Thursday, February 15, 2007

BlackHawk Down. PENS WIN.

5 - 4


Coming off a huge win against Toronto, and with a matchup with Devils looming on Friday night, if you didn't think this game had "letdown" written all over it, you're nuts.

You knew it as soon as the game started. The Pens were just flat.

Slow start to the game, as both teams looked like they would rather be banging their girlfriends.
But things picked up midway through the first, and the Pens got a powerplay.
But the Blackhawks' Craig MacDonald scores a shortie and silences Mellon Arena.


Ronald Petrovicky would have nothing of it, however, as he tied it up at one with a nice fourth-line goal.
Gotta love Petro's reaction to scoring. Maybe the worst celebration of a goal ever.
Ronald Petrovicky doesn't smile for anyone.

Nikolai Khabibulin kept the Pens off the board the rest of the first period.

The Bulin Wall hanging tough.

The second period opened up with the same taste of mud. The Blackhawks got a power play, but Max Talbot scored his signature shorthanded goal, as he took advantage of the Hawks playing Martin Halvat on the point.
Sadly, it was the only real mistake Halvat and his mullet made all night.

Definitely the best in the business right now.

You know a good hockey player when you see one, and you have to love Martin Halvat.
To put it into perspective: If we ran Hawksblog, Martin Havlat facts would be everywhere.

Anyway, the Hawks kept taking penalties, but the Bulin Wall was strong.


Michel Ouellet electrifies the Mellon.

Huge goal. Pens up 3-1.
The snow is going to melt away.
Spring is around the corner.
Everything is great.
This game is finished.

The Hawks got closer near the end of the second with a jobber goal. 3-2.

In the second period, the Hawks got away with at least three too-many-men-on-the-ice penalties.
J.K. Rowling would call that a foreshadowing.

The third period started, and it just didn't feel right. Too many weird bounces.

Powerplay for the Hawks, and some dude named St. Pierre scores. Tied.
Here we go again.

Crosby was a maniac tonight, but sometimes it just doesn't happen.
He was nuts in the third period.

With about seven minutes left, the Blackhawks take advantage of an egregiously blown too-many-men call, and Tuomo Ruutu scores on a breakaway to make it 4-3 Chicago.

Tuomo, you're grounded.

Pens Nation was nervous. What a great feeling it is knowing that a Pens loss will devastate you for the rest of the night and most of tomorrow.
It's great to have it back.

Before you could readily contemplate the Pens losing, Crosby and Malkin show us why it's gonna be okay to hang our life on their shoulders for the next two months.

Malkin casually pokes it ahead to Crosby.
Crosby goes nuts, and amidst the skirmish, Malkin pokes one home. Tied at 4.

During the following shift, Mellon Arena was about to explode.

The Pens basically put themselves on survivor mode for the rest of the third period.
They were trying to win, but it just looked like Chicago really wanted it.

Mere moments into the overtime, Fleury is called upon to make the most spectacular save of the season.
He robs Havlat right on the doorstep. Words don't do it justice. You'll see it in highlights somewhere this week.

Composite sketch of the suspect who robbed someone in overtime at Mellon Arena tonight.

The overtime period flew by.
And Recchi was getting owned in front of the Chicago net, which was allowed because Crosby blatantly jobbed a Blackhawk earlier in the same shift.

Overtime over...

Christensen comes in on the Bulin Wall and does The Move. Goal.
Havlat comes down and tries the Sid-Montreal move.

Crosby's next. He reminds us why we should send him down to Wilkes Barre.

The next shooter for Chicago was Bryan Smolinski. He comes down on Fleury.

Our fate now lies in the hands of Evgeni Malkin.

Mr. Malkin, Tear Down This Wall.


  • Crosby: 1 A
  • Malkin: 1 G
  • Eaton: Built a car in the penalty box that runs on sweat.
  • Fleury: 2 years in prison for armed robbery.
  • Shots: Chicago (28) Pens (33)
  • Powerplay: Chicago (1 for 4) Pens (0 for 5)

  • The Blackhawks are going to be good next year. Write it down.
  • Eaton almost scored in OT. If he did, Pensblog would've shut down.
  • How did the refs miss the too many men on the ice call? Weird.
  • Max Talbot is money.
  • Top line got broken up. We like Malkin and Crosby together, but not every game.
  • FSN didn't show Mike Yeo in the third period. That's why we almost lost.
  • Huge game Friday night


Anonymous said...

I heart Malkin, once he gets his mullet kicking, it's going to be lights out x 2.

Scott said...

I almost went to the game tonite...the ppl offered us tix and then took them back when some pool closed...i was pissed but the game looked good on hd...i thought errey was gonna go on the ice and whoop some ass after the no call on the too many men on the ice

Washington85 said...

great game, the Hawks getting the to many men on the ice goal got me ticked and Staggy, best two comments of the night.
"what is this 1908?"
"tell that guy in the white hat to stop pounding on the glass"

Will said...

it was nice meeting Adam from the Blog tonight....oh wait someone's cell went dead. HAHAHA!!!

Great game, frooze my ass off for the 30 mintues before they opened the gates.

I'll give a better update after i actually sleep.

Andrew said...

they played terrible i though, but sill managed to pull it out... nice to keep the streak alive...

hopefully they bring their A game against NJ.


rachel said...

I just look forward to the posts here after every game and you guys delivered again!

I pretty much died during this game and a quote from Fleury couldn't have said it better...

"It's a good thing I'm not too old, so I don't have a heart attack."

Max is just a beast every night. I think he just drinks pure caffeine before every game. I thought Sid was going to destroy a Blackhawk trying to score. Ouellet definitely resembles his picture!

Scott said...

I dred devil games...their so damn borin and they always win...i hate the devils and their 500 fans

Anonymous said...

TheGuyFromPgh said...

Those refs were so blind tonight, if they weren't beatin their seein eye dogs for not seeing too many men on the ice before the goal, they were definetly doing it after seeing six blackhawks celebrating on center ice.

Poor seeing eye dogs....

Nick said...

how about when staggy threw in a duncan sheik reference.

P.S. fuck barry melrose. in his saves of the night fluery's save was nowhere to be found. also ryan smyth plays with more hart than sidney crosby apparently. because you know ryan smyth is from fucking alberta.

/end rant

Anonymous said...

i laughed for 5 minutes after that comment by steigy about the guy pounding on the boards.

at the beginning of the season, everyone (myself included) was down on steigy and bob, just because we are used to the legendary voice of mike lange (still the best). but now these guys are just as big of fans as all of us and they make the games that much more fun to watch.

Fleury vs. Brodeur on Friday, hopefully they save T-Bo for sunday


seth said...

2 things:

1. Terrible officiating

2. Recchi and Malone's worst game of the year. By Far

tiffany said...

Ahhhh!!!! What a freakin crazy game!!! So psyched they won, especially since Chicago shouldn't have had that 4th goal. Once again, a penalty wasn't called. And since the refs are dumb, they let the Blackhawks score after having too many men on the ice. (They seriously need some prescription contact lenses, since they obviously can't see.)

Oh, and did anyone notice about 5 minutes into the game, after Army accidentally hit Christensen, Mike Yeo made a guest appearance in the first?? Maybe that IS why the Pens had trouble tonight.....FSN better show Yeo only in the 3rd period against the Devils.

Anyway, Mark Eaton seemed to be in pretty rare form tonight. During the PK, after the refs called a stupid penalty on Sid, “Super Eaton” used his telekinetic abilities to force the puck away from the Penguin’s net. Then later, by using his power of persuasion, Eaton told Ouellet to score--and he did, which made it 3-1 Pens.

Where are the stats Seth?

seth said...

my bad tiffany, i was studying for a test and other things were keeping me busy that it totally slipped my mind

With Eaton: 16-3-1

Elly said...

The picture on the top is something I'd like to see from a Flyers' fan every year.

Great recap, Malkin pulled through tonight.

Geeves said...

andrew, no worries about seeing the A game friday - they were saving it because they thought they wouldnt need it last night.

max talbot needs to replace malone on the first line NOW.

staff - lange called it on the radio: the ref DID see the TMM penalty, put his whistle up to his mouth to call it - then randomly changed his mind and let it go. (perhaps the pens got caught unawares because they saw that and were expecting the whistle?)

maybe the jersey game wont be so dull now that they arent winning 2-0 with regularity anymore?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Did anyone but me realize that there's way more hockey fans in this country than NASCAR fans...

BUT, there's only one NASCAR race per week so therefor every NASCAR fan watches it and/or attends it. Hence, the huge ratings for that one race. And, if you added up the ratings/attendance for a night when all 30 NHL teams played it would be much higher than NASCAR's numbers.

Good, now that everyone knows that, ESPN and everyone can shut the fuck up about how NASCAR is more popular than hockey.

Sorry, that was off topic. But I just woke up in the middle of the night and realized that and felt that this was the place to share it.

Anonymous said...

Melichar STINKS.


wes said...

I think ouellet looks more like prince than oscar the grouch...

Anonymous said...

The Oscar the Grouch reference isn't because Ouellet looks like him, but because he picks up so much trash he might as well live in a trash can

thomes08 said...

Pllleeeeaaaaasseee do the Towelie thing every time Flower owns in the shootout. I went out to celebrate getting to watch the pens win that game on TV and when i got back i almost shit myself laughing when i scrolled down and Towelie was making saves.

Can't beleive this streak. looks like T-bo will be starting one of the next 2 games. Hope he does well for the team obviously but also for his confidence.


Justin said...

one of my favorite things errey does is no matter where hes talking about, its always "UP"
"up" in phoenix, "up" in florida,
"up" in dallas
that cracks me up every time

Loser Chris a.k.a. CDY said...

"fact": If it wasn't for Jonathan Cheechoo, the Pens would be 44-3-9.

fact: Mark Eaton was originally cast as Jack Bauer, but the producers had to let him go when he kept saving the country in under 3 hours.

Joshua said...


Malkin fell down six times last night that i could see.

Justin said...

the character jack bauer is actually based on mark eaton
saving the world got boring for him, so he decided to start playing hockey instead.
thats actually what season 7 of 24 is going to be about

Tee said...

Happy 29th birthday Ronald Petrovicky... in the week leading up you scored a goal and almost killed a man. That's just awesome.

Mat said...

Hey Pensblog, incredible recap! The perfect mix of covering all the big and little points of the game and also being funny. The best part is that you guys strive to be objective and still be hardcore Pens fans. Freaking awesome site, I check daily and it's only getting better. Keep up the great work.

You've written before how the Pens have a lead and you feel like you might give it up. You know what I was feeling when they scored that too-many-men goal to make it 4-3? "Fine, bad no-call, the Pens will get it right back." And they did. Holy hell is this team resilient. Bad bounces, bad calls, it doesn't matter. They just keep coming back - score or not, you know they're not going to tuck tail and just accept 'It's not our night' as an excuse. Way to go Pens!!

Who here actually stood up out of their chair in disbelief 15 seconds into overtime? *raises hand*

Ellie said...

oh man i couldn't get over staggy's duncan sheik references. i thought he'd be too old to know who duncan sheik is.

the pens right now remind me of the mcdonald's commercial: "i'm lovin' it!"

Will said...

MAF's save made #2 in the top ten plays of the night. But #1 was the Boston Celtics winning there first game after 18 straight losses. What crap is that???

Anyway as annoying as the "guy bounding on the glass" I am so sick of people screaming shoot the puck on the power play. The last two games i have been to, everyone seems to think when we are on the powerplay that we have a 5 second shot clock. Vs. the Habs this happened twice and 2 shorthanders were scored. Then last night it happened again.

For once people let these guys do there job and wait for the oppurtunity. (Whitney on the back door play)!! No one screams at Jack Wilson to swing, course no one goes to those games anyway.

Loser Chris a.k.a. CDY said...

Interesting factoid:
Jarkko has 6 points in 13 games since Hull and Ferraro made idiots of themselves on NBC saying how he does nothing and should be run out of the league.

I know those aren't earth shattering numbers, but when you consider that's the same number of points he had in his previous 39 games, and the other contributions the 4th line has been making, I think we may owe a little credit for the hot streak to Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dumb back in the studio.

Teej said... the risk of getting shit thrown at me for commenting while grounded...haha...

If the Pens want to win in Jersey they'll have to play much better than they did last night...

what's better, a game against the Devils, or an Economics lecture from Ben Stein?

Andrew said...

i don't know about all the nhl games combined having higher ratings. remember NJ gets a .01 share for their games, which is about 734 people tuning in. in the burgh, it's about a 4-5 avg. same in buffalo, if not a little higher. the yotes, ducks, stars, panthers, canes, preds, ect all have low ratings too.


Andrew said...

oh, and fuck nascar. i don't know how people can watch that shit.

Geeves said...

hey staffers!!!!


the fuck.

is THIS?!?!?!

Fing jobber copied you, I say.

Mike said...

FSN did show Yeo.

Justin said...

they show him in the 3rd period because errey always talks to him between the 2nd and 3rd period.
thats usually why they show him, while errey is saying what mike yeo told him during the intermission

mike said...

how about props to Alain Nasserdine and his baby?

Scott said...

Thank u keith...i cannot stand to watch melichar sure hes a nice guy but god damn he sucks at hockey

Rico Fatastic said...

Seriously, "Empty Netters" couldn't be more of a Pensblog rip-off if it was filled with Heatley crash jpgs. and Mark Eaton facts. I hate the P-G.

Keep up the great work, guys.

Antonette said...

That P-G thing is easily the worst piece of shit ever written. Fuck, it's such a terrible PensBlog rip-off that I can't stand it.

If they ever start using the word "job", Mark Eaton will stop allowing them to live.

Will said...

it was funny seeing Stan Savren on the kiss cam last night.

tiffany said...

Yeah....Mike Yeo WAS shown right before the 3rd started. I missed that the first time. (FSN re-aired the game from last night this afternoon and that's when I saw Yeo.) Hmmm.....

Hahaha....don't worry about it. You can't help it you have a life.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy,
Thank you for your comments about NASCAR--I hate it too! I don't understand how people get enjoyment from watching cars go round and round..... :-S

And Anonymous, thanks for explaining why Ouellet is referred to as Oscar.....I was about to ask someone.

tiffany said...

--Cute picture staffers and love the Charlie Daniels parody. ↓

"The pens went over to jersey, they were lookin' for some points to steal. They were in a bind, 7 points behind, and willin' to make a deal."

chris said...

haha...thanks tiffany..

i spend way too much time makin those pics, it's nice to get some lovin' sometimes :)

Anonymous said...

"I hope we can bring this to a conclusion shortly," said Rendell.

This is getting a bit ridiculous, they need to just get it done so we can all sleep again at night...

Scott said...

who was savran on kiss cam with lol

rachel said...

Tiffany, I totally have to agree with you, the headings make my day! Nice job, Chris!

Scott, I was watching Savran on Sportsbeat and they showed the clip a ton of times. He said it was "his friend" and went on and on about how she probably won't ever see him again, haha.


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