Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ottawa -- Bring It.




Crosby: 10 points in last 5 games.
Healtey: A silent 16-game point streak was snapped recently.

We hate doing analysis because no one cares what some jobber eating Cocoa Puffs for lunch has to say about the Penguins playoff hopes.

However, Sunday night's game is a highly probable first-round playoff preview.

The Pens got to prove that they can play with Ottawa on a consistent basis.
Especially in a home-ice atmosphere.
What a game to be attending tonight.

Dany Heatley might be late.

My uncle Mitch saw Heatley pulled over on I-79 near the Heidelberg exit around 4:00 P.M.

Obviously, our self-governed embargo on Dany Heatley jokes has been lifted.
Coupled with the excellence of Photoshop, Canada may shut down this blog.


Heatley utilizes the eject seat.
( Jeff Harr )

Andrew Weitzel sent us a Dany Heatley that we simply cannot post.
Our morals have finally gotten the better of us.
Sorry, Andrew.

Photoshop things to pray for:

Talbot and Armstrong do something amazing.
MAF makes a save on someone named Fred.
Gary Roberts dominates.
Christensen scores.
Ouellet scores a garbage goal.


We're getting drowned with pictures in our e-mail.
We are definitely not complaining.

We feel bad that some simply won't make it into posts or up top, but every pic will find its way onto the site, one way or the other...because these things are hilarious.

If you sent us one and it doesn't get posted by Wednesday, please e-mail us.
We lose track of things.

This isn't The Photshopblog, but we felt we had to mention it.


More Housekeeping

We want to see if anyone is interested in doing a Playoff bracket thing along the lines of March Madness.
We'll post the playoff bracket and you fill it out.

From the end of the season to the start of the playoffs is only a matter of days, so we wanted to give advance notice that something like this will be coming.

Winner gets absolutely nothing...
maybe an autographed pair of Adam's boxers or something.

That should generate some traffic.
(that's sarcastic by the way)

...Mike Modano did it. He broke Joey Mullen's record.

...The Avalanche are a mere 6 points behind Calgary for 8th spot. Calgary also has played one more game than Colorado.
The importance of this -- A playoff berth will immensely help Paul Stastny's case for the Calder Trophy.

The homers in the Canadian press will him out, too.

Go Pens.


Anonymous said...

"That should generate some traffic."
(that's sarcastic by the way)

I know who you guys are taking a shot at. And I love it..

Go Pens

Staff said...

hahha us take a shot at someone? never

Lets go pens

D Fresh said...

Does anyone know if Yahoo was supposed to have the feed of the game tonight? I checked a few days ago and it had it in its lineup, but then today, they don't have the icon for the live broadcast.

Anonymous said...

playoff brackets for sure

Antonette said...

I'm all for playoff brackets. However, I'll probably fuck them up like I did my NCAA ones by putting my school (in this case my team) winning every game they play.

Hey, it's worked so far in my bracket.

And this game is either going to be amazing or shit-tastic. Can't wait.

Tee said...


Yahoo doesn't, but comcast does

if you're not in the US you'll probably need a is a good place to start looking for one, also try the forum at, they usually post working proxies in there a few minutes before the game starts

D Fresh said...


Thanks so much. This is great! Definately with them having the Isles game on Thursday too.

AndrewGurn said...

Thank you for not posting my god-awful image.

Ah, what the hell, here's a link for anyone who ise curious.

Warning: If you laugh at it, you'll probably go to hell.

Steve said...

Holy shit I can't wait for the game tonight.

The bracket sounds like a sweet idea guys, I'm in.

Oh and those Heatley pics are insane!


tiffany said...

AndrewGurn.....omg!!!! I think that's all I can say. I laughed a bit....wait, does this If anyone's going anywhere, it's Dany Heatley.'re're no longer the "good Andrew." ;)

Staff, just to let you know...I was playing with a Donnie Jarkko idea, inspired by you guys. (It's not a photoshop pic, it's a conversation that took place between many...) How much can your e-mail hold???'s 1.9 MB. Should I e-mail it to you???

Staff said...

send it tiff

Anonymous said...

...a Playoff bracket thing...sounds like fun..."maybe an autographed pair of Adam's boxers or something"...even more interesting! that a guarantee? ;)


Adrienne said...

We want to see if anyone is interested in doing a Playoff bracket thing along the lines of March Madness.


Elizabeth said...


Can I use a proxy to get around a blackout restriction on the comcast site? Or do you have some other idea to get around this?

Anonymous said...

ok... after watching the first period of tonights game.. it is obvious that mark recchi cannot play on the 1st line with sid.. he absolutely stinks the last handful of games.. he has had so many breakaways and doesn't even get a good shot off... come on mark... get your head out of your ass and start scoring goals...

Jon said...

the playoff bracket should be a happyfuntime. You will have to come up with a suitable tie-breaker though, we don't want hard feelings and insults hurled when the chance to win somebody's old gucchies is on the line.

And thanks to Nana for the term gucchies.

Anonymous said...


Definitely need a tie-breaker


Elizabeth said...

lol if we win do we HAVE to take the prize?

tiffany said... long as they're clean. ;)

Staff....the e-mail's on its way...

Anonymous said...




STeve said...

Boxers? dude no way.

How about the winner gets their picture photoshoped by everyone else?

tiffany said...


Exactly Karri...

AndrewGurn said...

Hell of a game. 4th place anyone?

Dwayne said...

Man, is it just me, or is Gary Roberts fury incarnate?

Michel Therrien: We have won again. That is good! But what is best in life?
Michel Oullet: A fleet horse, the open steppe, falcons at your breast, and the wind in your hair.
Michel Therrien: Wrong! Gary Roberts, what is best in life?
Gary Roberts: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

rachel said...


On Ruutu's SO goal, Therrien was just like,"took his time." I'd say he did, haha

Dwayne, Roberts definitely is. The best random info during this game was that Roberts knocked out a senior when he was a freshman in high school. Roberts photoshop anyone??

Jeremy said...

Jarkko's shootout goal was the funniest thing I have seen in a while. Emery just looked so confused at how someone skating that slow could put one by him.

Great camera work by FSN by completely missing MAF's final save.
What a game though!

tiffany said...

Steigy and Errey MUST read The Pensblog....they said "Mr. Roberts' Neighborhood." Hahaha..... ;D

Anonymous said...

Seth...where's the March stat?


Adrienne said...

gucchi's is in no way a new word.

And I couldnt get the damn proxy to work... sad panda++

Dwayne said...

I've just decided:

Gary Roberts *is* Bruce Lee on hockey skates.

rachel said...

My gram always said gucchis, haha

Tiff, I started cracking up when they said, "Mr. Roberts Neighborhood"

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the stat for MAF shoot-out shut-outs?


Staff said...


Steve's photoshop idea sounds good.
Depends on people wanting their face on some crazy-ass pictures.

I (Adam) only have one pair of underwear, so we're re-thinking what the prize should be.

We can't remark on every comment, but I was cracking up this entire time.

We like the tie-breaker idea.

Anonymous said...

Jersey is only two points away...


rachel said...

Karri, I have this little stat about MAF in shootouts...
The Penguins defeated the Senators 4-3 in a shootout on Sunday night. It was Marc-Andre Fleury's eighth victory in his last nine shootouts, during which time he has allowed only three goals on 25 shootout attempts.

I'll try to figure out how many shootout shutouts he has tomorrow :)


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