Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wouldn't It Be Ice

...Jocelyn Thibault holds the Penguins' playoff hopes in his hands. He's probably going to start another 5-10 games before the end of the season.
The sooner that Pens fans realize that T-Bo is huge, the easier it will be to warm up to him.
Be nice to him, unlike the Post-Gazette, who can't even use a current picture of him in this article.

...Check out the New NHL Commercial...

...Bob Smizik stops smelling his own farts and writes an article about how the Penguins are a TV-ratings honeypot...'s Terry Frei writes an article about the Cal Ripken's of the NHL.
Right now, Karlis Skrastins of the Avalanche holds the current record with 468 games and counting.
Frei even finds a way to mention Martin Brodeur and say that Marty should be in the running, even though he sits out for his backup.
The overall Iron Man is Doug Jarvis of the Montreal Canadiens, who played 964 games consecutively.

I watched Bananas in Pajamas 847 days in a row from 1989-1991.
The streak ended on November 12, 1991, when my Uncle Steve dressed up as a Banana and touched me where I pee.



...Islanders beat the Maple Leafs in a shootout...
Head coach of the Isles Ted Nolan honored his Indian roots by conveying his shootout lineup to the refs via a smoke signal.

Oh, that tricky Ted Nolan
...Boston beats Edmonton 3-0...

..Florida beats the rapidly sinking Habs 1-0...
Guy Carbonneau how does it it feel:
"It's like walking in quicksand. You take one step forward and three steps back"

What a douche.

...Tampa Bay and Carolina both get 2 points...

Lecavalier and St. Louis do their annual Valentine's Gift Swap:



Hopefully, you don't pull a Martin Brodeur and cheat on your wife with her sister.


Be careful driving out there on Wednesday.

Don't be like this guy and flip Mark Eaton off.


tiffany said...

OMG.......finally.....the new commercial!!! I kept playing it again and's hilarious. I love everything about it - from the Staal brothers' pillow fight to Ovechkin ordering room service to Sid's room, with that reaction of his.....hahaha.

I saw the making of the commercial during the All-Star weekend. It looked like it was gonna be funny just from that......I just watched it Thanks for the laughs guys. :-D

seth said...

Two small things:

1. Guy Carbonneau is an idiot. His quote makes no sense, if you walk it quicksand, you sink.. every step you sink, not take 3 steps back. Wow

2. Everything about the commercial is hilarious. My bro played travel hockey when he was younger. When I went on trips with him, that's exactly what was going on in the hotel: a bunch of hockey players goofing off..

NHL marketing got something right for once

bwzimmerman in PHX said...


tiffany said...

Now I can't get that Beach Boys' song out of my head......."Wouldn't it be nice if we were older? Then we wouldn't have to wait so long."

Oh and Seth,
That's exactly what I thought about Carbonneau - he's a moron and needs to be stopped!! We’ll just send for “Super Eaton” and he can use his powers to turn him into a mute........unless you find his "dumb speak" humorous.

Dwayne said...

Re: Brodeur

Did he bang her sister before she started calling him before games telling him about dates? Or after?

If it started after, I think it showed great restraint on his part for not also doing her mother at the same time, making DVDs of the entire experience, and sending it to everyone she ever knew. I mean, let's face it, she would pretty much deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Nice little South Park reference


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