Tuesday, January 16, 2007

5 - 2
NHL.com recap

If you aren't really starting to hate Atlantic division opponents, check your pulse.
In another hate filled game, the Pens smoked the gaylanders, 5-2.

Before the game everyone was shocked, by this new addition to the ice:

I would of preferred " Ted Nolan drinks pee," but we can't have it all.

The first period was a penalty fest, but Erik Christensen's baby version of Malkin's New Jersey goal was sweet.

Still not quite sure why Mike Dunham started this game?

Brendan Witt laid out #87 at center ice, Ryan Malone came in from Carson street to fight Witt.
Malone got 17 minutes worth of penalties and went to Toms Diner for an Omelet.

The second period was a typical home Penguin game second period.

In accordance with the laws of karma, we at the Pensblog made fun of Jim Paek, an Asian-American, in yesterday's post.
So...what happens tonight? Richard Park, one of the few Asian Americans in the NHL (and a former Penguin), scores a 5-on-3 shorthanded goal.

" It looks like Park gave you the Poo-poo platter, HA HA HA. Stupid Americans."

But the Pens were strong, and kept working.
Now if I told you, a player from the Penguins scored from 6 inches in front of the net on a rebound, and gave you this picture, would you know who I was talking about?

If you don't know, turn your computer off.

So, we go into the third with the Pens up 2-1 and dominating.
The Isles knock a puck past flower and we are tied 2-2. And your thinking, here we go again.

But the Pens show some big time guts and came out flying in the third. They get a power play, and pepper Dunham, but can't score. But then Crosby finds a loose puck, and slams it home.
If anyone was listening to Mike Lange when this happened, you knew it was a huge goal.

With the game still in doubt, Erik Christensen scored a goal from wood street, and the Pens go into cruise control.

Crosby added a goal on the two-on-one in the third period was aided by the linesman.

And then with time winding down, Jason Blake cheap shots Crosby. Total rage. It took me a half an hour to calm down about it. If I would of seen my neighbor walking her dogs, with a Jason Blake shirt on, I would of slammed her head of a telephone pole.

I don't think I was the only one upset.

Michel Therrien, your thoughts:
"The spearing at the end of the game is unacceptable to us," he said. "We're really upset to see a cheap shot; on top of it, we're the ones that got penalized on it. I hope the NHL makes the right call (fine or suspension). We are not going to accept our best player getting hurt."

Can't wait for the next game between these two.

  • Christensen: 2G, 1A
  • : 1G, 1A
  • Crosby: 2G, 1 threat of Jason Blake's life
  • Fleury: 31 saves

  • 11 of last 13 games are sellouts.
  • How many times can the Pens defense not keep the puck in the zone?
  • Blake and Crosby in All Star Locker room, awkward.
  • Great lines tonight. Finally some production from other people
  • Anyone see the Refs touch each other after sid's goal?
  • Bob Errey in between the benches, didn't listen to the TV broadcast,so no clue how that went
  • Welcome to third place, 10th in the east
  • Huge game in Boston
Forgot to mention Pitt's nice win against UConn.. check out our friends at Pitt Blather for more..

Go Pens


Justin said...

everyone saw the refs touch each other.......sids an exciting player, didnt know he was THAT exciting though.....sheesh
youd think any man on man action tonight at the arena would have been in the isles locker room between witt and blake.
malone really likes to get physical if it means he might become hurt and untradable dont you think?

Elly said...

What a game. I can't wait to see Blake and Crosby in the All-Star game. Also, whatever motives that Malone had for taking on Witt, good for him for sticking up for a fellow teammate. Sidney isn't a shy flower (did anyone else try to read his lips when he was going in and out of the penalty box on the Blake jab? That boy has a mouth), but it's good to let people know that you can't just go around hitting the other team's star players without expecting to take responsibility.

CDY said...

You wanna talk about awkward, do all the other guys in the locker room have to pretend they think Blake is really an All-Star?

Teej said...

great third period, Crosby indeed has a mouth on him......

...i'm telling.

Teej said...

oh, and instead of a garbage truck you might as well have had a photo of Dennis Rodman up in place of Ouellet


Justin said...

nice of yashin to "accidently" wrap his legs around fleurys head too

Anonymous said...

Ref 1: "Hey man, nice call."
Ref 2: "Thanks, cya in the showers."

Also it's rumored that NYIF (new york islanders films) is making a movie about this year's Islanders team. Starring:
Jackie Chan as Aaron Asham
Jet Li as Richard Park
Adam Beach (Kicking Wing from Joe Dirt) as Ted Nolan
A Perubian Spearfisherman as Jason Blake


Tee said...

didn't watch the game, but from what I'm hearing it's really about time the pens bring up carkner or cairns gets himself back in playing shape because it's pretty much every game now that people are taking runs at crosby and malkin.. we're in dire need of a goon

Justin said...

a perubian spear fisherman.....HA

Anonymous said...

cairns is not coming back.
or so someone said in an eariler post.


Adrienne said...

Watching the highlights off the pens site was good. I got to listen to about 10 minutes of the game before I fell asleep. Oh well. :(

Then I saw the post, and had to go back and check the ice again. I totally missed the new addition. Wow.

Blake is gonna get killed next game. LOL. (which will be away, so all the Islanders fans will try to set our bus on fire. Bah.)

Anonymous said...

TheGuyFromPgh Said

I know view my penguin games the same way as I used to do with the Steeler games. Turn on the T.V., Press the MUTE Button, and Turn up the radio and get the exciting version of the game! If you think about it we have been damn blessed to of had and have Myron Cope and Mike Lang. Not that I got a prob with Steigy, its just that he aint shit when it comes to callin goals. AND ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!!!!

Anonymous said...

watch the game highlights on the pens site.
they show the refs "touching" each other.


Adrienne said...

Yeah, I noticed that. Very gay.

Alex said...

from what i could tell slap me silly sidney said to blake "your fucking dead" several times initially i thought he said gay but after several replays it was dead its nice to see some mean streak in the kid tho and i love the potty mouth

seth said...

errey on the ice was successful. he was interacting with the players during that game and crosby even went over to see a replay of the hit he took. it was well done

Nick said...

i think you want Peruvian spear fisherman (sorry)

and the whole greatest fans thing left me with a "Thanks for 39 great years" feeling

Geeves said...

what IS up with cairns?

Anonymous said...

the pens sell out 11-of-13 games in a league with a hard cap and revenue sharing, yet need a new building to compete?

Anonymous said...

Cairns is supposedly recovering from a concussion suffered in practice, along with his bad knee. I'm not really sure if there any truth to that though, I think he's just on IR to free up a roster spot. He might have a magical recovery soon if Sid keeps getting pushed around.

Jay said...

crosby can certainly curse up a storm. it's great to see that intensity. i wonder if his temper will ever get the best of him, like would happen to lemieux on those very rare occasions. does anyone remember this infamous (now forgotten?) scene:

"Fined $500 by NHL for charging out of the penalty box to try to get at referee Kerry Fraser during the first period of Pittsburgh's April 4, 1994, game vs. Tampa Bay. Lemieux, who had been called for a high-sticking penalty, was enraged because Fraser had not called a penalty on Tampa Bay's Chris Joseph, but did call Lemieux for a retaliation against Roman Hamrlik. As he was in the penalty box, giving his stick to one of the linesmen, Lemieux was called for a 10-minute misconduct. That set him off, as he came out to confront Fraser. Teammates restrained him, but he received a game misconduct on the play. The NHL later reviewed the incident and fined Lemieux $500 as a first-time offender."

i used to have the tape, but it's long gone. i would love to see it again (anyone have it?). i'll never forget the look of death in mario's eyes as fraser skated by the penalty box and mario bolted out ready to rip his head off. i can only imagine what he would have done if he wasn't restrained (we know what he did to todd krygier in 96)...it was that intense!

Tyler said...

Park is a fool, he tried getting into orpiks face when hes wearing one of those mouth shield things.

I hate blake, i was yelling at him all game. He does make me nervous everytime he touches it though.

Witt is an asshole too, not much to say about that, just watch him.

will, from butler said...

Blake is a dead man, Mario might beat his ass after that one. I didn't get to see much of the game running into and out of the bar during bowling so i have two questions.

1. how do you let a 5-3 shorthanded goal to Richard (i'm 67 years old) Park. (hell of a shot though)

2. why can't we score on a 5-3?

Arlow said...

I loved Blake trying to defend his actions at the end of the game to the referee who I'm sure could give two shits. Everyone is wondering how the vibe in the locker room is gonna be with Sid and Blake, but I doubt he's gonna be there due to some sort of a suspension. And, really, should he even be there at all? Justice hopefully will be served.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...

the pens sell out 11-of-13 games in a league with a hard cap and revenue sharing, yet need a new building to compete?"

Its all about the luxury boxes. They're what brings in the revenue, and people aren't willing to pay top dollar for the ones that are in Mellon Arena.

Adrienne said...

Truth about the boxes. Those and the Blue Line seats.

Last year Heinz refused to buy a box from the arena, subsequently the arena refused to serve Heinz products. (Anyone remember there being Hunts for about 3 weeks?)

YAY! Business politics

Anonymous said...

Caufield wanted a piece of blake. If anyone was sitting in B and heard someone yelling at blake and witt all game that was me.

Hooks Orpik said...

i think i caught bob errey tring to stick his tongue down malone's throat a few times..

loralei said...

Ahhh Jay I remember that game well. I was there and they gave away Aquafresh toothpaste that night. Most of the toothpaste tubes where thrown directly at Kerry Fraisers head after that Lemieux debacle. (I however labeled "Kerry Fraiser toothpaste" and kept in my room amongst my hockey stuff for longer than necessary ~ I think i still have it somewhere? I'll have to ask my mom)

Bob Errey was in his glory. I think he was resisting the urge to jump on the ice and beat someone's ass the whole game. And he was very far away from Steigy. He was a happy camper. Any chance of getting Steigy to sit down there and somebody spearing him? Hmmm...

Was anyone at the game at 4:30 to benefit from the Pizza the guys handed out. Definitely a cool thing for them to do!

I'll be at the game tomorrow night! I'm psyched!! I'll be torturing one of my Bostonian friends tomorrow. So do i wear the Crosby Jersey or the Malkin T-shirt? Oh such tough choices.. GO PENS!

Arlow said...

I really would like to know where the Devils rank amongst attendence in the league. They sure put on an exciting show, like their 1-0 defeat of the Rangers Tues. night. Oh, how I hate Brodeur and Co.

Justin said...

i heard the guy on espn call that devils-rangers game a "snoozefest"
i bet if you checked their promotional items schedule they have a "pillow giveaway"

Gavin said...

The worst part of the whole Jason Blake incident is that it was Jason Blake who butchered Sid, the same guy who is a noted Penguin killer and not exactly known for his physicality or toughness. The dude's more likely to win the Lady Byng Trophy than drop the gloves with someone. Perhaps he got confused and thought he was Robert Blake?

Hooks Orpik said...

gavin, i agree. you'd expect the spear out of someone like world-class jobber chris simon or something, not blake. especially when the fishsticks are down by 3 goals, shorthanded and in the last minute of the game.

Arlow said...

Ironic that NHL.com would post this article today. It's about public enemy #1. What a deuche bag.


Joshua said...

Highlight of the Game:


Soup said...

That was a nice touch out of Sid. Did anyone else catch the clearly audible "Fuck me" from Recchi during the NBC game? Nice!

Adam said...

Hey, guys.
I don't have enough time to read all these comments.
My computer is out of commission.

I miss The Pensblog.

Washington85 said...

here goes the picture of the refs feeling each other up...BUTT BUDDYS

Geeves said...

arlow, just for your info...

i dont remember exacts, but i know the devils are solidly in the bottom 5 in attendance (i want to say 26th)

Rachel said...

"That was a nice touch out of Sid. Did anyone else catch the clearly audible "Fuck me" from Recchi during the NBC game? Nice!"

Soup, I definitely heard that! Then, Sid's death threat just made the end of the game!

I liked Errey on the ice. It was a change. His comment on the end about Sid coming out of the penalty box was priceless. I would much rather listen to Lange, but my TV is slower than the radio...

Geeves, you are right. They are 26th in the NHL for average attendance at 13,557... http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/attendance?year=2007

How about Blake only got a $1000 fine for spearing Crosby! http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/attendance?year=2007

rachel said...

^ I messed up my previous post...

Here's the correct link of where Blake was fined $1000 but not suspended. Sorry!



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