Sunday, February 4, 2007

Hab-itat for Humanity. PENS LOSE.

4 - 3


Well, the boobsacs over at that DieHockeyDie Blog were denied their wishes to cast Malkin and Crosby in The Lord of the Flies.

The beginning of this game was exactly what we all expected.
The Montreal fans were knocking back their Tim Horton's coffee during their tailgating parties before the game, and it showed.

After stirring renditions of the national anthems, the game got under way.
Both goalies were coming up big early, and then the penalties started coming.

After not capitalizing on our first chance, the boys took advantage of a 5-on-3 halfway through the period when Jordan Staal popped in a goal from in front of the net.

The game had to be held up after the Jordan Staal goal, as the tears from 18,000 Montreal fans temporarily flooded the Bell Centre and surrounding streets.

Going into the second period, everything was fine.
The system was working, and the Pens were knocking on the door.

But Fleury, today, showed his only weakness.
A juicy rebound popped onto Tomas Plekanec's stick in the slot and the game was tied that fast.

Less than 30 seconds after that goal, Michael Ryder gets sent to the box, putting the Pens on the powerplay.
Cue Ryan Whitney.
He makes his Great-Uncle Goober proud with the usual Whitney goal.


A couple of no-calls against their mighty Canadiens, the caffeine from Timmy H. was starting to wear off, and the fans again flooded the arena with their tears.

Despite some great chances for both teams (including Crosby crapping on himself when looking at a wide-open net), the second period ended with the Pens up 2-1.

At the beginning of the third period, the Montreal fans gave the referrees a standing ovation for "finally" giving the Canadiens a powerplay.
In case anyone forgot, Montreal fans are notorious for sarcastic standing ovations and cheers.


Mark Eaton was called for the hooking penalty.
He built a wrist-watch during his short stint in the box.

Considering the ebb and flow of this game and the fact that we were playing in Montreal, everyone knew Montreal was going to score on this powerplay.
Plekanec strikes again.
Yep. It was tied up before you could name all of the provinces in Canada.


We had four minutes to catch our breath before Montreal scored another one.
Picabo Street was the culprit this time, and the boys faced a third-period deficit.

Montreal was hanging on for dear life, and then with about 6 minutes left, Francois Bouillion took a stupid penalty while trying to mess with Bing.
Ironically enough, the big guns weren't responsible for the tying power-play goal.

Instead, it was Whitney setting up Ouellet in front of the net, and it all of a sudden hit Montreal fans that they live in the coldest place on Earth.

Get this point. Get this point.
Keep that zero in the regulation-loss column during this streak.

It was definitely a toss-em game in the overtime.
The Pens were flying around, and it looked like it could've happened.

You can't really blame Sid for the final play.
He was possessed.
If he pulls that play off, everyone loves him.
Instead, he gives his potential future team some help.

Montreal comes back on a 2-on-1, and Ryan Whitney makes the first poor decision in a month when he doesn't do everything possible to take away the pass.
Souray's there to one-time it into the peanut butter cabinet.
Who get the assist?
Tomas Plekanec.

  • Crosby: 2 A
  • Malkin: 1 A
  • Whitney: 1 G, 1 A
  • Plekanec: 11 G, 14 A
  • Shots: Montreal ( 29 ) Penguins ( 34 )
  • Powerplay: Montreal ( 2 for 2 ) Penguins ( 3 for 8 )
  • 8-0-2
  • Therrien didn't shorten the bench at all during this game. If a team is going to get to the playoffs and do something when they get there, having four solid lines is a must.
  • This section is short because we passed out from the Advertising Bowl PreGame Show.
We get back on the train Tuesday...
Nashville, the number-one team in the NHL, is coming to town.


seth said...

Eaton: 12-3-1

Will said...

i was waiting for that

Anonymous said...

awesome game!
by the way...21,273 fans in Montreal.

...glad the penguins got at least a point though!

Mia said...

hahaha...Montreal's doing a great job of killing their future chances with Crosby, at least.>ype=2

"It's a road game," Crosby said. "I grew up liking this team and there's a reason they're passionate fans. That's how it goes. My like for the team's probably changed since then."

Elly said...

Mia, I love you for that quote.

I know that Crosby loves his childhood team, but I'd prefer to think of him as a future Mario until proven otherwise. If the Pens leave Pittsburgh and lose Crosby, I don't think I could survive it.

Staff said...

did anyone hear the jobber from the habs tell crosby to act like a superstar? What a joke. We lost alot of respect for habs fans today. What a bunch of complainers

ellie said...

ugh habs fans.

i agree elly - lets keep future mario here.

putting this behind us anyone else looking forward to seeing nashville play on tuesday? if i remember from last year they're a really quick team and fun to watch. anyone know of an internet broadcast?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Eaton played a sterling game, letting Plekanec get behind him for the Habs' first goal, hooking Koivu to give them their first penalty and subsequent power play goal. I see what you guys have been talking about. Unbelievable player.

Scott said...

anonymous...eaton=money...i dont hear u sayin anything bout crosby tho and how he missed those 2 empty nets and tryin to take on the whole city on montreal in OT

seth said...

Hey, everyone's allowed to have a bad game, Eaton included. For the goal, he at least attempted to tie up the guys stick, something that gonch or scuderi wouldn't do. As for the penalty, don't remember it. If you'll notice the first post, the pens play well with Eaton

Teej said...

Crosby looked PISSED after the overtime giveaway... hey it happens, he'll bounce back, I wouldn't be surprised to see a 3- or 4-point effort against the Predators.

Anonymous said...

anyone else find it ironic that the Pens don't make headlines on until "Canadiens edge the Penguins in OT"? 8-0-2 and still flyin' under the radar...


Anonymous said...

there's no reason to talk about sid playing for any other team.

my favorite part of the game? hearing errey say malkin's "limits are endless". i love the guy.

that's as good as "swimming upstream without a paddle".

Adam said...

The Pens plane wasn't at the airport, so Mark Eaton just carried the entire team from Montreal to Pittsburgh in time for the Super Bowl.

Christina said...

wow...i missed a great weekend of hockey.

i managed to catch the internet stream of OT last night, my first bit of live Pens hockey in a month. holy shit...what an ending.

thanks for the awesome recaps guys...sounds like it's been some fun hockey to see!

Will said...

montreal's fans might be the most annoying fans in sports.

EmDubs said...

Anybody know why Aebischer flipped out on the refs after the first goal?

Jon said...

I watched the game on the cbc hockey channel, and they must have described Carbonneau as "frustrated" at least a dozen times. Frustrated at the Pens loss, frustrated at the Isles loss, frustrated at his top scorers playing so horrible lately...sweaty and frustrated.

I thought it was a beautiful game, some mistakes, but it was an important road point in a hostile environment. This team is looking better and better as the weeks go by.

PB Chris said...

I love how everyone is all over Crosby's balls when he is making rediculous plays and scoring crazy goals, and the the minute he turns the puck over, everyone says this bull shit and that bull shit. He is the best player in the league, and sometimes you just have to do everything yourself. He messed up...oh well. The Canadien fans on TSN are such hypocrites. They want crosby soooooo bad, but then they shit all over him. F them.


Antonette said...

Okay, so Sid makes one mistake. Eaton has a bad game. Whits screws up. Fleury gives up a few big rebounds. BFD, they've been amazing in the past few games, they were destined to lose. I can't stand when people think that a team can never lose a game. I'm glad we got a point, and we'll make a run at the top when we play about a thousand games in March.

I'm actually kind of glad to see that Sid's finally taking a stand on the no-calls.

PensBlog, your recaps make my life.

Teej said...

Vintage Pens/Caps playoff rivalry... from '96

at the 7-second mark, you can see me in the glass holding up a foam finger

Scott said...

lol eaton carries the team home in time for the super bowl= classic

Washington85 said...

my favorite pen jarkko ruutu found a vidoe form the other night of him talking into one of the canaidens mike...chekc it out funniest thing

Shanna said...

I'm now convinced that Montreal is the one city in the world with the largest douchebag population. Habs fans are awful. Sid's reaction to the "faker" chants and the booing was classic Sid, classy but with a little bit of edge. I'd love to know what he REALLY wanted to say.

People need to get off Sid's back. So he made a mistake that cost us the game. BFD. That's no reason to crucify him. People have such short memories. He makes one mistake and they forget about all the amazing things he does throughout each and every game he plays. How about that goal by Whitney? Wouldnt have happened without that BEAUTIFUL pass from Crosby. He does things like that all the time. Poeple need to put the lynch mobs away and remember that.

Good, exciting game. cant wait for the Preds. LETS GO PENS!!!!

Justin said...

crosbys next contract will lock him up in pittsburgh longer than 2012.......count on it

seth said...

i agree completely with Antonette.. you can't win every single game

and that ruutu video is outstanding

Ski said...

What I find most disturbing is the nature of the liberties taken on Crosby....things that have a potential for serious injury...butt ends, hits to the head. Montreal seemed to be one of the worst. A low class team.

Arlow said...

Interesting stat...only 5 teams have lost fewer games in regulation than the Pens. They're finding a way night-in-night-out to keep adding points to their total. Last 10 games, 20 possible points. The Pens claim 18 of those. Tough to do better than that.

Reality Check said...

I love Crosby dearly but he needs to learn to show more respect towards the game. Dropping like a shot duck everytime he gets touched in order to entice penalty call is the oldest trick in the book. It's not working either. Refs would rather blow the call than give in to his acting ploys. Sidney is smart, he'll understand soon enough because it is getting embarrasing. Being mocked by the Canadiens fans should be his wake up call.

Will said...

like "the great one" never complained and tried to draw a penality or two.

Justin said...

boy i bet youre glad you and your classy canadiens dont have him on your team, arent you reality check

chris said... sid said...lets hit you in the face with a stick and see how long you can still stand....on ice


go pens

chris said...

dont you just love how fan's boo "their" team...just watched the wings come back and whoop the rangers, and the fans were booing like crazy.

who boo's their team? you will NEVER

NEVER EVER catch me booing the pens. no matter what.

F the canadien fans and ranger fans

and all other jobber fans out there

go pens

Anonymous said...

paying tribute to the greatest vendor in Pittsburgh sports history....hilarious


Scott said...

Eric i think TC is the best vendor in da burgh but i like that guys myspace...if anyone has a myspace check my page out at

Geeves said...

*that eaton penalty was ticky-tack at best.

*aebisher was pissed because he is secretly BLIND and didnt know it was his own guy who sat on his face.

*i think it says volumes that the pens played a relatively poor game and STILL nabbed a point

*why the hell is the Bell Centre so damn DARK?


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