Saturday, March 31, 2007

Friday Night Posts

Say what you will.
But the battle for the Atlantic Division is going to be remembered by who choked.
You can just feel it.

The Devils played the hapless Flyers.
Thanks to Yahoo!, the game was broadcast all over the internet so people could kill themselves.
The Flyers kept it close, but the Devils got lucky.
3-1 win. Back to first place, cracka.

Look at the ref in the stands.

... Sabres smoke the Islanders 6 - 4 ...
The Islanders are fading faster than the Aztec.

... Ottawa beats the Habs ...

... The Battle of who's gonna play the Atlantic Division champ ensues as Tampa beats Carolina ...

... Vinny Lecavalier joins the 100-point club and is first to 50 goals this season ...

What a dick.
If there wasn't a self-imposed, one-week ban on Pensblog gay jokes, we'd be all over it.

... Florida beats the Caps in the battle of the cellar dwellers ...

And the Western Conference doesn't exist until April 11.

...Some links...

"There will always be detractors and people who are jealous, but when it is all said and done Crosby will be one of the players and people in the game who will have lived up to the hype and did it in a way that made a next generation of player try to emulate him -- just like Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux and Joe Sakic. We are lucky as hockey fans to be able to witness what this young man is capable of doing."

Joe Sakic -- maybe one of the most underrated players to ever play.
You can't beat him in NHL 2001.
Sakic backwards = Kick Ass.

..Gary Roberts may become a legend here before it's all said and done.

"Everyone was saying how much of a warrior he was," center Sidney Crosby said. "Now, you see it first-hand. Everybody feeds off the way he plays, the way he battles, the way he prepares."
Its too easy sometimes.


Should be a great night of hockey tomorrow.
Toronto has to win.

"We have four big points this weekend [with Toronto visiting the New York Rangers tomorrow], and we have to take them," Toronto captain Mats Sundin told reporters after a 3-2 overtime loss Thursday in Atlanta.

This does not count as a gay joke.

Go Pens.

Devils, Warrior - Schiff
Sundin - Anthony Costa


FritoWill said...

why are gay jokes banned anyway?

Tee said...

they're just too easy will. For example:

Mats Sundin has taken on a job on the loading dock at the Air Canada Centre because he loves taking deliveries in the rear.

Steve in Denver said...

That Sundin pic is one of the best ever.

Pens take back the Atlantic today.

Derek said...


Your a homo. hahha

We just figured after that extremely gay picture in the boston recap, it was time to lay off those with alternative lifestyles.
But it won't last until next week.
Especially if the leafs do something gay tonight.
Which they will.

Go Pens.

Elizabeth said...

I was pissed because I thought there wasn't a game until Sunday...but it's tonight. sweet.

Anonymous said...

off subject...

Heroes returns April 23

Derek said...

Sundin pic = money. Here's that peter pan guy's site where the original came from:

Watched him on Conan last year. Surprisingly he wasn't as weird as you would think. Still creepy though.

FritoWill said...

jobber thursday, homo today.

Screw all of you!!!


Staff said...

heroes is always on subject.

hopefully the pens dont play that night.


Kim said...

We need a big W 2night...its definatley key. Hopefully fleury is in net and comes up big. If joe melichar is in instead of nas im gonna b pissed, b/c you might as well not have anyone then!...thats just my piece.


dying alive said...

If there is a Pens game/Heroes conflict, Sci-Fi replays the Monday night episodes on Fridays at 7PM.

Big game tonight. It's nice to be worrying about playing for first place rather than whether or not we'll make the playoffs at all.


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