Thursday, January 25, 2007

A heart-felt birthday wish goes out to Pensblog Chris.
He is celebrating the big Chris Thorburn on Thursday.


We got some complaints regarding the banner-raising ceremony from yesterday.
If all you saw was a white box, click here.
We think the HTML we used to embed it wasn't compatible with some browsers.

Hope everyone got rested up over the All-Star Break because the next 2 months are going to be the most important of our hockey lives.

We are way behind on everything, which is starting to become a recurring theme.
So tonight, we catch up.


The Ryan Malone rumors.
Rumors have spread all over the Internet and papers faster than you can say "Hey Dude"

Maybe the best show of the 90's. How great was the indian jobber on that show?

Note: He may or may not be the coach of the New York Islanders

OK. Back to business.

Trading Malone to the Rangers would be a horrible idea. If you want to trade him, fine. (He's establishing himself, but if you do trade him, you give up him and someone else for an established goal scorer.)
However, you do not trade him to a team that you are going to play 8 times a year for the next however many years. Not good business.

Here is some background on Prucha.
Not a bad player.

"A proactive player ... Possesses superior hockey sense and skills ... Is always around the puck in the offensive zone ... Seems to find a way to create scoring chances by playing a hard, determined game around the net ... His speed and skill force the opposing defensemen to always be alert when he is on the ice."- Rangers website.

Thanks for nothing.

Here are the Arena Links for our international readers and people that just woke up from an All-Star break coma.
If this is old news to you, scan ahead. This stuff isn't good for you.

The Good
The Bad

The Ugly
  • Your mom.

When I have nightmares, the Quaker Oats man is usually involved.

But seriously...

It was hard going back and linking all those articles. It takes years off your life. The words "viable," and "posturing" should be banned from print.

...................................... actually had an NHL story on the front page.
It was taken off, however, after word broke that Lebron James might have taken a dump.

This is actually a pretty decent read. ESPN surveyed hockey players on questions like best scorer, toughest, and all kinds of other junk.
AO was voted best scorer.
No question he is the most accurate sniper in the D.C. area, we can't think of anyone.
Or can we.


You want to talk about making a mess of things? What happened to the NHL of the early-to-mid-90s?

The AllStarpalooza was garbage.
To make matters worse, the referee's uniforms with the silver armbands will be here to stay for next year.

So when we're at games and see a borderline penalty, our eyes won't be automatically drawn to the orange.
Stupid. Makes Zero Sense.

The referee's whistles that communicate with the game clock are stupid.
The Rail Cam is a joke. (Joe Starkey seconds that)

Every game producer in the NHL needs to stop giving us cool and bad-ass action shots on two-on-ones. Nothing ruins the game more.
Just show us the play.

We Pensbloggers want to take the reins of NHL Marketing, too.
Just give us one year.

We want the home team wearing white.
We want commercials that aren't just funny when you think them up; commercials that have staying power.
We want the Sex Cam instead of the Kiss Cam.

.......................................................................'s Scott Homoside predicts the Pens will finish second in the Atlantic and grab the 8th seed in the conference...

...At this point, we wouldn't be surprised if someone on suggests trading for Peter Forsberg...

...Jason Blake apologizes to Sidney Crosby...

...A testament to our own little All-Star Break, here's the delayed link to Darius Kasparaitis being placed on waivers.
We are not the authority on any matters other than sucking at life, but we never thought for a second that we should grab Kaspar.

FRIDAY - 8:30

This sidewalk-chalk artist is money in the bank:
His name is Julian Beever.

(Click the pic)

Speaking of money in the bank, big thanks to Tom for the pic up top.

Go Pens


CDY said...

I think you can trace the decline of the NHL in the late 90's to mullets going out of fashion. Malkin would be good for another 30 points per year if he was sporting a quality Jagr-esque mullet.

Don said...

The bitches on HEY DUDE were smokin

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to those penguins commercials that were like: "penguin fans feel no pain" or something in those lines.

like, the guy ran into a door that was about to open

a water heater on the car blew on the guys face and he didnt do anything

um, i think one guy grabbed a lobster out of a boiling pot of water

one guy got his hand caught in the door; the wife kept slamming it, he didnt feel any pain.

anyone want to help me out with that.


Adam said...

Oh, yeah, I remember those.

the guy was drinking his coffee on his porch, leaning on the doorframe.

his wife comes out and slams the door repeatedly, but the dude's fingers were stopping it.

I was in washington dc during that season and FSN down there showed the same dude but plugged it for washington.


we need the mullets back.
staal is slowly starting to grow one.

andyrichie said...

I just found your site on the Pens page on

I've spent the last 40 minutes reading and laughing my arse off.
This is my new homepage.

As far as Malone goes, I don't think you trade him for anything.

We cant get caught up in going for the playoffs this year.
Next year, we have Letang and our entire team has another year of maturation.
Keep them together.

Maybe trade....
actually, I can't even think of someone to trade.
The team is solid considering how young they are.


Nick said...

2 percent of the nhl players say ian moran would make a good nhl coach. Ian Moran? although i am all for this if he keeps rocking the blond tips on the bench

gaundi said...

after the reading of travis roy's bio and becoming aware of his story, i cannot believe the things you would post about him. unreal

Tee said...

Ian Moran's Mullet Talk on the DVE morning show = one of their best bits ever, I love the new Malkin's diary stuff too

Adrienne said...

My mother brought that argument up during the playoffs last season, "If the penguins all grew their mullets back, we'd have the cup." Glad to see I'm not the only one to agree with this.

Thanks for the update and giving us a chance to catchup with the arena issue. It was a pain in the ass to read through all of it, and it has me a good bit frustrated.

Overall, I think Lemieux and the Penguins franchise are being beyond reasonable now. Yeah, I understand that Lemieux got dicked over for the last decade, but now the whole Penguins LLC group are being completely selfish and not at all thinking about its fans.

We love our team, and our growing and consistent numbers prove that. (Sans the fair weather fans, but what team doesn't have that issue?) However, it seems that the Penguins group has gotten a taste of a good deal, and now refuse to settle for anything less then an orgasm in a can.

The Lemiuex group is due the 10 mil to the Isle of Capri. There is no reason for the city of Pittsburgh to pay this, especially considering that it will be the fans who pay that penalty.

They're getting free rent for the duration of their stay in the Mellon Arena, something that can't be beat. They're being offered their right to shared revenue on parking and concessions back, (considering they sold these rights off years ago to Aramark and the parking group) which is a huge bonus for the Lemieux group, fixing the biggest mistake they made in terms of revenue pains.

However, there is no reason that parking revenue should have to be split with the Casino group. They pledged 7.5 mil a year to the Penguins, that's it. The Penguins owe them nothing in return, and their demanding shared profits from this is a ridiculous motion of throwing the agreement off a cliff.

The franchise, the team and the arena belong to the fans- not the politicians and the people putting the team in their pockets instead of on the stage.
The Lemieux group, the city of Pittsburgh, and the NHL all need to realize this.

The team is ours for pleasure, not their for profit.

Arlow said...

Ahhhh...the all-star break is over. Can't begin to say how psyched I am for the first time in years to be watching games that mean something this time of year. It's been a long wait, but worth it. Glad you reposted the banner raising ceremony. But come on! Giving up on Heatley now? You've still got some more mileage on that one.

Arlow said...

Oh, yeah, almost forgot. Show Sid some love and vote for him for the Dapper Dan Sportsman of the Year Award. Kind of torn not voting for Posluszny though.

Will, from Butler said...

oh wow mullet talk with Ian Moran was awesome, but the best line of that was that "joey mullen is only one letter away from a mullet!"

The mullet is hockey gold, when Jagr had his mullet he was really cool and an awesome player, when he cut if off, he turned into a jag. But Mario is the standard with the mullet, with mullet in the young years was the most donimate player in the game (i hate 99), once he cut it off he started to have back problems and wasn't the same since.

I have all those old DVE sketches with Mario's casino and can easily get the malkin stuff if the pens blog wants it.

Arlow said...

Do you have Mario's Flu Shots? Friggin' hilarious.

GQbed said...

I can't believe you are against the whistles that stop the clock? There's good ways to introduce technology into sports and that is one of them.

I personally think the rail cam is a good idea, but the idiots at Versus have no clue how to use it. Then again, maybe they were using it properly and its just a bad idea.

Nah, has to be their fault, they screwed up the entire allstarpalooza

Teej said...

*sigh* times like this I long for the "Crush the Caps" commercials during the playoffs.

and I totally agree that home teams should wear the white uniforms! It's ridiculous, first the home team wearing the dark sweaters, now the new-look uniforms? God damn, it's hockey, not the NFL...

Bert said...

To Tom-Is there a way I can get a link to the "Raiders" picture? I would like to use it as my wallpaper.

Adam said...

we apologize, gaundi.

we learned the error of our ways.

Tawm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tawm said...


just right click the picture and set as wallpaper


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