this just doesn't help. Now I have NO desire to go back to the States.

So the city wants the Lemieux Group to sign a blank check and let the city fill it in later. Sounds great, let me tell you! /sarcasm

The way I see it, a lot of the whole negotiation issue has a lot to do with IoC. Granted, it's at the fault of the city for not awarding IoC the slot license, a lot of these hassles are at the hand of the IoC offering the Lemiuex group such a great incentive. The LG got a taste of that and now will accept nothing less then a better deal. Understandable, but selfish.

The city is doing its bare minimum for the Lemieux Group and the Penguins. They're doing what they can to make it sound pretty for the city, but it reality it isn't. The contribution that would come from the slots is a non-factor considering its been delayed.

However, the Lemieux group is doing a terrible job of handling the situation now. Understandable that they're upset, but so are the fans. In retrospect, their publishing this letter is nothing more then a way to keep the situation fired up.

Personally, I saw the article and got pissed. I'm sick of the bollocks surrounding the issue. I'm pissed about the political "assistance" that is being feigned, the lack of concern from the city, and even more pissed at Lemieux.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again. The team belongs to the fans. It's selfish for any of the involved parties to be looking at this only for the personal benefits as they have been.

The team is ours. The city and the LG are fucking with it, and we're getting pissed off.

Sooner or later people are going to stop caring. And when that happens, the city is going to lose a LOT of its residents.

Joshua said...

You guys,

I think everyone knows what time it is. WE NEED ANOTHER GOD DAMN RALLY. This one focusing on the politicians and IT NEEDS TO BE SOON. I hope Pensblog and the readers of this fine blog will stand up AND DO SOMETHING AGAIN!


Anonymous said...

As good and kind as we like to think of Mario, he really doesn't care about the fanbase. He's concerned with how he can finally make the money that he's been trying forever to make.

If that means going to Kansas City it's done. He doesn't care if everyone here hates him, he's laughing all the way to the bank.

Plus if he's going to move the team now is the time because it's a fresh new up and coming team, and noone from the Stanley Cup years is here.

Anonymous said...

Fuck it...

Mario Lemieux... Ed Rendell...

If you two smart guys can't get us a fucking arena I'm going outside and killing puppies!!

You don't want to be responsible for me killing puppies, do you?!?!!?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Check out the article on this on's front page, then look at some of the asshole comments people left.

Anonymous said...

Anyone going to the game on Thursday?

Make a huge sign that says:


and enlist a small, adorable child to hold it up for the cameras...

rachel said...

I just have to say that Stan Savran is my hero! He was so mad at both parties about the arena deal. Then he compared what the fans are going through to the Steel Phantom at Kennywood and that was one brutal ride!

OH boy... said...

Maybe if we're nice, Sid and Geno will come back on off days and play some pickup street hockey overtop the enormous parking lot that pittsburgh will become if they lose the penguins.

Not fair, not at all. OK, Rendell and Bunch need to consider the hole they are in right now. Rendell is ineligible for another governor's run, but the other two idiots invoived here are. Let's throw in some tax money. What have you guys got to lose? Rendell can't run again, so that leaves only local government, and trust me, if you lose the Pens, it'll be bigger political suicide than using tax money.

They don't understand. Pens hockey is life. WE are the greatest fans in hockey, and now I think in professional sports. I might move to Kansas City with the Pens... I love how my local media (out of Altoona) made bigger news out of VP Dickhead's blood clot and some Steeler getting arrested than the arena deal...

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I hate to say it but, losing the Penguins definitely will not break Pittsburgh.

The lower hill will take a financial blow at first (which could be relieved if Barden builds the shit he said he was going to build), and us Penguins fans will be pissed off.

But the city lost it's entire economic base 25 years ago and survived. I'm not going to overestimate the importance of the NHL and say that losing a hockey team will do the place in.

tiffany said...

Rachel, once again we had the exact same thought. I watched Stan too and noticed how ticked he was about the whole thing. I agree with what he said about just getting it done (the deal).

Anonymous said...

if the penguins leave, i will not be shocked. i will not hate anyone or mother fuck anyone. i will spend the last of my money on all the penguins home games from that date on.
i have not lost all faith that they are going to leave. i pray everynight that they will stay in pittsburgh and my kids will be able to see them but
i have come to the fact the world wont end if the penguins move. time wont stand still, the city wont burn down (well, maybe thats pushing it), and the people of pittsburgh will move on. but maybe not the faithful penguin fans that have been cheering the team on since they were sperm.
memories will serve justice in the end.
we will watch the demolition of the civic arena.
we will still follow the team where ever city they land up at.
we will still hate the flyers,devils and will never lower ourselves to watch them
and we all will lose a part of ourselves.
in the end, we will just have the stories to tell are kids if the penguins move. we will move on and
memories will serve justice in the end.


rwarner174 said...

I hate this city. Pens leave, I'm gone. I am sick of dealing with this place and the penguins are one of the few things that make me able to take living here. If I have to listen to yinzers talk about steeler's training camp all damn year I just may kill myself. At least during the months of October through April there is something besides "Steelers, Steelers Steelers".

Staff said...

without commenters:

Pensblog = Mud

post coming after Heroes.

rachel said...

Tiffany, I also agreed with Stan when he said they need to get this done!

Staff, I'll be coming back to read that post after Heroes!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Tiffany and Rachel,

Is their anywhere online where I can hear or watch that Savran thing you guys are talking about?

Michael said...

The thing is, Mario has made it very clear he wants to sell the team. Playing games over small dollar amounts in this deal is silly when compared to the value of not pissing off the fan base.

The current ownership needs to do one thing and one thing only. Sign a REASONABLE deal. Who cares about small annual cost differences if your intent is to sell the team anyway? Any reasonable deal (and we have no reason to believe the deal currently being offered is unreasonable) will ensure the long term financial stability for the franchise and that should be enough to find new owners.

If the current owners think KC's deal is so wonderful, sign a deal with Pittsburgh, sell the Pens, and go start a team in KC. But the whole argument loses its teeth when prefaced with "we're selling the team anyway."

Stop screwing with the fans and SIGN A DEAL.

Jeff said...

If the Pens leave I'll have no choice but to become a Nordiques fan.

tiffany said...

Louis Lipps is my homeboy,
There isn't anything online, not even an article. I saw it on FSN Pittsburgh on the show--"Savran On Sprotsbeat." Sorry.

He basically said that he was sick of the nonsense going on, on both sides, and that they should stop using the media and just get it done. He also said that he felt bad for the fans and compared what's going to the old Steel Phantom roller coaster ride (like Rachel pointed out).

Justin said...

the deal being offered had to be reasonable, otherwise they would have "aggresively pursued relocating" more than a month ago

im still one of the rare people that thinks this is just a lot of vine swinging chest pounding big talk, it just sucks that its us the fans that suffer the most because of this shit
if it wasnt for us, they wouldnt have a bargaining chip

Anonymous said...

This is off the subject, but all the talk of the Pens leaving is depressing.

Anyway, I'm watching the Isles/Rangers game (which is surprisingly entertaining) and they make the same ridiculous call as yesterday during the Pens game. Tripping penalty plus a diving call!?!? If it is a trip, how is it also a dive? If it is a dive, doesn't that mean there is not tripping penalty. Maybe its just me but how can you make both calls? Its either a defensive penalty or a dive. I'm starting to bleed from my ears, so I'll stop thinking about it. I'd love to hear an explanation from anyone willing to dissect this illogical paradox.

Oh yeah...Jason Blake peeing in his own mouth = funny.


TheGuyFromPgh said...

Its not like the lower hill could get any worse though, come on.. But the Pens Are irreplacable, Another hockey team could never take the place of the Pens. We only watch the Pens because of Mario, and without Mario, without the legend, there is no hockey in Pittsburgh.

Ya just gotta go on like it notins gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Why is Mark Cuban talking about buying the Chicago Cubs, and not the Penguins?

Cuban could buy the Pens, and still have billions

Doppler said...

I live in upstate NY and I have been a life long Pirates fan since the early 70's and a Penguins fan since the late 80's.

I just don't understand how the owners of these teams can turn on fans who have supported these teams not only in the winning years but those losing years.

Pittsburgh fans are some of the most knowledgeable and diehard anywhere. Of course those of you that live there know this.

I hate to see the Pens leave too. It just doesn't seem right. Winnipeg, Quebec and Hartford were screwed out of their teams too. Two Canadian cities without hockey and now one of the original expansion teams could leave.

I understand it's business, but it just seems wrong.

Sorry I'm rambling.

I just don't know if I can be a fan of a team from KC.

No way will I root for the Devils, Rangers or Islanders.......I HATE THE DEVILS!! How can that team survive when they barely sell tickets??


Sean said...

Justin - I agree with you. I tend to think this is 11th hour posturing by the Pens. With the season the team has had and the pressure to get a deal done, I think the city/county/state may make a few more concessions.

At least this is what I'm hoping. Anything to keep the team in the Burgh.

Joshua said...

To the guy inquiring about the trip-dive, he was tripped, but embelished the trip. Hence the dive.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I'm surprised that I'm actually hearing a lot of "anti-Mario" comments here.

I always thought this place was the bastion of the "Mario is always right" way of thinking.

I personally can find plenty of fault in both parties on this.

You know who I think the most innocent party is though, (if there is one besides us fans of course) Mayor Luke Ravenstabobblelaull (I'll just quit here and admit I'm too lazy to properly spell his last name).

Think about it, this guy is only 26. When this whole arena fiasco started he was still doing keg stands in college!!! He walked into problems created by previous mayors (by this I distinctively mean Tom Murphy) and city council members over half a decade ago while he was chasing college tail.

PLUS he was the ONLY player in this mess to come out and openly support the IOC plan (I'm talking ones with an actual say in the matter... an ex-Steeler that lost his gubernatorial bid doesn't count). I really don't think he got enough credit from Pens fans for that one.

I think right now young Luke is basically just getting dragged around by whatever Onorato and Rendell say.

That said, I'm sure Luke's done something I don't know about behind the scenes that would piss me off if I knew about it. Sucks for him though that if this falls through it will be a bad mark on his political record.

H.M.F.C.C.Y.E.? said...


thomes08 said...

The city has a big problem with young people leaving and old people dying. This is something the city does, in fact, need. It looks a hell ofa lot better to the average college grad if city A has a championship team (pens soon) and 2 other sports teams than just 2 sports teams, one no one has cared about for a while and the other if either love/hate. I have been looking for full time positions in pittcburgh for when i graduate, but if the pens leave i'm not and i'm serious. I lived my younger years in Mt. Leb. and have always wanted to move back some day. I remember skipping school with my dad (skipping work) after they won the first cup to celebrate with the team and city. I'm not the only one with memories like that and there will be many more to come for everyone if the team stay.

I don't know what i'm talking about now.
Point is the city needs young people and this team is a great way to attract young people who are having to make a choice.

I'm not the only one who looks at cities and count the number of sports teams there.

Soon KC could have the upper hand on pitts, maybe i'll move there. That'll be the only way i could deal with a pens move.

Anonymous said...

This is for Mayor Luke Ravenstahl about getting the Pen's deal done:

"Use the force Luke......let go Luke.......Luke, trust me."
"Remember, the force will be with yo...always."


tiffany said...

Karri, hahahahaha........good one. Here's the clip of it on YouTube:

rachel said...

According to Channel 11, Mario is "supposedly" going to visit KC as early as this week...

Seriously, who even knows what hockey is in KC?? This better just be the Pens trying to get a better deal getting done faster in PA!

Anonymous said...

channel 11's top story was the pens
channel 4's was the "cold weather" then some steeler getting arrested over whatever.

goes to show whos dick channel 4 sucks the most in pittsburgh.


Andrew said...

fuck mario. i don't know how he could turn his back on the city after all we've been through together. he wants everything fucking handed to him, when they have by far the best arena deal of any pa sports team. hopefully Buttman will pull his head out of his own ass long enough to stop this.


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I honestly think that the deal on the table right now probably isn't that bad, in comparison to most arena deals in sports.

Mario probably just loves watching these politician guys sweat.

But the people sweating the most are the ones who pay to watch his team.

He's selling the team anyways, why's going through all of this?

Just sell to someone who promises to keep the team here now so he can save himself some headaches AND save his legacy... plus he's making a killing based on his original investment.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Wait a fucking minute!!! I just read this in the PG:

"William "Boots" Del Biaggio, the California venture capitalist who has an agreement in place with AEG to run an NHL franchise at the Sprint Center in Kansas City if he can procure one, had no comment on the letter."

Now isn't that one of Mario's golfing buddies that he almost sold the team to awhile back?!

Geeves said...

yeah, that's one of mario's golfing buddies.

he's also golfing buddies with mr Anschutz.

he's had a deal since day one that is actually to be owner of whatever franchise winds up in the sprint center, NHL or otherwise.

nothing new there.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

(212) 789-2000

The number to the NHL offices, got it off of

Call and try to enter in Bettman's last name in the directory, it will send you to a voicemail. Fill it up.

And I know he was one of Mario's golfing buddies, but there was talk back in 05 I believe of him either buying the Penguins or buying a significant chunk of the Penguins. It was around the same time that we drafted Sid.

Just saying, people do their friends favors a lot in this world.

thomes08 said...

Holy shit i can't beleive we won that game!


Listening to it on the radio was a thrill! How was the game to those that watched it?

get the arena deal done please



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