Saturday, February 24, 2007

Third Laraque from the Sun

Okay, seriously, the whole thing with Chris of Pensblog:
We thought it was Chris, and we were trying to weed him out.
But it was actually some random guy who doesn't like us.
Chris was pissed.
So great.
Sorry, again, for the confusion.
I guess just ignore the guy till he makes his own blog.

However, after some investigation, we now know the real identity of the anonymous jobber.

Member of the Duquesne Club since 1954.

The rumor mill is out of control with talk of Big Georges Laraque coming to Steel Town and breaking the Penguins racial barrier.
Seems like the price may be a little high.


On one hand, a Laraque-Moore-Ruutu line is a really good line.
On the other hand, who do you bench if you make the trade? Do you need another scorer?
Lots of tough decisions for Ray Shero.

If I had a big black guy watching my back at all times, I'd be gold.

Linda Cohn comes up huge.

"The Penguins are playing to 95 percent capacity at the Mellon Arena. The Mellon might be archaic, but Pittsburgh's die-hard hockey fans know a good thing when they see it, and they're paying to see it right now. Sorry, Kansas City. Keep the Pens in Pitt!"

.......And this from loyal commenter Will...

Does anyone remember this? We don't. Will doesn't. Someone help.

Moving on.....

Anson Carter, a guy that has always been rumored to come to Pittsburgh, went to the Hurricanes.

Carter has been passed around the NHL more times than a 12-year-old girl at the Duquesne Club.


Lots of fallout from the brawl in Buffalo last night.
#23 Chris Drury is still woozy.

And Jim Carrey is a mess because of it.


One game worth noting in the East. Here comes Boston.
Huge win over...of course, the Lightning.

Updated standings:


Scott said...

u could have went the bruce almighty route with jim would have fit perfectly with the buffalo thing...the back to u fuckers is my favorite line of that movie

Andrew said...

YES! BGL!!! i can't wait to get him here.

also, they might be tossing in a veteran right handed dman, that's what the hangup is. if it's for a 1st rounder and ryan stone, i'm all for it. stone will never get a shot here since we have about 7 nhl ready centers without counting him.

-- called the trade on savarn the other night
--- stan was talking out his ass
----stiegy put him in his place
-----likes the dashes

thomes08 said...

i hope we get Laraque. I dunno, i just kind of want a black guy on the pens. Plus, he's friggin' huge and has some offensive skills.


Andrew said...

Nick Boynton is the dman we're trying to get for the pick.

Staff said...

Post gazette is reporting that the Coyotes are asking for way to much.

Should be interesting

Andrew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Loser Chris said...

You really don't remember that fight against Florida? For shame!! It was at the end of game 6 in the conference finals and was highlighted by Tommy B. whooping on the Beezer and Dave Roche rearranging Tom Fitzgerald's face with a wicked butt-end.

How am I the only one who remembers this?

By the way, the Pens would have won the Cup that year if Ronnie hadn't broken his foot in the clincher against the Rangers.

Andrew said...

sorry about that. my pos mac was double and triple posting stuff aparently. hopefully it's fixed. how do i change my display name on here? anyone know?

Staff said...

loser Chris..

I have no memory of this game.. I can't believe it was in game 6..

I remember Marty Straka scored for flordia, and Thomas Sandstrom scored for the pens. I agree Pens win it all if Francis is healthy

tiffany said...

Andrew13, so that WAS you on Stan!! Haha....I saw it. :)

And what are you clicking on when you put your name--Google/Blogger or Other??

If you hit Other, you can change your name and just copy and paste a website (your website or any website).

Andrew said...

i'm using the google/blogger name. could just use the other... but i'm lazy... so this way it is...

also, hockeyfights doesn't have the brawl up yet for download. it's kinda pissing me off. oh well... can't complain for free fight videos i guess..

and imagine laraque out there screeing the goalie with his massive 6'4" 250 lb body. on the PP or 1st/2nd line that'd be huge. noone would be able to move him from the front of the net. i'm not sure how his deflection skills are, but he could be big just for us just for that. plus he's a great deterent out there to little douchebags like blake and that idiot from the habs who want to stick sid. and the fridge who keeps running malkin every time he steps on the ice.

thanks tiffany. did i sound like and idiot? i was on hold for like 20-25 mins, then out of nowhere i was told i was on... so i'm not sure how i sounded...

Eric said...

I'd take Thorburn over Laraque any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Plus the guy's first name is a plural. C'mon. Fantasy bball though, this guy is money. ouch.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was really interesting. This guy figured out the record each team needs down the stretch to pick up 95 points to essentially garantee a playoff berth:

Derek said...

Andrew I love how pyscho you are about BGL..

If we do get him, we are issuing an emergency photoshop.

Maybe it would be a good move for the community too.

BGL could talk to Wheatley

Loser Chris said...

Okay, it apparently was actually game 3 of the series. My bad. I think my subconscious has tried to erase that whole series from my memory.

Derek said...

I am stunned about that series. That was me on the staff name earlier.

I do not remember one game. Bits and pieces of game 7 awake me at night, but no clue about any other game.

Its wierd to think that was about 10 years ago.

tiffany said...

First off, I hope they don't trade Thorburn for Laraque. I wouldn't mind having Laraque, but I'd rather he be traded for Welch instead and whoever their 1st round draft pick is.

Secondly, you're welcome Andrew. And to answer your question, no you did NOT sound like an idiot. You sounded fine.....don't worry. ;)

tiffany said...

Hilarious picture guys..... :D

Anonymous said...

i almost made it to the end of the post without laughing out loud.

but the jim carrey pic did it.

that's like 8 days in a row where i've physically laughed.

great site.

Kyle said...

Can I just go on the record and say that "Anonymous/Fun Police" is a douchebag. And who needs Laraque when you have Petro knocking fuckers out. And one more thing. Who else thought Johan Hedburg's Blue moose mask, though completely out of place, was awesome?

Tee said...

kyle, sadly Petro's knockout was more luck than anything. He can hold his own in a fight but hes not going to intimidate anyone and hes certainly not going to fight the Boogaard and Brashears of the league when they act up. Laraque will, and he'll beat them. Honestly, I'm not sure Laraque has cleanly lost a fight in 6 or 7 years. Tell me that isn't intimidation? You touch our star and our guy who you seriously can't even hope to beat is going to come after you. Plus hes got decent offensive skills.

Antonette said...

Getting BGL would be awesome for the team, in my opinion. However, I think it would be kind of foolish to trade Noah Welch for him, because we don't have that much depth in defense. I mean, Kris Letang is gold when he gets here and I know we have a college player somewhere, but he's not going to make an impact anytime soon. I like Filewich and Stone, but they would be a better trade. Besides, we've got forwards coming out the ass.

Summary: Can't wait for BGL.

Will said...

OK apparently after the shock of losing to the Ilse's with that freak goal, i went into some sort of "i can't remember anything".

I really don't remember that fight at all, I'm depressed. This actually is bothering me, i need more input. (insert Short Circut joke here)

On the BGL thing... this guy from all yinz guyz accounts is a black Francois Leroux. I am all for it!!!

ALso need some more help, who's jersey do i get??? I can't get Sid or Malkin or MAF, everyone has them. SO here is my list...


let me know what you guys think

Geeves said...

go for mad max, all the way.

btw, the giving of a pick to phoenix isn't a big deal. they're pretty much asking to swap our first round pick for their second round pick. that isnt a big drop considering ours is pretty much certain to be in the bottom half of round one and theirs is guaranteed to be at the top of round 2.

i also agree that getting laraque without giving up a player when we already had to send down thorburn because we had no room is strange.

quick, resign johnny boy, and we'll throw leclair and ekman into the deal!!

Tee said...

Laraque is not the black Leroux, Laraque would destroy Leroux easily. Honestly, youtube the guy... he just doesn't ever lose, here's an example

those aren't jobbers he's dominating, those are some of the toughest guys in the league, including boogaard.

pensblog chris said...

that video is pretty badass. i must admit, i wasnt very happy when i heard all this stuff about getting him, but he may be growing on me.

if the price is right, ill take him, but regardless, i think shero will come up huge no matter what. we're going to be ok.

cant wait for tomorrow

go pens

Rwarner174 said...

I think you guys are off base. People are going to take a run at our star player regardless of having Laraque. We could have a line of 3 mike tysons and they still would. That is what they get paid to do. They get paid to get under players skin and get them off there game. Seriously, what is there to fear anyway, its not like Laraque is aloud to kill them, I'm sure if you have been in the NHL you have taken a beating at one point.

A more efficent deterant would be taking cheep shots at there star players right back. I mean if the league isn't going to step in and give serious penalties for doing such things why not.

In short trading for an enforce like Laraque or someone like him would be a complete waste. They just don't work.

Rwarner174 said...

Also, its funny. Ever since this enforcer talk the pens have gone from 13th place to 4th place? Is that not proff enough that it is not necessary? This team is doing what it has to to protect there stars. I think its time to put the "enforcer" question to rest. Would they of won that islander game this monday with an enforcer? Probably not.

pensblog chris said...

if we could get a guy like guerin or boyes id take them over georges. im seriously pumped for the deadline though. i think we're going to get the hook up

go pens

Adam said...

I totally agree rwarner.

i cant even imagine who we're gonna give up

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they just move to KC so this blog will go away.

Andrew said...

BGL isn't just an enforcer though. he can skate, he can score, he has 22 pts, and is a +7. plus he was in the finals last year with the Oilers, so he'll have experiance to help. i'd toss him on the first line when he gets here for at least a game or two and see if he does better there than malone. malone is either there or not. laraque seems like he always gives 100%.

Tee said...

Rwarner, enforcers DO work. I've posted this before, short of Detroit and the Pens, every top 10 NHL team carries one. And we all know how far Detroit goes in the playoffs every year...

Andrew said...

here's a classic BGL bout:

"Good luck"

i'll be buying his jersey after he comes here... i was going to get a Whitney, but BGL i like more...

kyle said...

yeah tee, i know that petros KO was luck, but it was just SO MUCH FUN to watch. granted, i dont want to see anyone get hurt real bad in a game. but that was just awesome. another reason i don't want Laraque is because the chemistry of the pens is so vital and is through the roof, i think, at the moment. I really like Laraque though. Did anyone see that game when he was miked-up and he asked the dude across from him on the face-off if he wanted to drop gloves? And then they wished eachother luck? That was great.

And will, go for the Maxime jersey. He's great and we would of lost the last game if he wasnt flopping around blocking shots. and great "Short Circut" reference. Havent seen that in a long time.

Derek said...

I think getting BGL is enchanced by the fact that he isn't going to be a UFA.

Andrew being that your his spokesman, he signed a two your deal right?

Just judging by that Sabres game the other night, its going to be battle in the East the rest of the year.

But as Rwarner174 said his he worth this. He is going to play what 10 minutes a night?

I am not too worried about the 1st round pick thing. I mean how many more first round impact players can a franchise have?

But if your going to give up a first rounder for BGl thats crazy.

Anson Carter, a goal scorer went for a 5th rounder.

Andrew said...

laraque has appeared in 36 playoff games, has 3 goals, 6 assists, is a + 3 with 64PIM. he has had some great fights with the fridge last year in the playoffs. now that he's with philly, we can see his get whipped again in the final meeting of the year. also, laraque could rock eager... which would be amusing.

he's on a 2 year deal. he makes about the same as army (~$1 million).

Andrew said...

I agree, Kyle...

I really want to get a Talbot jersey. Just not sure how much it will run me...

loralei said...

Personally I would go for Max. My original pick would have been Army, but their are alot of people on the Army bandwagon now too. Max would be an awesome one to get.

Will said...

I think i am getting the Talbot one, i actually found a website that will make the jerseys for you. Because no store (that i know of) will make it. I think its like $150 something close to that.

By the way i got 7 phone calls in 2 hours about this BGL deal, saying it was a done deal. I am looking around for it, but i can't find anything to confirm it.

Ethan said...


We talked about this. Its talbot all the way, especially after that game against Florida.

And I'm not all for any trades at this point. With what we've been doing lately, I don[t think we really need to go out and get an 'enforcer'. What we need to do is get our defense to quit giving up the puck in our own zone.

Rwarner174 said...

Remind me how they need and enforce after the pens get over 100 points this year? Ha ha. I swear people want to create contraversy where there is none. The pens may be missing some things, but its not an enforcer.

I really don't see how an enforcer does anything? Hell, if you don't want to fight someone just fall over, the refs jump on the fight once someone is down anyway.

Now if the refs were going to stand there while I guy was beaten to an inch of his life then there would be something to fear.

The effectivness of the enforce is the most overrate thing in the nhl. Its just a bunch of old time cunucks that for some reason don't want there sport to become legitmate and popular. Because as long as fighting is a part of the game it will only be a niche sport like it is today. Which is sad becuase I think its the greatest game on earth.


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