Thursday, March 1, 2007

Games of New York. PENS WIN.

Literally, the March of the Penguins begins.

The most anticipated Pens game of the season since October 18th.

The most anticipated appearance by a George(s) in Madison Square Garden since January 11, 1985.

Boy George dominated with an 8-minute version of "Karma Chameleon" in front of a packed house.
My uncle Ted was there.

Gary Roberts came out flying in the first period, hitting everything.
He should have taken a penalty. That would have been great.

Judging how the Pens played 5-on-5 and how their power play looked in the first period, maybe they should have taken more penalties.

The Pens straight-up looked awful in the first.

More turnovers than a playoff game at Heinz Field.

Whatever your respective reproductive organ is, it fell off seven minutes into the first period when Mark Eaton left the ice. No word on any injury. But his sweat cured four people of AIDs at MSG.

Also in the first, Paul and Bob gave Joltin' his just due.
He's too easy to hate.
But he's steady.

"Milk Money" was robbed of an Oscar in 1994.

Eaton goes out, and you can see how fast our fortunes could turn.
And If Eaton leaving the ice wasn't bad enough, then Pens fans throw up on themselves when we see Jordan Staal bent over going to the bench early in the second period.
Steve Latin 2.0 helps him out, and he gets back out there.

The Pens continued their semi-out-of-sorts play in the second while Fleury was making more saves than Dennis Eckersley.

Money In The Bank

The curse of Freddy Sanchez continues working on Sid in the second period.

The first 37 minutes of the game was mud.
Then it got worse.
Jagr "scores" a goal.
And then Fleury gets owned by Nylander on the short side to make it 2-0.
The New York Metropolitan-area teams have our number recently.

Picture: Islanders coach Ten Nolan shares notes with The Lone Ranger prior to Thursday's game.

2-0 at the end of two.
Georges Laraque wants to kill someone.
Speaking of which, Georges Laraque is fast as balls.


The Rangers started the third period with two power plays.

What resulted was the most inspiring shorthanded performance the world has seen since the drummer from Def Leppard.

Jordan Staal uses his Bunyan to own Cullen and then pops it in to make it 2-1.
There have been a lot of huge goals scored this season. Don't forget this one.

The next Ranger power play soon afterwards gave Colby Armstrong a chance to Lemieux it past Lundqvist.


Then the Rangers score while the Pens celebrate. 3-2.

Julia takes his first penalty as a Pen later in the third, but play is evened up quickly afterward due to a goalie-interference penalty.

The Pens were going to get a 7-second powerplay. No way they would score on it.
Oh wait.
Armstrong hits Mach 3 going into the corner, and Talbot gets the puck out to Gonchar in the slot.
Tied. Huge. Huge.

The rest of the third period saw Madison Square Garden being drowned with the tears of the fans.
Icing calls, penalties, shut up.

Check out Danny Potash. He is all business.

Third period ticks down.
Overtime City.

Overtime was frantic.
Playoff hockey.
Five minutes wasn't enough.

First up. Michal Nylander.
He touches the puck, our clothes go out of style twice, and he finally gets to MAF.
Nylander craps on himself.
"Pathetic" -- Bob Errey

Christensen does the move. Nothing.

Jaromir Jagr takes some medicine to cure his fear of shootouts.

But to no avail.

Malkin was next. Nothing doing.

Prucha comes in. Nope.

Sidney F'in Crosby. Game. Too bad that goal doesn't count on the stat sheet.
Probably the most overrated player in hockey. Pff.

  • Staal: Momentum-wise, biggest goal of Pens season thus far.
  • Gonchar: Clutch.
  • Shots: NYR ( 35 ) PENS ( 33 )
  • Powerplay: Both ( 1 for 4 )
  • Georges Laraque = The Black Mario?
  • Gary Roberts is cool with us. Is he cool with you?
  • Do they call hooking anymore?
  • The Rangers are gay.
  • How dumb did the founder of the Rangers look?
  • Phil Bourque almost killed someone in the stands if anyone was listening to the radio.

In the rare occurrence of Pensblog news, we were busy at the trade deadline.

We've picked up Nick for the stretch run coming up.
He is money.
We won't skip a beat.


Alex said...

i love bgl! good game tonight 1st comment!

Scott said...

The only thing i like bout the rangers is the music they play after they score...its good with me...and its easy to hate melichar cause he blows

Matt Betush said...

The Rangers started the third period with two power plays.

What resulted was the most inspiring shorthanded performance the world has seen since the drummer from Def Leppard.

Easily the best line you guys have ever wrote. And you guys have cranked out some doozies in the past. good work.

Elizabeth said...

When they are playing badly I often hope they take a penalty, because they are more likely to score while shorthanded than any other time.

Roberts was everywhere tonight.

Staff said...

Roberts is sick

tiffany said...

I agree with you 100%. Melichar was pretty awesome tonight. Gonchar, on the other hand, was playing half asleep most of the game. He redeemed himself, though, with his amazing slap shot. Don't get me wrong. I love Gonchar, but he's been having a few brain farts at the tender age of 32.

Anyway, I hope Eaton's ok. That would suck if he was out for a while again.....which poses a question:
Should we bring back "The Eaton Photoshop" to ensure his speedy recovery??

That's kinda funny. We seem to think alike. :) And Staal WAS amazing. The whole team has really been coming together again, which is crazy since they're playing with two new teammates.

I'm with you--it does look like Fleury's back to his old self again. He just appears to be more relaxed.

Go Pens!!!

Anonymous said...

Best pensblog Ive seen in a while, absolutely hilarious!

What happened with Bourque??

Staff said...

The Radio guys had to do the game from Basically from the stands I guess because of the set up in MSG.

Lange was complaining about people all game standing up in front of him.

Towards the end of the third it sounded like people were yelling at them. Bourque chimed in and said something to the effect:

" Its getting ugly here Mikey."

At one point Bourque may have been yelling, but I couldn't tell

marc said...

i love the eaton fortune cookie... we can only hope it was something minor and they took him out as a precaution.

Nice game, i liked how they came back after being down 2-0... i wish laraque would have fought someone.... hes a beast and a half

Staff said...

Laraque was pumped after Sid scored.. first or second guy to greet him.

hyzdufan said...

Borquie was definitely yelling. What the hell kind of Mickey Mouse setup do they have there?

When Steigy and Errey were doing their FSN postgame recap, I could see fans on the escalators behind them. What the hell is up with that?

Look for me in Raleigh tomorrow. On the glass, Pens blue line (1st and 3rd) in my Malkin jersey.

Go Pens.

tiffany said...

I have no qualms with "Julia" either....haha...too funny.

With Roberts and Laraque playin tonight...they sure made it entertaining in the first when nothin else was goin on. And who knows? Maybe "Boy" Georges sang 'Karma Chameleon' during the 2nd intermission to get the team's adrenaline goin....

Loser Chris said...

Holy crap! A Tonto joke, a Def Leppard drummer joke, and props to Eck... best recap ever?

Andy said...


At first I was not real thrilled about adding Roberts, but I think his style of play will benefit Crosby. It might just take them some time to gel, but it's going to work out.

Jeremy said...

This just plain freaked me out.

Great. Now I get to attempt to fall asleep with a picture of Roberts's head trapped in a freaking domino.

Did anyone happen to catch the NYC feed at the second intermission? (Center Ice had it) The Rangers player (forgot who it was) had to sit down on the freaking set of the pregame show on a office chair while in full pads/ uniform for the intermission interview. It looked funny as hell.

Good recap as always guys.

Anonymous said...

no mark eaton photoshop stuff.
look what happened last time.
he was the closest guy to the puck for the first two goals against the lightning.

i could see borquie flipping out on the people in the stands haha.


rachel said...

Jeremy, I started laughing when I saw that pic, haha

I really like Roberts on a line with Crosby!

And I forgot...

Staal scores


Doug said...

What has 9 arms and sucks?

Def Leppard.

There, I went for it.

tiffany said...

I'll keep an eye out for ya.

Good job on the Staal stat. I forgot too!

Ok, ok. No Mark Eaton photoshop...hehe.

And Staff,
Since Roberts didn't score--though he came close--no photoshop for him either. ;)
"For the sake of Photoshops everywhere, Roberts better not score on Thursday."

Staff said...

haha Tiff your right No Photoshop for him yet.

However it may be a matter of time before BGL gets his.

What a man

Anonymous said...

Roberts is money. Anyone over 35 that can play in the NHL and hit like that is alright in my book.

Staal never seems rattled, he just seems like he is taking it all in, but somehow always manages to come up with clutch goals when the team needs a boost.

Sarge's wrister tonight brought my neighbor (who claims to like the Caps as much as the Pens, how that is humanly possible is beyond me)very close to shedding a tear.


Andrew said...

BGL had some great chances early in the game. he seemed like the only player away for part of the first pd. i wanted him to fight Orr, and so did Stiegy and Errey it seemed like. they kept hinting at it throughout the game. oh well... we play them 3 more times this year for they to go at it.

i can't watch tomorrow's game due to work. fucking a. hopefully i can get home in time for half of BGL - In My Own Words though.

with BGL:
haha to early to keep the stat?

Tiffany (Tiff) said...

Haha......BGL stat. Cute. :D

Staal doesn't think....he drinks....hehe.

And Staff,
You're absolutely right about a BGL photoshop. You can just feel that Roberts and him are gonna score soon. Like Andrew13 pointed out, Laraque ALMOST found a way to get the puck in the net.

Changing the subject to the Pens vs. Canes game, I can't wait for the Staal brothers reunion. Since Jordan scored against the Rangers, he's now tied with Eric at 26 goals.

GQbed said...

Don't call Laraque "black", he prefers "African-Canadian". From the looks of it, you don't want him mad at you because he's so fast you wouldn't even be able to run.

Will said...

if Laraque scores that goal in the second, the blog would have been nuts!!!

Sid scores the shootout winner, but is anyone else starting to wish this slump he is in would go away soon.

And can someone on this team shoot the puck at the net, how many shots go wide by like 5 to 10 feet?

The drummer from Def Leppard is gold, that guy does stuff one handed that I could only dream of doing on a set with two hands, just sick.

I need a fight tonight, either BGL, or the Stall brothers with another pillow fight would do.

Michael Moulton said...

That was one spectacular shot from Gonchar to tie it.

Roberts & BGL looked good, BGL will be a huge presence in front of the net for us.

Soup said...

So, that's at least the second goal I've seen Scuds kick into his own net this season. Maybe Laraque should fight him.

Tiffany said...

I want Sidney to score as much as you, him, and Michel Therrien. But don't worry, Sid knows what'll happen if he doesn't start getting the puck in the net--M.T. will have to resort to showing him naked pictures of himself....again. And Sid has absolutely no desire to see them. (They gave him nightmares for a week last time.)

Seeing that Peter Pan is being released from "The Disney Vault" in 4 days, though, maybe we could get a hold of Tinkerbell and sprinkle some pixie dust on him. ;) Then he could start thinking of happy little thoughts. And off he'd go....maybe he'd even get a hat trick.

Oh, and just to let you know, the Staal brothers/pillow fight comment had me cracking up. :D I just saw the NHL commercial again during yesterday's game and I don't think I'll ever get sick of it.

Ellen said...


Pillow fight... Haha

AJ said...

Great re-cap... all that was missing was a Kevin Hatcher joke.

On a side note, is anybody else extremely happy that the GM President's Day Sale is finally over? Now we don't have to see that commercial with the awful techno version of "Hail To The Chief" every 5 seconds.

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh, you're right!! I guess it hasn't been on for a little while. I hated that stupid commercial. And the DID play it to death.

May it never be resurrected....

tiffany said...

*they DID play it to death.

Dwayne said...

I have to admit, I am super happy with Roberts last night. He may be (barely) old enough to be my own dad, but he could still kick the shit out of just about anybody else on the ice last night. His presence on the ice was MOST definitely felt, and he probably hit people harder and more often than anyone else on the ice (tho the Orpik hit was probably harder, it was only just -one- hit).

I was a bit worried about him being so old, but he still plays the game harder and hits harder more than just about anyone on the Pens team. Mad respect.

Anonymous said...

some good news

Tee said...

all in all I think we can all agree that getting BGL was a great move, god I hope someone on Carolina is stupid enough to run sid tonight, and AFN is actually showing the game so I bought myself a steak and a 6 pack of Newcastle, it's my pathetic little tradition when I get to see pens games on tv and not just streamed.

Jeff said...

There is not enough yelling at Rob Scuderi going on in here.

Is he on the Rangers' payroll?

Elizabeth said... says eaton is out 2-4 weeks with a knee sprain...

Shanna said...

" says eaton is out 2-4 weeks with a knee sprain..."



tiffany said...

Man oh man....poor Eaton. It feels like he just got back from being injured, and now he's injured again.

Well, a quick change of subject...thanks to anonymous' Tribune Review link, I found this short article about how things are going with the arena deal. Not sure if this is what anon. was talking about, but here it is anyway.

Scotty said...

Long time reader, first time poster. Let me just say that as a gay-Penguin fan, I find your site perfect for my sexual preference. A gay themed Penguin site for gay Penguin fans.....perfect!!! Ta ta for now boys. Behave yourselves, you don't want spanked.

Staff said...

haah yesssss


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