Friday, March 23, 2007

Huge Weekend

Atlanta at Pens -- 1:00

Boston at Pens -- 12:30

"Planet Earth" on The Discovery Channel.
Sunday -- 8 P.M.

Shot with Hi-Def cameras over a span of 4 years.
One cameraman spent 600 hours in a rain forest waiting to capture the mating dance of the blue bird of paradise.
Here's 15 things you don't know about the mini-series.
Number 16 -- It is going to be sick.

We talk about things other than hockey about as often as Chris Thorburn plays a game, but this 11-part documentary is going to be disgusting.

Don't worry.
We're not gonna start posting links about Britney Spears and American Idol.


Commenterblog helped us out big-time today.
Jim broke the story, then Rachel gave us a link.

Lord Therrien's lines for Saturday:

Christensen -- Crosby -- Armstrong
Malone -- Malkin -- Ouellet
Roberts -- Staal -- Recchi
Ruutu -- Talbot -- Laraque

Those might be the only lines Therrien will be worrying about if this doesn't work out.

The lines have remained pretty consistent for a month or so.
There's really no reason to doubt Therrien now, after everything that's happened this year.
A new look will be exciting.
  • Do you break up the Roberts -- Talbot -- Armstrong line?
  • Malone shouldn't be on a line with any premier playmakers. Except when he gets a hat trick.
  • Staal and Roberts might be interesting. Recchi is fast enough to maybe get the job done on that line.
  • And the fourth line may be one of the best in the NHL.
  • Ouellet somehow finds his way onto the second line again.
But we never know what we're talking about.

Oh and guess who may be returning soon.


...Colin Campbell says it's time to question the role of fighting in the NHL...

Fighting in the NHL is dangerous.

" Only if you are a clown and shouldn't be fighting. "


...Joe Thornton is now a mere 6 points behind Crosby in the scoring race...

Thornton is better than Crosby.

" Thornton - 75 games with Jonathan Cheechoo. Crosby - 71 games with Ryan Malone. "


The Pens have the best home record in the Eastern Conference.

" 23 - 9 - 5. "

Myth: Confirmed.

Around the NHL...

Only one game of importance...

Toronto blows a three-goal third-period lead to Buffalo.

If you remember how to beat this guy, you know how he and Leafs fans feel tonight.


Derek Ausk
(click it)


Toronto loses to Buffalo.
Magic number shifts to 5.





Anonymous said...

Fleury is money with the long hair in the dazed and confused pic up top.


Ellen said...

I think Talbot looks great! Good work Derek!

Andrew said...

Recchi-Staal-Roberts shall henceforth be known as the My Two Dads line.

I'll take my royalty checks in booze, thank you.

۞tiffany۞ said...

Derek, Stanley Guy is SO funny & brilliant!!

I DO have a theory that maybe the Pens aren't worried about making the playoffs. Hence, they haven't played their best the last two games. Therrien was talking about conserving their energy again before their game with the Islanders. I dunno...just a thought. Like Rob King mentioned, though, it might be better if they don't win the division going into the playoffs. Being such a young team, they'd be under a lot of pressure to win. And they seem to play really well when they're the underdogs.

Jeff Harr said...

Wow. Derek Ausk just owned me. I'm afraid to ever open the GIMP again.

₪ tiffany ₪ said...

Andrew & Jeff....LOL.

Staff, LOVE the stuff about The Discovery Channel AND the coke reference! Haha. And the Commentorblog----hmmm, I like that.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I honestly don't care what position we enter the playoffs in.

I remember a lot of teams busting their asses to win the president's trophy, and then being dead-ass tired and fizzling out in the playoffs because of it in the past.

As long as we finish up somewhere in the top 5, I'm good.

Tee said...

FUCK! Andrew beat me to the "my two dads" line comment. Stupid german timezone.

I've been mulling over the idea that with as many comments as some of these posts get, how many people would be for the idea of setting up a message board? Not a negative, head-up-our asses one like Rather, a place that we can gather and discuss the secret of Max's acid and why Malone refuses to consistently score the way we all know he can.

FritoWill said...

i am still up for running a chat during the games (if i am around during the game) TOday i won't.

Mythbusters is such an awesome show, i have a show idea that i thing would be gold.

Myth is Martin Brodeor ( man i can't spell this morning) the greatest goalie ever, or is he just a product of the trapping system in front of him?

for 45 minutes discuss the idea, then blow Martin up for no apperant good reason just for the sake of it. ( if you watch the show, you understand )

FritoWill said...

Oh yea,


my prayers have been answered!!!!

It will be nice because with Talbot and Ruutu, Laraque WILL see some more ice time

Antonette said...

Shit, I live for the Discovery Channel. It's what's on when FSN isn't. MythBusters owns, I'm pumped for Planet Earth, and Dirty Jobs steals my soul.

Anywho, if we don't win at least one of these games, we're fucked. End of story. THe new lines are interesting, but Coach T knows his shit. Thank GOD. Playoffs are playoffs- at least we're THERE.

Joshua said...

Hahaha! The Dale Ernhart thing was great.
Who wants the division?

dying alive said...

Derek, Dazed and Confused is awesome. Look at how well Eaton fits in there!

I am headed down to the Igloo for the game today. Things I want to see: a Pens win, Max score a goal on acid, Fleury rob Hossa, and the cotton candy vendor. In that order.

₪ tiffany ₪ said...

Ok, not sure if anybody saw this (or maybe it was seen, but ignored)....anywho the new
Roberts-Talbot-Laraque line....

I wanted to know everyone's thoughts on calling it the "TRL Line," since the "RPM Line" is no more. (TRL, like Total Request Live.)

Let's Go Pens!!!

₪ tiffany ₪ said...

P.S. Dying Alive......lucky you! ;)

David said...

Almost missed this, but the P-G had different combos:

Joining center Sidney Crosby on the top line were Erik Christensen and Colby Armstrong. The second line had rookie Jordan Staal centering Ryan Malone and Mark Recchi -- the wingers who had been playing with Crosby.

Malkin skated between Gary Roberts and Michel Ouellet. The fourth line had wingers Jarkko Ruutu and Georges Laraque with Maxime Talbot.

Staff said...

the amount of people coming to the blog has overwhelmed us a bit.
we started a pensblog message board on google groups a while back.
i'll look for the link.

we would want full control of it just so it doesn't turn into jobbers coming onto it and blasting the site like they do on here.
but we like the idea.

but first priority would be a chat during the games.
since our life has gone from doing the recap after the game to writing it during the game, we would be able to notice a lot more watching it, essentially, with a shitload more people.

We have How It's Made parties at our house everyday at 5:00.
Gotta love the Discovery Channel.

Justin said...

the Crosby-Armstrong-CHristensen line could be called the C-A-CH line
that might be the dumbest thing ive ever come up with

Staff said...

thanks david.

post-gazette probably knows their stuff.

rachel said...

Derek, Stanley Guy and Dazed & Confused just made my day!

Myth Busters is one of the greatest shows! How sweet would it be to have that job?!

Andrew, My Two Dads line, nice!

Jeff, I think I'm also never going to open GIMP again.

Fritowill, that idea is golden.

Dying alive, the cotton candy guy definitely makes the game...

Tiff, I never thought about the TRL line, haha

David, I just read that, too.

Justin, haha... It's too early to be up for a game.

Justin said...

speaking of money, how money is the movie dazed and confused

"thats what i love about these high school girls....i get older, they stay the same age"

Derek said...

Tiffany, I hear ya on the theory...and do think they play better as the underdog. At the same time I still find myself hoping they win the division. I suppose sitting in fourth would be the ideal situation. Ottawa will make that tough. For now, just watching the magic numbers...

rachel said...

Derek said...

"How's this years crop of freshman chicks lookin?" Hahaha...

Anonymous said...

how did you come up with the magic numbers????????

Justin said...

by using a magic 8-ball.......

or was it from snorting a fucking 8-ball

≈tiffany≈ said...

Justin, haha....what a line!!

Rachel, you had me crackin' up with the YouTube find. Thanks.

Derek, I know whatcha mean--I'm kinda torn. It's like, I want them to win the division too (just so they can stick it to the Devils & everyone else who thought they would never make it this far). Plus, since the majority of the Pens have never been to the playoffs, it's hard to say how they'll react one way or the other. One thing's for sure, though. All of these uncertainties & what ifs are driving me crazy!!

So onto another topic to keep my sanity....that WOULD be awesome to chat during the games. That way, if I missed anything due to screaming, you guys could fill me in. ;)

Staff said...

we have the link to up.
It was from commenter Joshua.
Brilliant idea.

As far as the magic numbers go, scroll down a couple posts.
you'll see a bunch of red numbers.
the explanation's in there.

and ahem, caffeine is the only drug of choice of thePensblog.

go pens.


rachel said...

Tiff, you're welcome

rachel said...

Thibault is starting...

Justin said...

caffeine is mine too
i just used drugs to convey the confusing logic behind the magic numbers

rachel said...

Garbage goal by the garbageman!

≈tiffany≈ said...



≈tiffany≈ said...

Rachel, hahahahahaha.....

Elizabeth said...

lol 'Ouellet picks up the garbage'


≈tiffany≈ said...

Awww......Colby...... :(

rachel said...

At least Max is back, hopefully Colby is okay. Recchi is back on the top line...

Tee said...

if you're not in here, we have a few regulars up in here right now... good conversations going on.

Spencemo said...

Since I quit smoking, caffeine (and the occasional adult beverage) is my only vice...oh, and buying handbags. The coffee is waaay cheaper, though, so maybe I should just stick with that...

tiffany said...


yeah, we've got a funny chat going on in

rachel said...

Staal scores:


tiffany said...'re awesome!!! (the Staal stats)

tiffany said...

YAY!!!!!! They won!!!!!!!!

Jon said...

Andrew the Lush and Tee martin, I came up with the My Two Dads line waaay back when we had Roberts on the top line with Crosby and Recchi...I even dedicated it to Staci Keanen. And for those with the Discovery channel fetish, I share the kink. At this minute i'm watching the fainting goats on Dirty Jobs. God I want one of those animals.

rachel said...

Thanks Tiff!

It's such a great day as the Pens won and Mythbusters is on ;)

tiffany said...

Ah.....props to you then. I'm not old enough to buy you alcohol, so some of the other guys will have to do that. ;)

Spencemo said...

As the young kids would say...Woot!

Me & the old man are huge Mythbuster fans, too. We're a little behind, though...our DVR is getting loaded with them...

Jon said...

I live in the Mojave desert, so that beer's gonna have to be airmailed or something haha. And it sucked seeing the My Two Sons line get changed, hopefully Michel knows what he's doing with all the line shuffling so late in the season.
I work tomorrow night, so hopefully there won't be any babies born and I can duck into an empty room and catch the Earth special.


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