Friday, January 12, 2007

The Talented Mr. NHL

..And we're back. We would have had the recap out earlier, but we all fell asleep.

Tough week thus far, the trip to Florida was more disappointing then realizing the care bears were gay.

Walking away from the Care Bears was not easy, but it had to be done.

A quick glance at the Pens message board nation, produces some typical stuff. Alot of people calling for Ryan Whitney to be traded. Alot of people calling him to be an all star. I am numb about the whole thing. But I highly doubt they are going to trade him, Shero has yet to play his hand, which is fine.

...Speaking of good old Ray Shero, he wants some more of his boys in the All Star game.

...Some actual good arena news for a change..

"Lost in the discussion over Plan B is that the Penguins can exercise a short-term lease extension for Mellon Arena this summer that would give them more control over building revenues without paying any rent, perhaps while a new facility is constructed."



Around the NHL ..

Isles over the Bruins 5-4 in a shootout....I could care less about this game.

Buffalo is falling apart... Toronto's B team with the win.

Ottawa beats the Rangers....
Tom Renny was very angry after a ottawa player flipped a puck over the the glass in the 3rd period and no pentaly was called:
"You thought I was upset the other night," Renney said. "I've been given details why it was called the way it was. Our replay of the play clearly, clearly suggests otherwise."

Get over it. Although I haven't see anyone that mad since Dan Synder's parents called Dany Heatley house and got his answering machine.

"Hey everyone its me, Dany, I am out committing vehicular manslaughter, leave a message after the beep. Go Sens."

Fylers are awful..Habs win.

The Panthers lose to the Panthers...dicks

Tampa Bay over the Caps
Marty St.Louis your thoughts:
"It's just nice to be above water. ... It's a good feeling. We've been on the other side for a while," St. Louis said. "Hopefully we just keep playing well and stay on that side for a while."

Yes Marty being above water is a good feeling. .. douche

Ducks crush the Stars...
Teemu Selanne with a hat trick.

Flames smoke the Avs..Daymond Langkow with a nice four point effort.

Red Wings over the Coyotes...Wayne's winning streaking is over.

The Wild get a rare road win..Vancouver's nice 7 game winning streak is over.

and lastly

Sharks bite the Kings...Jonathan Cheechoo scored, no word yet if he tried to hit anyone from behind.

Horrible recap tonight, you know its bad when we have to reach for a care bears joke.
Tons of goodies will be making their way to the blog so stayed tuned.

Good night and good luck


seth said...

i like the hostility towards the panthers and lightning.. i couldn't feel more of the same way

Anonymous said...

your new owner of the pittsburgh penguins... David Beckem.

Holy Crap did he get paid!!!

5 years $250 million


Harry (From WWWPM) said...

That's more than Barry Zito!

Colcloughs Hands said...

lets petition the nhl to change the name of the panthers to the florida care bears........and the lightning can be the tampa bay teletubbies....i think they fit

Teej said...

the "save the Penguins" tag on the X now? That sucks dude, though after having eight-plus years of Howard Stern, The X must have started to adopt his ways of doing things...

"Hoo hoo, dahh I invented PSAs...tell 'em, Fred! Hoo hoo hoo!"

Anonymous said...

Come now, Derek. Where were you in 7th grade English?

nhlfaceoffonnbc said...

Hey Penguins fans! The “NHL on NBC” season starts this Saturday at 2 p.m. EST with Penguins taking on Peter Forsberg and Flyers. But at 1:30 p.m. EST, log on to for the innovative “NHL on NBC Faceoff” pre-game “webcast.” This is the first pre-game to be shown exclusively on the Internet and will feature new NBC announcer Brett Hull, live player interviews as well as a Pens/Flyers preview.

Check out for more information.

Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding me. Please don't advertise on blogs. I'm sure you're a diehard Pens fan and all... NBC. That's why you only show up to plug your game of the week. Gayest comment ever.

Adrienne said...

ftr: Everyone here in London views Beckham as a joke. He's one of the "lesser quality performers, most of his goals being garbage goals." And some guy in a pub last night said as some point in his tirade: "he isn't very good, the players on Manchester and Liverpool and throughout the UK are so much better then he is. He succeeds because he's married to a spice girl and because he's pretty. He walked into instant celebrity status."

he makes 492,307£ a week, which is 2600 times more then the league minimum. The dude broke the leagues £1.03million wage cap. By a LOT.
The reason he gets away with it is because he's such a celebrity that he will bring in huge revenues wherever he goes.

Random sidetrack there for will.

On another note, the new arena deal looks promising, and I'm excited to see what the final product will be. Maybe when I come home this summer, there will still be a team to root for in the fall. :)

Adam said...

if that isn't a joke, and NBC took time to either send a spider here or to actually physically come here and copy and paste....

what a shock.
but i guess we're making some noise in the hockey world.

f david beckam
f spelling his name right.

Anonymous said...

not really a side track i was just saying the man got paid. He makes ARod look like he's getting my paycheck.

OK enough with the losing, Pens need a big W vs. the fags from Philly. I still say we should have put a 10 spot on them a couple of weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

Anyone ever notice there aren't any fat hockey players? There isn't even any that you could define as "husky". Just a random thought as I plow through my work day. Just more proof that hockey is the greatest sport invented.


Chris said...


Th-That's terrible I'm sorry. How'd your parents die? Why not? Grr.

Tee said...

theres no "husky" hockey plyers? Rick Nash comes to mind. It's kind of tough to be fat when you're skating miles a day. If we lose to the flyers, this season is over. End of story. You'll be happy to know that the Pens will be well represented on Ramstein Air Base here in Germany as my buddy who coincidentally is from Butler and went to high school with me and somehow ended up in the middle of germany with me, and I, will be cheering the Pens on very loudly at the enlisted club tommorrow. I hope theres a flyers fan there so I can make fun of him.

Teej said...


my previous comment was an Opie & Anthony reference to how Howard Stern accuses other radio personalities of "stealing" his material and ripping him off... Yeah maybe it didn't really make that much sense.

Philly_Greg said...

Anyone coming out here to Philly for the game? Most of the city couldn't give a crap about the game w/ the Iggles playing tomorrow. Hopefully the Pens fans show up to fill the empty seats.

Jokinnen looks like a fat-faced slob to me, even though I wouldn't call him pudgy. You're right, no fatty's in the NHL...maybe Derian Hatcher. He's enjoyed himself one too many Pat's steaks.

Let's go Saints.

Chris said...

Yeah I know Teej. Didn't you notice my comment was full of SteveC quotes?


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