Tuesday, March 27, 2007

4 - 3

Kind of fitting that we clinch our first playoff berth since 2001 with a come-from-behind win over the Washington Capitals.

Solid uniforms.
The color scheme is returning for 07-08.
If you don't think the Washington team's color scheme should be the America's red-white-and-blue, you're a mess.

We are told at the top of the broadcast that a Pens win puts them in the playoffs.
No crazy tiebreakers and crap.
Win and in.

About 5 minutes in, Semin explodes all over MAF's face.
Ovechkin sets him up with a pretty pass in front, and Semin takes his time before burying it past Fleury.

Five minutes after that, Boy Gordon from Culture Club scores on a trash rebound goal to make it 2-0 Caps.

The Pens don't know what's going on and call timeout.

Therrien calls the players around to talk about how huge that shark was on "Planet Earth."

The timeout works.
The Pens get a power play.
Orpik shoots it from the point. It bounces around in front of the net.
One guess as to who was there to put it home.

It hit Christensen's skate, but Waste Management doesn't know that.

Soon thereafter, the Pens had to kill a double-minor penalty to Jarkko Ruutu.

The Pens work hard at the end of the first period, drawing another penalty...to the delight of the large contingent of Pens fans in attendance.

Capital goalie Olaf Kolzig's wife eats 17 of the Pens fans during the first intermission.


The vaunted Pens power play comes out in the second and just dominates.
The Capitals forgot to show up for the first half of the second period.
Whitney scores on The Whitney Play (TM) to make it 2-2.

" Smoke some crack and watch The Bodyguard, 'cause it's tied, cracka. "

And then it happens all over again.
The Capitals go to the box again. And the Pens go on the power play again.
The Capitals still didn't know what was going on.
Gary Roberts dominates everyone in front of Kolzig. He is insane.
If anyone of us was as hard-working as Gary Roberts, we'd be something in life.

No caption necessary. If you get in Gary Roberts' way, you're dead.

Brooks Orpik goes back to retrieve the puck on an icing call.
He wakes up MAF when he's back there.

Orpik then wakes up everyone by laying out Donald Brashear with the cleanest hit of the 06-07 season.
Brashear's vagina was apparently hurt on the play, and so he took a retaliation penalty.

Pens jump on the power play again.

The Pens don't capitalize on the power play, but when Brashear comes back on the ice, he heads straight for Georges Laraque.

Big Mistake

Fact: Next year, fights will be substituted with Rock-Paper-Scissor duels.

While everyone including Olaf Kolzig was watching them and waiting for them to fight, Therrien calls the Whitney Play (TM). Malone sets it up.

Besides Caps' owner Ted Leonsis posing for pictures with fans, the rest of the second period was mud.

Picture: Morgan Rodgers poses with Cap owner Ted Leonsis during the second period.
4 seconds after this picture was taken, Morgan was covered in whale feces.

The third period was a joke.

It felt like the third period of the Coyotes game.
Okay, no one get injured. Please.
No such luck.
Gary Roberts hurt his leg.
Don't worry -- he will heal himself.
Steigerwald and Errey are just jobbing around, having a good time.

7 minutes left out of nowhere.

Okay. 5 minutes left.

The only thing happening is the Let's Go Pens vs. Let's Go Caps chant battle.

Goal judge.

Orpik wakes everyone up again when he owns some monkey into the boards.
The Capitals are on a power play to finish the game and pull Oli the Goalie.

Fleury gets interfered with on a Washington goal.
What a blatant interference penalty.
If a game in the playoffs is lost because of a no-call like that, science help whoever that ref is.

The Capitals get together for one last chance:

Picture: Head coach Glen Hanlon lays out some possible vacation spots for A.O. to watch the playoffs from.

Gonch clears the puck.
Caps job around.

Pens are in the playoffs jack.


The smoke signals from Long Island indicate a Devils victory.
Apparently, the Islanders play every game at home.
Some guy named Clarkson scored for the Devils late in the third for the eventual game-winner.

Crazy-looking pics.


  • Crosby: 1 G, 1 A
  • Malkin: 2 A
  • Laraque: 1 Fight. 1 Assist...while fighting.
  • Shots: Caps ( 30 ) Pens ( 29 )
  • Powerplay: Caps ( 0 for 5 ) Pens ( 3 for 5 )
  • We're in the playoffs?
  • Caps are garbage. Did they even try?
  • Great to see a crapload of Pens fans there. That's got to be sick to see another team's fans invade your arena. Suck it.
  • We're in the NHL playoffs.
  • Did MAF look shaky?
  • Pens power play is a roller coaster.
  • The Penguins are in the playoffs.

This is David Copperfield, signing off.
See you next March, boobsacks.


Ouellet -- David Keith
Laraque Bottom - Rick
Nolan -- Ron Jabo


Mike Costa said...

Let The Playoff Beards Grow :-D

KC said...

Awesome post as usual

seth said...


dying alive said...

1. It feels so good to be in the playoffs officially! I will be at game A screaming my face off.

2. Orpik = definitely on PCP

3. I don't think MAF looked shaky. I usually stick up for our defense, but they hung him out to dry on the first two goals and he was interfered with on the second.

4. I can't believe Laraque picked up an assist on a goal scored while he was fighting. I wonder if that's ever happened before? Either way, Brashear got owned by both Laraque and Orpik tonight.

5. Did it seem like Talbot and Staal barely got any ice time tonight?

6. Profile of John Barbaro on the next Inside Penguins Hockey

7. The Craps are a joke and so are their fans. You could clearly hear all of the "Lets go Pens" chants on the FSN feed.

Anonymous said...

yep, let the playoff beards grow folks


Mrs.MAF29 said...

PLAYOFFS!!!WHOOP WHOOP!!!Fleury looked just fine, he had some days off, give him a break...the first 2 goals no one was in front but the entire caps team. But lets not place blame b/c WE ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!Gr8 blog as usual by the way!

~tiffany~ said...

Here's Shania:


rachel said...

Great post!

Dying alive, have fun at the game!

Ice times:
Staal 18:03 - 22 shifts
Max 12:25 - 17 shifts

Both had over 3 minutes on PK. Actually, Staal had the 2nd most ice time for forwards behind Crosby.

Orpik has been playing insane lately. Oh, and Roberts better be okay.

I also think MAF was fine. Especially, on the third, he was blatantly interferred with and nothing was called.

We are in the Playoffs!

That just feels so good to finally get to say again :)

marc said...

it was funny to see how pissed terrian was when he called the time out... bob errey was like "you dont wanna know what he is sayin" but they kept showin him... every other word was the f word.... same with recchi after he got laid out.... maybe its gonna be like the 91 playoffs, when he goes off and scored like 12000 goals... we can oly hope

Steve said...

Can anyone tell me where I can order a really nice Crosby jersey? I never have luck ordering from nhl.com or pittsburghpenguins.com so any other ideas would be appreciated.

۞ tiffany ۞ said...

Rachel, ditto. It felt like the defense was off to a bit of a slow start, but they got with it. And thanks for putting Staal & Max's ice time. ;)

Anonymous said...

agree with dying alive, Orpik is a beast.

Our PP keeps clicking the way it is now, it's gonna make for a good playoff run.

The Backdoor Goal (C) is money.

Brashear tried to Mike Tyson BGL, Georges lauged hysterically in the locker room after taking Brashear down with ease.

Therien is a mastermind behind the bench. Mr. Therien, meet Mr. Jack Adams.

Damn it feels good to know that we still get to watch games after the first week of April.

Whitney- top scoring U.S. born defenseman in the NHL this season.

Let's Go Pens


Anonymous said...

did anyone else think Melichar was garbage tonight? Bring back Nas

Mrs.MAF29 said...

I just got a super nice MAF jersey from RIVERCITY SPORTS but it took like 3 weeks to get here and we had it shipped over night. But i guess you're gonna wait no matter where you order from b/c the pens are winning and now ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS!!! But @least you know they do a good job...Mine was done custom, so you could get sidney if you want...it should be like about $120...hope its helpful

Loser Chris said...

I have a real good feeling about this postseason. Anyone else see the parallels between the Pens and last year's Hurricanes?

Rick said...

Woah, I just realized that Laraque's assist was from the fight. Now that, my friends, is the definition of money in the bank.

Hokie Hockey said...

Well I actually got to see the game on tv tonight but since im in Virginia it was the Comcast Capitals feed, and all i really have to say is that their announcers are horrible...they make me want to punch infants

and on a side note...that great white was huge

Anonymous said...

once playoff games come, how many people here are going to be nervous wrecks, one game at a time, wouldnt want it any other way tho

rachel said...

Tiff, you're welcome :)

Greg said...

Borquey on the radio side: "I'm as giddy as a school girl" talking about the Pens power play tonight and how hard they were working. I forget the exact context. Made me wnat to quote Dumb and Dumber. By the way Mike and Borquey were HILARIOUS tonight the whole way through the game, I don't know if anyone listened to it on the radio, it was amazing.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts on the potential playoff opponents:

First of all, since this team is clearly better at home, home-ice is key.

Now, I know this blog has an understandable aversion to the Lighting, but...

Alot of the poor record against Tampa happened before Staal, Crosby, and Malkin, among others, came along. If this team played them in the first round, their FIRST round EVER in the playoffs, I give the Pens the advantage. This team has shown an amazing amount of resilience and determination throughout the season. I think that if they win the division, win home ice, and draw the Lightning, they'll succeed because of that.

And, I think Therrien, the motivator that he is, will use that victory to convey to his team that it can beat anyone.

Just my 2 cents.

Love the blog.

Andrew B.

Andrew B. said...

I say bring on Tampa Bay. Let this team, who has been unbelievably resilient, and, not to mention, unreal at home, beat a team that it thinks poses its greatest challenge. Let Therrien motivate them to beat the Lightning, then allow the confidence that comes from that stoke the competitive fires that breed Cup wins.

This team is so good, and I don't want to have anyone question that we're the best in the league after all is said and done.

Screw the Senators, I want Tampa Bay.

Andrew B.

andrew b. said...

I guess my first comment posted. I thought my computer crashed. Sorry for the (sort of) duplications.

Forgive me, I just want them to win it all.

Staff said...


I listened to the radio.
Borquey and Lange are money

Tee said...

As far as seeing another teams fans invade your arena goes.... ever been to a Leafs game at the Arena? They're everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone on the team besides Recchi and Roberts going to be able to grow good playoff beards? I think they should have started back in January.

This blog has given me countless hours of entertainment. Keep it up. :]

Steve in Denver said...

Ulf Orpik. Damn. He just blows people up. I'd love to see an all Orpik hits video. How do you stop 230 pounds of flying poo in it's tracks like that??

Oullet was just named Waste Management chimp of the month, love him or hate him. Gotta have the garbage guy cashing in to win. Big goals, too.

I wouldn't waste time worrying about playoff opponents. They need to worry about the Pens.

Cheers, bloggers!!! 2 1/2 more months of insanity!!!

Jon said...

I hope they keep that eagle when they change the Caps' colors next season. It's fearsome yet majestic. That game was good, Sid scored so he's nine points ahead of Thornton (113-104) and we're in the playoffs. Good times people, good times...
And steve, If you already have a jersey, I just got mine back from teamdepot.com, it was 75 bucks. But you might wanna wait till after the season because it takes like 6 weeks. And it was restaurant quality craftsmanship

jdf46 said...

when do we get to change jerseys? those from cup years were so clutch back then, even the blue jerseys with the scarf penguin would be sick as an alternate.

"possible spots to watch the playoffs from?"

thats near the funniest shit i have heard, keep up the good work

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I too want the Lightning in the playoffs.

Look, every loss we've had to them in the last 3 years prior to this year boiled down to one thing: We were not a good hockey team and they were.

Ok and I admit, even when we WERE a good hockey team and they WEREN'T they still seemed to beat us.

But this year, the early season losses came before this team found its stride in January. And I truly believe that the debacle in Tampa was really our guys just having an off night.

The Lightning are a one line team with shakey goaltending. They're above average at best.

If we had to play them in a 7 game series-type atmosphere I have NO DOUBT we'd take 'em out.

Plus I live here and I'd get to talk shit after we beat them.

I'll channell Clubber Lang in Rocky III and say "I WANT TAMPA BAY!!! I WANT TAMPA BAY!!!" (Imagine me barging into a John Tortorella press conference yelling that!)

Nick said...

homeboy i have only one thing to say to you

Make It Happen

karri said...

Awesome post guys!

Tiff...thanks for the link.

Rachel...thanks for the stats.

Tee...you're right about Leafs fans.

Jon...good times...good times! ;)

Staff said...

yeah, the more i read, the more i want tampa bay.

it's just that in these playoffs this year, i dont want anybody.
we're all gonna be a mess the day of game one.


Dwayne said...


I, too, will be at game A in the playoffs. Section E17, Row 'O'rgasm, seats 14-11.

I'm honestly not sure I've ever been so psyched for anything in my entire life.

I ordered a replica jersey from http://www.thepittsburghfan.com/istar.asp?a=3&dept=NHL&class=Pengui&subclass=Jersey
yesterday after I got the tickets. I knew, no matter what, it wouldn't be customized in time. I'll just be another jobber without anything on the jersey.

But it's better than a t-shirt or some practice jersey or something.

Regardless, customization for jerseys is insane. I'll take it to the local pro shop and have them do the letters and number after the season. They did a fucking awesome job with our b league jerseys, and it shouldn't take too long. Score.

Anyway, what was up with Olaf stealing Roberts' stick like that right before the second Pens' goal? Can you do that? Is that even legal? I know it was just on the ice, but I was under the impression you couldn't *explicitly* touch another dude's stick unless it was the goalie's and you were pushing it back to him, and/or you were giving him your stick.

It was pretty funny seeing Roberts' yank it out of his hand, about 5 seconds before the goal, though. I had to rewind it and replay it a few times just to get a good laugh out of it.

Also, that was fucking excellent of Roberts. He was getting mugged, molested, and beat on all at the same time, but he kept his cool and didn't retaliate. Result? Goal.

It's a beautiful thing when Roberts' drops his gloves, but at that point in the game, the goal was by far more beautiful.

Dwayne said...

Whoops, the Roberts' stick situation was the third goal, not the second. My bad.

tiffany said...

Let me just say, Tom, your "Raiders of the Lost Cup" picture is bloody awesome!!

And about the Caps’ color scheme: it WOULD make more sense if their jerseys were red-white-and-blue...not arguing that. They ARE the Washington Capitals after all. I just don't like the team (being a Pens fan).

Concerning Tampa Bay: I admit to being a blogger that was scared at the thought of the Pens playing them, but y'all make a good point about being sick to our stomachs no matter which teams they play. So with this team, MT as coach, & a bucket to puke in, we're pretty much set.

Playoff City Baby!!!!!!!

dying alive said...

Rachel, thanks for the ice time stats. I was way off! I guess I was too busy watching Hurricane Orpik destroy people to notice the other two.

Steve, I also just got a customized jersey through River City Sports and it's awesome. However, it took nearly six weeks to come in. Not sure if you live in the 'Burgh, but if you have a Dick's near you they sell ready-made Crosby jerseys. nhl.com does, too. I ordered a practice jersey from them about a week ago and got it already.

Michael Moulton said...

Being down here in Virginia, we have to watch the Caps on Comcast Sports Net.

It was refreshing that, on the Caps late goal, even Craig Laughlin, the Caps color commentator, admitted that there should have been a goalie interference call.

A nice change from many of the color guys in the league who act like every single call is wrong if it goes against their team.

Anonymous said...

I was at the game and completely missed Whitney's second goal. Glad I wasn't the only one. Guess seeing Rocky and Brashear heading toward each other is a bit distracting. Melichar is awful.


tiffany said...

Karri, haha....you're welcome. Just thought it fit with the title of the post. You know me & music. ;)

loralei said...

Even when they were down 2-0, I knew they were going to win the game, WHY? Olie the Goalie is the biggest choker when it comes to the Pens. He cant win to save his life. They are in his head big time.

I had to watch the Capitals feed as well and it was awful. We've been so spoiled in Pittsburgh. I wonder how many people would actually watch hockey if that was the standard around the league? It would be dismal. Well worse than it is now.

Anonymous said...

staff- no love on the gay ovechkin photoshop? did you guys get it?


Anonymous said...

Love the blog.

I was at the game last night - easily 75% Pens fans. I've been to about a dozen Caps games in the past two years & I've never seen the arena as full as it was last night. Sounds like you guys heard the Pens chants on the TV, but did you notice Ovechkin was booed several times *in his own building*??? It was unbelievable. As one of many displaced Pittsburghers now living in the DC area, I'd been looking forward to last night's game for months and it in no way disappointed. The Caps fans (all 10 of them) have to hate the way Pens fans invade that arena & completely take over.

Doppler said...

No tv converage here so I missed the game. Did watch the third period of the Devils game on Versus.

Watched the post game to see highlights of the Pens.

The commentators on Vs were discussing who they thought was the best team in the eastern conference right now. Clement and company all agreed the Pens.

One of them even went as far as to say he thought they were the best team in hockey.

Respect for the Pens....we can't have that. I like the underdog role.

AndrewGurn said...


The curse of Milan Kraft has been lifted.

As for Tampa Bay? I'd rather avoid them but if not, bring 'em on.

Anonymous said...

As far as jerseys go, I ordered a 92 Lemieux jersey just last week. I'm working on getting my hands on the 3 patches that were on that years jersey so it will be "complete." Anyway, you can get jerseys for decent prices on eBay...just be sure its from a reputable seller or you might end up screwed.

I can't wait for the Playoffs. I bought the 12 pack...I've never experienced Playoff hockey in person...Anyway, I'll be in the South Box in C18, if anyone is in that neighborhood drop by and say hello. I'm probably not going to be able to sleep much once the playoffs start...or leading up to the playoffs for that matter.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I almost forgot. Gary Roberts could not possibly be any more of a badass...Kolzig punches him in the face with the f**cking blocker and Roberts just gives him the patented death stare. Ice Cold.


Tee said...

Ok be completely honest with me here people, If I go ahead and use up some leave and catch a flight home what are my chances of getting my hands on a pair of tickets and how much will they cost? I'm strongly considering this, I can catch a flight for around $20 and be back in the Burgh within a few days.

Spencemo said...

Roberts reminds me of one of those guys that, if you see them smiling, you just wonder what weapon they're hiding behind their back. He's scary.

Tyler said...

Woo Hoo!! And I was at the game too, it was great how many of us there were. And the Let's go Penguins chants in the 3rd were awesome.

Anonymous said...

Tee, judging by what I've seen on eBay and ticket broker sites the best case scenario is probably around $300 for a pair...I've never tried to buy tickets from someone outside the arena but if you wait until right around game time you might be able to spend a little less.


Adrienne said...

Let The Playoff Beards Grow :-D

LOL! Lets see the team hit puberty first :p

Its awesome we made it though. Too bad I'll be missing EVERYTHING.


Jon said...

Adam G, here's a link to a website selling the Badger Bob memorial patch.

chris said...

tampa is the last team we want. they owned us all season. any team we play is gonna be hard to beat, but tampa has our number.

go pens

dying alive said...

Adam, Steiggy & Errey kept mentioning how Kolzig punched Roberts in the head and he just kept going. He's a scary guy.

loralei said...

Tee, if I were you I'd call the box office. They may be able to get you in for standing room or a single seat or something. If its just you then its worth a try?

Loser Chris said...

Anyone else read the article about Letang on the Pens website? Pretty impressive stuff. Wouldn't mind getting him in the lineup for the playoffs. At the very least he should make the team next season.

Anonymous said...

Poor Roberts.


Anonymous said...

Pens' forward Roberts unlikely to play Thursday due to injury


Ellen said...

At least Petro gets some ice time.

Get well quick Gary!

karri said...

What if you call one of the local tv or radio stations with the sad story of how you are serving your country overseas, and one of your greatest desires is to be able to come home to see your beloved Penguins play in the playoffs? You were unable to get playoff tickets because they sold out in 13 minutes. ;)

Harry (From WWWPM) said...

Good Semin joke. I loved the last one: Mellon Arena was the set of a porn movie yesterday. Semin was everywhere.

Anonymous said...

yeah! new jersey lost 2night.

playing for the Atlantic division tomorrow!

Scott said...

can we even grow playoff beards? lol

Anonymous said...

So the 92 Lemieux jersey I was so exciting about arrived today and apparently I totally forgot that hockey jerseys are sized to allow room for pads. anyway the damn thing is too big. If anyone is interested in taking it off my hands I will certainly entertain offers. It is a size Large and I paid over $150 for it. It is from the CCM Vintage Hockey Collection, tags still attached. Sorry to take up space w/ this, I know it isn't the proper forum but I figured someone might be interested.


marc said...

hey adamg, rivercitysports.com sells all of the patches, its in their magazine, so they should have them online....

i ordered my reebok malkin jersey from sportsk.com, and it came in about a week or so

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marc, but as you can see from my other post I am looking for another Mario sweater because the one I just received is to effin big. I'll check out that link though.



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