Monday, February 5, 2007

66th Avenue Freeze Out

Today was the coldest day in Pittsburgh since the morning after the AFC Championship loss to the Patriots in January 2005.

Immediately following the loss, Roethlisberger hangs his head while wondering if the Pens will get a new arena.

Hopefully all of the readers are in a warm place during these cold times.

Speaking of which, a special shout-out goes to Pensblog reader Hobo Pete down near that Exxon station by the CVS on Forbes Avenue.

Go Pens


Wow, are we sick of Canadien fans and players whining about Sidney Crosby.

Everyone is making such a big deal about it.
Bob Mckenzie makes some good points

Bottom line: Canadien fans are jokes.
Not all of them are, but come on.

"Faker!! Faker!! Faker!!"

Wow, that's embarrassing. I mean who came up with that one?

We heard Maurice Rocket Richard "faked" his sexuality. Yeah, that's right. He was probably a homo.

Picture: Rocket Richard, after some man refused to make out with him.

And it's a shame that we had to do that to the Rocket, but we are sick of the crying.

How about Aaron Downey:

"I can't give away any secrets, but it worked," Downey said. "Agitating is part of my game. I told him that if you're going to be a superstar in this league, you shouldn't be acting like that.

What secrets? Is this guy even serious?

Aaron Downey's Career Stats: 180 GP - 7G - 6 A -
Scouting report: Lacks the required skills to be anything more than a role player at the NHL level. Is not often on the winning side of fights. In high school, was voted most likely to have an awful haircut later in life.

Former classmates - 1
Downey - 0

...The Kings traded Sean Avery to the Rangers for Jason Ward..
--There were other players in the deal, but ehhh.

...Chuck Gormley of takes us around the Atlantic Division...

...We knew the Detroit Red Wings were good for something. They beat the Rangers 4-3 in regulation.


Student Rush Section of

Picture: Steve Mezinski -- the guy who froze to death last year waiting in the student rush line.


Attention FaceBook Junkies


"Errey and Steigerwald: Great Announcers or Greatest Announcers Ever?"

is officially open for applicants


Have a safe Tuesday.

Here's hoping your car's favorite world leader wasn't the leader of the Soviet Union during World War II.

If you car doesn't start, call Mark Eaton.


Andrew said...

i'm going for my first student rush ever tomorrow. i'm 21, so can i at least drink while i'm freezing my balls off? or don't they allow that?

hopfully Horti and Brooks or Ruutu get into it. although, i might find myself rooting for Horti in the fight. he's one of my top 3 favorite fighters in the game.

Will said...

maybe Colby and the guys will bring hot chocolate for all the rushers.

Anonymous said...

just bring a flask.

or mix it in a coke bottle.


Joshua said...

Haha wow, screw the flask. Im 20 and five of us carried two cases of Miller Lite to the line. No problems whatsoever. Cept I had to piss the entire game and could not read any of the numbers on the jerseys.

seth said...

If it weren't so god damn cold, i'l be all over student rush tomorrow

Andrew said...

i'm bringing a case of either mikes hard or smirnoff ice then along with a bottle of skyy. vodka is best when chased with more alcohol.

btw, when you guys were talking about the yotes game, i got this in the mail the day after it:

seth said...

I don't know what you guys think but Phoenix may have the best jerseys in the NHL. I'm not sure why, but i really think the jersey design, colors, and logo are fantastic

Adrienne said...

That youtube clip is awesome. You hear Ruutu say "fuck" at least three times.

Will said...

seeing that Ruutu video makes me want his jersey so much more, but it also reminds me of one of the greatest youtube clips that i cannot find anymore.

The Kevin Stevens and Brian Trottier clip of them makeing fun of some guy ( i forget who ) if anyone can find it post the link.

PB Chris said...

Brian Bellows. North Stars. We posted that video on the site a while back. Great clip. "YOU'RE A SUPERSTAR BELLOWS!!"



Joshua said...


Bert said...

Stiegy and Errey still blow. Or maybe it's just Stiegy and by association Errey does too? I'd rather just hear the crowd noise and arena announcer/music than hear those two tools talk about non-sense the whole game.

Anonymous said...


Arlow said...

I hated listening to Steigy when he first took over. Gotta give him and Errey props, though. They've grown on me and I find myself laughing at least two or three times during their broadcasts at something one or the other has to say. Putting Errey between the benches was a great idea and something they need to go back to soon. And please will someone photoshop a picture of Patrick Roy being tea bagged by Ken Dryden and post it on all the Canadiens fans sites you can find. Fuckers whine worse than my girlfriend when her "special friend" visits for the month.

Dobler said...

Hobo Pete! Dude, that's so awesome! And Maurice Richard . . . GAY! Ha, ha. Man! You guys must get laid, like, never.

CDY said...

I heard Aaron Downey was going to come on here and fire back at you guys, but he accidentally typed in "" and was occupied for the rest of the day.

Anonymous said...

that ruutu video is great. i love how the first thing out of his mouth is "HEY RETARD!"

Tee said...

Andrew if you're such a Darcy Hordichuk fan then why do you spell his last name with a T? Sorry just had to call you on that after I saw you were planning on drinking something other than IC light while standing in line.

If anyone wants the clip of Andre Roy murdering Aaron Downey last year let me know and I'll upload it.

seth said...

you can buy student rush tickets for tonights game online!!

Justin said...

what the fuck does aaron downey know about being a superstar?

Anonymous said...

You guys totally could've rocked a Jordan Staal joke instead of Josef Stalin

Staff said...

yeah, dobler, we really don't get laid much.
we've alluded to that fact on numerous occasions.

Staal was definitely in the running for that.
But how many chances do you get to reference Joseph Stalin in a 21st-century blog?

B17 tonight.
Go Pens

Guy Carbonneau said...

this blog sucks and so do its readers

Justin said...

so do fans that boo their home team, and so do the same fans who pin the hopes of their franchise on the possiblity they MIGHT sign someone in 5 years. go saku a dick

Staff said...

haha guy carbonneau

i love it.

go pens

thomes08 said...

Hell yeah Pens beat Preds 4-1!
What was the game like tonight guys?
I had to be on campus late and i came back when Ruutu scored their 4th.

9-0-2 in last 11 i can't believe it this is so sweet.

If only an arena deal would be reached. Weird how there hasn't been any news about that in 5 or so days and it's past lemieux's deadline thing. So nervous

Haha check out the article headline is "Pens top THRASHERS"



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