Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Zero Chance of Fleurys

Back-to-business time.

Huge story going on with the Pens right now. Marc-Andre Fleury benched against the Panthers.

And, of course, there are always two sides to every argument.
So we asked two famous hockey-goalie debaters to help us out.

Big Bird, appearing on Larry King Live, hates the move:


Do I like this move?
Bottom line is this:
Imagine you have a bad day at work. You really like your job and the people you work with. It's all good times.
Then you have a bad day. You screw up. A co-worker overhears you make a racist joke or fart really loud.
Whats the first thing you want to do (other than drink)?
You want to get back going.
Get back on the horse.
That has to be what Fleury feels like.
The position of goalie is arguably the most thankless job in sports.
And we're seeing why right now.

Now, some will say Fleury has been just okay, which is a decent argument.
But the guy has won 29 games.
His GAA is the same as the GPA of anyone who watches Sesame Street -- a steady 2.9.
Fleury has been there when you needed him.
Does he not deserve better?
And, hey, maybe Thibault goes out and has an unreal game against Florida.
But is this really the time to be playing musical goalies?

Thibault does have the respect of his teammates. Colby Armstrong raved about him on his radio show with Mark Madden.

Michel Therrien is gambling big-time here.
It's just another interesting subplot.


Big Bird, you douche.

Jon Baker:

I, on the other hand, love the move.

Yeah, Fleury's played in 14 of the last 16 games.
They rode him through this huge streak.
He's probably exhausted.

Picture: Fleury, after playing 14 of the last 16 games.

I see no problem in starting Thibault for both games down in Florida.
Give Thibault the reins for, possibly, both huge games in the SunBelt.

Why are we worrying about what Therrien's thinking?
This goalie business makes the top headline on ESPN NHL?
This is no big deal at all.

Just chill out.

This looks like a reward for Fleury. Give Fleury the next few days off.
Big game with the Devils on Tuesday.

Besides, is all of this happening if the Pens lose in OT against the Islanders, instead of regulation?

Moving on.


...From the horse's mouth:

NOTE -- Coach Michel Therrien, through a team spokesman, denied secondhand accounts that he criticized Fleury in the locker room after the Penguins' loss to the Islanders.

Molinari is proven wrong by Therrien and Colby Armstrong, who, on the aforementioned mentioned radio show, also stated Therrien did no such thing to Fleury.
So, I guess that skank who hangs near the players' locker room was wrong after all.

...Chris Thorburn, a solid hockey player, was sent down to Wilkes-Barre for a conditioning assignment.
Did anyone anticipate the problem of having too many players to dress for the Pens?

...Brendan Shanahan placed on injured reserve...

...Erik Cole for the Canes is hurt...

...A USC goalie mooned the crowd and smacked his butt during a game the other day.
--Expect the same thing from Thibault if Mellon Arenaites ever boo him this season.


We've gotten e-mails, and we will get to them.

There's no time-conscious links that we can't link to in a couple days, if anyone was curious.


H.M.F.C.C.Y.E.? said...

Bad move. Playing musical goalies right now is poor planning. That game in Tampa is going to be tough as nails. The goalie that plays that one should come out and play the damn Devs at Meln. Am I wrong? Am I wrong? No, Walter, you're not wrong, you're just an asshole! Leave me the fuck alone!...Yeah, I'll be at practice.

Loser Chris a.k.a. CDY said...

No way Bakes would turn on the Flower like that!

Christina said...

i think it's time to give T-Bo a start again. nothing against Flower, but the guy needs a break. and this next month is going to be killer. let him refocus for a bit.

fucking BRILLIANT picture at the top. i burst out laughing when i saw that...and the author being Bob Errey just put it over the top

Jon said...

We got two goalies. We'll use them both this season. End of story.

And for those of you that can't get enough reading about our beloved sport, there's an interesting, pretty huge actually, story about the original six and how they are faring in the league thus far. It doesn't hurt reading up on some history of the game.

Gavin said...

Therrien's pushed all the right buttons so far this season, who's to say he isn't doing so by publicly challenging Fleury to step up his play. It is the only way this team has a chance of competing deep into the playoffs this season, or any other. I'm going to defer to our Jack Adams candidate on this one.

Anonymous said...

Big Bird, you douche.

Jon Baker was a PIMP.

Shorty said...

don't know if any1 pointed this out yet but...the PensBlog has been linked on PG's "Empty Netters" blog. They say "Pensblog is perhaps the greatest forum for fans of Mark Eaton on earth. Even better than wherever Eaton's family gathers for Christmas morning. We're very confident in that statement. They liked our Penguins-Islanders recap. We LOVED their Eaton photoshop contest. " The forgot the "THE" in ThePensBlog! how can you have the pensblog w/o the the! How empty is their net?? all kidding aside i loved the USC goalie story, as a fellow keeper i can only imagine how much fun that was

Andrew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrew said...

honestly, fleury has sucked the last 4 or 5 games. hopefully this will give his a rest and wake him up... he's reverted to how he was last year and flopping all over the ice...


loralei said...

Yeah, I agree Fleury hasnt been as sharp as of late and T-Bo looked awesome the other day. Its a good move by Therien. Let the kid rest up for a little while. He'll get pissed off that he got benched and then he'll be back, fired up and ready for the stretch run and the playoffs (i feel like I should knock on wood) He'll be fine.

Justin said...

i think this whole story has been blown WAY out of proportion.
if fleury takes that islanders game to OT and loses, then gets tonights game off, no one says a peep about this.
all hes doing is giving the guy a break, so he can be sharp for the playoffs.

Tyler said...

Goalies don't sit out, come back and play flawless. They get in a rythm. Taking Fleury out may screw with his rythm. He had a bad game. I don't wanna do this, but the last goal was partly on Mark Eaton. I'm not sure how many goals the Islanders scored from that far out during the game, but i think it was significant. Eaton just kinda beant over. He should have closed the gap before the guy got the puck. When he had the puck he could have dove to block it, or knowing he was screaning fleury, moved out of the way to give him a clear view.

I still love eaton.

chris said...

you can never come back to this site

haha just kidding

seriously though, who really cares about fleury getting "benched". i don't. on another note, there's all this talk about thibault playing "spectacular" against washington. i dont know if i was watching the same game. he was solid, but he didn't stand out. lets not get into this speculation crap. fleury needs some time off, take it for what it is. whether he let in a ton of goals on the streak is irrelevant. he let in less goals than the other guy. that is all that matters. PERIOD. lets move on.

lets goooo pens

Anonymous said...

Kinda reminds me of two guys named... oh what did they go by...

Was it Tom and Kenny?

They weren't to bad of a duno come to think of it...

tiffany said...

Oh guys are awesome!! There's soooo many things I love about the new post, but here are just some of them:

1.) "Jordan Staal - And The Cup Of Lord Stanley" By: Robert Errey
2.) The clever title, "Zero Chance of Fleurys."
3.) Larry King and Big Bird (Is Big Bird giving 'the bird'?)
4.) The debate between Big Bird and Jon Baker - "Big Bird, you douche." LOL
5.) Nice to know what REALLY happened between Therrien and Fleury and the conversation that never took place. Molinari sure does his homework...
6.) And that USC goalie story had me hysterical for a while.....all I could do was imagine Adam Sandler in "Happy Gilmore." :-D

And about the whole Fleury/Thibault discussion---I love Fleury, so I'm not crapping on him, but I think this little break will be good for him too! It'll give him time to practice with goalie coach, Gilles Meloche, to not only get back that fire in his belly, but to get back to the goalie he was when the winning streak started. He's been amazing for the Pens and he needs to regain his strength.

tiffany said...

Does Dan Potash remind anyone else of "Ross the Intern" on Leno?

......quote of the night so far??
"Mark Eaton - defense is his middle name."

Geeves said...

more intriguing about the jordan stall book cover - the faces BEHIND Staal.

could it be? yes - chris thorburn, sidney crosby and....janet gretzky?

rachel said...

Tiffany, Dan P is starting to grow on me, haha!

Geeves, I totally see that!

But more importantly...

"And the kitchen is closed! The Penguins have won the game!"

Max was just amazing tonight and Colby finally scores again!


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