Friday, March 16, 2007

Jesus Christensen. PENS WIN.

6 - 3


"We all know they can score goals; we have to take advantage of their defence," Carbonneau said. "They like to go on the offensive and all five players join the rush. They like to take chances. We have to take advantage of the mistakes they make and get a lead on them early so they have to play catch-up."

-- Guy Homobonneau

Yeah, that almost worked.

( Justin )


Huge game tonight. Montreal was in a must-win position.
Somehow Dandenault forgot about that, and he took a penalty ten seconds in.
Nothing rolling for the pens.
Gary Roberts gets called for being to cool. 2 minutes -- box.

Montreal jobs around and the Pens kill it.

Bing gets the puck at center ice as Montreal decides to have a meeting in their own zone to talk about how gay they are.
Crosby takes a dump in Sheldon Souray's mouth, and everyone else stands there and watches.
David Aebischer is a joke.

Because of the goal, Aebischer's girlfriend breaks up with him.

Montreal tries to get back in it, but Fleury in money in the bank.
We go to intermis......wait
David Aebischer fixes the game.
Jesus Christ-ensen is the benefactor.

( Brandon Hanlon )


The second period starts, and the refs feel bad for the Canadiens and want them to get back into the game.
Ryan Whitney tries to take some dude's arm off with a vicious slash.
Chris Higgins does his best impression of NHL 95's wrap around goal.

Nothing really else going on in the second...until Mark Eaton Quantum Leaps into Joe Melichar's body to prevent a goal but takes a penalty just to make it look like nothing happened.

Silk Stalkings and Quantam Leap owned the USA Network in the early '90s.

With Melichar in the box, Sheldon Sourgay smokes one past Fleury.
2-2 Cracka.

The second is over.
You're thinking this has shootout city written all over it.

No dice, dick.

The Pens come out with some guts in the third.
Little cycling going on.
Malkin makes a sick pass to EC.

(Rick Sabella)

Gary Roberts, Max Talbot, and Armstrong are insane.
The come right back down the ice, cycle a little bit, puck goes into Mr. Roberts neighborhood.
Instead of molesting chickens, Roberts lights the lamp.

This is begging for a photoshop.

But Montreal wouldn't go quietly.
Recchi hit some jobber in the face.
Habs dominate the power play.
Some jerk scores on a sweet tic-tac-toe play.

The pace starts picking up, and you know a goal is coming.
Fleury makes some key saves, and the Pens defense goes into prevent mode...
Michel Ouellet, who was mud all game, shows up.
He strips a Montreal defender, and springs Malkin.
Watching Malkin turn on the jets to start the 3-on-2 is what hockey is all about.

Ouellet rushes to the net. Malkin makes a pass that is just way too hard, but he makes it look easy.
He all but scores it for Ouellet.

Vintage Ouellet goal

Montreal is on acid, though, and keeps coming.
But Saku Koivu hits the post, and Fleury is stellar the rest of the way.

87 adds an empty netter.


  • Crosby: 2G
  • Jesus Christ: 2G
  • Malkin: 2A
  • Ouellet: 1G, 1A
  • Roberts: 1G
  • Shots: Pens (31) Habs (28)
  • Fleury: Money when he had to be
  • Montreal is d.o.n.e
  • How great was the guy in the scorers booth giving the thumbs up.
  • Laraque needs to see more ice time
  • Malkin makes sick passes
  • 4 points out of 1st.. wtf


Keep the random Photoshops coming. If we don't use them right away don't get mad. Some of them are unreal. We will try to use them all.

Go Pens

Do it

Magic Number
( Matt Godfrey )


Matt Betush said...

did anyone else watch this on HDNet? the announcers blow, and I particularly enjoyed the 3 or so minutes of "sights and sounds" they did where they said nothing.

Andrew said...

sucks i had to work and missed the game. but seems like a good win. almost home. now if we could catch NJ, that'd be flipping sweet...


DannyG said...

I know Laraque was coming off those back spasms, but he definitely looked off tonight. Sluggish, off of the plays . . . I'm not so sure he deserved his spot back. Petrovicky was solid the past couple of games. Does Laraque make that big of a difference?

Lloyd said...

Apparently Christ himself knows of one other person who can perform miracles and is still in awe of what Bing can do...

"You just shake your head because you see that all the time from Sid," Christensen said. "It seems like he's performing miracles. I wouldn't be surprised if he walks on water one of these days. Amazing goal ... what else can I say? You can't say anything else, it was ridiculous to watch."

from the ESPN recap.

Jon said...

Didn't get to see the game, some shit was up with my center ice, i was waitin all day for the game then that happens...the crosby goal will be burned in my mind along with the other highlight goals he's scored this year.

And we're winning the Stanley Cup this year. I have no doubt in my mind...fageddabowdit

Anonymous said...

haha i saw Christ say that quote on KDKA 2night. it was hilarious.

great game. i was at both home games we played vs. toronto and both we played against montreal (all were victories) and there is nothing better than seeing all of their damn fans sit there when we score a goal. love it.

i can't believe playoffs start in less than a month...

tiffany said...

Unreal....I stood by motionless, AND in shock, when Crosby buried that puck in the net in the 1st period. He flew through the air like Superman, practically fending off all of Canada!! ( it was his first empty netter.) Wha...what's this??? ESPN had Sid's Superman goal as the #1 play of the day on their Top 10 Friday night??? Also, has the Pens win over the Habs as their top story. Then there was EC--who baked a couple of "biscuits in the oven," rescued some people from a burning building, and saved a few animals from drowning. Oh, and during one of the intermissions (I think the 1st) EC chatted with Dan Potash, looking shy and oh-so-cute. ;P Btw Roberts got HIS 3rd goal as a Penguin, and of course we can't forget Fleury flopping around--resembling some moves he made when the Pens were on their no-losing streak earlier. So basically...this team rocks and so does The Pensblog!!!

TSN's article:

Anonymous said...

don't mess with mr. rogers. leave him alone.

tiffany said...

Oh, I almost forgot....
~Silk Stalkings and Quantum Leap...haha.
~Tom, omg...what a picture!! Hey, Talbot's got nice ;D
~Justin, thanks for that interview with Staal. His answers to the questions made me laugh--he's so cute. (No, I'm not just another Puck Bunny. I love the whole team.) ;)
~Jay, hahaha......thanks for the bud ice commercial. Fits perfectly with Tom's picture....dooby dooby do. I have an old Pens cup that still plays that when you press the button.

Tee said...

Wow apparently you guys already started Daylight Savings Time over there. Here in Germany, we haven't. That means I missed the entire first period and sid the kid's absolutely disgusting goal. I thought I might be bad luck after the habs tied it up in the 2nd so for the 3rd period I pulled out the 91-92 "Double Impact" Stanley Cup shirt. That thing is going to be so money come playoff time.

Will said...

anyone else here Bob Errey after Roberts goal. That could be the "pickle stabber goal"!!!


This didn't get my play the other night when i said it so i'll repost and see what happens.

Can we now compare the trades for Roberts and Laraque to the Ulf and Francis trade yet? ( i think its getting very close)

Anonymous said...

Will...I agree...(agreed with you before just didn't post a comment) can definitely compare the Francis/Samuelsson trade to the Roberts/Laraque trade.
This team has so much potential.


loralei said...

Alright, alright, I'll admit it... Gary Roberts doesnt have to rip his face off to reveal that he is Ron Francis.. Gary Roberts himself will do just fine...

PS. I love him on a line w/ Max & Army...It reminds me of the second Mighty Ducks movie when the 2 tough guys hit the ice..What the heck were they called again? Like the smash brothers or something? They would high five each other on the bench, put on their bad boy bandanas and then get out on the ice and hit everything that moved. I think the Army-Roberts-Talbot line has has earned their right to cheesey nickname..any thoughts?

PensfanSeoul said...

Crosby. Sick. I remember some guy wearing 66 making moves like that a few years ago...

Speaking of 66, I finally met another hockey fan in Korea today. Best part is? He is a tailor. I was out looking for someone to make me some Pens sweaters, and what do you know? So I ordered a 1986 Mario Lemieux throwback jersey. Custom made just for me. I finally found something I like about Korea (45 bucks, who's jealous? HA)

But seriously, I remember last season, and at this point, we were cheering for Sid to get to 100 points. I would get so excited if we would just win a game every now and then. This season, I don't expect them to lose. This team is so exciting...And the Tournament is just around the corner. Outstanding. I am so excited about this team...


Ellie said...

sid's 1st goal last night was unreal. i had to watch the replay a couple times just to let it sink in.

i agree jon - we're winning the Stanley Cup this year : )

and the photoshops of late have been amazing. keep them coming!

panfanseaol - i'm jealous - $45 for a custom jearsey! lucky you!

tiffany said...

Loralei, hahaha.....the Smash Brothers. I like it, but I don't know if my opinion matters... ;)

Btw, this has nothing to do with anything, but I found kind of a funny video by accident. Just a disclaimer, I haven't slept. So maybe it's funnier if you haven't slept.......or if you're stoned. ;x Either way, after you paste the website, scroll down a little to see the video:

tiffany said...

Oh, and Will,
I DID hear Errey say "pickle stabber," but I didn't know what he was referring to. I was screaming after the goal, so I missed it... ;-)

Eric said...

Loralei, it was the Bash Brothers in the Mighty Ducks series. Smash Brothers is a video game. :P

I was actually thinking about doing a photoshop of Laraque, Roberts, and Talbot as the Bash Brothers. I know there are only two at first but during the one game they make little Kenny Wu an honorary Bash Brother. Hell the Bash Brothers idea could work with Army, Talbot, Ruutu, Laraque, and Roberts. Its good to have that many options.

On another note, Sid's goal was absolutely disgusting. My dad was outside shoveling snow when it happened and I was so excited that I yelled to him "Dad, get the fuck in here. Don't worry about your fucking shoes!". He totally understood once he saw the goal.

Eric said...

Oh, and Malkin's passes were so money tonight. The one to Ouellet was unbelievable. He saucered it tape-to-tape over 2 defenders sticks, unreal.

Elizabeth said...

I saw Silk Stalkings at too young an age and was completely traumatized.

PittCheMBA said...

Steigy's play by play of Sid's first goal was pathetic compared to Mike Lange. Steigy said something like "Sid is surrounded by Canadiens...blah blah blah". Mike Lange said something like "Sid passes 1 defender, 2, 3, 4, 5,...GOAL". I loved the Mike Lange countdown.

dogwithshftyeyes said...

these game recaps just get more and more bizarre. i love it!

tiffany said...

Elizabeth, I know what you mean. My brother used to watch it. "_" That, Melrose Place, and 90210. I was more into Melrose Place & 90210 than Silk Stalkings, but I still remember it...

Anonymous said...

found this quote in a local newspaper:

Montreal coach Guy Carbonneau's reaction to Crosby's 1-on-4 goal: "I still have to look at it.. I thought he was offsides."

haha. what a loser.

Anonymous said...

wow devils crushed by canes today with a win tomorrow we will be 2 pts back

i can feel a division title

rachel said...

Crosby's goal was insane! Does anyone know why people were throwing hats on the ice after he got the empty netter? I know it was hat night, but no one had a hat trick.

Lloyd, that quote from EC is TSN's Quote of the Day, haha

Justin, thanks for the link to the Staal article... My favorite question had to be, Which brother is most likely to be a fan of Dr. Phil?

Tom, that pic is hilarious!

Rick, I like the EC photoshop from Happy Gilmore.

Tiff, where have the songs gone ;)

Best news today...

Canes 7 - Devils 2

Joshua said...

Thank you for the Waste Management Truck! I missed it.

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me who was on the ice for the canadiens when crosby shit all over them?



rachel said...

Jay, it was...

Begin, Lapierre, Dandenault, Ninimaa, Souray

Elizabeth said...

I know you guys all want to see Hayden from Heroes licking the Stanley Cup. ohnotheydidnt/11412596.html#cutid1

I put a space in the middle of the link to make it all fit so you'll have to take that out. duh.

Anonymous said...

The intro to Silk Stockings was the reason I went through puberty.
Anyhow, I was fortunate enough to watch the game at Ace's Lounge in Johnstown, right before the Clarks took the stage. Awesome night!!!

dying alive said...

"Montreal coach Guy Carbonneau's reaction to Crosby's 1-on-4 goal: "I still have to look at it.. I thought he was offsides.""

Are you kidding me? I guess he's just pissed because Sid totally dismantled his players and made them look like a bunch of speds on skates. He still has to look at it because he was covering his eyes on the bench in embarrassment when it happened.

Love the EC/Happy Gilmore poster. Maybe one day after scoring in a shootout, someone can talk him into saying, 'the price is wrong, bitch!'

dying alive said...

By the way, how great was it that Souray was the Habs player that Sid shit on for that first goal? Must have been repayment for Souray jumping all over Army like he was on PCP during the last game.

rachel said...

Dying alive, that would be hilarious if EC said that!

tiffany said...

Rick, I liked the Happy Gilmore/EC pic too! ;)

Dying Alive, man....if Crusher said that, it would be SO awesome...haha. ~_~

Elizabeth, LOVED those pics, but do you know why they were taken??.....I'm baffled. ;-O

tiffany said...

Oh, and Rachel,
There haven't been any songs because I don't want to force something that's not I don't want to annoy anyone. *_* I feel like the last couple weren't my best, so until I get a GREAT idea...there will be no songs. Who knows, may have inspired me again. We'll see...and thanks for the Happy Gilmore video...haha. ;D I love that movie.
"You won't make that putt, you jackass!"

rachel said...

Tiff, I see. You're welcome for the video. I feel like I should go watch Happy Gilmore now, haha!

Shanna said...

I was at the game last night. When Sid scored that ridiculous goal, the place went infuckinsane! It was crazy. Sidney Crosby is God to EC's Jesus Christ.

Speaking of EC he's been hot as balls lately. Freakin sniper.

This whole team is hot as balls right now, everyone is playing crazy outta their mind hockey. I love it!

Lord Stanley will be in Pittsburgh in 2007!

Jon said...

"Lord Stanley will be in Pittsburgh in 2007!" I put Mitzi Kapture's good name on it!! And if you don't know who that is, Rob Estes would like to have a word with you...and if you don't know who THAT is, that bitch

rachel said...

Adam, great Mad Max photoshop!

tiffany said...

Oh geez....I bet Mad Max would LOVE that photoshop pic of yours. ;)


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