Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Don't Stop Believin'. PENS WIN.

5 - 4


Lemieux offered to build the new arena, by himself, by next Thursday.
But his back hurts. It's carried us for 23 years.

The lucky 17,132 in attendance tonight showered the Pens with the affection that we all wanted to express.

There's no use trying to put it into words.

Right off the face-off, it was nice.
No clouds hanging over the ice anymore.

Less than three minutes in, Sidney Crosby flies into the Buffalo zone and gets a shot off.
Ryan Miller turns it aside.

On a night like tonight, a real hockey player buries that.

It was looking like the highlight of the first period was gonna be Fleury's two great-looking gloves saves on Dainius Zubrus.

But no. Some front-of-the-net jobbing results in Jason Pominville popping in a rebound to make it 1-0. Gonchar had hooked him to the ground but couldn't keep the puck out of the net.

Goalie Ryan Miller sucking wind after running all the way from Buffalo on I-79 South.

But it took the Pens all of 41 seconds to tie it up.
Crosby and Toni Lydman were battling all game.
Lydman tries to knock Crosby off the puck.
Crosby goes down on one knee and finds Gonch open in the slot.
A pass/shot to Malone and the game was tied.

End of the first.

The second period didn't begin with the same pomp and circumstance as the first period; that was pretty much the only difference.
Each team was given a power play, but both teams managed to poop in their own mouths.

Picture: Gary Roberts gets bored during the second and starts slashing everything.

At pretty much the same time that Pominville scored in the first, Maxime Talbot Lemieuxs it past Ryan Miller.
2-1 Pens.

It took the classy Sabres less than two minutes to tie it up, though.
Chris "Great hockey player" Drury drags the puck enough to get Fleury out of position and then just tossed it in front of the net.
Dmitri Kalinin knocks it in to send the game into the third period tied at 2.

Early in the third, the Pens get a power play when Chris "I take momentum-shifting penalties" Drury heads to the box.
Gonch makes a great play to keep the puck in the zone and gets it across the ice to Whitney.
Whitney jobs it to Recchi.
Recchi can't remember the last time he had the puck in the slot. He just whips it to the net.
Crosby tips it in.


More than 18 minutes left to play.
Even my dad's balls knew that this game was far from over.

Malkin drives to the net and is seemingly hauled down.
But it's Malkin that gets sent to the box for holding the stick.

Good call.

Regardless, Buffalo couldn't get anything going and had to eventually take a penalty themselves to subdue the Pens penalty-killing unit.
Talbot comes into the Buffalo zone on acid and draws a penalty.

20 seconds later, the Pens go on the power play again.
And again, they score.
Gonch from the point puts the Pens up 4-2.

Jack Edwards says, "There isn't a happier arena in North America tonight."

Beaker, your thoughts?

"Jack Edwards is a joke."

A 4-2 lead with 10:00 left isn't safe unless you're playing the team from UPMC Children's.

Two minutes after Gonch's goal, Daniel Briere gets a semi-breakaway and beats Fleury.
Way too much time left.

Time was ticking down.
All of a sudden, Ryan Miller is pulled, and an extra attacker is out there.
Recchi has the best chance to throw it into the empty net but barely misses.

Buffalo rolls down the ice in the Flying V and gets the puck down deep.
6.2 seconds left...Chris Drury is more clutch than the kid in "Iron Will."

" We may lose the farm, but we will die fighting. " - Will Stoneman.
Best movie ever made.


If there is one word to describe this game.


a smaller system which is representative of or analogous to a larger one.

It's never easy.
If you were ready to jump off the Liberty Bridge, you're better than that.

Crosby wasn't happy with a non-call during the Sabres' tying goal. It looked like the Sabres had run interference on both goal posts to free up Drury. The refs weren't hearing it, though.

Overtime looked like it was gonna turn into the last two minutes of the Devils game, but it calmed down.
An otherwise uneventful overtime led us into our 63rd shootout of the season.

Christensen comes down on Miller and drops the Cosbys into Ryan Miller's crease. 1-0.
Danny Briere comes down and fakes a slapshot from 7 inches away.
He tries to make a move but looks like a moron.

Okay, Malk --
Ruutu must have naked pictures of Mike Yeo.
And you can bet some website out there would post the pics just to get hits.
Ruutu tries his only move but is denied.
He then fires it at Miller again, and Miller doesn't like it.

(thanks to Mike M.'s sister for this)

Drew Stafford is next for Buffalo.
WPXI'S John Fedko, in the stands, flashes Fleury.
Fleury never sees the shot.

Crosby is the Pens third shooter.
He does a move along the lines of Christensen's to give the Pens the 2-1 advantage.

Last shooter for Buffalo is Thomas Vanek.
He lines up... set...

Go eat some wings, loser.

  • Crosby: 1 G, 2 A
  • Whitney: 3 A
  • Gonchar: 1 G, 1 A
  • Lemieux: 2 A, 3 saves
  • Fleury: Uhh... 15 saves, 19 shots. Ouch. Buffalo's goals came from a combined distance of 15 feet.
  • Shots: Buffalo ( 19 ) Pens ( 38 ) Buffalo with 2 in the 2nd period.
  • Powerplay: Buffalo ( 0 for 2 ) Pens ( 2 for 3 )
  • Melichar: -4....
  • Great game. Good officiating. Entertaining.
  • Gary Roberts is a machine. A proverbial wrecking crew.
  • Laraque is a nice addition, but was he really missed tonight? We have people that can step in and get the job done. Other teams would dream of having that.
  • A lot of Buffalo fans made the trip. Good people. Little too excited though. There was just as much intensity in the crowd as on the ice. Near fights everywhere.
  • Laraque and Eaton formed a plan to solve world hunger in the press box.
  • Gonch tied with Niklas Lidstrom for points lead among defensemen.
  • Recchi's play was lackluster for most of the evening other than his assist.
  • Petro stepped in and the team didn't miss a beat. This depth will be huge in the tournament.




seth said...

5-1-1 in March

looking good

Scott said...

When teams from up north come in theres always bout to be fights toronto always brings a force and now buffalo who is only famous for bruce almighty...great day for penguins hockey

Elizabeth said...

Super fab awesomely cool game.

I got a tad weirded out when one of the announcers is talking about how nice hockey players are and he goes 'good heads...GREAT bodies.' o..k

When they put the camera on Crosby just prior to the shootout you saw the intensity on his face and knew he was going to pull it out. Ruutu was an ~interesting~ choice in the SO.

A great game though.

dying alive said...

I'm woman enough to admit that I shed a tear during Lemieux's speech before the game. You've gotta love that they played Journey, of all things.

I would have killed to be at the game tonight. No kidding. Premeditated homicide.

JG said...

i picked the best game of the year to have tickets to...who's jealous?

Staff said...

anyone know if Mario's speech has made its way to the web yet?

Teej said...

The crowd... I know hearing it on TV won't do it any justice, but dare I say, I compare it to Mario's game winning goal in the '92 Cup Finals... awesome!!

I was seriously hoping Army would pull it off in OT again... I got a PaintShop (yea yea, no PhotoShop) pic I want to unleash hahahah

Anonymous said...

did anyone notice that ryan miller seemed to punch, slash, or jab any pens player than came in the crease or got near his net? he also attempted to shoot the puck back at ruutu and he did the same to talbot, i think. grow up ryan.


alan said...

We win tomorrow and we're within 4 points of Jersey with 13 left. A hot streak to finish the season and the number 2 spot is ours.

Also, I'm convinced the pens allowed the tying goal on purpose so Christensen and Crosby can get extra practice in the shootouts for the stretch run.

Staff said...


good call..we totally forgot to mention that in the cap... he was no question on acid

Anonymous said...

"anyone know if Mario's speech has made its way to the web yet?"

Some of it is on TSN.

Did anyone else think that Christensen's shootout goal was a little reverse psychology on Miller? Looking at the video it seems like Miller deliberately dove to the forehand way too early, and Christensen showed he's more than a one trick pony.

Um... the Pens realize that there're no shootouts in the playoffs, right? Are we ready for that?

Anonymous said...

Another big win tonite.

As usual Jack Edwards was terrible.

But what I really want to mention is that @ the top of the page Dan Onorato has the gayest smile ever. What a jerk.


Joshua said...

I dont understand why everyone is knockin Recchi! His acceleration on the ice is up there with the best in the league and has already proven solid passing skills. Not to mention his role as a mentor and leader. Keep em' cause he 'll be in asset some playoff time.

That ladies and gentlemen, you can take to the bank.

Eric said...

I was there tonight, very emotional when Mario came out before the game. Great game overall, shootout was exciting but could/should have been avoided.

-Recchi needed to seal the game with that empty-netter and failure to do so eventually handed them a point on a nice silver platter.
-Melichar looked a little confused tonight, but everyone has off games.
-Orpik had one of his best games, he was everywhere and had a strong physical presence.
-Sid's first multipointer in a while, nice to see.
-Mad Max was insane, he looked like he was on speed the whole game.
-Both shootout goals were good ones, totally undressed Miller both times.
-Ruutu was apparently 2 for 4 in the shootout in Vancouver last season, who knew Jarrko had it in him.
-The section I was in had a large contingent of Buffalo fans. Lots of insults flying around there, even the 12 year old Pens fan behind me gave them shit. Good to see the future for rowdy Pens fans looks bright. I went to the bathroom and gave them each some paper towels for their tears at the games end while some other kid behind me told some BuffaHO jobber that his Vanilla Ice look-a-like style was out about 13 years ago. Good 1-2 combo there.

Eric said...

One thing I forgot even though my post is already as long as Staal's reach. (That's for you Steiggy and Errey.)

Sit Melichar and start Kwiatkowski next game? Discuss.

rachel said...

Don't Stop Believin' is the greatest title especially since they played that song when Lemieux left the ice.

Seth, nice stat on March!

"We were all jacked up." That quote from EC about summed up the game...

Alex said...

anyone notice sids mullet in his interview before the game?

rachel said...

I think Talbot and Orpik drank some of Roberts special drink he makes before the game.

Anonymous said...

went to the game...the atmosphere in the arena was unreal.

anyone else that went catch that piece of PENS Q & A of "who would play you/a teammate in a movie?" HILARIOUS. staal said chuck norris would play him. ruutu said petro would play him cause he's a good actor. and i believe talbot was compared to peewee herman. someone said they'd be played by MR BURNS from the simpsons. just a really funny video for a great game...

as always...hell of a blog. hell of a team. hell of a city.



Jeremy said...

Does Scudari scare anybody else or is it just me? Just seems like his feet are always in bad position in front of MAF. I know he eats up ice time but he makes me freaking nervous.

Eric said...

oh yeah, forgot about the q&a segment, you left out armstrong being played by steve carrell, talbot being michael j fox in full teen wolf makeup, and chyna doll from the wwe/wwf as sid. hilarious.

Ellie said...

jg & eric & teena - i'm terribly jealous - way to give it to the buffalo fans - it's good to know future generations of pens fans are learning early the good from the bad. staal as chuck norris and talbot as peewee herman i can def. see.

"Laraque and Eaton formed a plan to solve world hunger in the press box." lol - amen to that. add lemieux in on the discussion too : )

nice job as usual guys : )

Staff said...

Those Q & As are great.

They need ask Mark Eaton who would play him.

And his response, would be " Myself"

Is this too much to ask for?

Steve said...

Another damn good game. This down to the wire shit is killing me, but I still wouldn't have it any other way.

God Bless Mario - They need to build a giant statue of him outside of the new arena. I'll pitch in on it!

But you guys were right, I too thought we were pleanty physical even without Laraque. He's icing on the cake though. I also think that Recci's experience and know-how is valuable and outways anything that may be lacking about his play. He does seem a little sluggish sometimes but he'll be solid down the stretch.

What a game.
Go Pens!!!

Ellen said...

"Goalie Ryan Miller sucking wind after running all the way from Buffalo on I-79 South." - That had me crying! I worked a summer in Buffalo and know the route intimately.

There were way too many Buffalo fans there tonight, it was really too bad Rex didn't make the empty netter. We had so shut them up controlling the game in the 2nd and first half of the 3rd.

There was this BuffaHO sitting a couple of rows in front of me that spent most of the 1st standing up (every time they came into our end). She will forever be remebered as Lard Ass.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

When Lemieux walked onto the ice, I was expecting a big emotional speech.

But I liked his style in that one. "Hey what's up? We're staying in Pittsburgh... later dudes!"... ::don't stop believin'::

Short and sweet!

By the way, is Adam from Pensblog the same Adam that rants about Penn State b-ball on Mondesi's House?

Nick said...

Ryan Miller does have an air of undeserved privilege about him. What a joke.

I don't understand why Buffalo fans would come down 4 or 5 hours and then try to start fights and talk trash. Smart people.

As far as Recchi goes, Joshua, yes his acceleration is up there. I'm not so sure about those passing skills you mentioned. In his last 10 games, he has 2 assists and is a minus 7 overall. That's just not top line, top power play material on a team that's going to make a serious run in the tournament.

His leadership skills are unquestionable, but in a huge game tonight his turnover led to the 2nd Buffalo goal and him missing that empty net eventually led to the 4th Buffalo goal. I'm just not seeing it out of him lately. Every other player out of the top 9 forwards has more points than him over those past 10 games. It's hard to sit him down at this point in the season, but maybe giving him a break wouldn't be so bad. He is 39 years old after all.

Jon said...

Definitely agree with ya Nick, I wouldn't mind seeing him sit a little bit more if it meant he would be more fresh for the playoffs...he was miked up during the game, and he was apologizing for his bad playing.

And I had to hurry and order the expanded cable package (11 bucks!) just to watch the game, since it wasn't on center ice. And I must say it was worth every penny.

There was a discussion on the penguins message board about the statues outside of Heinz and PNC, they were mostly paid for by the public (around the 100-300 thousand range), so we'll have to see how this will develop during the next couple years. Suggestions were Mario (obviously), Badger Bob, Herb Brooks, and Craig Patrick. I'd personally like to see Bob Boughner (what the hell ever happened to him anyways?)

tiffany said...

Another unbelievable game!!! I'm just so happy they won. What a way to end the day--the press conference that officially confirmed that the team was staying in Pittsburgh for another 30 years and then they beat the top team in the NHL!!! That was definitely the cherry on top of an already fantastic day. To make things even better for me, one of my friends (the one that wasn't a Pens' fan before, but has now converted) watched the game with was the first game we both almost died, while watching together. Yay!!! ;D

tiffany said...

Jon, I didn't think "I'm Walking On Sunshine" was corny. :) And good job on posting the Tom Petty song. It fit perfectly and now "The Waiting" is over....

Well, I was gonna do a song, but there's no need....
So, here’s the YouTube video of Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ (the only thing you need to change is South Detroit to South Pittsburgh):

Staff said...

nope, different adam.

Will said...

So i am reading the post, and see a quote from Beaker...and then spend the next 15 minutes trying to say that quote in the voice of Beaker.

Beaker = GOLD

Missed the whole game tonight, missed the announcement too, missed the shootout again driving home from bowling. And almost stopped in Wendys during the shootout to scream at the drive through lady. when Sid scored

Anonymous said... the stat...

"Beaker, your thoughts?" -- hahahaha love that...

Oh, what was with the cameras CONSTANTLY on the dumb a.. Buffalo fans?...They made it seem like it was a home game for them.

And Fedko...wagon boy...the only sports he's interested in covering is high school so he can exploit his kids…douche…

Merci, Mario … Let’s Go Pens


AJ said...

All hail Pensblog...

best use of a Scott Norwood reference EVAR.

Justin said...

did anyone else think miller was gonna shoot the puck he just froze at armstrong after he skated past him? did anyone else see that?

brooks orpik must have been high on PCP, he was killing people out there

Staff said...

John Fedko drinks his own pee

Anonymous said...

Overall a great game. Buffalo pretty much made us pay for all our mistakes or it wouldn't even have been close. Sid skated up Recchi's back 3 or 4 times, he needs to drop down to another line. What the hell was Gonchar thinking pinching like that when they were up 4-2?

Bert said...

anonymous: "Oh, what was with the cameras CONSTANTLY on the dumb a.. Buffalo fans?...They made it seem like it was a home game for them."

I agree! If they showed one more Sabre fan I was going to throw up.

VS sucks!

I missed why Laraque was out, was he a healthy scratch?

rwarner174 said...

Gonch pinching like that when we are up 4-2 is why we blew the lead. Everyone points to the goal with 6 seconds left, but that goal is worthless without that boneheaded play. Gonchar played a pretty good game otherwise so I'll let him slide, but we have to start learning how to hold onto leads.

Elizabeth said...

Here is Mario's speech.

shawn said...

Great game, great recap.

Here's some love from

"In the end it was the fans who made the difference. It was all the people on the net who made calls and emailed. It was all the Penguin fans showing up for all those games. It was the thousands of students lining up hours ahead to get last second tickets. 17 sellouts in the last 19. I learned during the lockout that Pens fans are like Sabres fans: Rabid beyond belief and completely underrated in their passion and knowledge."

The article goes on if you're interested.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

What drove me nuts was that OLN... errr... ummm... "the network named after a mediocre Pearl Jam album" seemed to keep showing THE SAME GROUP of Sabres fans over and over again.

For those that were there last night, what percentage would you say were actually Buffalo fans? Because by watching the broadcast you'd think there were 300 Pens fans total in the building.

I do like their color guy with the thick Boston accent. That was a nice touch by them in the same week I watched The Departed.

Doppler said...

Buffalo fans are obnoxious, whether it's hockey or football.

I live Upstate and I hate attending sporting events in that city.

Don't know how many of you have heard, their AHL team the Amerks may not play in Rochester next year. Arena issues there too.


Justin said...

VS. is one of PJ's weakest offerings

Eric said...

I don't know how many BuffaHOs there were exactly, but they did have a strong presence. I was surprised at how many made the trip, lots of people talking shit after the game chanting/yelling/saying "OHHHH 6 SECONDS!". I promptly noted the inability of Buffalo natives to properly read a score board because although they made it interesting, we still won.

Doug said...

Do you remember the time the Bills lost all of them Super Bowls. Yeah, that was awesome.

Doug said...

The other reason for all the Buffalo people may be because of how many people from that area go to school here. I saw a huge group from Duquesne walking over.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I saw a ton of kids at Pitt wearing their atrocious Buffalo jerseys while waiting for the bus...

Joshua said...

To add to dont stop belivin, here's a video I made back in december

Anonymous said...

Can we get a petition going and send to Penguins management to sit melichar and scuderi? I would add michelle oulett but Therian would have a bitch fit and cry. Everytime Melichar is on the ice a terrible feeling washes over my body he is so slow and never beats anybody to the puck. Scuderi wants to make love to Fleury because he is always on top of him when the opposing team is attacking.

Sorry to post such negative subject matter in the light of this huge victory and huge day in penguins history but watching Scuderi, Melichar and Oulett makes me want to kill myself.

Anybody else been impressed with Malone? I think he is stepping up, and as for Recchi ive been campaigning this for about 3 weeks now that he is holding Sid back thats just me tho.

Nick said...

Melichar and Scuderi are both on the plus side in the plus minus department this season. Nasreddine is in at an impressive + 12. Whitney and Eaton are even and Gonch is a minus 7.

Scuderi is actually 4th on the team in +- and is averaging about 20 minutes per game over this 10 game stretch.

Melichar is -6 over the past 10 games but is playing almost 23 minutes per night and is paired up with Gonchar on the top offensive unit. Eaton is widely recognized as our top defenseman and he is only even, and he normally plays with Gonch.

As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing wrong with the defensive performance that our players have been putting up. They're playing to their ability and actually doing an admirable job if you consider the fact that they play on a team that is 4th in the NHL in goals scored.

Let's face it, this is a team built around offense and putting the puck in the other team's net. We do have three first rounders in Gonchar, Whitney and Orpik. However, Melichar(3rd), Scuderi(5th), Eaton(undrafted), and Nasreddine(6th) are doing an admirable job considering their potential coming into the NHL. In the salary cap era, who else could you honestly see coming in here and filling in their roles?


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