Thursday, March 22, 2007

Listen All Of Y'all It's A Sabotage

If the Senators clinch the 4th seed this year was the fix in?

If ESPN actually talked about hockey maybe we would of seen this last night.
The Blues had two huge goals taken away Monday against the Sens
Including this one.
This is a joke:

Sorry for turning this into youtubeblog, but Doug Weight goes off:

Here is the link of the second goal taken away.
Really just a fishy situation in St. Louis .
Andy Murray was on the verge of tears

We all really hate Byran Murray, coach of the Sens. This will make you hate him even more:

"One came well after the whistle and one didn't go in or else they would have counted it," he said. "We won the game 4-2, I think.

"For us, it was a big two points. They all are now. We're trying to make sure we're in the playoffs, and hopefully this will solidify that spot and we can worry about position."

This says it all


Two days without a game and it feels like the Pens haven't played since October.
Needless to say huge game tomorrow night against one of the gayest group of men since the village people.


...Not a whole lot else going on in Pens land. Post Gazette jobbed an article about Niles Ekman
...Great article about Dana Heinze, the Penguins' equipment manager in the trib:
"You walk down the hall (in Philadelphia), and they have a big Philadelphia Flyers logo on the wall. Who wants to look at that? So, we cover it up. And the players walk in and see their name in their stall and that's big for them. It's all about treating them first class."-Dana Heinze.
Great stuff.

We wonder if Lord Therrien and Ouellet have their own room:


On to some games of notes....

The Rangers smoked the Flyers 5-0.... two huge stories in this game.
1.Todd Fedoruk got rocked by Colton Orr.

BGL would of already buried him in the ground

2. Jaromir Jobr scored.

One other game in the East Buffalo is insane. They win with ease over the Caps 5-2.
Another must see fight in this game between Donald Brashear and Jason Peters.

And lastly Adam G sent the bios of the Channel 4 News team

Go Pens.

Photoshop creds
The Jerk----J Schiff
Islepeople-Chris Yarbrough
Jagr girl---Tyler L
News Team-Adam G


Anonymous said...

haha the Titanic and News Team pics are classic.

big game against the New York Indians tonight. Hopefully MAF remembers he is still an NHL goalie and he has to make the easy saves along with the tough ones.

Let's Go Pens


Justin said...

bryan murray is just getting his face time in now, because hes not gonna want to go on camera in april when the sens disappear in the first round

Staff said...

I just want everyone to know how tough the choices are on what to put up top.

I threw up 5 times before deciding.

Erics was insane.. just barely inching out Chris Y's "Revenge of the Sid"


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you guys have seen this before, it might be old news.

Check out what Ryan Whitney says at the very end of the video.

Absolutely hilarious.

Nick said...

its old but its the gold standard of mic moments

♥tiffany♥ said...

MAN, do I feel bad for St. Louis....that's terrible. How much money do you think those guys were paid to make it go the Sens' way???

Oh, and that PPG article on Ekman--I like how they explain why the teams aren't playing at the Nassau Coliseum. I had to do a double take because, to me, it sounded like it could have been one of your sarcastic jokes:
"Nassau Coliseum will not be available then because of a Justin Timberlake concert there tonight."

~Beastie Boys and Fred Kelly as Bunny. Haha....nice way to start the post, especially considering most of the comments in the last one.
~Jaromir Who was it again that coined that phrase??
~And once again, everyone who worked on a photoshop pic....VERY funny.

♥tiffany♥ said...

Eric, unbelievable job on "Lemieux Place Hooligans." 'ٮ'

Haha....that WAS cute of Whitney. “I’m gonna hit ‘em in the ankle, I know it. I’m gonna get sent down.”

And Nick,
Yeah, I've seen that one before, but it's been a little while. So, thanks for makin' me spill my drink all over myself. 'ٮ^

e.mirchich said...

Great post once again. Nice photoshops to all but myself because I refuse to give myself credit, could have been better. Just looking at it now I want to switch the people around, I'm too much of a perfectionist but also a severe procrastinator. Jobbed "Lemieux Place" together while I was writing a paper in the comp lab, had to do something else since writing is boring.

Anyways, I've been loving some of the ideas other photoshoppers have had lately. Especially Loved Net Crashers, the Anchorman Series, and the "How to Lose a Division in 10 Games". Great ideas, keep 'em coming. I got some more concepts to throw together tomorrow afternoon.

As for the Blues-Sens incident, I am speechless. Toronto really shit the bed on that first goal and McGeough is a terrible ref. Heatley probably threatened him with an offer to carpool. Blues should probably have won that game, those blown calls really shifted the momentum against them and took the wind from their sails. Scandalous.

On another note, staffers couldn't you archive all of the posted/used photoshops into one blog post and keep appending it as we go along? Just a gallery of all the ones that made the top of the homepage or something. Or maybe create a flickr/webshots/(insert photo album sharing site here) account and upload it that way with a link from the mainpage? I don't know, just a thought.

♥tiffany♥ said...

Eric M,
I know exactly what you mean about being a perfectionist/procratinator, but you did a great job! I looked the movie up on, and I was blown away by how much it looked like the original. Just letting you know....

♥tiffany♥ said...


Karri said...

Hey guys, love the post...thanks for the links.
Titanic--K-Dod...I can't stop laughing,
Eric M--Lemieux Place!
The Jerk--J Schiff...enough said!
And Chris Y, Tyler L, & Adam G love the pics.
Can't wait for the game.

Go Pens!!

Antonette said...

I'm all for sending the Pens a package of all these photoshops for their playoff run.

dying alive said...

Antonette, that would be hilarious. If nothing else, they'd get a good laugh in the locker room. Dan Potash reads the Pensblog, right? Hey Dan, how about putting some of these up on the 'ol bulletin board?

I think some of these Photoshops would make great t-shirts. I'd love to have a MAF/Matrix or a Lemieux Place Hooligans.

AndrewGurn said...

Here's a hilarious non-pens related hockey story.

I play in this league and have played against both the teams in this article. Most people think of Mennonites and Amish as very nice, but those fuckers are the meanest hockey players I've ever played against. They slash, hit from behind, run the net, etc.

- The Reverend A. G. Weitzel

Dwayne said...


I gotta say, that was one of the funniest videos ever. I'm still roffling about it.

Good times. Good times indeed.

loralei said...

I am seriously excited everyday to come on here and check out the new photoshops. They always give me a cheery smile for my day in this crappy place. The titanic one is classic. I laughed outloud in my cubical. Great stuff..

Cant wait for the game tonight! Go Pens!

Justin said...

jagr already dressed like a women, that photoshop was unneccesary

Justin said...

oh geez i didnt even read what he said in the story that came with that pic
what a douchebag
"id rather roll the dice on a chech skank than an american"

Adam said...

Gotta catch up.

I made the Nevermind Eaton pic on my computer before the hard drive died.
That pic is lost forever, unless has an archive of everything i've uploaded.

Sunday evening will see the biggest Photoshop expo in the history of blogspot.
We've procrastinated in archiving them all, so it's gonna take a good three hours or so to get it all set up.

Suggestions on how to do it?
Eric M. suggested a webshots kind of deal, which would be glorious.
But we have to look into not letting any of the pics lose their quality.
Some people probably worked more than they should have on them and deserve to have their work shown in detail.
We don't want to crush a page with pics, and have it take two years to load.
We're thinking of doing thumbnails, but nobody wants to click back and forth through about 100 pics.

It's a huge dilemma.
And if this is the only thing I have to worry about in life, I am set.

P.S. If you've been coming to the blog for a while and if you remember a certain Penguins trailer video we posted a while back...get ready.
Ohhhhhh man.

Go Pens.

AndrewGurn said...

The more pictures of Gary Roberts I see, the me more he scares the shit out of me.

Christina said...

oh i'm psyched for the photoshop expo and the penguins video...i remember that trailer...

go Pens

Dwayne said...


I would be more than willing to host anything you want, free. I've got bandwidth shooting out my damn ears and I have no idea what to do with it anyway. We could easily setup something like Gallery ( ), and we can definitely set it up so that the original picture quality is saved. It thumbnails things for you, I'm almost 95% positive it has a "slideshow" capability, etc, etc.

If you want it, let me know [ d ***at*** ].

And if not, no hard feelings :]

Elizabeth said...


That pic was a find. Great article too...what a loser.

dying alive said...

Jagr is the ugliest woman I've ever seen, and he's not too hot as a man, either.

I can't wait for Sunday night.

e.mirchich said...

Dwayne, that Gallery setup looks pretty good, although flickr might be more user friendly this still doesn't seem too bad. I'd be willing to help out in the setup if need be, just let me know.

Justin said...

seeing the beginning of yesterdays post made me think about the kind of topics that are gonna get us through the offseason
things like "best tommy lee jones movie ever, and why"

Loser Chris said...


You read my mind! I was just wondering today whatever happened to the playoof video.

Anonymous said...

The Hooligans shop is brilliant. I am soooo pissed at myself that I didn't think of that. Green St is one of my favorite movies (I'm a total soccer fag).

Anyway, can't wait for the game tonight. Nothing would make me happier than to see the Albino known as Jason Blake getting laid out. Go Pens.


Anonymous said...

Having said that, I guess its just a matter of time before a Jason Blake as "Powder" shop comes along...


Dwayne said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure we can find way sweeter ones out there - I was using Gallery about 3-4 years ago, and I'm sure they've come a long way since then. Surely we can find some "Web 2.0" stuff out there that makes it look cooler.

Or maybe that would be too obnoxious.

Whatever you guys wanna do. I'm xdaynxxx on aim and I'm always up for a: hockey talk or b: geeky doings, so whatever :]

Dwayne said...


I have no idea whether it allows image uploads, like Gallery does. Gallery allows, I believe, a user to register, upload an image, and have an admin moderate whether or not it should be shown. If so, it may be ideal for all these photoshops.


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