Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Point is... PENS WIN

4 - 3


The battle of the Ens got under way amidst a palpable playoff atmosphere.

The best thing about it is that the Pens didn't look nervous.
These winning streaks and the presence of some veterans are paying dividends.
It would be ignorant to suggest the Pens didn't know the implications of this game, but seriously...they didn't look flustered.

The teams jobbed around for the first half of the opening period.
The early highlight was Georges Laraque backchecking his balls off to stop Chris Neil on a semi-breakaway after Scuderi wandered the deepest he's ever been into the offensive zone.

Pensblog Chris Note: Mark Recchi is coming down with Jan Hrdina Syndrome.
Just like Hrdina would always try to get it to Jagr, Recchi would sacrifice one of his pets to get the puck to Bing on any given shift.

Later, a high-sticking penalty put Ottawa on the powerplay.
No one in Pens Nation is sure when it happened, but you no longer assume a team is going to score on an early power play like that anymore.

Towards the end of the power play, Talbot is a maniac.
To further cement suspicions of him being on acid, he sparks a late shorthanded rush.
He gets it over to Ponch...who gives it to Gonch.
Gonch gets it back to a wide-open Jon Baker. He buries it.

Roger that.
( Steve Craig )

While you were having sex in celebration of that goal, Ottawa gets 22 shots on Fleury in a matter of seconds.
Antoin Vermette ouellets it into the net to tie the game.

Vermette eventually picks up the trash to tie the game.
It still doesn't change the fact that his mother was born at a flea market.

Later in the first, Orpik douches a Senator into the boards with an egregious cross-check.
No penalty.

But then Crosby gets messed with.

No dice.

MAFer came up big, stoning more Senators than Towelie during that first period.
Ouellet blocking more shots than a Secret Service agent.


The Senators are clowns.

Three minutes into the second, Volchenkov stupidly interferes with Fleury.


Crosby, whose selfishness will be the end of this Penguin team, steals a pass that was intended for Malkin and scores to overtake Malkin in the Pens goal-scoring race.
We get it, Sid.

Before you could fart, Alfreddson redirects a Joe Corvo point shot to tie the game up.
Remember -- it's not the playoffs yet so Alfreddson doesn't dissapear.

The next couple minutes saw Sergei Gonchar come flying into your picture to flatten Orange Sherbert along the boards.

Orange Sherbet, a cold six-pack, and a Pens game is as close to Heaven as some people will ever get.

Joe Melichar was playing in his 300th game tonight, and he celebrated by taking a holding penalty.

The PK unit stands tall again.

Christensen's name is starting to find its way around the NHL.
Dean McAmmond finds it necessary to hook Christensen and gets a penalty.
The Pens don't score, but holy hell...they are starting to become really scary...just in time, too.
Malkin hydroplaned during that power play.

Battling down deep, cross-corner dumping with pure excellence.
Gary Roberts is everywhere.
He even hosts a show on PBS.

The second Andrew Weitzel photoshop that has included blood spatters.
(If you didn't catch the first one, go into the previous post's comments.
The pic is not condoned by The Pensblog in any way.'s in the previous comments section.)

The My Two Sons (Roberts-Talbot-Army) line draws a penalty.
On the ensuing power play, Crosby one-touches it to Whitney, who then delays the play from happening.
But still buries it.

Remember when we said Roberts was everywhere?
Well, that includes the penalty box, too.
But the Pens kill that penalty...and Malone and Staal almost scored a huge goal.

Roberts gets a penalty-box breakaway but forgets what's going on.

If you thought the second-period action was done at that time, you were wrong.
Chris Neil presses the R2 button and streaks into the Pens zone uncontested but rings it off the pipe.

That was it for the second.


During the Devils game, Steigerwald headily mentioned that the Pens have to start getting into playoff mode; meaning that when you go into the third period with a lead, you better learn how to keep it.

We passed the test against the Devils.
Here we go again.

Erik Christensen sets up Roberts with a sweet play, but Roberts just misses.
Later in the same shift, the Pens miss their fourth or fifth chance to job in a goal.

The action goes to the other end, and Fleury flops around like Kerri Strug trying to keep the game tied.

Kerri Strug has disappeared.

And then we get an in-depth look at Gary Roberts' career as a fighter, as we are given the tale of the tape between him and some 12th-grader he rocked back in high school.

Then, out of nowhere, Mr. Magoo starts sending everyone to the box.
Even Dan Potash got a two-minute minor during that span.

Two minutes for dominating.

Dan Potash's penalty comes back to haunt the Pens.
Wade Redden jobs one from the point that goes through more traffic than I-376 Monroeville.

Before you knew what happened, Ottawa was then catapulted onto yet another power play.

But Staal picks off a pass and heads off on another shorthanded rush.
He's held up, and Ottawa gets penalized.

Ottawa coach Bryan Murray, who apparently has never seen a penalty before, flips out when Alfredsson is called for goalie intereference.

Bryan Murray drinks his own pee.

Huge save on Vermette by MAF to keep the game tied up.

The Pens fly to the other end and do everything imaginable to take the lead.
Steigerwald says the Pens are passing too much, but for the first time ever, that's not the case.
We may be right; we may be wrong.
But all of the plays still resulted in solid scoring chances.

Time ticks down.
Overtime City.

Before overtime, you would've been wise to remove your testicles so they wouldn't break when they fell off in that five-minute insanity.

Gary Roberts continues his four-game streak of murdering someone in overtime.
Joe Corvo gets owned.

Senators almost get a goal.
Praise whoever you praise that Mike Fisher isn't left-handed.
He would've one-timed an easy goal, and you would've started a 48-hour meth binge.

Overtime winds down...

Erik Christensen tries the Jussi Jokinen move and is denied.
Mike Comrie tries to Shaquille O'Neal one in, but no dice.

Evgeni Ruutu is next. Goal. Stunned. 1-0.
Dean McAmmond shoots it into Fleury's glove.

Crosby comes in and looks for someone to pass to. Denied.
Antoin Vermette is next. MAF's fake-pokecheck move is disgusting.


  • Crosby: 1 G, 1 A
  • Gonchar: 2 A
  • Whitney: 1 G, 1 A
  • Shots: Sens -- 35 ------- Pens -- 19
  • Powerplay: Sens (1 for 6 ) Pens ( 2 for 8 )
  • Gonchar was a machine tonight.
  • Pens putting in more overtime than Robert Downey Jr.'s publicist.
  • I wish we knew why Ruutu is the new number-two shooter.
  • Billco is the better buy.
  • Bryan Murray= Baby
  • A win Monday night puts the Pens in a tie with the Devils for first place. The Devils will keep the throne since they have played fewer games. Regardless, does anyone want that division-champion bull's eye on our backs going into the playoffs?

Do it.

Pensblog Nick:
Pens have 92 points.
Carolina could get maximum of 98.
NYR could get 99.
NYI could get 100.
Toronto can get 98.

7 more points...and it is assuredly Playoff City.


Costa said...

Seven More Wins Til The Playoff Beards Beguin. Huge Win Tonight, Gotta Stop Those Losing Leads Though.

Anonymous said...

great game...

gary roberts just murdered that guy in overtime...

how huge was the replay of talbot and the assistant coaches laughing after ruutu scored that goal... and who is he paying off to be in the shootouts?

...and bob errey is a mo-ron

talbot/ruutu co-mvp's.... yep

rachel said...

The "My Two Sons" Line has just been amazing! MAF is making the key saves when we need them. Some of the Pens better start growing the playoff beards now or else they won't be visible, haha.

Andrew, another great photoshop, keep it up!

Andrew said...

great win. so close to the division lead. need a win tomorrow, then it's 2 days of celebrating. i can't wait for the playoffs to start... i'm going to be "sick" from my job a lot then, i can tell already.


Anonymous said...


anybody else hear that in the 3rd i believe?
or was it the 2nd?

i dont know. i just know it busted out laughing when i heard it.

also, does anyone else get kinda scared when they see scuderi on the ice?

i do.

seth said...

Remember Islay's...

According to Bob Errey, "Christensen is the hottest Penguin"... coming out of the closet?

Staff said...


Being that I (Derek) couldn;t listen to the radio because of the awful delay, I heard that. I also heard

" Blow the fucking thing," when the sens took a pentaly and finally touched the puck

Good times

Nick said...

any truth to the rumor that ruutu shouts RETARD!! during his shootout attempts?

Anonymous said...

i heard that, too, the "blow the fucking thing." steigy immediately said "oh, someone's upset down there" to try to cover up the "fuck" getting out onto the air.

tiffany said...

Oh geez....what a post!!! What a game!!! I almost had my 100th heart attack of the season......Adam, only ONE pair...haha. ;)

Rachel, looking forward to the MAF shootout shutout stat. I was actually wondering that myself...

Jay, I didn't hear it at first...but I was on the phone with my friend, and she told me about it being at the end of the 3rd. So, I rewound my tape, and there it was (with about 3:25 left). Hahaha....I couldn't tell if, whoever said it, said "Throw the f**king thing," or "Blow the f**king thing!" Either way....hilarious. :D

Anonymous said...

i think derek we are talking about the samething.

to me it sounded like "cover the fucking thing", but a friend of mine also said he heard "blow the fucking thing."

either way, it was pretty funny.


Loser Chris said...

Can we give Gonch the Norris just for having to play with Melichar?

Steve in Denver said...

The Gary Robert's Neighborhood pic is nasty (in a good way). He looks fucking demented. Which according to Siegfried and Roy, our lovely color commentators, he undoubtedly is. They are experts in mental health.
I don't think anybody can beat this team in a series. Nobody. Well, maybe the Isles & FL, because we seem to suck against them, but they'll be felching each other in April, so it doesn't matter.
Eaton's back soon, too.
The young guys aren't hitting a wall late in the season, either.
Damn. Special. Poop.

tiffany said...

J-Schiff, sweet picture!! It's crazy how everyone fits so well in it. "Young Guins,"....I didn't understand that right away. Then I read it out loud....young guins, like penguins??

chris said...

can someone explain how the sens are 2nd on tsn's power rankings when the pens have matched them more than point for point over the past month on top of beating them twice ??

go pens

Anonymous said...

Ruutu's interview during the post-game with Danny-P was priceless:
Dan: "Why did you decide to switch up the move, you surprised everyone"
Ruut: "I had to do something."

I agree that Scuderi brings my nerves to the edge when he's out there.

"Blow the fucking thing." That's definitley what was said, good cover up by Steigy haha.

"Gary was in Mr. Robert's neighborhood on that last play, Bob"


Anonymous said...

yeah, i think steigy and bob are reading the blog. they said "mr. roberts neighborhood" and i immediately thought of the pensblog.

Anonymous said...

Guy Junker's Penguins MVP for 2006/07.......JOHN LECLAIR???

shouldn't Guy be worrying about the Pirates, I mean they are going to be, um, well, below average, as is expected.


Anonymous said...

sorry that link got messed up somehow

Anonymous said...

ahh what the hell?? haha sorry

its on homepage if any1 cares to read it.


Justin said...

yeah errey and steigy have said things the last couple games that makes it sound like they read the pensblog

friday night errey brought up the "pickle stabber"
someone just mentioned it in comments like 2 days before

tiffany said...

How's it feel to have your phrases used by FSN fellas?? ;)

Eric, hehe....I love Ruutu. And I'm not even one of the "older ladies."

P.S. No, this is NOT me. I just came across it and thought it was funny.

tiffany said...

Eric, that article's pretty crazy. Never thought about it that way. I don't know if I'd name LeClair MVP, though. :P

Here's the link you tried posting:

Ellen said...

I love Talbot and Armstrong in the Chips photoshop!

tiffany said... happened to me 2!! Oh well.......I feel dumb now. :-S

Steve said...

Only caught the third in this one but what an exciting period. Overtime was great, esp seein Roberts squash some bitch ass Senator like a bug.

I gotta say that you don't see teams man-handleing us anymore do ya?... Really good moves before and during the season. I'm liking Ray Shero more and more as the season progresses.

I've also noticed how the Recchin Ball is lookin real frustrated and sluggish out there. He's tryin way too much and if he keeps this up he's gonna be worth shit to us on the ice come playoff time.

Roberts = Robocop (Big Time)
BGL = The Thing
Sir Sid = fuckin madman


Will said...

Very glad Val Kilmer and Bill Paxton managed to find their way into the blog.

Andrew said...

Anyone else notice how much of a shitfit Dany Heatley threw when he didn't get credit for the goal? There's some team unity for you...

tiffany said...

Andrew, I thought the SAME thing. I'm like, "He shouldn't care who scores...just as long as SOMEONE does." Douche bag.....

FritoWill said...

great game, great one liners on AIM from Adam and I

including opon hearing Heatley wasn't in the shootout.

"At least Heatley won't drive the Zambonii into MAF."

Every time Jarrko Ruutu touches the puck during a game, my wife starts this...

"Marco......Jarrko.....Marco.....Jarrko, is so priceless.

He only scored on the shootout goal, by putting the guy to sleep.

anyway good game, i am also tired of Recchi.

I am going to a new blog name since we have another Will, to avoid confusion.

I shall be known as FRITOWILL (professional dorito salesmen)
formally known as Will, formally known as Will from Butler.

Damn i just need a symbol and i'll Prince.

dying alive said...

Scuderi doesn't scare me any more. He's at least decent on the PK. When Melichar is on the ice I'm terrified.

What was up with Brooks laying guys out left and right again last night? I think he's been sharing Max's acid.

tiffany said...

Dying Alive,
Hahahaha.....Max's acid...

And Frito-Will,
You have a few options for symbols. There's the "at" symbol...@...the number/pound symbol...#...the "and" symbol...&...(which is close to Prince's former one). My personal favorite, however, is the "money" symbol...$.....'cause you're just sooo money. ;)

tiffany said...

"Very glad Val Kilmer and Bill Paxton managed to find their way into the blog."

Were you saying that Jordan Staal=Val Kilmer and maybe Evgeni Malkin=Bill Paxton??? I'm a bit confused....

Dwayne said...

It's about damn time Orpik started playing like the demon-beast he is. He's a really big dude, and he needed to start playing like it. Now that he is, I'm relatively sure he's going to kill someone, and you know what? It's the best thing ever!

However, he does need to watch where he's holding that stick when he proceeds to murder someone. No use spending 2 minutes in the box, yanno?

Tee said...

ℓЮ should be will's new symbol.. i have no idea what it means but it looks cool.

Jon said...

That's it, dip into wingdings font. That's money to me...

thomes08 said...

Sweet games the last 5+ games. I was moving my brother to Charlotte last week and had people text me updates on the games cause he didn't have TV or internet for a few days.

All this stuff is unbelievable.

Oh, and i listened to the game on internet radio last night and in the SO Lange was saying that Ruutu is a badass in shootouts during practice. When i played soccer we would have competitions in practice all the time to see who would shoot in a shootout, and it's not always the person you suspect. I'm assuming this is the same thing. Either way i think it's sweet he could become the next crusher in shootouts.

I caught the youtube video of phil borque celebrating with the cup. Friggin hilarious. I watched it like 12 times. Reminds me a lot of the movie Boogie Nights. Anyone else notice that? "Let's take this cup to the river, and PARTY ALL SUMMER!".... priceless.

Is there some sort of pensblog AIM chatroom during the game. If so, i'm in. If not, there should be.


PS Game on VS tonight for those that don't get FSN Pitts!!!

hyzdufan said...

Can someone explain the King's Frownie commercials to me, please?

Anonymous said...

Quote of the day on TSN homepage...

"It was weird, man. He came down really slow, a guy like that who doesn't get many minutes coming down in the shootout, you know he's got something coming up. It was a funny move. I didn't know what to expect."

- Senators goaltender Ray Emery on the goal he allowed by Jarkko Ruutu in Ottawa's 4-3 shootout loss to Pittsburgh on Sunday.

Elizabeth said...

Ruutu's shootout move...hmm...of course if he doesn't score there we're all talking about how stupid it was, but right now it's great. haha.

tiffany said...

Tee, cute symbol. How'd you do that?? *_^

Thomes, I'm psyched about Jarkko too! I've been waiting for him to be put in the SO ever since he scored on that penalty shot earlier this season. It's pretty cool that he was the only one to get the SO goal, considering (on a rare night), Crusher couldn't find the net.

Anonymous said...

Steigy, Errey, Potash, Lange, and Bourque all rock!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ TSNs power rankings and the sens being the number 1 team

dying alive said...

Emery could have read War & Peace in the time it took Ruutu to get down the ice. He got deked out of his pants by a guy going two miles an hour. I actually laughed out loud...the only slower shootout I've seen this year is that one by Nylander where he went retarded halfway to the net and the puck just kind of trickled off into the corner.

Who will kill someone first this season: Brooks Orpik or Gary Roberts? You guys should take a poll.

thomes08 said...

the TSN power rankings blow this week. Sens at number 1??? Aren't we a hotter team than they are right now PLUS we just beat them twice. They talk about their losses being in OT as a good thing but the pens' wins in OT being a bad thing.

Make sense to anyone else?

Oh well doesn't matter at all, just kinda think we're getting shafted a little bit.

Anyone have any second half season stats? I'm interested to see how the pens' second half record measures up to the other teams'.



Justin said...

the pens have more points since christmas than any other team in hockey

EmDubs said...

I wish I could grow a playoff beard :(

Justin said...

ive had mine all winter

Andrew said...

Tootoo's gloved punch to Robidas, knocking him the fuck out.

not a "bad" hit i'd say, since Robidas was going to run him and Modano slashed him, but i bet he'll get suspended just because of the Jannsen and Simon incidents.


Elizabeth said...

Ladies, what can we do since we can't grow playoff beards? Playoff shopping spree? Playoff abstinence?

lol just some thoughts.

And I'm definitely not changing anything shaving related so let's not even go there.

dying alive said...

Elizabeth, I'm not going to cut my hair until the playoffs are over. No way I'm changing anything with regards to shaving either. Yuck.

TSN has the Pens at #8 in the power rankings and ESPN has them at #1. Weird.

AndrewGurn said...

After this game, the only teams that scare me a little bit now are NJ and Tampa. We sucked against Tampa HARD the last time and Broduer is fuckin' unstoppable in the playoffs. If we can avoid them, the Cup is OURS.

EmDubs said...

Playoff shopping spree..... great idea.... ha ha ha

Justin said...

fuck brodeur

Andrew said...

this is retarded:

they have therrien ranked 29/30 coaches. wtf.


$fritowill$ said...

the frownie comercial is awesome, just because i think the old lady wants a piece of frownie.

Thanks for all the sign ideas. Wingdings font is awesome!!!

can't wait for tonight, i am smelling division lead.

Anonymous said...

For the first time in years i'm getting ready to throw my razor away for playyyyyyy offffffffffffff city wooooooo wooooooo!


Anonymous said...

ruutu's favorite insult is retard, it's confirmed.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what this is about?

After a 3-0-1 week, the Senators again move up our Rankings. Food for thought: After a hard-fought battle vs. the Pens on Sunday night (Murray and Therrien had to be separated after the first period), do you think Ottawa would like to have Gary Roberts now?

Dwayne said...

Apparently Therrien didn't like Coach Assface talking to Crosby and giving him a hard time. Therrien lit into him, took a page out of Ruutu's book-o-quotes, and called him a retard, a fucking pussy, and then mixed it up by questioning whether or not he even had manbits.

As far as the Tootoo hit goes, I really don't see anything wrong with it. It was blatantly obvious that Robidas was coming to attempt to murder Tootoo, so by all means, punch away. I'm sure if he had the time he would have dropped the gloves, but Robidas was a good 3 feet away before he even turned around, so you gotta do what you gotta do. I have no compassion at all for Robidas, and in fact, with the way he was charging in there, I hope he has a concussion and feels it for a good long while.

Playoff beard for me as well. The downside is I have a scar under my chin from when I was 4, and no hair grows there at all. It looks rather jaunty, in a "wtf is that" sort of way.

Dwayne said...

Also, how the fuck is Ottawa #1 in TSN's rankings? Did the entire nation of Canada wake up retarded today, or have they been like that for quite some time?

It's sad, really. I used to think because of the lower drinking age and ability to touch strippers, they were more advanced than us. Now I'm just questioning their sanity.

Jeff Harr said...

Speaking as a guy who grows a sparse and shitty beard, I'm starting today so that I can have at least a semblance of a beard come playoffs.

FritoWill said...

i just shaved the goatee for the first time in like 8 f'ing chin was cold today.

But i could grow a playoffs beard two days before the first round started.

Tee said...


It was simple, I just hacked the internet.

tiffany said...

I was wasn't sure if The Pensblog would post something before the NYR game tonight. So, that's why I'm only posting this now.
For you, Rachel....

tiffany said...

'Ol blue eyes said it best.....

Frank Sinatra - New York, New York

Start spreadin' the news
They're playin' today
We'll want to be a part of it
In New York, New York
These Pittsburgh Pens' skates
Are longing to stray
And crush the New York Rangers in
New York, New York

They wanna wake up in a city
That doesn't sleep
And find they're king of the hill
Top of the heap

Our little town blues
Have melted away
We'll have a new arena soon
Suck that New York!
If they can beat them there
They'll beat them anywhere
It's up to them
In New York, New York

New York, New York
They want to wake up in a city
That never sleeps
And find they're A number one
Top of the list, king of the hill
A number one

Our little town blues
Have melted away
We're gonna have a new arena soon
Suck that New York!
And, uh, if they can beat them there
They're gonna beat them anywhere

It's up to them
In New York, New York
New York......

FritoWill said...

VS. has been on for 35 seconds and i want to jump through the TV and punch someone. Man does the sound suck!!!

tiffany said...

Tee, hahahaha......darn. I don't know how to do that.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Tiff..."Our little town blues
Have melted away
We'll have a new arena soon
Suck that New York!"...hahahaha...great one!


rachel said...

I just had to rewatch it and the Senator definitely yells, "Blow the fucking thing!" at the ref to get a whistle, haha

Tiff, great song as always :) Thanks! I like the part that Karri said and this...
These Pittsburgh Pens' skates
Are longing to stray
And crush the New York Rangers in
New York, New York

J-Schiff, nice photoshop!

MAF has saved 31 of 39 shootout shots and is 2nd in the league for shootout wins at 9.

Anonymous said...

Rachel...thanks for the stats!


dying alive said...

I think we can safely add Ruutu to the list of Pens who are going to kill someone this season.

Let's hope he starts with Sean Avery.

FritoWill said...

F Scudderi

Anonymous said...

Totally agree FritoWill!


Anonymous said...

fuck scuderi.

as i stated before:

"also, does anyone else get kinda scared when they see scuderi on the ice?"
what is this, the 3rd time he has fucked the penguins over with the puck hitting off of him?


rachel said...

That's at least 3 goals that have now gone in off of Scuderi this season!

Thibault deserved the win, but the rest of the team didn't... too many faceoff losses and stupid penalties!

Anonymous said...

You're right Jay...We need Eaton and Kwiatkowski to replace Melichar and Scuderi.


Jon said...

Scuderi for class president. Boy was that an irritating game.

Anonymous said...

didnt we trade for a defenseman? scuderi blows... give kwiatkowski a chance... all that scuderi does is hurt the team

Anonymous said...

yep, i agree with you karri.

i was talking to a friend of mine last night and thats what we said. sit those two and get back kiwi and eaton.

t-bo had an awesome game. you have to give him that.

also, i lost count of how many times the puck went out of play. had to be atleast 9 times.


Anonymous said...

The Pens need a couple of days off...Any ideas who can replace Recchi on the #1 line?


Anonymous said...'re right...Thibault did deserved the win


dying alive said...

The only people not responsible for that loss are Thibault, Fleury, and the guys in the press box. Boneheaded play by Scuderi, sure, but the Pens were dragging ass around the ice all night.

By all rights, the Rangers shouldn't have needed a goal in the final minute to win it. They were killing the Pens in every aspect of the game and Thibault kept bailing them out. Hopefully they take a day off and get some rest. Their schedule over the past week was brutal.

rachel said...

Dying alive, I completely agree with you. The Rangers should have destroyed the Pens...
Shots - 22 Pens - 42 Rangers
Faceoffs - 42% Pens - 58% Rangers

The faceoffs killed the Pens especially when key ones were lost. But how much could you expect with the Pens playing 5 games in the past 7 days with 2 back to backs. Thibault played hard, stopped 40 shots, and gave the Pens a chance to win. He deserved another W.

Since this game was shown on Versus, which of course I don't get, I had to listen to the radio, but back to the point, I had some time to make some photoshops that I'll email you guys tomorrow.

tiffany said...

ETA...."Never trust our deadlines." long as you guys are happy with your post, it doesn't matter how long it takes. ;)


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