Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nitty Gritty

...Pens playoff tickets went on sale Monday morning.
2,000 tickets are all that are available for each game...
The tickets were available for about as long as Siegfried & Roy could go without trying to make out with a man.

Approximately 13 minutes.

We're pleased to hear some commentors snatched up some tickets.


...Gary Bettman says people need to relax about the fighting issue in the NHL...

Bettman flashes a gang sign.

Great move by Bettman. Fighting is a part of hockey, and just because one jerkoff gets knocked out, people are gonna flip out?
Maybe they should take tackling out of football.

Take hitting out of football.
Maybe Jerome Bettis wouldn't have fumbled so much.

Football is mud, by the way.
60-minute clock...and, what, probably a combined total of 2 minutes of actual action taking place?
Hockey -- 60 minutes, non-stop.

The pizza-delivery guy from "Loverboy" shares the sentiment.
" I agree. It's not that we hate football. We're just using common sense and logic. "
Do the math.

Pittsburgh's Ron Cook and Paul Zeise want fighting gone from hockey.
They went on TV last night and made complete asses out of themselves...saying fighting is bad for hockey.
Ron Cook said hockey is a family atmosphere and doesn't want his kid chanting "fight, fight" when Laraque is on the ice.

Fact: You get dumber when you drink your own pee.

As for Paul Zeise -- No one knows who you are, so your opinion is mud.
Zeise, an African-American, even turned it into a race issue.

Paraphrasing -- He said that the NBA's Carmelo Anthony slapped some guy, and the media called him a thug. If it was a black player knocking someone out in hockey, the media would be 10 times more all over it.

John Steigerwald was stunned. He wanted to throw something at Paul Zeise.
What a stupid statement.


...Marty Brodeur says Crosby is his pick for MVP. Kind of...
Who knew Marty Brodeur could read?

...Ownee Todd Fedoruk says the players should be able to keep their gloves on when fighting...

Picture: A coroner puts gloves on to examine Fedoruk's lifeless body.

....Something we don't do nearly enough is link other NHL sites. One of the best reads out there is NHL Digest.
Just good times. The guy who runs it entered a contest for best photo.
Not sure if he won or not, but this picture is glorious.


Do it, douchebags.

We want to say that the Pens magic number is 2.

Montreal and Toronto are eliminated from catching the Pens.
The Islanders can get a maximum of 98 points.

Ottawa has 98 points right now, and they're in.
A win against Washington Tuesday night clinches a playoff spot.
But there's probably tie-breakers and shit that we don't even know about.

Post-Gayzette says a Pens win and Islanders loss to New Jersey Tuesday night clinches it.

Go Devils.
We want no part of Tampa Bay in the playoffs, especially.


No huge games of note tonight.
Washington on Tuesday night.
At least A.O. will be better at golf than Sid.

Photoshops will be up at 9:12 AM Tuesday morning.



Jon said...

Slow day, can't wait for the photoshop expo. Just got my Pens jersey back from being customized with Crosby , I had the "C" put on, just to be proactive on the matter...Cook had a column in the post-gazette yesterday saying how important it is to play Fleury in the playoffs with T-Bo's impending free agency in the offseason. Something about Fleury being the future of the franchise. Captain Obvious earns another paycheck.

Jon said...


Staff said...

that's sweet man.

Loser Chris said...

Keep the gloves on during fights? Maybe Todd could just get tired of having his face rearranged and stop fighting. Seriously, keep the gloves on?!? Maybe they can put turnbuckles in the corners too. And Therrien could start carrying a megaphone and a tennis racket! What a joke.

Andrew said...

fighting is a part. anyone who doesn't think so has obviously never watched a game or is just a douchebag.

go devils? go isles! i hate them, but i want us to win the division and get the 2 seed.


Tiffany said...

Kinda confused about Fedoruk's statement...leave the gloves on when you fight? I'm no expert, but wouldn't gloves cause more injury than fists?? Maybe someone has an answer for that. He does have a point, though, about hockey looking like the All-Star game if fighting were taken out. It WOULD get pretty boring.

Btw Jon, I'm SO jealous..... ;)

tiffany said...

OMG...can't believe that woman was laughing the whole time!! It was kinda funny, but at the same time kinda scary for the kid....

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

That video was the funniest shit I've seen in weeks.

And if there's no fighting in hockey you may as well just say "Hey, other team, please take cheap shots at our star players!"

Dwayne said...

Actually, Todd wasn't talking about his hockey gloves, he was talking about those 4 oz gloves that UFC fighters and whatnot wear. Basically, his argument is that, instead of a 200 pound (tops) dude hitting you, you have Boogaard and Laraque, around 260 each, hitting you like a freight train. Back in the day, dudes didn't take fighting lessons and train year round to be ninjas on skates. They just threw down like any normal joe would when some ass in a bar felt up his girlfriend. Things have changed a little, and since fighting has become more... practiced, shall we say, he feels that a little protection might go a long way towards not needing full facial reconstruction surgery time after time after time.

I don't necessarily disagree with that - a small 3 oz glove on the hand permanently, with your hockey gloves over it. Then when you drop the gloves, there's a *little* padding there to take away the knuckles of doom.

But, hell, I don't know. Some punk tried breaking in my apartment last year and I broke my hand punching him in the face and dragging his punk ass out of my apartment. I obviously don't know how to hit right - hit hard, yes, but land a punch correctly? To get a brawlers fracture, obviously not.

tiffany said...

Thanks Dwayne....I read where he was talkin' about the 3 oz. gloves, but since I've never been punched.....wasn't sure what hurt more. ;)

Dwayne said...

I'm not sure the gloves will necessarily hurt any less (at least, enough for it to be noticeable), but I would imagine that it spreads out the impact, dulls it slightly, and thus (hopefully) decreases the amount of physical damage to the bone (and possibly the brain below).

However, your skin is still goinna get smashed and your nerves are still goinna be screaming bloody murder. I'd rather not get punched at all, but I imagine I'd heal faster from a fist with a glove on it than the same fist without a glove.

Of course, this is just the initial impact. You can still hit someone so hard their brain riccochets around inside their skull, knocking them out and giving them a concussion. And then they're still falling to the ice, usually without a helmet on. This is definitely not going to fix everything, but it may be just enough to stem the tide of all these pussies who want to take fighting out and (still) not call late hits, spears, high sticks, hits from behind, etc, etc, much less suspend someone over them. Until the league starts scaring the shit out of players by suspending them for many games for ridiculously late hits, the players are going to *have* to police the game. If the league won't do it, the men on the ice have to.

Loser Chris said...

So the Pens are the lady and the Devils are the fat kid, right?

That video never gets old.

rwarner174 said...

You guys that say fighting is part of the game. I want your quotes when someone dies from a bare fist to the temple. Thats going to be great for the game. I can already see droves of parents bringing their kids to a game when someone is killed. Teaches a great lesson to kids, if somone pisses you off go punch him in the head.

I know what people are going to say, players could die in any sport. Yeah, but not in a sanctioned slugfest with refs circuling around like a school ward brawl.

Sorry that someone with a different opinion than andrew is a douchebag. I just believe it does more harm than good. It happens in all sports, but if you fight in the other sports you are gone for tha game. That is how it should be in hockey.

Eveyone says that getting laraque has made a difference? I really have not seen any drop in the amount of times our players have been mauled or cheapshot. Didn't stop the islanders from being the cheap bastards they are and kicking malkin in the balls. To be honest, we play so many close games that laraque really can't afford to do anything.

As far as it being a race issue. Now that is a total load of crap. No idea what they are talking about there?

AndrewGurn said...

rwarner, you sound like a queer. That's like saying you're not going to take your kid out for a drive because he might see some douche bite it in a car wreck. That happens all the time, yet I still have yet to see a single parent try to boycott cars. Suck on that. I have half a mind to drop my gloves and beat some sense into you.

Anonymous said...


Soup said...

About the gloves: In boxing, I believe ameteurs start out with larger gloves and progressively use lighter ones because the lighter ones pros use are actually more dangerous. (Not an expert, so I don't know why.) Also, I've always understood that they drop the gloves in hockey fights because they could be construed as weapons if they fought with them on. Also, more people are seriously injured in hockey by cheapshots (high sticks, cross-checks from behind, blows to the back of the head) than fights. And the fights are designed to discourage cheapshotting.

Dwayne said...

Sorry rwarner, I'm just not with you on this one.

The moment you step on the ice, your chances of getting killed go up. As soon as you step onto the ice with a group of large dudes who are also skating around, your chances of getting killed go up. And as soon as you add high impact hits, your chances of getting killed go up.

What is worse to teach kids? That it is okay to fight when you're angry, or that it's okay to check someone over the bench because they took something they felt belongs to them (ie: the puck?) I would tend to think that neither of those situations are something you actually want to teach a kid to apply to all situations in real life.

But let's face it; we all appreciate a crushing Ruutu hit that sends player spiraling off the puck and turning it over (hopefully in the offensive zone). But what is *that* teaching our kids? That if someone has something you want, you just crush them and take it from them?

But that *isn't* what it teaches kids. Or, at least, that's not what they learn. What they learn is that, within the bounds of a hockey game, when one has a puck, one can obliterate them and take the puck off of them.

Fighting in hockey is the same thing. It teaches kids that, within the game of hockey, when an opponent is taking pot shots at your star players, you can drop your gloves and commence fisticuffs. And even if you lose, that jackass is still off the ice for 5 more minutes. Within the bounds of the game, it is acceptable. Just as hitting someone and taking something from them is only acceptable within the bounds of the game.

Dwayne said...

"About the gloves: In boxing, I believe ameteurs start out with larger gloves and progressively use lighter ones because the lighter ones pros use are actually more dangerous."

True enough, and that continues all the way down to bare knuckles. So if you *start* with bare knuckles, adding a few ounces of padding makes them a -little- less dangerous.

I don't actually think it would make a huge difference, but it might help a little.

Anonymous said...

By way of example -- Bertuzzi attacking Steve Moore from behind and broke his neck, Marty McSorley slashing Donald Brashear in the face.

This article is a bit misguided in that it equates fighting with dirty play, but has some good quotes from players who understand the difference. Specifically, regarding Recchi being slashed in the face while with the Flyers, sparking a brawl in the next meeting between the two teams involved.


"But there’s a big difference between dropping the gloves and throwing punches and blindsiding a player or slashing his face with a stick."


Soup said...

dwayne, point taken.

AndrewGurn said...

That article sucks, anonymous, but you can take the Krzysztof Oliwa quote down to Citizens Bank at your leisure (they're open 7 days a week) and exchange it for legal tender.

“You’ve got only one brain,” Calgary enforcer Krzysztof Oliwa told Canadian Press. “You fight and you may get hurt, but at least you have a fair chance."

--Andrew Weitzel

Dwayne said...

Oh jesus, I'm actually agreeing with Bettman over something.


I have no problem trying to think of ways of protecting the player. I'm okay with a punch to the head giving them a concussion - what scares me the most is slamming your head off the ice after you get knocked out. That is most definitely lethal, and as much as I wanna see Derian Hatcher or Sean Avery explode, I'd rather he do it far far away from the game of hockey.

dying alive said...

I don't get it. Why does everything in the world have to be about preserving a "family atmosphere?" Since when is a professional hockey game supposed to be a family atmosphere? Oh my goodness! The little children might see a fight! The little children might hear a dirty word!

Get over it. It's your responsibility to parent your kid and teach them right from wrong, not mine and certainly not some random hockey player's. If you see a fight, explain to your kid that it's part of the professional game and it's not the same thing as real life. If some fat guy drinking a beer in the stands drops the f-bomb, explain to your kid that they're an adult and can say anything they want. Different rules apply to different people.

No wonder so many kids are such sissified brats with a sense of entitlement. Newsflash to all parents: the rest of the world does not revolve around your kid. If you're worried about a family atmosphere, take your kids to see the Pirates. Just don't be surprised if they doze off after the third inning.

I certainly hope that nobody ever dies in hockey because of a fight, but I guarantee you more people die in NASCAR and I don't see anyone lining up to ban that. Doesn't that teach kids that speeding is OK?

Adrienne said...

Fuck the Devils, Go Tampa!

I'm telling you. The NHL's retribution to me for missing the entire 2nd half + playoffs has to be the Pens beating the Lighting for the Conference finals. I refuse to accept otherwise.

Loser Chris said...

This discussion happening on the 10th anniversary of the Det-Col brawl is priceless.

Rwarner174 said...

andrewgrun, you are such an idiot.
Any gutless coward can make threats behind a blog. Wonder what you would say to my face, my guess is not to much. I would be more than happy to arrange a place for us to chat face to face. And somehow I am a queer because I don't like watching to grown men wrestling around on a sheet of ice? You might want to check yourself.

Oh and before you go there, I have played hockey all my life, but I'm sure you have extensive experience at cricket or chess.

Dwayne, at least you disagree with me by making a legitimate point. I give you props for that. And you do make some valid ones.

You guys really must run in small circles of hardcore hockey fans is all I am saying. I believe fighting prevents the game from growing. We have all heard parents who said they will not take their kids to hockey games because they are to violent. Well there goes potential NHL fans right there.

I know what hardcore fans will say, who needs them. Well we do if we ever want this sport to be more popular than women's basketball (check the national ratings if you don't believe me).

Hockey is the greatest game on earth. Showcase the talent, not the thugs.

Just to be clear, I actually enjoy the fighting. I stand up and cheer at the games when it goes down. But at the same time I recognize two things. 1.) It is part of what is preventing the sport from becoming more popular. 2.) It detracts from what makes hockey a great game. Great athleets of great skill playing the worlds greatest game.

Its just how I feel about the issue, not a personal attack on anyone that feels differently. There are points on both sides.

Anonymous said...

"That article sucks, anonymous"

I admitted as much in the first place. It's just the first one I could find online that documented serious non-fight related injuries. And the player quotes support the idea that fighting is less dangerous than dirty play, with which you seem to agree.

Dwayne said...

Oh, I definitely think that fighting holds back a lot of people from watching hockey. But we also don't want to bastardize the game *too* much, just to increase ratings. The "New NHL" already made a whole host of changes, and they're already talking about making the nets larger just to increase scoring. There comes a point where the game changes so much that, while it may have the same name and have the same premise, it will be as different from old school hockey as american football is from rugby. For some, that is okay, but you can't expect others to accept that sort of a change.

I think we're all just going to have to accept that Hockey is more of a niche sport, especially in soccer-mom America. We may grow a little bit here and there, but I do not think that Hockey will *ever* even remotely approach something like football.

Hockey can totally get better ratings than women's basketball, easily, but that requires better marketing by the league, better TV deals with, say, networks that every goddam house gets, instead of like, 1 out of every 30. Keep in mind hockey just had a lock out, and it was relatively "boring" to the average person before that. Add in some glowing pucks and not being on ESPN, and everything goes to hell in a hand basket.

Hockey can and will grow. It may take some time, but it will happen. But it will always be a niche sport, no matter how you tart it up. And so the question is: how much are you willing to whore the sport out just to gain a relatively modest amount of new fans? What exactly do *you* feel the cost:benefit ratio is for hockey, with regards to giving up some aspects of it just to gain some new viewers? If taking fighting out of hockey only increased TV ratings by 30 households, would it be worth it? 3000 households? 30,000 households? 300,000 households? 3,000,000 households? When does it become a change worthwhile?

"Hockey is a dangerous game, more dangerous than football, and maybe the most dangerous of them all. Hockey is played at continuous, high speed. It has ice, walls and blades on everyone's feet. There are no face masks. And, yes, there is bareknuckle fighting. These dangers help give hockey its exhilaration and its small, niche, punk-rock market status. Some people crave the danger of hockey, others regard it as a part of the entire package along with grace and athleticism, and others will never recognize or stomach hockey because of its inherent dangers with fighting front and center."
( John Buccigross: http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/columns/story?columnist=buccigross_john&id=2813170 )

Tyler said...

Hey fellas! Awesome photoshop expo!
Thanks so much for the link-up to NHL Digest.
I appreciate yoru support.
I haven't heard who won that Oilers fan photo contest yet, but I hope you voted for me.
Thanks again,

rwarner174 said...


You make a valid point about changing the game too much. I'm not even againts leaving fighting in is some capacity. Seriously, there is fighting in every other sport. I just think the penality needs to be stiffer so its a little more rare. I do recoginize and give props to the league for reducing it from a couple years ago. No doubt, the league has made great strides and reducing the number of fights in the game.

Maybe the legue could instate at 6:00 min of penalities and your gone for the game or something like that. That way, if you want to fight it better be worth it because if you get penalized again for taping a guy on the sholder, your gone and your team is skating with less than 4 lines.

The league also needs to hand out suspensions in cases where someone is hit from behind with a punch or tackled from behind. That should be 5 games. I don't care how you slice it, blindsiding people with punches to the head is not part of the game.

Man, bring back the glowing puck. That was awsome. Its probably not necessary on HDTV, but damn with standard definition tv is mudd.

Thankyou for not calling me queer like some of our classier bloggers.

dying alive said...

"Oh, I definitely think that fighting holds back a lot of people from watching hockey. But we also don't want to bastardize the game *too* much, just to increase ratings."

I agree wholeheartedly. Hockey is what it is. While more viewers might be nice, I can live with it being a niche sport if it means keeping the integrity of the game (and yes, that includes fighting). I don't want to give the impression that I'm some kind of bloodthirsty freak - I actually could take or leave fighting, and I hate it when someone gets really hurt. But I think that cheapshots are *far* more of a problem than fighting. Stuff like what Chris Simon did is what is ruining this league, not two willing participants throwing a couple of punches at one another.

As far as ratings go, personally I don't ever want to see hockey turn into the media circus that football has become. They've turned football players into some kind of rock stars, and the game is suffering for it both on and off the field.

Dwayne said...

See, I always mercilessly mock the glowing puck, but I also have a 50" LCD projection TV, so I never, ever have a problem seeing the puck, even in standard def.

(Actually, I got rid of HD cable because there were about 10 channels that broadcast in HD about 50% of the time, and about 1 that did it all the time (discovery channel HD, which was awesome, but definitely not worth 40$ more a month for digital cable/HD cable). I was going to keep it until the end of the hockey season just for NBC's high def coverage, but after they started switching away from HD during the second intermission just because they couldn't afford to do two games in HD (?!), I decided it wasn't worth it.

Anyway, no need to thank me for not ripping on you. Don't get me wrong, I can get just as fired up as the other dude did, but I generally try to calm down before I comment on something, or else it turns into a hyperbole slugfest.

Besides, after I made my point, and you countered with your position in greater detail, it turns out we're not *really* that far apart on the issue after all, it's just when we condense our opinions down to a stupid little soundbite nugget, it can tend to polarize us.

I am not against fighting at all, and I do not want to see it taken out. I don't want to see less fighting unless I first see less cheap shots. If the league shows it is serious about policing cheap shots that were clearly meant to injure (even if they are not penalized at the time), then I will be okay with larger punishments for fighting. Until then, even if it is only a minor deterrent, I think it is better than no deterrent at all. But at the same time, I would *definitely* like to see less injuries.

However, I think others brought up the most important point of all: it's the cheap shots that injure people the most, not the fighting, and if there were less cheap shots going on, players would feel less inclined to drop the gloves.

Then again, there will be some who want to do it to get their team pumped up - I am still okay with this, as I'd rather see it between two dudes fighting than one guy taking a run at another guy and maybe killing him ala this youtube video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=9Ry7IJuPAIs

AndrewGurn said...

rwarner, a rebuttle:

"andrewgrun, you are such an idiot."

Probably true.

"Any gutless coward can make threats behind a blog. Wonder what you would say to my face, my guess is not to much."

Untrue. If you said to me in person that fighting is bad for hockey, I would immediately call you queer. It's a natural reaction for heterosexual hockey fans to do so.

"I would be more than happy to arrange a place for us to chat face to face."

Blind-Gay-Internet date? I think not.

"And somehow I am a queer because I don't like watching to grown men wrestling around on a sheet of ice? You might want to check yourself."

Have you ever seen a hockey fight? It isn't wrestling, douche. It's the culmination of raw emotion, power, and pure machismo that any guy who hasn't ever had butt sex can appreciate.

"Oh and before you go there, I have played hockey all my life, but I'm sure you have extensive experience at cricket or chess."

I've played my whole life as well, and I am currently rehabbing a broken leg as proof. The only difference in this department between you and me is that I'm not staring at my teammates wangs in the locker room.

Eat it.

- Andrew Weitzel, esq.

EmDubs said...

I really fail to see the logic in the "Fighting is part of the game" camp. Leaving out its effect on popularity and mainstreaming of the sport, it actually detracts from the game itself.

Legitimate players with skill get scratched to make room for a goon. Skill players spend their summers taking boxing lessons instead of honing their actual skills (I'm looking at you, Ryan Malone.)

I also don't understand the claim that lack of fights makes hockey boring. Does anyone find the playoffs boring because there isn't any fighting? The All-Star Game is boring because there's no checking and absolutely no defense.

Checking IS part of the game and the refs and everyone else watching can tell the difference between a clean hit and a dirty one. That's why there are rules against boarding and leaving your feet.

The reason we have referees is because the players aren't supposed to police the game themselves. Toughen and enforce the rules and the fighting stops.

rwarner174 said...

Ha ha ha. andrew.
I'd call you an idiot again but you proved the point for me. Way to add something intelegent. I hope your leg gets gang green. Maybe it will mutate and give you a brain.

rwarner174 said...

By the way andrew.
Where exactly do you play ice hockey where fighting is premitted. I'd just like to know? Most places I have played it was at the very least a game suspension and at the very most a call from the police.

Dwayne said...

Yeah, they don't even allow contact where I play (well, outside of incidental contact).

I still hit the ice about every god damned shift, but that's because I'm about as good on skates as a rhinocerous. I can go in a straight line, but turning is most certainly *not* my forte.

AndrewGurn said...

I never said I played in a fighting league. In fact, so idiot Mennonite recently got kicked out of the league for punching a ref (see: http://local.lancasteronline.com/4/201901).

I'm saying fighting in the NHL is good, not in some jobber men's league. I still have yet to see proof that fighting prevents hockey from becoming mainstream. I also still have yet to see proof that rwarner is not a flagrant homosexual ass wipe.

The reason my leg is broken is due to: 1.I skate my ass off every shift, 2.I am willing to fight for pucks in the corner, and 3.a freak accident as a result of the previous two factors.

Also, it's called gangrene, not "gang green". It's not a feckin' LA street gang, you sniveling toad.

--Andrew G. Weitzel, your lord and savior

AndrewGurn said...

I never said I played in a fighting league. In fact, so idiot Mennonite recently got kicked out of the league for punching a ref (see: http://local.lancasteronline.com/4/201901).

I'm saying fighting in the NHL is good, not in some jobber men's league. I still have yet to see proof that fighting prevents hockey from becoming mainstream. I also still have yet to see proof that rwarner is not a flagrant homosexual ass wipe.

The reason my leg is broken is due to: 1.I skate my ass off every shift, 2.I am willing to fight for pucks in the corner, and 3.a freak accident as a result of the previous two factors.

Also, it's called gangrene, not "gang green". It's not a feckin' LA street gang, you sniveling toad.

--Andrew G. Weitzel, your lord and savior

AndrewGurn said...

Woah, double post action.

rwarner174 said...

Well the fact I'm married may be proof. The fact I'm not a complete homophobe like yourself. Maybe you should supply some proof of your sexual preference? By the way someone with .esq after their name should question other's sexuality.

Your so tough, you broke your leg. We are all impressed. Keep skating man, you got nothing to lose like that guy in Montreal. Are you going to jump on the ice during penguins practice and take a weak wrist shot on Flurey?

Haha, what an ass. You are quite amusing, please by all mean keep going.

Andrew said...

97% of nhl players want to keep fighting. suck on that rwarner.

and other andrew, you had me actually laughing out loud on that.

and people comparing this to boxing: it's nowhere near the same thing. boxing goes on for many rounds and matches can last an hour. hockey fights, a long one is 50-60 secs and the longest i've ever seen is Bonvie-Bushie's 2:30 min battle in the AHL. that one ended with them shaking hands before going to the box.

and rwarner, i still say you're a douchebag. viva la boogey, laraque, parros, bonvie, and the rest of the enforcers.

rwarner174 said...

Andrew thinks I'm a douchebag. How will I go on? Hopefully I can find a way. It will be tough, given the weight I give your opinion of me.

AndrewGurn said...

Being married proves nothing (Mark Foley). As for being a homophobe, that isn't entirely true. I only make fun of people when they say that fighting hurts hockey (still waiting for some PROOF on that, thanks). Of course, everyone who says fighting hurts hockey is by definition a supporter of the buttfucking arts, but it does not mean that all gay people are as gay as you. C'mon man, I love GEORGE MICHAEL of THE SPORTS MACHINE. GEORGE MICHAEL of THE SPORTS MACHINE probably loved fighting and he's GOT to be gay. Look at his name.

As for you other Andrew, I am glad to see that not everyone takes the internet so seriously as rwhatshisnuts.

Dwayne said...

Man, you guys are ripping on him hardcore for real. I didn't realize you guys were Bryan Trottier and Kevin Stevens and he was Brian Bellows :O

Jon said...

what is this "you guys?" I thought it was yinz

rwarner174 said...

Ok, you win. I think you proved your points. Fighting in the NHL is needed. Here are the points/counter points.

My Arguments for Fighting:
1. Detracts from the game.
2. Someone could get hurt/killed.
3. Prevents the game from going mainstream.

The Andrews Arguments:
1. Rwarner174 is queer.
2. Rwarner174 needs his head beat in.

Man, that was a hard fought debate. You guys really got me. You guys forgot to rip on my mom. I mean come on? What kind of argument would it be without ripping on each other's moms seriously? Get your acts together. How can we come to a consensus on this without a your mom is so fat joke?

AndrewGurn said...

Look, I'm still waiting for proof of your number #3, "prevents the game from going mainstream". That's your worthless unsupported opinion. Prove to me that it's true and I'll gladly eat crow. The fact you are gay and in need of a sound thrashing are inconsequential yet entertaining points I added in for no apparent reason. Also, your mom is so fat that her muscle to fat ratio can only be explained in irrational complex numbers.

- His eminence the Reverend AG Weitzel

rwarner174 said...

Where is your proof that it isn't the case. I can just go off what I hear people say. Do this experiment. Go upto someone who is not an NHL fan and ask them what is the one thing the recognize about hockey. I bet 9 times out of 10 it will be fighting. Not skating or the speed, strength,and skill of the players. I like watching the skill of players like crosby, malkin, stall and fluery not watching two overgrown gorillas beat each other up. I guess that makes me gay?

And for the record, I am an engineer and now about complex numbers. Irrational complex numbers are not needed to describe my mom's weight. Real numbers would be just fine. Although I would say the limit of your IQ goes to zero as the number of times you open your mouth approaches infinity.

Thats all I got, Warner out.

Dwayne said...

I'm far enough away from Pittsburgh that I don't say yinz.

I do, however, say jaggers instead of "thorn bushes".

AndrewGurn said...

Considering the fact most real numbers are irrational, and I'm imaging what your mom looks like (hence the use of imaginary numbers), irrational complex numbers will work just fine.

PS- I'm also an engineer. Suck on it.

- Andrew 'actually is an software engineer, but close enough' Weitzel

Dwayne said...

Also, why is it that his illustriousnessesesesss andrew has to prove something *isn't* the case? If you're making a supposition, the onus is on you to provide supporting facts and points to ... well, support it. Asking him to prove that that isn't the case is alot like asking an atheist to disprove God's existence.

Rwarner174 said...

Man, you guys have real anger issues.
I know engineers sometimes are not the best with the ladies. Maybe you guys just need laid. Who knows. Either way, good luck working out your issues. I wish you the best.

rwarner174 said...


All I am saying is that you have no proof fighting isgood for the game either. So all we have here is a matter of opinion.

I was stating my personal experience with people who dislike the game for certain reasons. Most I talk to say it is fighting. Seams reasonable to me. There are many article written by people that agree with me.

Dwayne said...

Aye, I just like to have consolidation of arguments when presenting points.

I'm not really making the point that fighting *doesn't* scare people off - I think it too broad a statement to make conclusively. I was more or less just saying that 'cos i was hoping to see someone try to prove the opposite conclusively :]

Anonymous said...

other andrew - i'm in college to be a software engineer. all the people in my classes are hockey fans and all love the fights. the first thing said after fridge got ktfo was "you see fridge get fucked up last night?".

--at college working on fucking c++
---c++ is the devil

Spencemo said...

OK, the majority of these comments are creating a sea of testosterone, so let me interject a bit of estrogen into the air...

I think that fighting is integral to the game. In my not-so-humble opinion, I believe that fighting is woven into the tradition of the game. It keeps people honest on the ice, because of the instant accountability involved, which is something to teach our kids. Not to go out and pound someone when you think you've been wronged, but that there are consequences to their actions. If you do X, you're going to get Y.

I think that fighting in hockey is part of what makes it unique. One argument is that fighting keeps hockey from becoming mainstream, but, how mainstream do you want hockey to be?

If fighting was removed, it would bleed half of honor and passion from the game.

'comes down from soapbox*

AndrewGurn said...

Andrew13: c++ sucks balls. Why bother writing destructors when C# does all the garbage collecting for you? (Some argue for the minimal speed increase, but in todays computing world, it's neglible. Did I spell that last word right?)

Spencemo: That's how I feel as well, but I feel the need to inject petty insults into my posts because it's more fun.

--Andrew "not 13" Weitzel

Dwayne said...

C++ definitely doesn't suck, but I'm still partial to C. Of course, I also like writing hardware drivers, so take that as you will.

Still, C# is good times, but I think we can all agree that Java is a little rat bastard who deserves to die. I'd rather write a GUI in fucking assembly than do it in Java.

John Cangelosi said...

Holy shit this has been entertaining reading. Seriously, I was mad bored at work and this made the afternoon go by just a bit faster.

By the way, you guys are all fags for arguing the merits of different programming techniques and platforms in this comment section. Engineer this, you fucking queens!

Dwayne said...

FFS, if I could engineer a giant vagina, I wouldn't need your mom anymore, noob.


Rwarner174 said...

C++, object oriented is where its at baby. I am more of a hardware guy myself. FPGA are the shiznit and VHDL rocks ;).

John Cangelosi said...

Dwayne, my mom called and wanted me to inform you that Hep IS transferable from a strap-on regardless of how much douche you season your ass with after she's done. Oh yeah... you owe her $15 too.

Steve said...

Can anyone tell me where I can order a really nice Crosby jersey? I never have luck ordering from nhl.com or pittsburghpenguins.com so any other ideas would be appreciated.

Spencemo said...

Andrew W.,

I'm a big fan of petty insults, as well, I just don't know you all well enough to start using them around here! :]


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