Sunday, January 28, 2007

Werewolves of Glendale. Pens WIN.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We all know the game was played in Arena. We mentioned that more times than an anus.
Little did we know that the jobbers on the team would step up and absolve any fight that the Coyotes had in them.

24 seconds in, Crosby is sick and sets up Malone for a goal.

Phoenix quickly realized that they should at least look half-interested. They tied it up with a Shane Doan goal.

Not to be outdone, the Pens come storming back two minutes later with a flaky shot from Maxime Talbot that floated into the net.
The rest of the first period consisted of Nasreddine getting owned and players throwing out checks like people who actually pay their bills on time.
Bodies were flying around like the end scene in Titanic.

Caledon Hockley.
One of the top five cinematic characters of our generation.

We head into the second period with the lead.
Halfway through the second, Steve Reinprecht scores a goal; fooling all the Coyote fans in attendance into thinking that they were going to compete tonight.

Three minutes after that goal, and with the Pens on the powerplay, Eli scores his signature one-timer from Bing to put the Pens in front for good.

How clutch was Eli Whitney for inventing the cotton gin.

To send the Coyotes reeling into the intermission, Jarkko Ruutu scores a goal on a nice feed from Petrovicky.
During that second period, FSN felt the need to drill in our heads how great big Wayne was. Who cares.


Simply put, the third period was the best period of hockey in a long, long time.
Not only entertaining, but it just felt good to watch.

After the Coyotes took another stupid penalty, Malkin lights one off the post.
(Can the NHL please start keeping track of posts hit? Malkin has had to have hit at least eight this season. Pensblog will keep track of the stats for 10 bucks an hour.)

And while we were waiting to get a whistle so that the refs could review the goal, Sidney Crosby scored a goal we'll be seeing in NHL commercials for the rest of the year.

After that Crosby goal, Phoenix gave up. It was embarrassing.
15 seconds later, Petrovicky scores to make it 6-2. The rout was on.

Recchi, who has been on fire, pops in a Sid-point-cushioner to round out the scoring.

If you look directly at Mark Recchi, you'll go blind and do yourself.

We at Pensblog never liked the idea of contraction, but if you are of the opinion that the NHL is a little diluted, look no further than the Coyotes.
Owen Nolan is still alive?
Jeremy Roenick is a joke.
Ed-Jovo-cop is a stiff.
How can you get excited about Coyote hockey?
If you like cheap shots and bad goaltending, Phoenix is the team for you.

Give credit to the Penguins role players for answering the call every time this evening.

  • Crosby: 1 G, 3 A
  • Recchi: 1 G, 3 A
  • Petro, Ruutu: 1 G, 1 A each
  • Shots: PENS (32) Coyotes (24)
  • Powerplay: PENS ( 3 for 6 ) Coyotes ( 1 for 6 )
  • How excellent was that picture of Bob Errey in the trivia question?
  • If you were a Coyote player, you'd have to kill yourself after hearing the coyote howl during every break in the action.
  • No one said Jobing. Very disappointed.
  • Surplus of Pens fans at away games this year.
  • The dads should be there every game from now on.
  • Petro punched the ref by mistake.
  • Georges Laraque was the only player trying for the Coyotes.
  • Pens: 5-0-1 in last six.
  • Mark Eaton=Norris
  • And just when we are enjoying the victory. We read this. We are crafting a response to Bob Smizik, hopefully it doesn't end up with us being arrested.


seth said...

9-3 with eaton

fuck bob smizik. if murder were legal, i'd slaughter him

seth said...

7th om east

Tee said...

so, here I sit in the middle of Germany... I'm not sure if any of you know anyone in the military but we have this TV system for us displaced americans called AFN, the armed forces network... 8 channels that show american TV shows at times that would be more relevant for us to watch them than if they were live. So, since friday I've been planning on getting up at 9 AM this morning as they were planning on showing the Pens game. So naturally last night I got trashed and passed out, but I remembered to set my alarm and get up at 8:45... I made a pot of coffee, shot a brown paintball at the toilet, and came out to my recliner to enjoy the game. And what the fuck does AFN do? No the penguins apparently aren't as important as the fucking X-Games Snowmobile racing garbage. I'm so pissed off right now I could kill someone... I could have stayed up until 3 am last night and watched this game on the internet but I figured hey if its on tv whats the point.. If you really want to support our troops you guys should start taping the games and sending them over to me..

I know that post sucked, massive hangover and I'm not awake yet... just imagine if FSN decided to snow snowmobile racing instead of the pens game, that's how I feel right now.

Rachel said...

Great game, great post!

That Errey pic pretty much made the game! Steigy singing "Happy days are here again!" was too much for me. Sid's goal was just sick and his assist on Malone's goal was pretty sweet, too. It was great to see the 4th line delivering. The dads should just all move to Pittsburgh and get season tickets. If I heard the coyote howl one more time, I was going to throw my computer at my TV! Gretzky was looking pretty unhappy by the end of the game... was it because his team was losing 7-2 or he was wishing he picked Crosby for the Olympic team last year? Another big win and 7th in the East!

Smizik should just crawl under a rock and die.

Random comments by me, but it is after 3:30am...

tee, that really sucks! Who watches snowmobile races??

Tee said...

ok well they put the game on starting with the 2nd period, so heres a few thoughts

1. Ruutu and Petro absolutely infuriate anyone they play against, that's the definition of being a pest and throwing the other team off their game. Nice goals too.

2. I had the FSN AZ feed, they mentioned the first time after the pens 5th goal, I thought it was pretty ironic. Gretzky looked like he wanted to puke all game.

3. Good showing in the "team toughness" department, all the cheapshots didn't even phase the pens, they just stuck to their game.

4. Malkin's shot off the post into Crosby's ridiculous goal was awesome, I really wish someone would put a gun on his shot, I want to see concrete numbers.

5. The Phoenix announcers sucked about a mile of Yannic Perrault dick until the pens went up 4-2 then all they could talk about was how amazing Sid is. HAHA.

seth said...

just to let you know of my displeasure with bob smizik, this the the exact, word-for-word email i wrote to the gentleman"

"hey asshole, you can just suck my big fat dick you sick fucking queer. i wouldn't see you typing the same article if the steelers or pirates were leaving (they're just another sports franchise too you fucking monkey). just to let you know, there are pens fans here (not just steelers fans.. we all dont like to suck jerome bettis's small penis all the time, we watch some hockey too) and we would like them to stay. i'm sorry, i must be interrupting you're gay love session with dave littlefield and kevin colbert you biased son-of-a-bitch."

Adrienne said...

Someone shoot Bob Smizik. What a fucking tool. I have half a mind to PK the guy myself, or just write him a nasty email.

The number of international readers here is growing. Good game.

Seth, that's the exact example of a NON-constructive email that will make Pens fans look bad.

The highlights of the game looked fucking amazing. God I hope we make it far in the playoffs so I can come home and see a game :(

Tee said...

yeah adrienne I'm with you on that one, if we make the playoffs I'm hopping on the first c-130 flying into the 911th in moon township to catch a game

Adrienne said...

Ugh, moon. Coulda gone without hearing that for another semester. RMU represent :cool: I'll have to find you to show me around Germany when I go there

Jim said...

The Bob Smizik thing is just his way of taking a shot at his new rival - Mark Madden, cause he knows MM loves the Penguins. They're constantly tossing shots at each other where ever they can. Smizik in his radio/tv column against MM, and Madden on his show - for example .... calling Smizik a Bozo look-a-like. Stuff like that.

Christina said...

i agree adrienne. i'm hoping that we get far in the playoffs too...i miss watching hockey! (on a side note, talking to my parents last night, they jokingly offered to get me Pens playoff tickets as a welcome-home present...i told them not to jinx the team...but if that happened, i'd be overjoyed)

what a sick goal by sid. i'm loving how he has a 10-point lead over AO in the points standings

7th place...damn. i love this team.

Doug said...

Smizik is clearly just calling out Madden. Sad thing is, if you read the column there is not one intelligent statement in it. Poorly written - a cheap shot at the fans, ownership, owner's of businesses around the Arena, and Madden.

will said...

Ok, i am sitting here watching the game with my wife, hit after hit, i get more excited. She bails after the 2nd period (sucks when you got to get up to work at 6 on a sunday morning)

the third period starts and I am either ready for a blowout or Ruutu kicking someones butt, and then it happens. Sid. My exact line was "holy shit!" My wife wakes up and is like what, whats wrong. i tell her she has to see this. Armstrong's PVR is now the most used item (next to my 360) and i replay that goal for 5 minutes. Her response....

wasn't "you woke me up for that"
is was, wow, sweet goal and then stays up for the rest of the third!!!

Will said...

my email to Bob

first off i respect your opinion

Secondly I am part of a generation that didn't live in the glory days of Pittsburgh sports, the 70's. I didn't see the Pirates win, i didn't see the steel curtain. Before this past year, my only championship was the Pens.

One of the things i always hear about Pittsburgh is the growing of the elderly population. People who live in the "glory" days of Pittsburgh. This city and its people have to realize there is a younger more viable population in this area. Every Pens game is a party right now, and it isn't the older population going, its people my age, 26. Yes a lot has to do with the student rush program, which i am sure you know gives tickets for just $20. Now I am not a college student and I still go to these games but here is my arguement to the problem if the Pens leave.

What will these people do for entertainment? Steelers games are the hot ticket in town, the only two games I have ever been to I have gone for free. Its not that i don't have money, I just don't want to spend it for the Steelers. The Pirates are another option, where tickets are as low as $8. I go to about 10 games a year and at last time i checked they don't sell out nearly as many games. (Yes i know there are more seats in PNC park) You say the University of Pittsburgh will step up and take the Penguins place. I don't see many fans outside of Pitt going, i have no ties to Pitt and frankly don't watch them with a devoted attitude.

Again I say I respect your opinion.

But I strongly disagree with it. The Penguins are apart of this city, they belong in this city. The have a fan basis here that, i dare say, rivals the Steelers. If they leave it may not hurt in the short term, but it will hurt when this fan base grows to be your age.

William R. Eller
Butler PA

loralei said...

I saw the AZ feed as well... Continuing in my tradition of commenting on other peoples broadcasts, here we go:

They talked about Sid & Evegeni ALOT.. They were all about them. I didnt actually have to see too much of Wayne unless it was a shot of him standing behind the bench looking like he was going to hurl. (At which point I had to laugh a taunting laugh and point at his triangular shaped head.)

We were also graced w/ Darren Pang between the benches. He's not nearly as invacive as Bob Errey. He's not trying to call his own penalties or listen in on peoples conversations, in other words he was no fun. Whats the point of being down there if you're not telling Wayne to "suck it" every three seconds.

Ulfie is the assistant coach of the Coyotes. Panger did talk to him briefly and Ulfie offered that todays Pens are way faster than they were back in the day. Thanks for the observation Ulfie...Traitor

Panger interviewed Sid during the first intermission and at the end of the game. He looked like a little kid sticking his hand out at the end of the interview to shake Sids hand. The second intermission consisted of a Sid/Wayne comparision thing. At this point i threw a pillow at Waynes head and went to the fridge for some applesause. Yummy.

Oh and Panger also made this gay comment during the game about players being in the crease. When Whitney took that penalty for pushing down somebody on top of Thibault, Panger goes, there's no need for that. You shouldnt be knocking players into the goaltender. Goalies hate that. Dear Panger, thats what happens when your a goalie, and that is why you sucked.

Did anyone see the lady (i think) sitting behind the Coyotes bench wearing the Lemieux jersey? Classic.

Bob Smizik sucks.

Anonymous said...

bob smizik is a joke. i remeber fuming at him a few years back when he pissed off my high school's field hockey team with an article that said "boys shouldn't be allowed to play field hockey". (my school had a rule that if we didn't offer an equilvalent sport for one sex, they were allowed to play on the team. thus boys on the girls field hockey team)

last night's game reminded me of a facebook group I think I join back in October: "I've been waiting for the Penguins to be this good for a LONG time"

after some random youtubing yesterday (yay for being sick on the couch) I stumbled across this:

god i'm glad i don't live down south.


Pronovost said...

Jerome Bettis has a small weiner?

Tee said...

Will you're 26 and from butler, did you happen to go to high school with an Ean Glover?

Anonymous said...

Smizik's *** **** will be so big after your response.

Geeves said...

like to take a sec and thank tee for serving over in germany (i feel your pain, tee, i had to suffer through one hockey game a week and a crap load of uefa soccer in korea. though you must admit the local programming in deutschland tends to be a step up)

i didnt see the game, and was very confused. does the "abuse of officials" penalty go down as a stupid one? or an expected one since it was petro?

disappointed that ruutu didnt smoke someone, happy he scored.

i agree that the pens are bigger than smaizik (or anyone else) admits since anyone 27 and under relates more to them than the other pittsburgh franchises.

Andrew said...


Petro's penalty was not a stupid one, surprisingly. He actually got jumped by some clown and punched in the back of the head and thrown to the ice where he continued to get punched...

The ref tried to break it up as Petro was actually attempting to fight back and an errant punch hit the ref. No big deal, considering we ended up on a 5 minute power play because of the whole ordeal.

Smizik's article was stupid. It enfuriated my drunken self last night...but then my sober self realized it is just trash intended to rile the fans.

Derek said...

"Smizik's *** **** will be so big after your response."


Anonymous said...

will from butler: great email to bob!

Shanna said...


Jeromes weiner probably isnt that small, it's just that with all the fat, he probably cant find it all.

Anyway, great game by our Pennies. Sids goal was sick! I think he even impressed himself with that one. Good to see the whole team contributing. Makes it even more fun to watch. I love these guys.

LOL, poor Wayne Gretzky looked like he'd rather throw himself in front of bus than be there last night. Good for him. That's what he gets for passing over Sid for the Olympic team.

And yes, I agree, fuck Smizik. Cant wait til Tuesday when we crush the Panthers next.

Doug said...

"But, if the Penguins leave, the NHL would not let the new arena remain vacant for long. Pittsburgh would be a prime candidate for an expansion team or as the new home for some of the league's struggling franchises."

Perhaps the dumbest thing he has ever written - and that is saying a lot.

Will said...


not originally from butler

actually from Beaver Falls

Tee said...

ahhh I see, well I'll let you know next time I'm home, we'll hit up W. Rick's or something

seth said...

yeah i just re-read what i wrote and it was bad. i was very drunk

Adam said...

I definitely agree that this article is nothing but a last jab at Mark Madden before the arena deal goes through.

The fact that Smizik expresses anti-Penguin rhetoric in the article, while making it a point on 3 or 4 occasions to assure us that the Pens are staying, means this isn't a hit piece towards the Pens or Mario.

Nevertheless, Smizik is an established writer here in Pittsburgh.
It's just kinda gay that he had to throw this article into the Post-Gazette on a Sunday.

And I agree that the statement about the NHL eventually moving a team here in the new arena makes zero sense.

We're gonna be using excerpts from people's comments in the letter we send to him.
Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

Bozo the Columnist

Anonymous said...

Did everyone catch when Gretzky looked at his watch toward the end of the 3rd period?


jefe said...

one of the best games ive ever been to.. too bad i dont remember shit. a couple beers in those Yard House yard glasses, and some other drinks and beer and drinks really fuck a white boy up.

go pens.

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