Saturday, March 31, 2007

Playoff Goals Trailer #2

We are putting the final pieces together for the Penguins playoff goals of 1991 and 1992.
The entire tape runs about 1 hour and 40 minutes, so we are breaking it down into a few parts.
But since it's a boring saturday...

Here is the second trailer.
Excuse the quality.
The tape is 15 years old.

Go Pens.

In relation to playoff memories, we have a delectable post coming Sunday night.


Joshua said...

Well done on the trailer. Made me miss Langue that much more.

To help with the white balance, try enconding the file as a different type. It worked for me when mine came out brighter than the sun.

Staff said...


The only problem is, we got this encoded, well its a long story.

What kind of program do you have?

Joshua said...

I use Pinnacle Studio

Retail = probably like 800-1000 dollars

Bit torrent = discount coupon haha

Staff said...

hahah looking at though, the tape itself is just a little bit to old.

Thanks though. Pinnacle Studio is money in the bank

Staff said...

yeah, we encoded this with whatever.

but joshua, if we can trust you with the force, if you want to work your magic with the original, by all means.

we'll be in touch.


tiffany said...

Guys, LOVE the video.

Tee, bad...but creative joke. ;)

Dying Alive, thanks for the reminder that Sci-Fi replays Heroes. Good to know for future reference. :) And it IS kind of amazing that the thing to worry about is playing for first.

Joshua said...

aaaand where can I find the original?

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Anonymous said...

correct me if im wrong, but mark eaton = -3 tonight...


Stoosh said...

Fan-f'ing-tastic clip.

If you don't get chills watching that, well...


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